Sister Style: Inspired by White

Elise of a beautiful messElsie's minnetonkasElsie larsonElsie dawn larsonI think Elsie and I have been sort of inspired by white lately. We both wore white dresses last week, and did you get a chance to see her interior inspiration article? Lots of white everywhere! White just feels so fresh and clean, as well as being a sort of blank canvas to start on.

Elsie's wearing: dress c/o Dahlia, boots c/o Minnetonka and sunnies UO.Emma chapmanEmma of a beautiful messAlphabet bagsEmma's minnetonkasEmma marie chapmanI have been really in the mood to decorate my house too. Maybe I'm just being a copy cat but I can't help it. My sister's excitement is infectious, as always. You may have seen a few peeks of my bedroom from this article but my next project is to tackle the living room and kitchen. Elsie and I have totally different styles and vibes that we like for clothes and decor but we still end up loving so many of the same things. Funny how that works. Do you have any big projects on your plate this month? xo. Emma and Elsie

Emma's wearing: dress c/o Blood is the new Black, tote c/o Alphabet Bags, booties c/o Minnetonka and sunnies/ModCloth.