2012 in 12 Photos.

Each year I pick 12 photos to reminisce a little about the previous year. 2012 was good to us. It was the year that Emma officially became a co-author here at ABM with me. It was the year that we got our first book deal together. We hired new people this year, wrote hundreds of articles for this blog, and most of all some new dreams were born. It was a wonderful, memorable year. Blah, blah, blah… without further ado, here are my 12 photos and a few high points: January 2012JANUARY: We were chosen as HGTV blogger of the month in January! That was quite an honor. January was also the month I finished sharing our very first home tour. I'm so glad we have these photos since we've now moved to a new home. You can scroll through my first home tour here

FebruaryFEBRUARY: I can pretty much sum up February with lots of tears and pep-talks as our BFF moved to Colorado. It was super sad, but throwing this party was lots of fun! 

Sister TimeMARCH: I remember March as being a very busy month. We moved into a new studio where we wrote our first book together. We had a lot of meetings and made some big decisions. I spent most of my time with Emma, which was good. I guess in a way it was just a foreshadowing of things to come. πŸ™‚

PhotoboothAPRIL: This was the month when I traveled with my husbands band, Sucre, (to all these places- LACaliforniaArizonaAustin (+ instagrams), Texas + Nashville) it was the best and worst month of my year. Best because it was amazing to have so much quality time with my husband and see him living his dream. Worst because it was hard on Emma and eventually a little hard on our book deadline too. (but we made itttt!) Lesson learned, I love traveling in small doses

Emma ChapmanMAY: In May we worked 24/7 on our book until it was completed. (Ha! except for a little break we took to go to Hawaii for our 1 year anniversary) It was a month full of long days, ordering pizza, long nights and time to plan our next steps, dreams and goals. We celebrated big time when it was turned in. We also started a new feature that month called "Today Is". Which is a mostly photography based just-for-fun feature. I need to start doing these again! Here are some of the links… (FRESH)(PEACEFUL)(FULL)(COLORFUL)(FOCUSED)(CRUNCH TIME),(COZY)(SWEET).

SFJUNE: In June Emma and I traveled to SF on a fun business trip. It was definitely our best SF experience yet. Traveling with Emma is always my favorite!

Honey Themed Baby ShowerJULY: In July I threw my sister-in-law a honey themed baby shower. Definitely the highlight of that month! I was so giddy for her. #babyfever

Stacy KingAUGUST: Speaking of baby fever, in August I photographed my friend, Stacy, for a maternity DIY series

ABM for ModClothSEPTEMBER: In September our ABM for ModCloth collection launched. My favorite part of the entire process was probably shooting this video. Is it just me or is September always the busiest month ever? 

Red Velvet Local ShopOCTOBER: Our local shop turned two. We had a wonderful month and really soaked up the Autumn season. It was pumpkin this, pumpkin that etc., etc., etc. :) 

FriendsgivingNOVEMBER: My favorite memory from Novemeber was our Friendsgiving party. I wish we could do these all the time. Maybe that's why one of our goals for the new year is to host more parties? 

DecemberDECEMBER: Definitely the best memory! I couldn't dream up a more perfect way to start the new year than my little sister planning a weddddddinggggggggg! wooo! 

Thanks for reading the blog this year! We love writing it and we are so excited for the new year. It's going to be a special one. xoxo. Elsie

PS. Have fun and be safe tonight!