Song Lyrics Scrapbook DIY

Song lyric bookI wanted to make a mini scrapbook to document some song lyrics that mean a lot to me. These lyrics are from Jeremy's song "Immovable" that he wrote for me when we first met. The book is simple and sweet and perfect for our coffee table. Here's how I made it. 

Song lyric book steps 1I cut 4×4 inch sections from classic file folders. Then I used this method to bind the book with colored masking tape. 

Song lyric book steps 2I took instax photos of textures around our studio to use for my pages. I photographed walls, paper, scarves and fabric! (Special Thanks to Photojojo for our Instax Wide Camera!) 

Song lyric book steps 3Next, I just adhered the instax photos inside the book and wrote the lyrics on each photo! This is one of the simplest mini scrap books I've made!

Hope you are having a great day…. Elsie 

  • This is so lovely.
    And quite a coincidence that you guys just posted this. You will not believe what I’ve been assigned to do at work right now – I work for a radio station – find a song about Grilled Cheese – since it’s National Grilled Cheese Day in Canada. LOL! If I only I had one of these scrapbooks filled with food songs.

    Anybody got suggestions out there? 🙂

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • So adorable!!! I can’t get over all of your recent scrapbooks. They are so simple, but so perfect! Great ideas 🙂 ♥

  • This is so cute! I am planning on making a cute mini scrapbook for all of my vacation pictures really soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is so cute! Oh, also do you think that you could possibly update all of the tabs (beauty, treats, etc.) with the new things/ideas you’ve came up with sonit’s easier to get to. It would really help 🙂 thank you! (P.S. I love your blog!!)

  • I absolutely love this, such a simple way to bring together lots of memories! I think I’m going to do this for my dad’s birthday with family photos and lyrics from Bruce Springsteen’s ‘We Take Care of Our Own’! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  • That is so lovely!! I often include song lyrics in my moodboards, i love that now you have a little book to treasure xxxx

  • I love this!!! I have pages of song lyrics that I really love so this would be a great way of doing something creative while documenting this. I love your scrapbook/art journal projects! So inspiring 🙂


  • That’s a perfect diy, however i already feel dazzled about the song I am gonna use. I have so many favorites right now… 😀

    (New blog needing some love: In Whirl of Inspiration )

  • Elsie! This idea is such a great one! I always have snippets of songs in my head because of how they make me feel, what they make me think, or how they inspire me. Having a book of them would be amazing! I featured this project in today’s Fave 5- hope you stop by!

  • about the grilled cheese song, the closest i can think of is where’d the cheese go? by ween or yeah toast by arcade fire

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  • I love your blog and my daughter and I had a great time making this last night over and over again!


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  • hey megan -so I’ve been thinking about this a lot ltlaey with all the talk of the trade fairs happening I’ve also been listening to some old ACC podcasts, so I’m kinda back and forth.I think I’m on the border of maybe being able to make it into a show as a non alternative artist (if I worked on my pics/website/everything, of course). But I’m concerned that the type of buyer they bring is still really attached to a more conservative style. I wonder if they are wooing any new brick and mortars with a more modern aesthetic I actually wonder how many new brick and mortars there are that can buy wholesale vs. consignment. I wonder about the difference in buyer at NYIGF vs. ACC. Do they cross over at all? I think if an etsy person can get into ACC and make bank, then all this talk will go away, DIY’ers will want to get into it, I think it really comes down to business. Who wants to kill themselves trying to get into a show, get totally vibed when they are there, then have crappy sales? I think that’s the rumor going around about some of these shows, founded or not.I also wanted to address what I think is a big issue that no one really talks about which is affordability. People like to talk generically about this by calling it quality . I think much of the work at ACC is higher priced, which is totally justifiable, but it’s not affordable to the average person. There is much talk on those ACC podcasts about collectors . I don’t think they’re talking about the same kind of collectors that Etsy tries to create. Many more people can spend $100 on a necklace, but not $600. I think previously (before etsy times) there were only 2 options really high end craft and mass produced junk. DIY came in because people saw a need for a place that sold things that wasn’t quite either. DIY has more to do with the way we sell our wares than the manner in which they are produced. Many couldn’t make it into ACC but the wares were certainly better than flea market style selling, so etsy was born. and please try to get the point across that we are helping to educate a generation of people raised on Target quality items accessible at their fingertips on the web and alot of ACC & guild people aren’t on the web! Their first step in making a conscious decision to buy from Etsy will hopefully lead to them to eventually buying that $600 vase. That first step is the one that we really need to fight for otherwise we’ll all vanish.But on the other end, total devil’s advocate here, I think the standards of ACC are important, I think they champion the master craftsmen who are the backbone of this country. (dramatic statement maybe? but I mean it!) I wouldn’t want to see the show diluted just to say they’ve included this group. if anything, I think we all need to step it up (myself include).If ACC continues to accept emerging artist or alternative or whatever they want to call it, I would suggest intermingling them, a small sign can be placed in the booth with that label if they need it, DIY is a kind of negatively associated with Home Depot, I’d suggest emerging artist . I understand it’s going to be weird. AND include printmakers and paper people!! why is this such an issue?! on the idea of attracting more varied buyers, maybe offer deals, like free entry or hotel packages or something for first time buyers to get some younger shop owners/magazine editors/bloggers in there. I think if they do they’ll be interested a lot of work from both newbies and veterans. It would help everyone! whoah I’m blabbing on and on I look forward to hearing what everyone else has to say!

  • To answer a few of the qutiosens:What can the Council do to inspire more of the DIY crafters to participate in our shows?I think it is a matter of spreading the word that ACC shows attract retail and wholesale buyers that aren’t put off by handcrafted price points.How do we bridge the gap between the two “groups” of fine craft and the DIY makers?I think there always has been and always will be a group of crafters who are not appropriate for ACC. Beyond quality of the product, I’m not sure that babies onsies handprinted with clip art images as an example, are appropriate for an ACC show. Is it a DIY craft yes. Does it support the mission of ACC I don’t think so.What do you think of the term DIY? Do you have an alternative?To me DIY denotes crafters imitating mass produced goods. Crocheted fridge magnets and crocheted reusable Swiffer pads are DIY. Crocheted wall hangings that show a complex and pleasing use of color, material, and texture wholly designed by the maker is craft.Karen makes a lot of good points. I will disagree with her about the typical ACC buyer being more conservative. I think they will respond to fresh product as much as anyone.

  • I agree with Patrick and the other posters. I think I would like to do a whallsoee show but what I make is generally OOAK. It is only me and so I don’t do any production work. I beadweave and forge and fabricate metal. I mostly sell retail at art shows and the idea of whallsoee shows is a little scary. The cost of the show, the net 30, the need to fill a large order of the same thing are all things that concern me. My pieces are a little pricier than many indie shows and I don’t like the DIY title sounds like anyone can do it home depot stuff also sounds like the products should be inexpensive, which mine are not particularly. Just my 2 cents.

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  • I guess the more I think about this topic, the more I wonder why anynoe is bending over backwards for the ACC to take notice of the great things happening in craft (for years now). Isn’t it kind of their jobs to know what’s going on out there? Why not just let them have their fine art show and let the artists and crafters decide if the ACC is right for them.There are certainly many avenues a crafter can take these days and all roads DO NOT have to lead to the ACC shows.