Tips for Autumn Floral Arrangements

Tips for Autumn Flower ArrangementsWith Thanksgiving coming up I thought it would be fun to share a few tips for making quick and easy arrangements at home. Creating your own arrangements is really fun and can save a lot of money. I love to have a flower-making night before I host anything at my house. It's so fun to crack open a bottle of wine and make a whole bunch of bouquets for different rooms in our home. Basic Floral Design SuppliesBasic Floral Design SuppliesWhen I'm gathering supplies to make small arrangements for my home I like to make several in one sitting. You will need scissors, fresh flowers, greens and filler flowers and fun stuff for garnishes (I used dried wheat and feathers). A variety of glassware for flower arrangementsWhen choosing containers it's important to remeber you don't need anything fancy. I like to use glassware that I already have around the house. Here are some examples of quick pieces that I pulled from my kitchen before I started arranging! How to create a basic flower arrangementHow to create a basic flower arrangement. 1. Create a base of green. This will make it easier to space our your larger blooms. Think of this as a blank canvas! 2. Add flowers. The greens will help you space them out evenly. I like to add them around the entire exterior of the arrangement and also have a few coming up from the top. 3. Garnish with details. This is the part where you get to add cute stuff. Choose details that for your occasion! Add wheat to Autumn floral arrangementsOne of my favorite details is wheat for Autumn arrangements. It is great for adding height to your bouquet as well! Add feathers for Autumn floral designsRoses + FeathersI also love adding feathers to my Autumn arrangements. They are so pretty and add a nice pop of black and white! Amazing Orange SunflowersAmazing Orange SunflowersWith larger flowers I keep my arrangements much more simple, usually just a glass milk jar or mason jar, water and flowers! Autumn Flower ArrangementsAutumn Flower ArrangementsI hope you have fun creating your own festive floral designs! xo. Elsie 

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