Bring The Outdoors In

Dried Flower Garland… so fun to make!  We're quickly becoming big-time plant enthusiasts around here! We're constantly obsessing about new ways to add fresh flowers and plants to our space. Bring the Outdoors In is a brand new book full of beautiful solutions for doing just that. We partnered with Chronicle Books on this post, who sent us a copy to check out, and we instantly bookmarked, like, five projects we wanted to try. Here are a few photos of the book…Bring The Outdoors In 1Bring The Outdoors In 1Bring The Outdoors In 1Bring The Outdoors In 1These are a few of our favorite projects in the book. That crystal planter… swoon. And the cement planter would be perfect for our back porch. So good, right? The dried flower garland is the first project we chose to make. Here's how to make it:Dried Flower Garland… so fun to make!Supplies: scissors, white polyester thread, hand sewing needle, dried flowers. Step 1. Cut the thread to the desired length of the garland. I made mine about 2 1/2 yards. Step 2. With a needle and thread, start stringing the flowers onto the thread. For longer lengths, the book recommends threading the flowers to the middle from one end and then rethreading needle on the other side of the thread and repeating the process. This keeps you from having to drag and deteriorate the flower all the way across 2 1/2 yards. Step 3. Just tie knots on either end, and you're ready to hang!Dried Flower Garland… so fun to make!I ended up using it to decorate the poster at the top of our stairway landing. I love the little touch that it adds! 

Let us know which project is your favorite when you check out Bring the Outdoors In. 🙂 There's just something about springtime that makes us want to fill our whole space with plants and flowers. Are you feelin' it? xo. Elsie