Highlights Scrapbook DIY

Highlights scrapbook 1
I made this scrapbook from recycled materials to celebrate some of the "highlights" of my relationship with Jeremy. I listed out ten things that I love about our life and then used a highlighter pen and cut them into strips for each page. It's the perfect small book for our coffee table at home. 

Highlights pages
Here's a look at each of the inside pages. I printed out ten photos that I love, they don't necessarily have anything to do with my list of favorite things. The pages are super simple… just a photo, a journaling strip and some washi or masking tape. 

Highlights scrapbook 2
Highlights scrapbook 2
Highlights scrapbook 2
Here's a look at the front and back of the book, as well as the inside of the last page. I loved using recycled papers to make the book. 

Book making supplies
Here's a little bit about how I made this book. First, I saved papers for a few weeks. Anything that could be used to make a scrapbook, I saved. I used a girl scout cookies box, several paper shopping bags, a fabric bag and some cardboard coffee cozies. 

Book making steps
Step 1: Trim all pages. I chose a 6×6 inch size for my book. The pages don't have to match exactly, but they will be easier to bind if they are nearly the same size. Step 2: Use masking tape to bind all the pages together on the inside of the book. Step 3: Continue adding more and more pages until you have 10 inside pages and 2 cover pieces attached. Trim excess tape from each page as you go. Step 4: Use as many pieces of masking tape as you need to to bind the outide spine of the book together.

Finished book
There you go! This is a super simple way to make a journal or scrapbook from scratch with recycled items. After this just add the photos and journaling to your book! 

Highlighter tips
A few tips for the highlighting…. I printed out my text and then highlighted it, but I had problems with smearing (seen above). To prevent this problem, I used the smeared version as a guide to highlight a blank sheet of paper (I held them together against a window) in the same spots. After the blank sheet was highlighted I let it dry for 5 minutes and was careful to put it into my printer in the exact same direction as the first pieces printed. Then I printed the same text over the highlighter areas and this took care of my smearing problem! 

Have fun creating your own highlights book! xoxo, elsie