How To Make A Herringbone Stamp

Herringbone 1JPGToday we are so excited to share this simple method for creating your own herringbone stamp! We stamped a wooden letter found at the craft store. Enjoy!

Herringbone 21.Supplies: Wooden letter (or any surface to stamp), acrylic craft paint, self-adhesive foam sheet, paint brush, two strips of cardboard. 2. First, cut a strip of cardboard the width you want your pattern to be. Then, begin cutting dashes out of foam and applying them to the cardboard. You'll want the space between each foam piece to be the same size as the foam strips. Repeat this process, only the foam strips going the opposite way. 3. Next, begin making the pattern by painting the top of the foam and pressing it down onto the wood. You want the two strips to go the opposite way and meeting strip to space, creating the herringbone pattern! 4. All done! Enjoy your new decoration. 

Herringbone 3I would love to stamp a blanket, pillow or even a wall with this pretty pattern. How cute would a skirt be? What will you stamp? xo. elsie

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