The Study of Light E-Course Giveaway (CLOSED)

STUDYOFLIGHTToday we are proud to host a super exciting giveaway with Sarah, a dear friend and Elsie's wedding photographer. She has created a super inspiring and informative e-course, The Study of Light. It covers everything from lighting outdoors to lighting indoors – even at night. The course is split up into eight sessions, although it's set up so that you can go at your own speed. You won't need an expensive flash or lighting set-up – in fact, you'll learn how to use what you already have, as well as how to build your own indoor home studio (lights and all) for less than $50. Each week is interactive, with homework, you can ask questions and even see what other students are up to.

The Study of Light is ideal for anyone wanting to further their photography quality. Whether you have a blog, a shop, a hobby, or a career, your photographs are your first impression – especially online!  For more information and a total course overview, click here.

One lucky reader is going to win the course! To enter simply check out the course description and leave us a comment stating which session you are most excited about. One entry per reader, please. Giveaway will be open until July 24th. Winner announced in this article shortly after. Good luck!

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Congrats Hibben, you are the winner! Contact us to claim your prize: emma AT redvelvetart DOT com

  • Week 7. Totally learning how to use lighting indoors to my advantage! Yes please.


  • Week Six – I need to learn how to best work with the space in our apartment and its limited windows.

  • The session I am most excited about would have to be Week Seven, where you learn about indoor lighting. I always get the lighting wrong whenever I photograph indoors!! Almost as if I am cursed…Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

  • Week 2 – learning the technical bits the have confused me in the past!

  • Week 6! I am constantly trying to take photos of my work and they never look cohesive because of all the different indoor lighting, and the white balance is always off. Because of this I spend hours editing and I am still usually unhappy with the final product πŸ™

  • I think all weeks are super interesting and can’t wait for my summer holidays to experience them all! If I have to choose one, I will go for week 6 though!

  • week 7 definitely sounds the most exciting to me! although the whole course seems amazing. if I don’t win, I will certainly be purchasing it myself!

  • Oh, this is so exciting– love ecourses! Week 7 looks amazing– Indoor lighting is something I’ve always wanted to get a better handle on!

  • I think if I have to choose, I choose week 7. It will be the most beneficial for me! I would enjoy them all, of course!

  • The timing could not be more perfect! My birthday is coming up in August (the 9th!) and I’m asking for a photography course as a present so I can get a better grasp on my DSLR.

    I’d love to take this course and session 6 would be particularly helpful as the window situation in my apartment is sadly lacking.


  • Week two, as I definitely need to start with some basic, foundational knowledge to fill in the gaps between the bits of photography knowledge I’ve managed to pick up so far.

  • I was oggling this course yesterday, but it’s a bit too much for me to spend right now: I would be SO happy to win!

    Total outdoor lighting is what I need most.

  • I am most interested in lighting indoors–even using natural light I can never seen to get the quality of photograph that I see on here. I hope I win! πŸ™‚

  • Most excited for week 7 (total indoor lighting) as I need help on my indoor shots. I often shoot products / food at night with less-than-ideal results.

  • In all my college courses, I somehow managed to skip ever learning about lighting temperatures!

  • I’m also (like mostly everyone else) interested in Week 7! Indoor lighting is the trickiest of all, I either seem to never quite get it just right or to get it perfect totally by accident. I’m lost! Help thoroughly appreciated!!!

  • I am most excited about week three, as I’m always looking for ways to improve the lighting when I take photos. The whole course sounds like it be the kickstart I need to get myself headed in the direction I want to go with my photography!!!

  • Hi Isabella 13
    I’m in a magnet school for the arts in photography ur blog is so inspiring
    Week 7 most of my assignments are indorse
    Love a big fan

  • I’m excited about Week 7 – Total Indoor Lighting. With a busy work schedule, it’s sometimes really hard for me to find the time to shoot during the pretty hours of natural light. This would be so helpful for me!

  • So pumped for week five! I’m photographing Burning Man in a few weeks & need all the pointers I can get to use the natural light in a desert!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Week 6- I need all the help I can get to take good pictures where there is a lack of windows!

  • Week 6 sounds super useful. I take a lot of indoor photos and they tend to be very blah. That is something I would like to work on!

  • This is amazing! I think session two looks brilliant, I’ve always been confused by white balance and never really understood what it meant!

  • Really excited about weeks six & seven (indoor lighting) since I feel like when I only ever have time to shoot indoors!

  • looks like such a great course!! i am especially excited about the week 6 content!

  • Total outdoor lighting! i always have a hard time lighting things perfectly outside with the sun blaring.

  • I think week 7 would be the most beneficial to me. That is where i have struggled the most. I almost always shoot outdoors to avoid the lighting or lack there of lighting indoors lol. This is so awesome! I have been wanting to take some courses on lighting.. Thanks!!!

  • I think Week 7 would be most appropriate for me. I desperately need to improve my night shots especially those tough wedding reception dancing shots. πŸ™‚

  • I take a lot of pictures in my kitchen, so I’d love to know how to utilize outdoor light indoors! (Week six)

  • Oh, week 7! I need to learn how to set up little still life shots in my house for photographing my artwork and items on etsy!

  • I am delving deeper into photography. I have even started a bit (stressing the words ‘a bit’) of a business. My biggest problem is ALWAYS working with light and the equipment I have to capture the moment the best. I know that if I can learn how to manage light and my equipment better it would completely transform my art. I am also a teaching student who in no way at this current juncture can afford to pay for an e-course like this. I would SO love to win!

  • I’ve been meaning to try to figure out how to photograph indoors since I’ve started sharing DIY projects. I only have about an hour of daylight in my room and it would benefit me greatly how to manipulate that for better photographs.


  • Week seven sounds like it would be a great help – I am rubbish at photographing things indoors!

  • I love using natural outdoors lightning, but would love to know more about indoor lighting, so this would be my choice πŸ™‚
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Oooh, so excited about this! Week 7 is what I’d be most excited about. It would be so helpful. Thank you!

  • yay! I love the idea of learning more about indoor natural lighting. I am an amature photographer though, and if I won this, I’d actually give it as a gift to my beautiful little sister. Her 21st birthday is this August and she’s quite the photographer herself. I love that we share this, and it would be great to give her this course!

  • I’m most excited about week 6! I don’t have a lot nice outdoor spaces to take pictures in, so I’d love to learn how to make the most of my indoor space.

  • definitely week 4 … being able to identify the type of light outdoors is definitely some help that i could use.

  • It all sounds pretty incredible, but I could really use some outdoor lighting tips…we’re outside all the time and that’s the majority of when we take pictures…so I’d say week 5!
    Sarah M

  • I think I would be most excited about week 1 – learning which items can be used to create a lighting set up to transform photos! This is such a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  • I’m just starting to delve into the world of photography, so I think Week Five – TOTAL outdoor lighting – would be awesome!

  • I’m excited to learn it all, really, but especially the “special cases”- like glass! I sell glass ornaments and have a really hard time photographing them.
    P.S. Do you need a DSLR camera for this course? or would a fairly advanced point-and-shoot be sufficient?

  • Week Three, for sure. I’m a newb when it comes to lighting at all, so a thorough discussion about all of that sounds incredibly useful.

  • I’m most excited about Week 5. My “good camera” comes out most often when I am trying to capture beautiful outdoor shots and they almost never measure up to what I see with my eyes. I imagine lighting has a lot to do with that.

  • The entire course appeals to me, but especially the one, two and three light setup in week 7. I want to learn proper lighting for pleasant shadows and avoid flatly lit portraits. The DIY aspect appeals to the maker in me as well. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  • I’m most excited about week 5 and the added bonus that’s included in the Resources section. There are so many cameras, software etc to pick from so it’s really helpful to get tips from a pro.

  • They all sound useful, but right now I am really struggling with night shots.

    Great giveaway!

  • I adore outdoor shoots but I am not fond of indoor lighting because I lack the knowledge of the correct lighting and placement. Week 7 would be of great help!

  • This was my goal for this year: take a photography class. Brilliant. Plus I’d adore the TOTAL OUTDOOR lighting section!

  • Week 6 ….making the best of the space you have. My space is small, and I’m always looking for the ways to make the best of it.

  • Week six!
    I struiggle when it comes to lighting indoors as my house is quite dark so making the most of what I have is essential!

  • what an awesome idea! I would love to take this ecourse and increase my photography skills, and its perfect now that I just purchase a good camera! good luck to everyone!

  • Week Five – TOTAL outdoor lighting.

    I’d love to really control all the posibilites outdoors!

  • What a great class. I think the thing that frosted my cookie most was the DIY scrim. It would be awesome to see what other tools are used for lighting.

  • I am most excited about the indoor light section! It’s always hard to judge what camera settings are going to work best without natural light. I always seem to end up with an over-yellow hue and a slightly blurry edge on my indoor photos, and using the flash just makes faces over exposed in dark spaces.

  • Week 2! Definitely looking to up my night shot game! I tend to just go for funky long exposures at night. But, I would love to learn how to shoot a decent portrait at night with no flash.

  • I think I’d get the most out of sessions 6 & 7, since my indoor shots are not so good. My place has plenty of windows, but also lots of trees outside blocking light.

  • I’m excited about week two, the one about kelvins, because it’s a basic thing and I’ve never been able to understand it. I’m a film student so this course would do wonders for me in lighting class. πŸ™‚

  • The DIY for making your own scrim! I love the idea of being able to make something that will help my photography.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a seat in this class.

  • I would love to take this course. Sarah is such an amazing photographer. I’m most excited about the indoor lighting section, I have a horrible time taking indoor photos. Crossing my fingers that I win!!! πŸ™‚

  • I’m really excited for week six and seven. I some times have trouble shooting indoors and would love to learn more about the mistakes I might be making

  • Everything excites me! haha. But I would have to say that the indoor lighting sounds amazing πŸ™‚ I have being limited by using natural light (although i LOVE it).

  • Week 6! My apartment is on a lower level and surrounded by other blocks, it’s really rare to get great daylight most of the time. It would be really beneficial to learn to use the space around the house more effectively for photography. πŸ™‚

  • I think I would benefit a lot from week 2! I need to start shooting pictures again!

  • I’m doing a lot of senior pictures this summer, and they’re all outdoors. I would LOVE to know how to use the lighting as well as I can, it will improve my photography so much more!

  • Week Five would be the section I’d be most excited to get to. I’m going to school for photography and I’m specializing in wildlife and landscape photography. This course would defiantly benefit my skills and help me expand my knowledge in outdoor lighting. It’s always tough to find perfect lighting outside mainly because you don’t have full control over everything like you do in indoor photography. I would love to learn how to use everything outside to help better the picture even on a cloudy rainy day!

    Thank you for the opportunity!! πŸ™‚

  • Week six and seven! I’m pretty good at taken pictures outside, but my pictures indoors never turn out right!

    Love, Friedl.

  • Ohhh, this would be such a perfect course for me! Week 7 would be hugely beneficial — I shoot mostly indoors but haven’t figured out how to use lights in a natural-looking way. The entire course sounds amazing though!

  • This is so perfect! I have been looking for something like this! I just upgraded to a Canon D60 but don’t feel like I know how to fully utilize it’s capabilities.

    The whole course sounds amazing but I’m especially excited about week 2 (building a good foundation) and week 5 because i love shooting outside but don’t always know how to work with my surroundings.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • I’m most excited about week 4 (Intro to indoor lighting) and week 5 (Total indoor lighting). I have the hardest time taking good photos inside, especially with an iphone, so I hope I’d be able to learn some good stuff for that. πŸ™‚

  • I am most excited about Week 2. Learning about all the different technical terms to help better my understanding as well as help me understand my fiancΓ©e better!

  • This is so neat! Week seven sounds most interesting to me as I mostly shy away from indoor lighting. Would be great to learn as much as possible about it before this wedding I’m shooting later in the year!

  • Week Six! I would love to know how to get the best shots with what I’ve got to work with. Looks like a great course!

  • Session Seven – Total Indoor Lighting, really excites me! When I can find time to photograph for my blog, it’s usually indoors and at night or late afternoon. Not the best lighting. So this will help a lot!

  • The tips for photgraphing glass and metal are what I’m looking forward to the most.

  • Week 5! I really want to know how to use natural light to my advantage without having overexposed photos or shadows!

  • Yay! I’m looking forward to week 6, using natural light indoors and making the most out of your space. I’m adding new items to my Etsy shop and this will be perfect for that!

  • Outdoor lighting, especially the finding reflectors outside part. I love her photography and this looks so good!!!!

  • I’m not going to lie — I’m excited for them all! They are not for me, but my hubby who is an outdoor photographer looking to move indoors (sometimes!:). He has so many ideas and usually accomplishes them beautifully, but sometimes he struggles with lighting.

  • I could never pick one of those weeks, I need them all! If I had to pick one thing I’m excited to learn though, it would be the proper use of reflectors both indoors and outdoors.

    Thanks Elsie (and Arrow and Apple)!

  • Oh this is such a gorgeous giveaway, thank you for the opportunity!
    Since I love to play around outdoors, I would love to know how to use the light best. I always feel it’s a “hit or miss” picture when I am outside and I am never sure what’ll come out in the end because I can’t effectively use the natural light given, so this would be a great chance. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve been searching for a good e-course to broaden my photography! This looks amazing – and so is her website and photos.
    I’m most excited about Lesson 2 – learning to fix pictures at night. So hard to master capturing those moments without putting too much light on them!!!
    Thanks for the offer

  • I would probably be most excited during Week 1, because I’m someone who adores collecting inspirations, especially for photography purposes. As I would gather the items needed, I will gradually get more excited because my mind would be endlessly wandering about how each item will be creatively used!

    When Week 1 makes my heart leap, the fuel will keep me pumped up throughout the whole course!

    I’m excited already.

  • I’ve always had such trouble with white balance, so I’m super excited about Week 2! Thank you so much for this giveaway! <3

  • I think I’m the most excited about week 6- I need to learn more about making the space I have work, since my apartment does’t have as many windows as I’d like for indoor photography!

  • Definitely most excited for the outdoor lighting, week 5. I love the clichΓ©d (but beautiful!) light filtering through the trees look, but I would also love to learn how to be a bit more subtle and unique with my photographs.


  • week seven for sure : indoor lighting. i was trained and studied photography in arizona where we mostly did portraits on site / outdoors … because well its always sunny. I live in washington now and i can’t always count on the weather, so i have been doing more and more indoor, and i would love some pointers!

  • For me week 6 and 7, everything what’s about indoor photography, as the most part of the year I’m coming back home after sunset..

  • i’d really really love to learn how to use natural light indoors! i’m frequently stuck shooting indoors and have always found this so tricky. looks like a great course!

  • Week 3! I love learning how to use things I already have to help with my photography! Thank you both for this opportunity! Super exciting!

  • I’d love to know more about week 5. My photos are always under or over exposed when I work with outdoor lighting!

  • intro to outdoor lighting- week 4 and week 5 too! It would be really neat to be able to improve my photos.

  • I think learning the technical stuff would really help give me a context for all the rest! Would love to win this – thanks for the great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  • The whole course is awesome.
    But if I’d have to choose….I think week six

  • Week 5! I shoot a lot outdoors and would like to know how to fix bad lighting situations. That would be great!

  • I would to learn how to get better shots in a variety of outdoor lighting!

  • Im super interested in Week Seven – TOTAL indoor lighting using one, two, and three lights, and learning to use your reflector and scrim

    I could really use help with that!!

  • I checked their website short after your Elsie’s wedding post and I think their job is so heart warming.
    I definetly would love to learn how to take pictures at sunset or night because it really is a magic hour for me, when I try to be outdoors as often as I can. Thank you <3

  • Week 7 on Indoor Lighting holds the most interest for me. I still find it really difficult to get adequate light for great indoor shots. Taking shots outdoors is great and my favorite way to shoot, but sometimes you just need to get those indoor spaces! Looks like an over-all excellent course!


  • What a fantastic giveaway! I’ve been using natural light indoors for a long time, and have been wanting to incorporate supplemental artificial light, so total indoor lighting is the session I that excites me most.

  • The week 2 lessons sound great – my artsy mind goes blank when things start getting technical. However I am really excited to do week 7.

    Oh, I’m taking this one no matter what!

  • Week two looks like it will really help me, although the whole course looks exciting!

  • Oh! week 5 and 8 are amazing because I love outdoor photography and I would like to learn to find natural reflectors and, of course, to take one good picture to glass! So curious.

  • I’ve always been super avoidant of indoor photography so I have to say that I am most excited about the indoor lighting week — if I can force myself to bring my camera indoors that is!

  • I am interested in learning about both indoor and outdoor lighting.

  • I would love to take this course! Week 5 sounds fantastic – I’d love to learn how to make my outdoor photography more effective. Thank you!!

  • I think week 7 would be great- indoor lighting can be tricky. The whole course seems amazing though! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Indoor lighting all the way for me! Need some major help in this area and what a great sounding course.

    Fancy Napkin

  • i would be most excited about learning to use indoor light… i’m bad at that.!

  • i am most interested in week 5 because even with a good camera my photos turn out over exposed in outdoor pictures. i would love to learn how to work around that.

  • I really want to learn about outdoor lighting and how to use my indoor lighting better. I struggle with shadowed faces and taking product photos in the middle of winter!

  • I am most excited about total indoor lighting! I have an Etsy shop and learning how to take great indoor photos and better my product photography is something I would love to learn!

  • week 7, indoor lighting. i can never get my photos at home to turn out the right way. would love to learn more.

  • I’m most excited about week seven where they review using indoor lighting. I just bought a reflector and I don’t know how to use it.

  • Total indoor lighting session sounds the best to me! It’s the area I shoot most and the area I have the most amount of trouble with! I’d love to read the information about it!

  • Total outdoor lighting session- I live in beautiful New England and would love to capture some of my own beautiful photos to share ! Also when starting up a blog it’ll be great to incorporate that to give readers a more personal idea of where I come from πŸ™‚

  • So exciting! I’m really interested in the indoor lighting and the night shots, as that tends to be when I snap most of my pictures.

  • I definitely need help with TOTAL indoor lighting! My indoor pictures are never quite right.

  • this looks like an amazing course! really excited for the outdoor lightning lessons – i would love to learn how to identify different types of outdoor light so i can duplicate it indoors as well πŸ™‚

  • Definitely would love “Total indoor lighting” since that’s what I struggle with the most. Thanks for the chance to win! This e-course looks awesome!

  • Week 6! I could definitely use some guidance on how to use natural light to work with the space I’ve got. Fingers crossed!

  • Week 2 night shots because I can never never never get that to work!

  • What a great giveaway!
    This is something I’d love to practice on, light is so important.
    I’m really interested about week seven because I always have trouble with indoor lighting.

  • Week 7 would be incredibly beneficial. I just purchased my first DSLR this year, and would love to get a better grasp on indoor lighting. What a wonderful giveaway!

  • Week 6: Making the best of the space you have sounds like the most relevant session for me. I live in a smallish apartment, and I could use the help in carving out a bit of space to take photos.

  • Week six sounds very interesting, although I really would find the entire course invaluable.

  • week 7 as it isthe most troublesome for me to choose my indoor lightning!

  • Definitely week six! I live in a tiny Victorian cottage with a weeny back yard so learning how to get the most from my small and not wonderfully lit space would be a god send!

  • week 7 for sure! Indoor light is something I really want to learn more about.

  • The whole course sounds amazing! But weeks 5 and 7 will be super fun πŸ™‚

  • I think weeks three and four would be the most fun for me! I would love to learn how to photograph well outside, because I like the idea of taking pictures of outfits against some natural greenery.

  • Week Six!!! I do alot of food photography which is very difficult with limited light sources.

  • Sounds like such a great course. Super excited to learn about indoor lighting. No more yellow photos!

  • Week 7 (total indoor lighting) would be SO useful for me! I would love to win this.

  • I am most excited about the indoor session. I love to take pictures of my two year old when we’re playing, and none of the pictures I take inside seem to turn out as warm and wonderful as the outside pictures.

  • I’d be most excited about Week 4 – Intro to Outdoor Lighting. Being able to reproduce outdoor, natural light indoors would be like a super power.

  • Everything about lighting interests me, as I know not a thing!! Would love to learn more and more so that I can use my camera better.

  • Week Five would be great for me. Photographing outside can be difficult for me.

  • i’m highly interested in this one!:

    Week Two – An introduction to learning about kelvins, different light temperatures and white balance, and a quick fix for your night shots.


  • This sounds amazing! Weeks four and seven sound interesting – non-natural indoor lighting is such a pain for me.

  • Week two-t’s always nice to read others’ knowledge on the basics

  • This is SO AWESOME!!!! What a fantastic giveaway!! My fav week is number5!!! Thanks Elsie and Emma for all of these amazing giveaways!!

  • ALL OF IT! πŸ™‚ Especially total outdoor lighting as well as the session on Kelvins and light temps.

  • This is exciting! I could really use some knowledge on indoor lighting, especially at night. I’ve been attacking magic hour with my nikon and iphone all summer, but after the sun sets, I hopelessly set the cameras down =(.

  • I’m psyched about the entire course, but I’m most excited about learning to make my own scrim! (Week Three) What a great idea and it’s so fabulous that she’s sharing her secrets.

    Thanks for sharing this and for having this giveaway. My fingers are firmly crossed.


  • Hey! Actually, I have a question about a different e-course, but I didn’t know where else to post it… The DIY Dress Up… Does that course require a sewing machine? Or is it about handsewing?


  • I think Week 2, but honestly I’m taking Photography next semester and this whole course would just give me an amazing leg up! I’m a journalilsm/PR and Psych double major so the more I can learn, the faster, the better! πŸ™‚

  • What an awesome e-course!! I think week 5 looks most exciting, I love photographing outside and would love the opportunity to further my knowledge and abilities!

  • what a great giveaway! week 5 sounds exciting! i’d love tips for photographing at night or in very low light.

  • I’d love to take the course, week 5 “total outdoor” is what I am more excited to learn about , thanks for this giveaway!

  • Um…can I just say all of it? This would be a super useful course! Week 6 intrigues me the most since I’ll have a little one to photograph soon…

  • Week 6 is exactly what I need! I would love some tips & tricks on capturing the little natural light I have in my condo.

  • I love the week, where you learn to duplicate outdoor light, indoors. Absolutely need this!

  • I have a blog and 2 online shops, and would love to learn more about lighting in photography. I am most excited to learn about making and using a scrim and getting the best light in the space that you have!

    Thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  • Week 7 is what I’d be most interested in, since we have to pick one favorite, but the whole course sounds excellent!

  • I am most excited about week seven! I struggle so much with indoor lighting and figuring out how to make my pictures reflect what is inside. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • To be honest, I’m excited for the whole course because I am a beginner photographer and need help in the lighting aspect in photography because it can make or break a photo. I definitely need some help and guidance in this aspect, so thanks for the giveaway! Catherine

  • Week 6 and how to make my own set up! I am always struggling to get good photos in my kitchen where the lighting is not great but I do have two huge windows.

  • Week 7 – I tend to depend on having sunlight available whenever I take photos, and I’d like to learn how to work with plain indoor lighting for when I want to take pictures of costumes in the basement costume shop.

  • Week five-Total outdoor lighting!!!! It would be awesome to learn to take better outdoor photos since those are my favorites!

  • So excited for this ecourse…week seven total indoor lighting is the one, because I want to set up my own Wedding Photography business and this area is the killer for me!


  • I totally want to learn how to duplicate outdoor light indoors and I have to learn what a scrim is and how to make one πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love this e-course idea. As a, hopefuly, future small business owner I need to make my sweets look amazing for my future website and the perfect photo is the key. Im super excited for week six where they show you how to use the space you already have (which in my case is a tiny studio!).

  • i love natural outdoor light. i would love to learn how to work well with it and really bring out the best lighting in my pictures.

  • The sessions all sound interesting and useful! I’d like to learn more about indoor photos in daylight (week 6).

  • I’m excited about the indoor lighting week! My natural light photography always turns out beautiful, but my indoor stuff never compares. I would love to learn how to get beautiful images using other lighting types.

  • I want to learn everything about indoor lighting. Nothing more frustrating than taking pictures inside and ending up with everything in a blur…

  • I am SO excited about this course! Arrow and Apple’s beautiful and truly creative approach to photography is one of my top sources of inspiration on a very regular basis. I am so ready for the next step in my photography journey and education, and I think Week 7 would really take me there. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway opportunity πŸ™‚

  • Week 7 is most exciting to me, being able to have more control with lighting indoors and knowing how to better use lighting equipment would be so valuable!

  • Week seven! I’m horrible with indoor lighting, and I have a dark area to photograph in. I’d love to learn how to use indoor light better.

    So excited!

  • Really excited about week 7 (but actually I’m excited about all of it). I have a question though. I’m so excited about this course that I actually want to pay to do it if I don’t win, but the post says that the winner will be announced after July 24th, but the $10 off is only good this week. That leaves me with the conflict of wanting to enter the drawing to see if I win, or do I pay for it before I even know if I’ve won so I get the $10 off. It would be really nice if those of us who don’t win would be able to use the coupon after we’ve found out we didn’t win.

    Thanks for posting such a cool class and giveaway!

  • Week Six – I’ll be going over how to use daylight when you are photographing indoors, and how to make the best out of the space you have.

    This is the week I would be most excited about to learn! I love indoor photography with natural lighting!

  • I would love to follow this course and especially learn more about indoor lighting. Every birthday, Christmas, and family dinner I struggle to get the pictures that will portray my loved ones in the way I want to capture the moment. They turn out either grainy, unsharp or the flash turns my family in to ghost-like creatures. I could definitely use the help!

  • I’m super curious about week 7: Total indoor lighting! Would be so great to know more about it cause indoor pics often look like crap… O_o

  • week seven πŸ™‚
    this would help me with taking pictures of food and my selfmade stuff πŸ™‚

  • Ohoo, super exciting. I think I have to say week 5, TOTAL outdoor lighting. I would love to get better at taking nature photos.

  • I would really love week seven’s topic of indoor lighting! It is such a complex bag o worms and I would love to know some tricks of the trade !

  • Week 7!!! I need all the help I can get with this πŸ˜‰ so excited for Sarah and the release of her course.

  • I am most interested/excited about learning to use natural light indoors. I am not a fan of using artificial lighting, however, living in Canada you can’t always get outside in the winter. I think this would be totally beneficial in those long cold winter months!

  • Week seven is definitely the most exciting to me – I would love to learn more about indoor lighting!

  • I’m looking most forward to week 7. While I LOVE outdoor lighting, I want to learn how to use indoor lighting in the best way possible so that I can still get images I’m happy with. Very excited about the DIY scrim and indoor lighting studio.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Is it bad to say I got excited when I saw Week 1 was SHOPPING WEEK? Haha πŸ™‚ Otherwise, I’d be most interested in week 7, indoor lighting, since I take a lot of food photos.

    Great giveaway!

  • Week 5! I just failed miserably trying to get decent pictures at a wedding that took place in a park shelter on a rainy day, so learning how I could have compensated for that would be awesome.

  • Wow. This looks great! I would love to do the class on outdoor lighting and using natural reflectors. I love nature and it would be the perfect way to get new ideas/tips for shooting better outdoor photos.

    The whole thing looks great, though. Thanks for spreading the word. πŸ™‚

  • Week 3! I love learning how to take existing or inexpensive everyday items and make them really work for you! It’s creativity & DIY & so much fun!

  • Love this, it looks great! I am most excited about indoor lighting/week 7 as I am always looking to improve my skills for shooting my Etsy designs and models. I’d love to take this course!

  • I’ve been waiting so patiently for this course to come out ever since she blogged about how to make your own indoor light studio under $50, so naturally, that’s what I’m most excited for! I can’t wait!

  • I’m excited for week 7 the most. I live in a basement apartment and lighting is less than ideal. So excited for this course!

  • Week 4 definitely! Experimenting and learning about outdoor lighting will be so fun!
    Thank you:)

  • Week Five – TOTAL outdoor lighting. I’m excited to learn how to use the outdoors more in my photos and making it work for me.

  • I’m excited for week two. I’m terrible at remembering to white balance. But I’m getting better with Kelvin. Always interested to learn more!

  • Honestly the shopping week sounds fun! I would love some direction on what I should invest in! πŸ™‚

  • Wow I would love to take the class! Week 6 gets me most excited as it really catches what I need to learn better.

  • I LOVE week three – Learning about the different tools we’ll use for lighting, an easy DIY for making your own scrim!
    The DIY seems really fun.

  • Week six would be great to learn about. It is hard to make the most out of super small spaces.

  • I’m most excited for week 5! I love taking outdoor pictures and it would really be great to get to know how to best use the light available.

  • Indoor! WEEK 7. I find it hard to shoot good indoor photo’s. And with a new tiny niece i really want to learn. πŸ˜‰

  • this sounds so incredibly amazing and helpful! I think I would be excited most about week 6 & 7 I have such an issue dealing with lighting indoors. Thanks for a great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  • This is such a great giveaway! each week looks great, but I would be most excited about week 7.

  • I would love to learn more about outdoor lighting. My boys and I are usually out and about so it would be awesome to learn how to better capture everyday moments outside.

  • Week 5! I have trouble with getting consistent outdoor lighting and using it to my advantage!

  • Super excited about Week 6-making the most of the space you have and using daylight indoors! What a challenge! This would be so exciting to win!

    PS-when are you guys doing a photography e-course? πŸ˜‰

  • I would love this: “Learning about the different tools we’ll use for lighting, an easy DIY for making your own scrim!”

    Thanks so much!

  • Week seven, is really what I need, when ever i shoot anything inside it seems to come out awkward looking and i’d like to learn how to make my shots look awesome!

  • how cool! all of these sessions would be helpful but i think i would be most excited for Week Seven because it would be so helpful for photographing my jewelry and photos for my blog.

  • eek i would love to take this course! i think i’m most excited about the indoor lighting session (i have such trouble with this on gray gloomy days in portland). and also week two with the tip for nighttime shooting!

  • This would be ridiculously amazing to win. I might have to just purchase it. I think week 5 will be most helpful for me – especially learning some solutions for bad outdoor lighting situations.

  • week 2! i always need the technical stuff to start grasping new concepts.

  • Week 4! I’m horrible with outdoor lighting, trying to catch the right lighting… I just normally go against the sun LOL

    awesome giveaway, BTW. I’ve been in dire need of a hobby, as my pet ferret just passed away

  • It’s so hard to choose, but I think the outdoor lighting sessions would really help me — definitely the most challenging so far!


  • Week seven Total Indoor Lighting! Indoor lighting is tricky and I need all the help I can get.

  • Oh WOW! This is exactly what I need! I am very excited about the whole course, but Week 2 looks very interesting – I’m curious to learn about kelvins, and quick fixes for my night time shots – HURRAH! πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed πŸ™‚ Katie. xxx

  • Total outdoor lighting is what excites me. Most of my pictures are taken outdoors so I think this would really help me out!

  • Week Seven – TOTAL indoor lighting… in FL it rains ALL the time, so it will be great to be able to learn some techniques to be able to offer photo shoots indoors πŸ™‚

  • light is supposed to me photography friend but I never seem to make it so.
    I am pumped about week 7, indoor at night the worst of the shots for me.

  • First of all, I’ve adored Arrow & Apple ever since your wedding! (I’m looking into hiring Sarah for my own wedding!).

    I have tried to learn how to use my camera but it just won’t stick. I love the idea of doing such a pretty course! I’m most excited about Week Two and Three, and really learning how to use my DSLR! The rest just seems like fun!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Definitely week 6! I don’t have a lot of natural light in my house, so it’s hard to work with what I’ve got. I’m sure with more knowledge, I can improve πŸ™‚

  • Learning to use natural light reflectors in Week Five has piqued my attention! I absolutely love shooting outside in the “magic hours,” and rarely use my external flash. I would love to learn of reflectors I can find in nature to literally and figuratively brighten my photography!

  • Learning about indoor lighting would be so helpful. My house is weird and hardly has any windows, I have the hardest time taking photos for my etsy shop.

  • the entire e-course sounds amazing but week seven, indoor lighting is the most exciting part to me! keeping my fingers crossed!

  • I would love to learn how to make my own set up – I did try making a light box but it was kind of pathetic! ahah

  • I should say week seven, for photographing my paintings but actually i think the sound of week 5 total outdoors sounds wonderful. Maybe because we have had the rainiest summer in history and i am craving sunlight. Kerstin.

  • Okay I’m a little excited about ALL of it! What a great course and giveaway!! The week on indoor lighting would probably be really helpful!

  • Super excited about week 5! Living in Colorado we get over 300 days of sun every year and while I love the sun, it can sometimes be really hard to photograph in when there are no clouds! I love the warmth and light but sometimes it’s a little harsh for photographing in. I’d love some good tips and tricks for getting the most out of my outdoor shoots!

  • Week Five!! I love how beautiful outdoors photos are and the lighting can make the picture just as much as the nature!

  • I would definitely benefit from the outdoor lighting sessions! I take all the photos for my personal style blog outside, and I would love to improve the lighting of my shots!

  • Amazing! Drawn to getting the most out of indoor lighting (Week Six). In the process of setting up my very own blog, and photographing indoors tends to be the most troublesome. Yay!

  • Week six would be my favorite.

    {Week Six – I’ll be going over how to use daylight when you are photographing indoors, and how to make the best out of the space you have.}

    Great to learn how to photography your handmade things indoors, and learn how to use the natural light. Especially because it’s a horrible summer over here, and can’t take pictures outside because of the rain….

    xxx Rianne

    ps love the new site together with Emma!

  • Ohhhh Week 7! This intrigues me and scares me. As a strong believer in doing things that scare you, I’m in!

  • Definitely the indoor lighting part. I’m always either too dark or too light with too much flash, and I don’t have a setup, so that’s great too. Yay!

  • Excited about outdoor lighting most, since most of my photos are outdoors, but I really want to learn how to do better indoor lighting as well!

  • I would love to learn more about night time shooting as well as handling indoor light to my advantage πŸ˜€
    Plus that lighting set for under 50 sounds amazing!

  • Indoor lighting. I have a pretty solid grasp on using natural light outdoors, but I shy away from taking photos inside so I think that would be great.

  • I’d love to learn more about outdoor lighting, so I’d pick Week 5! πŸ™‚ Great giveaway!

  • week 4 sounds interesting to me! especially the idea of duplicating outdoor light indoors.

    thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to win!

  • I agree with many others – I could totally use week 2’s white balance lessons.

  • Week Five – TOTAL outdoor lighting. This week is very involved as you’ll be learning about everything there is to know about photographing outdoors, finding natural reflectors, and about finding solutions to bad outdoor lighting.

    I want to learn all about this.

  • Week Five – TOTAL outdoor lighting. This week is very involved as you’ll be learning about everything there is to know about photographing outdoors, finding natural reflectors, and about finding solutions to bad outdoor lighting.

    I want to learn all about this.

  • Hola! I am most interested in Week 5 because out here in El Paso TX, The Sun City, there is an abundance of light and most times i find that maybe there is too much light… or i just don’t know what I’m doing. This course would really help me out and finally let me take advantage of the wonderful camera my hubby gifted to me.

  • The course sounds so amazing! I could definitely use help with all the weekly topics, but I’m probably looking forward to Week 7 the most!

  • I could really use the Week 7 total indoor lighting course. I have such a hard time photographing in the winter when natural light is not a viable option..

  • Week seven sounds great! Indoor photography with artificial lighting is my personal weakness. I would love to improve my skills!

  • Week six. I have a little toddler running around and we spend a lot of time indoors escaping the 100 degree heat. Learning ways to use lighting indoors would really help me capture my little one.

  • Week 6–making the most of natural light in the space you have, my biggest obstacle! Great giveaway, thank you!

  • Week Five – TOTAL outdoor lighting. This week is very involved as you’ll be learning about everything there is to know about photographing outdoors, finding natural reflectors, and about finding solutions to bad outdoor lighting.

    I love love love outdoor portraits. Being able to understand lighting better would be amazing.

  • This is kismit, I have been obsessively checking the Arrow & Apple blog for weeks now waiting on this e-course to begin! I am most looking forward to weeks 3 and 7, creating my own skrim and photographing indoors, especially considering my somewhat dark apartment makes for difficult photos. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Thanks for offering such a lovely giveaway! I would absolutely love to win this class and definitely looking forward to Week 4’s lesson!


  • Week two has definitely got to be the one I’d be looking more too. Kelvins, temps, night shots, oh my!


  • My fave – week 5! Can’t wait to learn more about photographing outdoors, especially finding natural reflectors.

  • Week Seven – total indoor lighting. Indoor lighting can be a real pain, especially with just a brutal built-in flash. The whole course sounds great!

  • Definitely love everything about the course, but I love week two as it is stuff I don’t know all that much about. Also weeks six and seven because I love indoor stuff and most of my photography is indoor.
    XO Samantha

  • Week2- i love theory stuff like this. And a quick fix for your nightshots sounds promising. I can never get those right..

  • Week2- i love theory stuff like this. And a quick fix for your nightshots sounds promising. I can never get those right..

  • Week 2 for sure! Kelvins and Hobbes are always confusing to me. And night shots! forgetttaboutit

  • Hooray! i’m excited for Week 6 on how to work with the indoor space I’ve got. We have a few great windows but we are surrounded by huge trees! Thanks for the chance, Ladies!! xoxo

  • I love living in Alaska and documenting our outdoor adventures! I am so excited for week four on outdoor lighting…it’s been almost ten years since my last photography class. Very exciting!

  • This is so exciting~ I would love to learn more about night shots, which I definitely need more work on~*

  • Most excited for week 7. Indoor lighting is something that I find difficult. Great giveaway!

  • All of the sessions would be very interesting, but I think I would be most excited about week 7. Indoor lighting is always a challenge!

  • Light temperature?! I didn’t know such a thing existed! Week Two for me πŸ™‚

  • How am I just learning about this course?! I’m starting a photography business and I just started by own blog. The most frustrating thing is indoor lighting for me, my indoor photos never ever live up to my expectations so this course would be such a huge help. I also have a ton of extra time on my hands so I would really be able to soak it up. Would most look forward to WEEK 7, Indoor Lighting! Best of luck!

  • I’d be looking forward to the indoor lighting session since I’m a lover of natural light and shooting indoors can be a little tricky when it comes to that.

  • I only photograph with natural light, and I’ve been thinking about adding some lighting elements to my repertoire. I’d be excited to learn anything about it, really! Especially how to do my own set-up!

  • Week Six intrigues me! I really want to learn how to best use daylight when taking a photograph indoors of things I bake and my daughters! I just started a blog and could use the help πŸ˜€

  • Definitely week 6 – it’s winter at the moment in Australia and I am stuck inside taking photos

  • I squeeled when I saw this course and then the giveaway?! Yup. Wanna take it, but winning it would make my month! I’m most excited about the indoor lighting section…that’s where I have the most trouble.

  • Week 7 – Lighting indoors (for less than $50)! would be so awesome to learn

  • They all look amazing, but I would love to really focus on indoor lighting (week 6) and making the most of the space you have!

  • I am looking forward to the outdoor lighting setup. I would love to get into the nitty gritty of reflectors and evening out harsh lighting setups.

  • All sessions sound great, but Week 3 seems like it was designed just for me! I have tried and tried to fumble my way around my lighting tools, but I haven’t been able to figure most of them out!

    Lighting is my biggest downfall in photography, and this course sounds like a great way to sort out my problems.

  • Indoor lighting is something that excites me, but the whole course looks great!

  • Week Five! I’m headed to Spain next summer and think it’s crucial to learn how to photograph outdoors! It’ll be an experience I’ll never want to forget, so I want my photos to be just as beautiful as the sights themselves!

  • I can’t tell which sounds better to me, week 5 or week 6. Outdoor lighting is so important to know, and I for one need the help! However, I also would love to focus on food photography, and learning how to utilize natural light indoors would be great.

  • I would be super excited to learn how to use natural light indoors. Actually, I am excited about this whole class!

  • Lighting is so important and noticeable when its ‘off’ that the whole class is exciting. I think i’d most look forward to week 6 – learning how to better use daylight indoors.

  • I would love this! Week 7 sounds the most interesting to me! Very exciting!

  • week 2! i’d really like to know more about night time lighting πŸ™‚

  • Week 5. i’m just getting started in photography with my new camera and i’m such a rookie. this entire course would be so beneficial, but since i love taking pictures in the great outdoors, i think that the in depth look at finding and creating and working with outdoors light will be a great week!


  • My husband and I got married on June 9th and took a year off of to explore ourselves and tune into our hobbies (photography is my special something). This ecourse is just what I need, especially week 5, outdoor lighting! Learning to see natural reflectors in certain situations would really benefit my photography during our travels. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • I would be most excited about week 6 how to use daylight when you are photographing indoors.

  • I am excited about this e-course opportunity, especially learning about different tools in Week 3. What’s a scrim? I hope its less intimidating than a scrum! (Rugby reference.)

  • I’m totally digging week 5! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Week 7 how to use indoor lighting and reflectors! Thanks for the chance.

  • Total outdoor lighting for sure! I am an amateur (VERY) photographer who mainly does portraits outside, so this is in my NEED TO KNOW category.

  • How to make my own setup for cheap sells me on this class, however, week 2, white balance is definitely something I’ve never got quite down.

  • I am really excited for week 3! So many times I think I need expensive equipment to get good pictures, so i’m hoping to learn how I can use what i’ve got around in order to create quality photographs!

  • I’ve been looking for something like this! I’ve just recently started dabbling in photography and am currently only using natural light. I would love to learn how to create an indoor setup for super cheap!

  • The whole course sounds amazing! If I had to choose, I think I’d have to go with outdoor lighting.

  • I love my DSLR, and I still don’t understand it. My lighting is always turns out terrible even if it looks like a wonderful shot. Please help a poor student with indoor lighting in week six!

  • Would love to win a spot in this class! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • This is definitely something I want/need to learn about: “Week Seven – TOTAL indoor lighting using one, two, and three lights, and learning to use your reflector and scrim!”

  • Sarah and her husband have to be my favorite photography duo. Winning this would be a great grad school graduation gift! Wish time on my hands, I’d love to get creative and learn some new techniques.

    Fingers are crossed!

  • Week 2 sounds the most exciting to me, as I really struggle with shooting at night with my DSLR!

  • Would love to join the Total outdoor lighting session and learn how to make use of different light sources (I esp love the soft backlit ones!)

  • I am most excited about week 7, total indoor lighting. I went to school for photography 6 years ago and the lighting class was rushed over a summer session. That plus the fact that it’s been so long, l would love the opportunity to have a refresher course as well as to learn from such a talented established wedding photographer! Looks awesome! I might have to sign up anyways πŸ™‚

  • Week 4 sounds the most interesting to me – duplicating delicious outdoor light indoors? Yes please!

  • week 7- total indoor lighting- totally.
    the “ladycave” i’m in has ONE, 16″ X 24ish” window, a potlight, and 2 sad excuses for overhead lights…wah waaaah πŸ™‚
    great offer! thank you!

  • I’m really interested in learning about indoor light and the special photography cases (glass and metal). Would love to take this class!

  • Looking forward to the outdoor lighting session, since that’s where I usually prefer to shoot! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • This would be so amazing to win! I would be most excited for week 7, so I could learn how to take quality indoor photos when natural light isn’t an option.

  • week two! I’m so bad at shooting at night and all of my night-photographer friends are very guardy with their secrets!

  • Oh my Charles. I would absolutely love the indoor lighting knowledge from week 7! I am currently terrible at taking pictures indoor, right now I make all my guests go outside for photos! Haha. The other parts would also be a help though but this one best fits my current lack of skills.

  • Week 5 Sounds Awesome!!! But the entire course Looks So interesting!

  • It’s a toss up for me between Weeks 5 & 6 I need help with both indoor and outdoor lighting techniques! This course sounds/ looks like its going to be packed full of useful and inspiring information. πŸ™‚

  • Total outdoor lighting explains just what I needed on our recent beach trip! What a treat it would be to win this photog e-course! I love learning online. I completed my librarian certification online and have missed learning through that type of platform. I’ll be waiting for the announcement of the winner online! Thanks.

  • Weeks 4-6 actually sound so great. I love playing with light and I really want to learn how to use light for efficiently and improve my photography with it.

  • I am most interested in week 6 regarding indoor lighting and using different types, etc. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway.

  • Definitely would have to go with being most excited about learning how to work with what iv’e got when it comes to indoor lighting – as of now, I’m lost!

  • I just got my first DSLR, so this would be a great course to take! I think week six, using daylight indoors, looks like the most intriguing session to me.

    Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class!

  • I would love to learn about making the most of my indoor space.

  • Week 7 about indoor lightning sounds the most interresting to me. It’s really something i’m not good at.

  • I have to agree with so many of my fellow commenters– Week 7 is something I definitely would be waiting for since I live in a tiny college apartment.

    A small apartment means only one natural light source and being a college student means classes during the day, indoor photography at night. So. *fingers crossed*

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  • I’m excited about Week Two – An introduction to learning about kelvins, different light temperatures and white balance, and a quick fix for your night shots.
    I often find understanding the tech side of things and having the words to describe what you see is so helpful!

  • Definitely week five and week seven sessions! I am a newborn photographer and I specialize in portraiture. This would be a great help for me as a beginner to capture beautiful pictures just by getting the right lighting. I don’t use any external flash (only built-in) so I will be thrilled to win this opportunity to learn more and enhance my craft.

  • I would have to say week 4. I always struggle with indoor lighting and feel that I could particularly benefit from this course. Would be so excited if I won!


  • Week 7- I’ve always LOVED outdoor photography with natural lighting, but I’m curious about indoor photography and would like to learn more about it!

  • I’m in the week 7 camp. Need some help with indoor photos. Great giveaway.

  • Totally excited about weeks five and six – Five b/c I do most of my shooting outdoors and I’d love to improve my lighting skills in that area, and six because indoor lighting is something with which I struggle and I prefer to use as much natural light as I can πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!!!

  • What a fabulous course, I believe week 5-total outdoor lighting would be most useful and enjoyable.

  • Oh how I would love to win this. Perfect thing to get me motivated with my photography! And I LOVE Arrow and Apple.:)

  • Definitely the section with night shots included. I always have trouble with those!

  • What a fantastic deal! Outdoor lighting tips would be amazing and a diy project = yay.

  • Amazing course, just what I was looking for! Week 7: total indoors lighting use is what I’m really excited about!

  • Ooh…Week six sounds interesting! I’d choose that. I love love LOVE light! And we have some really nice windows that I would love to use to its full potential πŸ™‚ I’d love to learn about indoor lighting.

    All the best to everybody πŸ™‚

  • Week seven- indoor lighting! Always need more help with that. πŸ™‚

  • I love this course and I’m especially interested in week 7, because I’d like to take better indoor photos.

  • I think Week Two – An introduction to learning about kelvins & night shots sounds really interesting, also night time shots/dark shots taken a gigs are the ones I’m struggling with most at the moment! Vikki x

  • Week 7 sounds great since I mostly photograph food and hard as I try that usually ends up being indoor. Great giveaway!

  • I’m an amateur food photographer and would definitely benefit from this course. The best session for me would be week Seven, to learn how to shoot with lights indoor!

  • I could really use all weeks, and I would love to learn about everything. But I guess indoor lighting would be the one I look forward to the most!

  • Weeks 6 and 7 would be really useful! When we’re travelling we tend to take alot of photos outdoors and of various landscapes, so now we’re back i’m struggling a little with indoor photography ang lighting. Thanks for such a great giveaway xx

  • Having studied art, composition in photography has always come easier than the more technical aspects so Week 2 sounds like it would be the most beneficial for me. (Although that said all of the sessions would be a great help!)

  • I am just starting up my own hand printed stationery business and whilst my designs are taking shape my photography leaves a lot to be desired!

    Week 7 would be absolutely perfect seeing as I live in the UK which has been unbelievably gloomy lately!

  • Most interesting for me it would be learning how to use two, and three lights indoor

  • Total Outdoor Lighting! I love taking nature shots, and pictures of all my sheep πŸ™‚

  • Oh my god! I love everything about it. IΒ΄m totally curiouse about week one. Buying everything & wondering what weΒ΄ll do with it in the other sessions. IΒ΄ve participated in 2 of your e-courses: Bloglove & Dreamjob and this photography course would just make it perfect.

  • I would love this! I love to take pictures but they always turn out quite weird because the lighting in the rooms is messed up…

  • wooohooo, this is exciting! my favourite part is the diy-home studio! that sounds soo great… even if i don’t win, i’ll take this course this summer! (:

  • Outdoor lighting! (Really I need a little assistance on each lesson/session!)

  • week seven! I avoid shooting inside most days. I have really bad lighting.

  • Oooh, week 5 looks like fun to me! How to find natural reflectors sounds like a good skill to have!

  • I love outdoor lighting in general! It would be great to pick up some new tips πŸ™‚

  • All the sessions sound so helpful and amazing! If I have to choose, I think week 7, indoor lighting!

  • thanks for the giveaway! I would be excited to learn about using daylight when photographing indoors, I always have trouble with that!

  • Week 5–total outdoor lighting! I live on the west coast with beaches and canyons (and canyons abutting beaches) and hills filled with beautiful foliage and succulents, all of which cry out to me to take pictures. It’d be great to learn more about finding the best lighting.

  • The indoor lighting session is my favorite! Can’t wait!

  • I am getting ready for my first baby and week 6 will be the most beneficial considering the gloomy winter lighting I will be working with!

    Great giveaway!

  • This sounds so wonderful! I’d love to win this. Week Six sounds totally intriguing! πŸ™‚

  • This would be so great, I was just thinking about how much I still need/want to learn about lighting!

  • I’m excited on the Week Two session. I’ve been willing to learn more about different light temperatures and night shots! :]

  • As a college student, it would be wonderful to know how to create my own scrim in Week Three. Getting inside tips for better lighting techniques and increasing my wallet inventory is always exciting!

  • I’d really love to win this course. I just moved from the Sunshine State (Florida) to Michigan. I’m curious how lighting will be different in the winter so I’m most excited about week 6 – indoor lighting. I know there will be days that I won’t be able to force myself into going outside to shoot so how can I take great indoor photos when it’s so grey outside?

  • I am really excited about this course. I started a blog this year as one of my goals for the year. I would love to learn how to make my photos better, I have so much to learn it overwhelms me, but this would help for sure.

    I am most excited about week six. Our home has so many widows and offers great light but I feel like to don’t know how to harness it.

    Check out my little blog at

    You can see how much help I need first hand! πŸ™‚

  • Of course I would enjoy all sessions, but the one I’m most excited about is week 5, as I would really like to know more about natural reflectors and how to find solutions for bad outdoor lighting!

  • This is exactly what I need – I’ve been wanting to improve my photography skills for some time now.

    I’m really excited for indoor lighting. I need a lot of help with that…

  • I’m really excited about week seven! I have been struggling with capturing good images with indoor lighting.

  • Week Six – how to use daylight when you are photographing indoors, and how to make the best out of the space you have.

    I need all the help I can get to use our small space effectively.

  • Week three sounds the most exciting to me. I would love to know what types of equipmes to use and the DIY.

  • Week 5, I’d love to be able to use the sunlight to my advantage for once!

  • week 4 sounds extra exciting to me! learning about indoor and outdoor lighting. also week 2 would be a refreshing review of light/metering and white balance! pick me: )

  • I’m super excited for TOTAL outdoor lighting! My sister and I are always trying to capture the perfect photos of my niece, and this would be incredibly helpful!

  • I’m most excited about week 7! As a blogger/shop owner who lives in Minnesota I spend a lot of times indoors during the winter months with not much light to work with! This sounds like a great opportunity to grow and learn more about photography. Thanks ladies!

    Xoxo Sarah

  • Wow, what a great contest! I have been taking good photos for a couple of years now, but lighting is still such a mystery to me. Thanks!

  • Week 5 sounds great to me! I was recently on a trip to Canada, and I had the hardest time setting my aperture and ISO to fit the darkness outside.

  • I’m excited for the TOTAL Outdoor lighting (week 5)!

    I saw this post this morning and I want to win so very badly! πŸ™‚

  • I think Week Seven is what I need help with the most so that is what I am most excited about!

  • I would be most excited about week 6- how to use natural sunlight indoors! This would be particularly helpful for my Etsy shop! Awesome e-course and she is a super talented photographer!
    x0 Hannah

  • I am on the fence whether to start my own photography business but I really feel like I need more knowledge and experience. This would be a GREAT tool for me πŸ™‚

  • As a photography student i find; Week Five – TOTAL outdoor lighting, very exciting, and really hope i win this!

  • I just checked out your syllabus and I am most excited about… making my own scrim. I’m a freelance writer getting into photography, and I often feel like I’m priced out of exploring photography more. And even though I’m pretty crafty, it would really help to have some direction on how to put something like this together… and what you’re actually supposed to do with it. Really excited about this course in general because light is free and learning what to do with it will help me expand my range without breaking the bank!

  • Week 7, I could total brush up on my lighting when it comes to indoors!

  • I just got my new camera and would LOVE to learn as much as possible. My fav? Week 6!!!!!!!

  • Week seven!

    I have a nice indoor lens and I would love to learn how to use it properly. I would also love to be able to share my new knowledge with my fiancΓ© since photography is a hobby that we both share :~).

  • I’d be most excited for the Week 7 Total Indoor Lighting session. I have terrible natural light in my apartment, and I tend to be at work all day anyway, so most of the photography on my site has to be taken at night inside my apartment. I would love to learn as much as I can about indoor photography to enhance my pictures.

  • This course looks amazing. I’m most interested in week 6 because I take a lot of photographs of home interiors, and I always find indoor lighting tricky. Photoshop has become my best friend, but I’d love some help in getting better shots from the get-go.

  • Oh, I would SO love to win! I have recently started second shooting weddings and I can’t wait to shoot a wedding on my own. The part that is most intimidating to me is the lighting, especially at dark receptions. Right now I’m just fumbling along with my speedlite. I’m excited about all of the courses, but I’d LOVE to learn more about indoor lighting.

  • Im excited for all of it but I think the week about ” how to use daylight when you are photographing indoors, and how to make the best out of the space you have.” is super exciting for me because I feel lost trying to get decent shots in my own living room. Im so amped for this course!

  • Week 7 looks so exciting. I struggle so much with using indoor lighting and would love to learn some tips and techniques. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

  • I’d enjoy the outdoor lighting part best. I’m never satisfied with photos I take in bright sunlight (and in Texas, that’s often a problem).

  • Week 6 appeals most to me. I have a small house and some rooms are awfully tight to photograph, but I’d love to learn how to use what I’ve got as best I can!

  • I’m a science nerd, and I usually can’t get good at something until I understand what makes it work. For those reasons, I think session 2 sounds like my favorite.

  • oooh i’ve been staring at this course for the last two days, just waiting for my paycheck to sign up. i’m excited for week three. i love learning what equipment other people use and for tips and how to build my own set up for cheap!!

  • Still trying to master the basics- so week 2 with white balance and night shot fixes will really help!

  • This sounds like an amazing class! All of it sounds great, but what I am MOST interested in is using indoor lighting.

  • Looking foward to the Week Two – An introduction to learning about kelvins, different light temperatures and white balance, and a quick fix for your night shots.

  • Honestly, week 2 looks like it’d be the most helpful for me because I feel like a lot of basic things go right over my head. I’d also look forward to weeks 6 and 7, since indoor lighting in constantly frustrating for me. Great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  • I am most excited about week 4, “Intro to outdoor lighting.”

  • Week Two sounds so helpful! “An introduction to learning about kelvins, different light temperatures and white balance, and a quick fix for your night shots.”

    I would love to learn some more about light temperatures and kelvins, in fact I don’t even know what that is!

  • I can’t wait for week two! I’ve been wanting to learn about white balance for some time now, as well as night photography. This should be super informative!

  • Week four and five will be the most beneficial for me. I have gotten some pretty funky pictures because of not taking the picture right in outdoor lighting.

    Love your blog, you gals are great!!

  • I would mostly like to take a pick into the week 6 and 7 of the course. Indoors shooting can be tricky! New tips would be good πŸ™‚

  • I’m totally interessted in week 5 as I’m always unsure about how to work bad outdoor situations… yours annka

  • Week 5 sounds like so much fun. It would be cool do depend entirely on something as unpredictable as nature.

  • Week Seven looks like it would be my favorite. I’ll be opening an Etsy shop soon and knowing all about indoor lighting would be so helpful! πŸ™‚

  • I would say week 2 because I always have a problem with the technicalities of things..week 7 as well!

  • Week three! I would LOVE to learn how to make my equipment instead of buying it! Thanks xx

  • I hope I get this! I’ve been struggling for years with indoor lighting, so much that I rarely take indoor photos anymore unless there is quite a bit of natural light streaming in. So I’m definitely most excited about week 7, although super excited about being able to make my own equipment and use reflectors!

  • ohh! I’d very much interested in the topics covered in week 7. It would help with showcasing some of my products for my portfolio πŸ™‚

  • I am super keen for Week Three – Learning about the different tools we’ll use for lighting, an easy DIY for making your own scrim!
    I am mega poor at the moment and can’t afford all the fancy gadgets to make my photography better. Learning skills with items i can make myself sounds rad!

  • I would be most anxious to study week seven’s lesson on indoor lighting, but the whole thing looks really informative. πŸ™‚

  • Excited to learn more about shooting with glass and metal… new tips on taking photos are always fun!

  • Completely excited about week 6, I do decorative baking and believe this would be a wonderful addition for showing off my finished products.

  • Week 7 is something I really need to learn. My boyfriend and I run a food blog ( and where we photograph our creations, – which is mostly indoors and at night – the light is awfully saturated and the images are far too warm for my liking. This session will hopefully improve the quality of the images I take before I go and edit them, so that the colours are more vibrant and beautiful.

  • Week six, please! How to make the most of natural lighting indoors…my apartment is tiny as heck, thankfully we have some south facing windows and can get some good shots now and then, but I’m hoping for any additional help I can get, here!

  • Oh wonderful! I’d like week six the best. I think it would help better my blog photos. Knowing how to use the light you have and indoor photos would be super helpful.

  • I am honestly so excited for all of it. I am already a photographer, but sometimes going back over basics helps things make sense again. Also, lighting is one of my weaknesses so I really want to brush up and find things I don’t know!

    Tara O.

  • I am super excited about learning how to make your own natural reflectors for outdoor shoots! I really am needing some guidance on my photography!

  • Week 7 is all new to me. Looks like a great course at this time in my practice!

  • I’d love to know more about week 6: Using daylight indoors. It’s always a challenge in small spaces and using available light for setting up interior styling shoots for my portfolio and blog!

  • Week 5 & Week 7 are tied in competing for my interest – I just want to learn it all!

  • I’m really interested in learning about lighting indoors, so I’m excited about Week 6.

    Thank you for the opportunity! xx

  • oh wow ! i am so incredibly excited about this e-course. i have been following arrow&apple on instagram & saw some of the shots when she was putting this course together. she is one talented lady !!!! i am looking forward to ALL of it, but mostly: Week Seven – TOTAL indoor lighting using one, two, and three lights, and learning to use your reflector and scrim! … by week seven i hope to be total pro πŸ˜‰ love it !


  • The most exciting is the “Week Three”… to learn about the different tools lighting is something amazing !!.. and a DIY include!! …. yeiiii!!! =)…

    Love, Perla

  • Week 5 Total Outdoor lighting is what I’m looking forward to most! I love taking pictures outside, but I’m definitely lacking in this the lighting and exposure category! If I don’t win I may sign up for this course anyway!

  • ….um the nerdy stuff. Kelvins, temperature, and night shots. AND the total indoor lighting.

  • i can’t decide!!! I’m sure I would love the tools!

    indoor and outdoor and all of it!!

    Eeek! xfingers crossedx

  • week 6 sounds the most interesting to me–I have very little natural light indoors, so learning to work with what I have would be perfect. πŸ™‚ xo!

  • week six! I love natural light, and would love to learn more about lighting indoors without a harsh flash or ugly tungsten light.

  • I would be most excited for Session 5, which is completely about outdoor lighting and photography! I just love the look and natural feeling of having my photos taken outdoors and would love how to utilize that amazing resource even more!

  • This course sounds fantastic! I’d be most looking forward to the info in week 2 about shooting at night

  • week six would be extremely helpful for me with space & indoor lighting.

  • Week 5 – I just bought the Canon EOS 60D and would love to

    attend this course to make better photos of my two kids. Especially outside in the garden with not ideal light conditions. This course is just ideal!

  • I think it would be Session 6 and 7, indoor lightning. Although all of the topics are super interesting!

  • Total indoor lighting sounds so useful, I have been having so much trouble with that atm as I am working full time and cannot take blog pictures outside as I have no sunshine (it is winter in Australia). Help would be loved!

  • I’ll be most excited for week three, with the DIY. I love how you can give something of your own to your photography!!


  • week 7 indoor lighting is something i want to learn about. also week 2 kelvin would be so helpful. living in australia i find the lighting in homes is way different, and i would love some help with how to take better pictures in this.

  • Fabulous! I think I can use help in ALL of those areas, but indoor lighting seems to be the trickiest for m!

  • Week 3. I have no clue about lighting tools whatsoever so I would be uber exctited about DYI that πŸ™‚

  • Wow, this is so cool. Even if I don’t win…i’m thinking about purchasing this course… I usually get problems with lighting while taking photos. And I’m most excited about Week Five – TOTAL outdoor lighting as I usually take photos outside πŸ™‚

  • I’m most excited about session 7. I get so lost when it comes to indoor lighting and I’d love to learn more!

  • Week Six, because I really need to lern how to make better photos for my blog and how I get the best out of my diy pics, that i shoot at home on my table.

  • I’m always looking for more information on outdoor and indoor lighting so I can do less work in Photoshop editing. Looks like a great course!

  • This is such a perfect course for me! I really think I would benefit from week 7. Fingers super duper crossed!

  • I am super excited for this giveaway ’cause I could use all the tips on photography I can get. With this course though I’m most excited to learn how to make up my own setup and also how to take good photos at night; mine never seem to turn out nicely.

  • Week 5 – Total outdoor lighting! I just got my very first DSLR about 2 weeks ago so this would be perfect for me! πŸ™‚

  • I would love to learn more about indoor lighting without expensive equipment. This looks like a great course! If I don’t win it, I’ll probably sign up for it anyway!

  • I just got a Nikon 5100 for my birthday & have been trying to teach myself about it using the manual. I’ve been learning a lot on my loan but I am ready for the extra push that a class can give you!

  • I am excited about week 7- indoor lighting! I need my food photos to look as good as they taste.

  • I think the start of my fave is Week Three – Learning about the different tools we’ll use for lighting, an easy DIY for making your own scrim!
    First of all DIYs I’m trying to become more crafty so this is perfect as well as I just started my own photography freelance for kids birthdays. Living in Alaska most the time it is dark up here so I have to know how to make it light and how to use a variety because if I ever get serious aboutakong my own business this is a step I need to take!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  • I have always done all my shooting outdoors so total indoor lighting would be the perfect challenge to prompt me to try something totally out of my comfort range.

  • Week 5 sounds great to me! I’d love to learn more about outdoor lighting since the majority of my photos are taken outside.

  • I am all about week 7. As someone who lives in a Northern State and spends a great deal of time indoors during the dark winter, week 7 would be invaluable. You just need to look at the horrible photos of my oldest daughter born in November to know I haven’t a clue on house to deal with lack of indoor lighting.

  • Ooh I want to learn all about indoor lighting!! I have such a hard time taking nice photos at night!