20 (QUICK) DIY Ideas

Just in case some of you are needing a few quick last minute gift ideas. Here's the fun part… all of these ideas can be completed in an hour or less! Painted Holga Camera1. Painted Holga Camera

Veggie Stamped Scarf2. Veggie Stamped Scarf

Heart Stamp Journal3. Heart Stamp Journal

DIY Suspenders4. Suspenders (or "Braces", depending on which side of the pond you live on…)

Heart Elbow Patches5. Heart Elbow Patches

Lace Headband6. Lace Headbands 

DIY Belly Band7. Belly Band

Silk Floral Brooches8. Silk Floral Brooches

Floral Headband9. Floral Headband

DIY Lace Scarf10. Lace Scarf

Instagram Photos in Jars11. Instagram Photos in Jars

DIY Coffee Syrup12. DIY Coffee Syrup

Lace Flower Pots13. Lace Flower Pots

Flower Vase14. Metal Flower Vase

Instagram Canvas15. Instagram Canvas Wall Art

Antler Necklace Display16. Antler Necklace Display

Thread Spool Wine Corks17. Thread Spool Wine Corks

One Evening Scrapbook18. Elsie's One Evening Scrapbook (this one takes a little longer than an hour, but finishing a whole scrapbook in one evening is still pretty crazy fast, right?) 

Sewing a Sweater Hat19. Sew a hat from a sweater

DIY Door Mat20. Holiday Door Mat 

There you have it! 20 super quick DIY ideas. If you've shared a DIY on your blog this year that would make a good gift leave a link in the comments for other readers to see! I hope you all are enjoying your December! xoxo. Elsie 

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