Photo-A-Day Handkerchief Journal

Photo-A-Day book DIYI always stumble upon beautiful handkerchiefs at antique malls, but with no practical use for them I usually pass them by. But today I will be sharing how to turn those pretty hankies into a photo-a-day journal. This is a great project to commemorate the last of your summer days! You could an instant camera or print off Instagram photos!

Supplies NeededYou'll Need: Vintage handkerchief, sewing machine, book pages or other paper, embroidery thread, letter stickers, Instant photos or other printed photographs. 

Photo Book Steps1. Begin by folding the hanky in half, with the open half facing toward you. Cut book pages, or other paper, to size by measuring the right-half of the hanky. Place the paper on the right half of the hanky and fold over the left half to make a book. 2. Feed the hanky's "binded" edge threw a sewing machine over the hanky and paper inside. You could also hand-stitch this if you don't have a sewing machine. 3. Choose some letter stickers to make a title on the front of the hanky journal. 4. With embroidery thread, hand stitch over the sticker letters to keep the letters secure. I also glued and stitched over an Instax photo and a handmade "inverted" Instax border that I made from a vintage magazine.

Photo-A-Day inside pages Now fill up your pages with a photo-a-day project. You could use an instant camera + film like I did (I use the Fuji Instax 210) OR you could print off Instagram photos or regular photos you take. 

Photo-A-Day book DIY I decided to keep my book simple and date each photo with a White Dymo pen underneath each photo. Happy Labor Day! Kara