Fun with Fabric Pens

Fabric pen journalI must confess, I've often passed by the fabric markers in the craft store thinking they were for kiddos. But one day I decided to give them a chance and picked up a pack. I'm so glad I did! These markers are really fun to work with and the best part is, after 24 hours of dry time they are permanent and machine washable!Fabric pen journal steps1. Supplies Needed: Fabric Markers (I used a medium tip), Tape and a cloth surface (I used a fabric covered journal) 2. Tape a geometric shape on your surface. You can do sometime simple, like I did, or something more personal like a monogram. 3. Fill the inside of your shape with lines. I used a cross hatching technique and kept my spacing pretty consistent, but not perfect. 4. Remove tape to reveal beautiful clean lines! Fabric pen journal I love how to clean lines contrast with the imperfect hand drawings! Now, I can't wait to use this technique on a larger surface! xoxo. Elsie