Cyber Monday E-Course Sale!

Cyber Monday E-Course Sale on A Beautiful MessHi everyone! We are running a special Cyber Monday sale on all our e-courses from today through November 28th. You will receive 25% off any e-course purchase when you use the code: ABMSALE during checkout. Maybe you've been considering checking out our latest Blog (Design) Love course, or you've been wanting to get into art journaling with your friends. Now is a great time to try out one of our courses while they are 25% off! Check out all our e-courses here.  xo. Emma + Elsie

  • Oh no πŸ™

    I bought the Blog Design love E-course this saturday…

    if I’d only known…

    Any chance for a belated discount?

    That would make my day πŸ™‚

    By the way, the course is exactly what I’ve been looking for so far…thx for sharing all your knowledge and experience with us.

    Love, Romy

  • Romy- Yes! Anyone who purchased an e-course within the last 7 days can receive the discount. Just email us at: support AT redvelvetart DOT com and we will take of you.

  • Girls! you should do a photography editing e-course. I will love do that with you. Saludos from Caracas, Venezuela <3

  • Thank you so much for the discount! I can’t wait to finally be able to work on my blog using your Design Love e-course!

  • Amazing! Was going to buy the Style Your Space course soon anyway πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • Does 11 days count? :/ I bought two of your e-courses on Thurs 15 and am disappointed at how much I could have saved!

  • Hi, thanks for such great opportunity!
    I’ve got a little question here though.
    There used to be a photo journal e-course in your shop.
    Is it still available? I can’t find it on redvelvet.

  • I would love to give my sister an art journal e-course for Christmas. Is there any way to “gift” e-courses?

  • OMG, thank you for the retroactive discount! I just bought Blog Love on the 20th – so looking forward to starting!

  • sierra nunley-gross, Yes! You can purchase multiple course and receive the discount toward your total. πŸ™‚

  • Yay! I had been debating about the Blog (design) love course for the last few weeks ….and just purchased it! Thanks! I can’t wait to get started.

  • This could not be more perfect! I just bought the Dream Job course and I’m so excited to start. My girlfriends and I are hoping to start a shop here in Iowa and I really REALLY admire Red Velvet and will definitely use it for inspiration (even though I’ve never been to Red Velvet!). We have family in southern Missouri and were there over Thanksgiving. I wanted to come see the shop so badly, but just couldn’t find time to go. My fiancee promised I could come next time we visit πŸ™‚ I’m gonna hold him to it.

  • Juhuuu,I`m really interested in the Blog(Design) Love E-Course and the Blog Love E-Course…
    But I have some questions concerning the courses…Is it possible to contact you on another way than spamming your blog with my questions??
    my contact email would be [email protected]


  • abirdsdailylifetale- Yes. You can email us at: support AT redvelvetart DOT com and we’ll get back to you. πŸ™‚

  • My sister’s been wanting the Blog Love course – Is there any way to purchase one as a gift?

  • just sent you an email about getting a belated discount for buying blog design love on saturday! that’s so incredibly nice of you to offer that! I’m loving my new blog look already (
    I did blog love a couple of weeks ago (and LOVED it! you have turned my blog around), and I just bought the dream job course today… I am definitely studying under the beautiful mess school of the internets at the moment!

  • This art journal e-course is just the perfect gift to myself!! πŸ™‚ Would i have a permanent access to the lessons after I purchase it? I was planning to start this 52-week project come January, and make it a 2013 thing! I was just afraid that if i do, i would get cut-off at around Nov 2013 next year, and won’t be able to finish it..

  • I just finished your Blog (Design) E-course and loved it! Will definitely be buying another e-course soon! Check out results from your e-course:

  • Awesome! I wanted to take one of your ecourses before, but now i have just purchased one! Yay! just in time i think for the discount code πŸ™‚

  • I was just wondering what the difference between the “art journal all year” and “life is beautiful” course is? It may be may lack of english-skills that makes it hard to understand…

  • I just got your blog love recourse. I guess I just squeeked in there this morning because the code still worked. I can’t wait.

  • Hi Elsie, I just tried and it said the code wasn’t valid. I’m in the UK – could that affect it? Was going to do the Design course in the new year but decided to treat myself to it now seeing as there is a discount! cx

  • Ignore that last comment – it didn’t like when I cut and pasted the code but was fine when I put it in manually! Yay!

  • Oh Lou, havin the exact same problem with another online purchase πŸ™
    If you wanna share thoughts, feel free to mail me! sjnads AT googlemail DOT com

  • I got carried away and got Blog Love and Blog Design Love – which is it best to do first??

  • I’m trying to purchase a couple of your e-courses and I apply the discount code successfully which updates the price, but as soon as I go to Paypal it goes back to the original price? Anyone else have this trouble?

  • Dear Emma and Elsie,
    I just purchased the “Life is Beautiful” E-course! I just opened the e-course, and immediately fell in love with it. Thank you very much!!

  • Hi, I lost track of time with upcoming finals and forgot to purchase my e-course yesterday! Any chance the discount code can still be honored? (pretty please).

    Id love to purchase the Blog ecourse by Elsie +Elise


  • Bummer!! I bookmarked this page because I could have sworn I read the sale lasted all week. I had to wait until pay day today before purchasing, you see. My error became all too apparent when the coupon code didn’t work in checkout! Oh well, maybe you will do another sale soon πŸ™‚

  • Doh! I was late getting through my feed reader and just saw this post. Any chance I could still get the discount on the blog design love, style your space and dream job courses, all of which I’ve been hoping to buy soon? πŸ™‚


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