Emma’s December Wishlist

Emmas december wishlistDecember is here, and I am loving it. One thing I am in the mood for this month: staying home! I think it's a combination of the fact that it's cold outside, and there's a Christmas tree in my living room. I mean, it's cold outside. So I'd rather not go outside. It's warm in my house. I think I'll stay there. PLUS my little Christmas tree looks so cute at night when the lights are on. I love it! And I only get it for one month out of the year, so enjoy it while it lasts. I just want to stay home, read a book, wear a cozy sweater and matching socks (!!!!!!), and cook something delicious. I've been wanting to get the pasta maker attachments for my mixer and give homemade pasta a whirl. I'd love to get an e-reader. Fun fact: I still check out books from the library. And extra candles around the house are an absolute must, especially if they smell like bonfires or baked goods. xo. Emma

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