Sister style 1Sister style 1Sister style 3Sister style 1Sister style 1Hi there! Since it's a new season we're making goals to try a lot of new things. New recipes, adding plants to our homes, new clothing pieces (hello romper!) and new places to get inspired! What new things have you been trying? Please share your inspiration in the comments, we'd love to read em! xo. elsie + emma

Emma's Wearing- Top/TopShop, Denim c/o Getwear, Sunnies c/o BonLook, Necklaces c/o Shlomit Ofir, Sandals c/o BC Footwear.  Elsie's Wearing- Romper/Dear Creatures, Sunnies/H&M, Shoes c/o ModCloth, Bracelet/Vintage. 

  • I’ve been trying Photography!
    I’ve been wanting a DSLR for a long time and your recent photography tips inspired me to take the plunge. All of the spring flowers in my neighborhood have been wonderful subjects.

  • My roommate, Bethany, and I have been doing a lot of thrifting, bike riding, and cookouts with friends. So glad it’s warm outside! <3

  • Hi girls! I love trying new things. I’m a photographer in Eugene, OR. I’m starting to promote my business with pinterest & tumblr. I’ve been promoting other local businesses for a few years now, and it’s time I promote myself! πŸ˜‰ You should check out my mother’s bakery page: holy-bakery.tumblr.com πŸ™‚

  • Hi, Emma & Elsie! I’m so loving all of the warm weather DIYs and inspiration. In the spirit of warm weather, I’m eager to try my hand at homemade ice cream. I’m looking forward to making different flavor combinations. I’m sure you guys would come up with some fun ones! <3

  • you girls are too cute for words. i just started my own blog a couple weeks ago. im trying to get into a rhythm with my posts… its so much fun! i love seeing everything you have to share!

    p.s. adorable outfits, particularly those shoes!

    <3 http://dlezr.blogspot.com

  • WOW! Shoes <3 They're beautiful and just what I'm looking for! Love Emma's blouse too! Kath (@TVTvintage)


  • We’re planting a garden for the first time! It has been a wonderful experience so far we will see whether we can eat anything that grows!


  • I’m trying to finish my master’s thesis in a somewhat (ahem) timely manner, plus I’m gearing up to move into a new apartment… so taking all the interior design posts have an important place in my life right now.

  • I start a photography class tonight, and I am so excited to get started on it. It’s actually the class that I won during your March giveaway! It’s gotten me motivated to save up for a new camera. πŸ™‚

  • I love the romper! And I’m trying healthier cooking for my family, a new workout that is pushing me past anything I ever thought I could do and refinishing furniture for the first time. It’s good to have goals.


  • Spring is a little bit late here but my goal at the moment is to get to take more photos to my outfits πŸ™‚ there’s more hours of sunlight now and it’s easier to get home in the afternoon and still get to shoot some photos πŸ˜‰

  • Cute! πŸ™‚

    1.) Running

    2.) Taking more pictures with my DSLR + experimenting

    3.) Drink more water (even though that’s not really trying something new, haha)

    These are more of goals for this month. xoβ™₯

  • Oh my, trying new things I AM! Just started P90X two days ago. With my wedding and my sister’s wedding (yay sisters!) this summer, I am going to be in lots of photos – seems like the time to be getting in killer shape, right?

    Of course I’m cursing Tony Horton’s name (he’s the P90X creator dude from the videos) every time I move.

    Love the sheer top so very very much. Covet…

  • I just bought a bright coral corset bra similar to the one Emma is wearing! I’m excited to try it – it’s definitely a break from the wardrobe norm for me.

  • I’ve been trying to DIY more! I have so much craftsy stuff hoarded from over the years, and I’m trying to find ways to actually use it, in different ways. Hence why I now read your blog every day! <3

  • Feeling inspired right now by:

    Saltwater sandals (so comfy!)
    Losing 12 lbs. πŸ™‚
    My new felt ball trivet (love the colors!)
    Warm weather
    Loving kids and family

  • You two look great in your happy springtime clothes! As for trying something new this season for myself, I have made a resolution to invite new colours into my wardrobe, other than always weaaring so much black.


  • More thrifting. I used to hang with snobby non-thrifters and never realised what I was missing out on. I know what i want my style to be and I think that if I thrift those items instead of buying new, I can achieve that look quickly/cheaply and finally reflect who I am through my clothes. It has also helped to make our apartment fuller and awesomer. That’s right. I wrote awesomer.

  • Rompers are always a good thing to try! I love this one, the pattern is lovely and it looks smashing with red shoes. I’m loving Emma’s combo as well – that top is fab!

  • I’ve been trying to wear more color and prints. Not a big deal to most people I know, but when you’re used to wearing solid black, as I am, well it’s a ought habit to break! Slowly but surely I’m doing it though, and I even recently bought a pair of hot pink strappy shoes.

    Anyway love the romper pictured here and the striped top.

  • I just started a blog and I’m working on making it something I’m proud of! P.S. You two are so cute in black & white!

  • Well…my fiancee and I bought a house and are getting married in June…so right now my new thing for Spring is home renovation. (Whaaaaat?!?! Crazyallthetime.)

    And then of course, marriage will be new, although that’s more of a summer/rest-of-my-life “project.” πŸ˜‰

    And to keep up with it, and remember this wonderful, beautiful, crazy crazy time…I started a new blog. Bam.

  • My two goals for this year are to get more involved in my community and to start selling more of my writing. And four months into the year I’m so happy that I’ve been able to stick to it! I just got back from a great event at Habitat for Humanity and I published a new ebook last month. It feels so good to follow through on resolutions!

  • I am trying to get my house in order! Painting and DIY projects galore. We just got a super cute new table and chairs, so the dining room is the first project. I’m so excited and will be checking back here for inspiration.

  • My 3rd child is about to start pre-school next month so I am going to have more time on my hands….I’m going to try to fill it with working on my allotment and blogging plus trying to biuld up a business that I can fit around my family.

    My inspiration, well, you guys really. Keep it up πŸ™‚


  • It’s coming into Winter now, so I am living vicariously through all you Northern Hemisphereans (is that a thing?). Personally, my goal for this winter is to enrol in a graphic design course, to cook and photograph my healthy paleo meals at least three times a week and to do all the cute DIYs for my apartment that I’ve been endlessly putting off. Oh, and to reoganise my wardrobe.

  • I LOVE this post- you two are the cutest. I’ve been trying a new thing in 2012: anytime I feel like saying no to something new or am a bit nervous about saying yes, I dive in and do it. It’s been a really amazing journey outside my comfort zone. xxx, j

  • hi elsie + emma!
    absolutely LOVE your blog : D so inspiring and crafty and fun!
    I’ve challenged myself to complete 2 may #photoaday challenges on instagram and I’ve also started blogging again : )
    thank you for working so hard to create such a beautiful blog that inspires so many!
    love love
    liz xo

    instagram: lizlikestofrollic

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  • your e-course about blogging is very inspiring!
    really, thank you so much for creating and sharing it πŸ™‚
    i started it a little while ago and absolutely love it!
    i can’t wait to to use all the new things i’ve learned on my own blog.
    xo, cheyenne

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