• What an adorable wedding! I love the ceremony venue. Making me excited for my wedding in August!

  • I love all the little touches you added – even the little bird on the camera! And your dress is beautiful.

  • Awww. I just started reading your blog a couple months ago and this got me to reading your wedding story. Probably the most charming wedding I’ve ever seen! 🙂

  • How lovely!!! I adore the branch with the birds- I have a soft spot for birds.. after all, I am a robin 😉
    Ruby Mines

  • I saw the post earlier today! It was lovely to see photos of your wedding again. It really was beautiful. I love how much colour you used. I don’t see enough colour at weddings. It truly looks like a bright and happy celebration. Such an inspiration.

  • wow! this is your wedding looks sooo beautiful! I recently stumbled upon your blog and since then have been totally addicted to your blog.. i love your stuff!! lossa love

  • So loooooooovely weeding!
    Pics are awesome!
    You must had a really good time!

    Just found your blog and really love it!
    Congratulations for the award!!!


  • congrats on the feature & I love getting to see photos of your wedding again. I especially love the last one 🙂

  • I love Orla -i got one of her dresses to wear to m brother’s wedding! great photos from your wedding

  • How inspiring… I love the all the attenton to detail and you look amazing!
    And the tree with all the colourful birds is just too adorable 🙂


  • I absolutely love your wedding! It feels so casual and genuine, but every photo displays it’s elegance and simplicity! And I love that you got married in the space above your shop and his studio.

    My husband and I said our vows under a big tree by a pond where we first met! It stormed all morning on our wedding day, but cleared up beautifully in time for the ceremony! A year later, that tree and field were bulldozed for a big obnoxious institutional building. 🙁 But since we were married there, we have lots of photos to remember what it used to look like. 🙂

  • So lovely…You two looks gorgeous together! Charming!

    Have the best Sunday!

    Big hugs!


  • love everything about your wedding. is the garland in the last pic available on etsy? i have been looking high and low for the shop that carries those, as i favorited them awhile back, but can’t seem to find anywhere.
    i am opening brick/mortar…thought the glittery letters would be cute!

  • what an adorable dress!!! an those feather things are awesome, too! And I’m def gonna steal the idea with the cupcake-“pyramid” instead of a wedding cake!
    all in all very inspiring and heart-warming!
    all the best to you! <3

  • your wedding was so adorable, makes me want to do it all over again and make it more relaxed and more fun!

  • You two are so adorable, I am so happy for you, your wedding exudes your creativity and all the love that you have for each other! I feel like a guest seeing your gorgeous photos! Absolutely lovely. Congratulations! Nettie

  • This IS THE FAIRYTALE come true all little girls dream of! Love how real, creative and genuine every aspect was. You two truly are blessed beyond measure to share such an inspiring love….and they lived happily ever after…all the days of their lives!!! 🙂

  • Elsie, I thought that was you when I was reading the post on Etsy! Beautiful wedding! Love everything about it! It looks like your wedding was a fun family/friends get-together…and you look so happy and relaxed.

  • Congratulations !! 🙂 Very sweet and girly . You are married to a great guy who let you do the decor your way 🙂

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  • Sossy – Vatcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!I love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are priceless and beuifatul!Thank you soooo much for all your hard work . My family loved you!!!! You were the talk of the house for 3 weeks!!!I keep watching them over and over!!!! Good times!I’m so happy to have had you share this special day with us! (sorry for driving you crazy!!!!!! But it was too much fun!)xoxoSossy

  • vickie cummings – Wow, these are awmseoe. It is like you captured every special moment. Hard to put into words ; but it is like if you couldask the photographer (get this or get this one) You got them all!!! I see why Savanna and Michael picked you,if you could not be there ; looking at the pictures;you feel the moment as if you were there . Can’t wait to see more (:

  • JOSH! Wow. Once again thank you a million times over for taikng the most amazing photos ever! Seriously, this is every brides dream. You and Amanda are SO talented! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you guys!!! xo

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  • These look great! How did your friends like them? I dneieitfly prefer these to digital. You just can’t beat that medium format look and the feeling that Zeiss glass produces. The image if the cake and the one of the couple in front of the trees are so good.Were these on Portra?

  • Alan, sorry it took so long to respond. I am not sure if it aergns them or not. I hope not. I do think it is clear that all bloggers have personalities and opinions. I like to see another side of them from time to time.

  • not much happening . not tankig the time to take that many photos, which (as you mentioned earlier), is the most important thing for making progress . but I still have plans . thank you so much for lending me your stuff, I’ll give it to Maj at work .Yes, the couple is very beautiful which helps a lot . but your skills are not to be underestimated you’re brilliant . love you post processing .

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  • jennifer alsip – WOW the venue looks amazing just like the bride and her dress and thank you for siervng this country to the groom and father/the one who wed the happy couple!! Beautiful job at capturing the moment as well!

  • Teresa – Love the pics, just wish they were numbered or soeinhmtg so we could let you know which ones we like best. They are all great though! Congratulations and best wishes Mom A