20 (more) DIY Gift Ideas

Hi friends! Here are 20 (more) DIY gift ideas for the Holiday season…

Handmade Bauble Necklace1. Bauble Necklace

20 DIY GIFT IDEAS2. Industrial Record Cabinet 

Comfy Sweatshirt3. Comfy ReStyled Sweatshirt

KItchenette4. Play Kitchenette

Instagram Calendar5. Instagram Calendar

Horse Pillow6. Horse Throw Pillow Kit

Floral Embroidered Top7. Floral Embroidered Top 

Painted Leather Bracelets8. Painted Leather Bracelets

Home Journal9. House Stamp Journal

ReStyled Backpack10. ReStyled Backpack

DIY Tennis Shoes11. DIY Sneakers

Honeycomb Shelves12. Honeycomb Shelves

Instagram Journal13. Instagram Journal

IPhone Case14. iPhone Case

His + Her Pillow Case Set15. His + Hers Pillow Case Set

Instagram Scrapbook16. Instagram Scrapbook

Fox Plush Doll17. Fox Plush Doll

Glitter Jar18. Glitter Jars

DIY MittensDIY Mittens19. Mittens from a sweater

DIY Stick Horse20. DIY Stick Horses 

If you missed part one of our DIY gift idea guide, click here. xoxo. elsie 

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