Sister Style: Feels Like Summer

Feels like summer 1


Feels like summer 2Do you guys wanna hear a funny story about lipstick? One day when I was shopping I overheard a very stylish older woman raving about her favorite lipstick. She said she had tried every brand but always went back to this one. It was Revlon "Love That Pink" so I took a note in my mind and went out and bought it the next day. Not gonna lie… I trust a stylish older ladies advice over someone my own age any day! So the lipstick turned out to be pretty great (I'm wearing it in the picture above). A few weeks later I went over to my grandparents house and happened to see my grandmother's lipsticks sitting out and guess what… same color… Love that pink! I felt cool.
Feels like summer 3


Feels like summer 4Did I mention the weather here is amazing? It's a dream come true for us moody winter haters. Hooray! 
Feels like summer 5


Feels like summer 6


Feels like summer 7 We're happy as can be! It feels like summer and it's only March. We're having the best days running around snapping photos and making projects. Life is good. xo, elsie + emma

Outfit Details: Elsie- Dress/Target, Yellow Oxfords c/o Wanted Shoes, Orange Camera Bag c/o Kelly Moore. Emma- Top/Vintage, Skirt c/o Love Shopping Miami, Moccasins/Minnetonka. 

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