Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk- Kilim Pillows from Etsy Hey guys. Let's talk about pillows! 

I'm done purchasing major furniture for our new space (for now… heh) and so I've moved onto collecting accessories and accent pieces. I'm not gonna lie… I think I actually agonize more over the small stuff than the major pieces. Before you say, "Hey. Chill out. They're just pillows." Hear me out. Shopping for room accessories can feel so impersonal! I don't want to buy a pillow that's just OK to fill space or purchase art that works with the room but has no meaning to my family. Do you know what I'm saying? Couches don't have to be meaningful… but pillowsβ€”they're way cooler when they say a little something about your style. Maybe I just enjoy the obsession? If you like to obsess over details as much as I do, this is for you!

First up, Turkish Kilim Pillows via S of Art (1/2/3/4). I personally love these pillows, because they remind me of my grandmother. Her home is full of ethnic prints from all over the world. I love this print in a rug, but my husband requested that I stop buying patterned rugs (I'm obsessed). So this was the next best way to bring these beautiful patterns into our space! Plus, I can envision them in multiple rooms, so I knew they were a smart purchase. 

Pillow Talk- Society6Quirky illustrated pillows via Society 6 (1/2/3/4). I love the fun that these prints can bring to a serious space! Quirky prints are my favorite when mixed with structured furniture or industrial pieces. What I love most about these prints is that they can speak about your personality, infusing your space with something unexpected. Secret sauce, if you will. πŸ™‚

Pillow Talk- Skinny LaminxI'm a fan of bold prints that look amazing from a distance. Prints like these add impact and not clutter to a space. I just ordered a few of these for Emma's new chartreuse sofa (OK, OK… I ordered one for myself too!) The Etsy shop Skinny Laminx is where I found these beautiful, bold prints. These would be great to mix with solid color pillows or more delicate prints, like the illustrated pieces above. (1/2/3/4)

Pillow Talk- Urban OutfittersEasy going pillows from Urban Outfitters. I have several of these pillows in our home. The thing I love most about Urban Outfitters home decor is the colors. They have REALLY good colors available. It's a good spot to shop for basic colorful cushions and inexpensive trendy prints. Ikea is a good place to hunt for similar pieces. (1/2/3/4)

Pillow Talk- Proud MaryLast, but not least, I love the handmade pillow selection at Proud Mary. (1/2/3/4) The prints are simple, but special. I love the neon cording and the tassels. Sometimes it's the little details that make a pillow special! 

Well, those are my current favorites! Some I've already purchased for our space and some are on my wishlist. What about you. Do you have any amazing pillow shopping sources? Please share! I'm sure I can fit one more (or two, or three) into my decor plans. πŸ™‚ xo. Elsie 

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