At Home With Abi Porter

At Home With Abi Porter via A Beautiful MessWe've really been enjoying this "At Home With…" series. Our next guest is Abi Porter. She is here to share a space in her lovely new home with us! Simple and sweet room"Just two months ago we moved from a tiny apartment to a larger 1912 craftsman home in northeast Portland. Trying to fill in the extra space has been a little challenging on a limited budget, but we're adding to it little by little and making it work! One of my favorite parts about the house is a little living room we have connected to our bedroom. It's awkwardly shaped but the perfect place to cozy up to read a book and drink tea. We're still working on some renovations (I can't wait to paint that trim white!), so the walls are still bare. But let's be honest. I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to wall decor, so they may be bare for quite some time." Love this- At Home With Abi Porter via A Beautiful MessAt Home With Abi Porter via A Beautiful Mess"My husband and I have very different styles. I'm a minimalist, and he would prefer to have the wall covered in movie posters. Oh my! The painted black skull was our compromise in this room. It's minimal enough for me and quirky enough for him." Love this table topAbi PorterSweet little nook"We've lived here just over two months, so it still feels brand new. And we're figuring what works and what doesn't. I'm a compulsive room re-arranger, so it's already been changed about ten different times. I'm really looking forward to adding some more comfy vintage pieces as budget allows. We're also working on painting all the trim white and giving all the walls a fresh coat too, it's amazing how much trim can change the look of a space."  Simple beautyThanks so much, Abi, for sharing your space with us!  You can stop by and say "hello" to Abi over on her blog, Vanilla and Lace. xo.

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