Elsie’s Top 10 of 2012

This past year was amazing. Emma and I celebrated so many large and small steps in our business, of which this blog is a giant part of! I can honestly say that I love blogging more than ever. Each year it becomes more challenging and fun in a new way. Here are ten of my favorite blog posts from 2012. (this was not easy!)Family Photo Bookshelf Project1. Family Photo Bookself Project This project is special to me because it's the first really large DIY that I did in our new home. I still smile each time I walk by it.

6 fresh juice recipes2. My favorite food adventure this year was learning about fresh juice. I love diving into new hobbies and juicing is a keeper! I blogged about it here

DIY Braided Rug3. I'm still loving this braided rug project. Our finished rug is in my kitchen right now! It was time consuming, but simple, and the result is very durable. 

DIY Table4. My favorite "big project" this year would probably have to be our DIY Dining Room Table. I also really enjoyed working on our restyled cocktail cart. It wasn't as technically challenging, but collecting the liquor was a big project all it's own!

DIY Stencil Wall5. One of my surprise favorites was this DIY Stencil Wall. Before we moved I convinced myself that I wanted all white walls in our home. After doing this little wall I realized that may not be true! I am still loving neutral palettes, but I am really excited to experiment with more textured and statement walls now! 

Quilt6. This quilt. I did the printing, Mallory did the sewing. We had so many good conversations while working on it. It's one of my favorite things in our bedroom now. (part one/part two)

Making Fonts7. Making Fonts with my handwriting (with the iPad). This was so much fun to learn and something I would like to do more of in the future! 

Elle's8. My favorite local obsession of the year was Elle's. We've been discovering some amazing spots lately, I can't wait to share more of these with you (hello pizza balls from JOB and cocktails from Scotch & Soda)!

Dress designed by Elsie Larson9. This dress was my favorite design of the year. Although, designing ABM for ModCloth was super special and exciting too! 

NY with Mom10. On a personal note, my favorite memory this year was traveling to New York with our mom. That was a trip we will never forget!

Honorable mentions: The Perks Of An Insta-Obsession5 Tips For Lifestyle Photography, Travel Snapshots in California, Hawaii In Snapshots, On Failure, Success and Moving Forward. Plus… my favorite Sister Style, my favorite couple photos, always my favorite city, my favorite DIY series of the year. Oh yes, AND THIS!

Alrighty! Emma's list is coming soon. What were your favorite posts from 2012? Also, what do you hope to see more of in 2013? xoxo. elsie