Sister Style: Peanut Butter Coffee

Sister Style at a coffee shopSister Style at a coffee shopEmma (A Beautiful Mess)Sister Style at a coffee shopDo you guys have nostalgic foods? We sure do. Peanut butter coffee drinks remind us of the olden days because it's something we would have ordered in high school. There's a certain pizza place that reminds us of when we used to photograph weddings together (forever ago!). There's a pizza place in our grandparent's town that is literally a slice of our childhood (I guess we really like pizza, huh?). And pretzels at the mall remind us of our mom. What about you? What are your favorite memory foods? 

Oh yea, and the outfits…Sister Style Handmade leather purseHandmade leather purseElsie's Wearing: Dress/Thief & Bandit, Top c/o ModCloth, Bag/Gift Shop Brooklyn, Shoes c/o Seychelles. Cute lace top!Cute lace top!Emma's Wearing: dress/ASOS, knit blouse c/o ChicWish, belt/Target, shoes c/o ShoeMint

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo. Elsie + Emma