iPad Mini Giveaway to Celebrate Our App! (CLOSED)

ABM_iPadGiveawayHoly moly, you guys! This week has been crazy!! Our app was number 1 in paid apps in the U.S. for 4 straight days last week. The #ABeautifulMess hashtag already has over 75,000 photos and counting on Instagram. And it's all because of you! You made our app more successful than we could've ever dreamed. So we just wanted to say thank you, plain and simple.PhotoSo for all your love and support for the A Beautiful Mess App, we want to thank you by giving away an iPad Mini to one lucky reader. To enter, just leave us a comment telling us your favorite moments to photograph. Giveaway will be open until May 30, and the winner will be contacted shortly after. Good luck! xoxo. Elsie + Emma

P.S. Stay tuned! We've got some exciting updates and announcements about the app that we'll be posting tomorrow.

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Congrats, Jay! To claim your prize, please e-mail trey AT redvelvetart DOT com.

A Beautiful Mess Giveaway Rules

  • I love to capture family lunches! those are my absolute favourite ones. food and people I love. what else? πŸ™‚ xx

  • I love to photograph spots around the city I live in (Baltimore), the kids in my life, NYC, and the Orioles (aka- my hobbies)!

  • I love to catch random moments of my family and friends! You never know when you’ll want to look back, candid photos are so much fun πŸ™‚

  • My favorite moments to photograph are…..well, there’s too many to choose. My husband is incredibly handsome, our cat is hilarious and adorable, and we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Loving the ABM app, thanks again for developing it!

  • Congratulations! I love photographing my kids playing outside in the snow or in the leaves in the fall.

  • I love capturing the fun things I do right after I leave work… happy hour, girl talk, thrifting… for some reason that is the time of day (like getting out of school when I was younger) that seems so carefree!

  • I enjoy capturing things that I know I won’t remember in the future. Whether it’s the way my cat’s tail is catching the sunlight or the fact that a certain coworker brought in half cooked cupcakes πŸ˜€

  • My favourite moments to photograph are all the good times I spend with my friends πŸ™‚

  • I’m loving you app, and I feel a little sense of pride (towards you two) when I see my friends using it, who aren’t aware of your blog. And then I send them the link, and now they’re hooked too! Congrats <3

    I love to photograph the cocktails I drink in different bars, restaurants or at home! Each one makes me think "I had that when..." or "I chose that because..." Little things that make me think of bigger things.

    Congratulations again x

  • I love photographing my trips, specially to the beach! I also love to capture moments when I feel truly happy <3

  • My favorite moments to photograph are candid moments of joy.

    One great prime example: one of my best friend’s has an intense love for dolphins that she’d never shared with me!! We recently did an adult-doing-kid-things trip to the zoo, and she FREAKED over the dolphin show. I got some really awesome candid shots of her smiling and laughing as she watched them. Pure joy in a photo? I’ll take it. πŸ™‚

    (P.S. LOVE the app!)

  • My kids are my favorite things to photograph, 4yrs and 2 months- they do all sorts of cute things I love capturing! Your app is so much fun!

  • my husband is leaving for afghanistan in a few months. so my favourite moments to photograph are every day things of him and the kids. so that we can look back and have great memories when we are feeling sad. πŸ™‚

  • I love to capture happy moments – people laughing and smiling (not a posed smile).

  • By far my favorite moments to capture are the ones that happen so fast you need a photo to remember it! I love posed photography a lot, but I enjoy capturing candid moments because those are the photos I enjoy looking back at- even if the image seems messy in the moment!


  • I love taking pics of my pets, mostly of my cat Prilla. She does the funniest and cutest things!

    Thanks for the givaway!!!


  • I really love to photograph the changes happening in my garden and at farmers market as the seasons change.

  • I photograph anything…literally! My husband and teen teases me that I’m always armed with my dSLR and iPhone…he he!

    But the moments I love to photograph are our cats: calico Kiwi and Yumyum tabby. We even display their photos on the restaurant table if we’re out eating as a family and we start to miss them. I know it sounds crazy, but these precious pets really bring a smile to all our faces.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • i love to capture my cats– they’re always doing something cute!

  • I love to capture the beauties of nature! We live in a beautiful world!

  • Pretty much everything. My family, my pets and (of course) things that inspire me πŸ™‚ Congrats on the app, you guys!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the everyday expressions that are often missed, but make people the emotional characters that they are: the winks, the laugh lines, the disgust, the grace, the tears, the eyebrow raises, the scrunched noses, the awe, the anger, the empathy, the “I am present to you” expression, etc.

    These daily beautiful moments.

  • Moments with my husband and extended families are my favorite to capture.

  • I love to take photos of everyday details, moment that you would otherwise forget. And my puppy, I can’t get enough photos of that cuteness πŸ™‚

  • Photographing the everyday stuff is what’s most important to me. Love the app. Been playing with it a bunch!

  • My favourite moments to photograph are when my little girl does something new πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this giveaway

    Cathy x

  • I love to photograph moments spent in my garden. This is an incredible giveaway! Congrats on the popularity of your app! You all are great at what you do!

  • I love photographing flowers. There’s a park near my home that has various types of flowering trees and plants. It’s paradise. πŸ™‚

  • Judging by my iPhone photo library, my favorite moments to photograph involve my cats being cat-like.

  • My favorite photos are those captured on my iPhone–the unexpected beauty (a sunset, a vista, budding trees) you come across wandering in a city.

  • I love to photograph my friends in the in-between moments of life,

  • My favorite moments to photograph is precious moments between my special someone and me. <3

  • I love to photograph my bff’s dog, Moe, when he’s lounging and playing. I get the best shots of him if I’m patient enough! πŸ™‚

  • I love to photograph my kids–formal events, playing, being silly–all are great moments to capture.

  • I love to take pictures of the many sites and scenes that play out in my neighborhood in New York City…from the old man riding down Park Avenue on a segway to the beautiful display of fresh kale at my corner market. There’s always something to capture!

  • My favourite thing to photograph is food! Whether it’s my own baking, a bagel from a cafe or a really tasty meal from a restaurant, I love to capture what I’m about to consume!

  • I love photographing my new niece, Adalyn! Thanks for the app! It is so much fun to play with and use!

  • my family is my fave to photograph.. I have 6 nieces and a nephew so there’s never a shortage of moments to capture!

  • I love to capture the tiny details that really capture my kids’ childhood πŸ™‚

  • I love to capture moments when friends and families are gathered. There are so many candid pictures where everyone looks happy.

  • moments that seem to be mundane , because when you look back on them there’s a magic you did not see at first!

  • Spontaneously capturing my friends, family, or street life is my favorite!

  • I like to photograph everything that makes me happy; my daughters, my man, my home, food & drink – memories as they are being made x

  • I have SO many favourite moments to photograph! I love capturing emotion in portraits, and I love to photograph a finished project – gives a feeling of completion and satisfaction!
    I’m absolutely in love with the app girls. You did good πŸ™‚


  • Lately one of my favorite moments to photograph is my son’s bath time. He is so happy splashing around in the water.

  • Pics of my puppy..I don’t want to lose a moment and he grows up!

  • I love taking photographs of random things that are around me… This shots of my everyday life has usually the best atmosphere.. πŸ™‚

  • I’m taking a photography course and it is helping me to see the everyday beauty around me. I took 100 photos the day before yesterday, mostly of flowers and people’s gardens, but some of a lovely lunch with a really wonderful Mama friend!

  • my favorite moments to photograph are reunions and celebrations – the picture of me running into my father’s arms after graduation high school is still one of my favorites 7 years later!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are those spent with my love! Those moments just hanging out at coffee shops together, visiting local parks and traveling…

  • Yay, love the app! Favorite moments to photograph are the spontaneous quiet ones that rarely happen, like when I find myself alone in a park or at home with tea.

  • I love taking pictures around my farm… mainly involving the animals (especially our dogs). And, right now, there are lambs everywhere!

  • My family and friends are my favorite subjects. Especially my little cousins πŸ™‚

  • I love to photograph moments with my boyfriend and dog. Capturing both of them at the same time is always best. πŸ™‚

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the ones where I can capture something beautiful. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something simply beautiful. πŸ™‚

  • I always love capturing the candid family and friends moments when everyone is laughing and enjoying life. The kind of photos that make you smile again years after they were taken.

  • I love to photograph being out with my love, his happy face and big red beard! Getting a snap of his candid smile is a treat. I also love to snap pics of my kitty sleeping in the sun!

  • I love the app. Most of the time I make pictures of my favorite band at their concerts. And also pics with my friends when we can finally hang out. (We don’t live close to each other)

  • I know youre probably SICK of hearing this but I hope the exciting development is that an android version is in the works! Congrats on the success you guys, you’re AWESOME. The app has TOTALLY taken over my instagram feed!

    And as I’m commenting I may as well enter the giveaway πŸ˜› My favourite things to photograph are silly moments with my BFFS… oh and my cats!

  • The moments I enjoy photographing the most are the ones I spend with the people I love, and I can’t forget my little dog. I love taking his picture!

  • I love to photograph my two small people and family moments here on our beautiful island – The Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides of Sctoland. And my husbands AMAZING cooking.

  • I LOOOOVE to take pictures of my beautiful doggie! He’s a border collie / lab mix and he’s the absolute light of my life πŸ™‚

  • I love to photograph my husband and baby when they’re not looking, it’s these little snapshots into our family life that make my heart soar.

  • I love to capture small beauty in what appears a mundane scene. It’s all in the details! And the #beautifulmess app has made it all the better! Thanks ladies! <3

  • My favorite moments to photograph are unexpected moments when nobody knows I have a camera and all my friends are acting natural and that way the moment is more truthful and realistic when I look back at the photo.

  • My little Chihuahua, Valentino, is my favorite subject (although getting him to pose property can be challenging!). The best part is that no matter how silly the photos are, he still manages to look adorable!

  • I adore taking pictures of the little things in life that no one else has paid attention to that day!!

  • My favourite moments to photograph are the times that the sun is shining! Photography for me is all about great lighting.

  • My favorite moments are the candid ones of my friends all together chatting and enjoying food and drinks together outside- those always seem to be the ones I look back at a year later and think how great I have it and how sweet it is to have such wonderful friends!

  • My new baby laughing. She gets so excited over the little things and it wont be long before that doesn’t happen anymore. I want to remember them.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the ones that will make me smile later. It is never the posed portraits that we love later in life (unless to giggle at clothing choices), it is the ones where people are being their true selves, like all dressed up in too big clothing or with dirty feet from playing outside. Those are the ones I love to capture most.

  • I like to photograph roadtrips and family events to capture my loved ones. I will always have memories about our time together, but photos are to bring them to my mind more often!

  • hiking and nature photos are my favorite! My family and I go on camping and hiking trips a lot and I have a love for the outdoors.

  • I love photographing candid moments from trips. Each time I look back on them, I’m instantly transported back to wherever I was in that moment. Also, as a side note, I’m completely obsessed with your app! It’s amazing!

  • I love capturing photos of the beautiful Michigan that I live in! I absolutely love the Beautiful Mess app! I bought it right away!

  • i like to photograph me and my friends since we’re in college and i want to remember these times for years to come πŸ™‚

  • My husband is in the military and we move almost every year. My favorite things to photograph are our travels!

  • I love to take pictures with my brother and sister. It’s funny how much closer you become with your siblings as you grow older! The app is great!

  • I love the capture the moments I have left with my boyfriend before he moves back to New Zealand! Memories are so precious and pictures are the best thing.

  • I love to capture the in betweens of moments. The emotion before the emotion. Those photographs are the ones I treasure.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the ones right before and right after a kiss…

    Amber M. Phillips

  • I love to capture the fleeting moments of my newest baby. My oldest is already 3 and we have marveled at how fast he’s grown, and now our youngest will be 5 months at the end of this giveaway. I’ve been dying to get your app, but, alas, I don’t have an iPhone (yet). Winning a mini iPad would be even better!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the candid ones that happen every day and seem so ordinary…but hey, that’s showing real life, isn’t it? And I think there’s something beautiful to be found in the ordinary.

  • I love photographing the paintings and projects that I create – it’s a great way to preserve memories and my creative thought process! The A Beautiful Mess app lets me fun and unqiue elements that further adds to the creative vibe.

  • I absolutely love to photograph my morning times with Jesus…a combo of His beautiful word with a beautiful sunrise over the mountains and city…love!

  • I like to photograph tiny and possibly not that significant moments and things, because I believe that the poetry of life is in such things: hot cake baking in the oven, my cat yawning, the sun light comming through the window curtains…

  • My favorite thing to photograph is definitely my little sister, she’s just so precious and adorable! πŸ˜€

  • Favorite things to photo…that’s a tough one…I like the everyday silly moments of loved ones AND I love travel photos…if I could only photograph one thing for the rest of my life, it would be family though.

  • I love photographing my children doing everyday things. They’re hilarious. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • i love getting my kids when they are playing and they don’t even notice πŸ™‚

  • I love everything wonderful so I enjoy taking pictures of just about everything! But if I had to narrow it down to just one thing I would have to say pictures of my Fur baby Yoshimi (cat) is my most favourite of all! I’m a crazy cat lady and proud of it!

  • I love capturing random moments in the city! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love capturing details…the beautifully mundane stuff that sometimes is too easy to skip over.

    Thanks for the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  • my coined picture is an expansive landscape with me or my boyfriend back to the camera and centred. shows how tiny we really are!

  • My favourite moments to photograph are those spent with my partner. He’ll be moving away soon, for 11 months, and I know I’ll need those photos to keep me going when the distance gets to be too much.

  • I could take photos of my cats all day long and would not get bored!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are those that just happen; not staged, not planned, but simply real life. Not all smiles. I even love capturing the frowns and especially the silly moments and faces of my children. The tender moment; the messy moments; simply life happening; life in motion. πŸ™‚

  • My favorite moments to capture were the precious moments where you could see the true love between my grandparents. I say we’re because my grandfather passed away in November, and now our family is so thankful for the photos I took of them together in the few years before he died. I plan on capturing all those same moments between my parents, too, now that I realize how cherished the photos will become.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are when my kittens are playing together. It is so cute and hilarious!

  • I love to photograph random everyday moments as a visual diary of my life.
    Loving the app ladies!

  • My favorite thing to photograph is my kids just being themselves. I love taking candid photos when they are unaware.

  • My favorite things to photograph have been my nieces and nephews first birthdays and next month I will be photographing my own daughter’s first birthday! I can’t wait!

  • I mostly take pictures these days of my kids discovering something new or being sweet with each other.


  • My favorite things to photograph are the things i love. Whether that’s family, friends, pets or my home.

  • I take photos of everything. From what Im eating for lunch, to something cool and abstract that I see when I’m out. My favorite moments are when my friends and I get together. I like capturing the funny things we do.

  • my favorite moments to capture are of people completely immersed in an activity, conversation, anything.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are of my family, especially of my 2 year old son. He’s hilarious!

  • I like to photograph everyday moments. Particularly close up candid shots of people’s faces.

  • Hmmm hard to choose, not including my kids of course. I love a good old building or bridge.

  • I love to capture everyday moments. Those are the moments I want to remember most.

  • I love to take photos of close friends and family without them noticing. I think spontaneous photos capture the true feelings.

  • I love photographing my pets and my family! Often times they dot know I’m taking pictures and they turn out so beautiful that way–natural, real, and perfect!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the little ones: my older brother and baby sister falling asleep together on the couch, the first crocuses in the garden, a family dinner on the patio…those are the happy pieces that build a wonderful life and great memories!

  • My favorite moments to photograph:
    Family + friends. Having those moments from parties, sleep overs, and candid shots will last a lifetime!
    ps LOVE the app use it all the time!

  • I love to photograph concerts and cosplay costumes! I also love to photograph my boston terrier, Marty Mcfly!

  • Kisses! And anything with water-being the ocean, walking by the creek, rain! Kissing in the rain would be a good best of both worlds photo…

  • I love to capture moments of my family when they least expect it. To me those are the best photos.

  • I love capturing different expressions on people’s face during candid moments. Some are hilarious, while others are perfect! I’m so glad your app is doing so well!!

  • Hello! I would love to have the app, but since I don’t have an iPhone it isn’t possible for me πŸ™ Probably getting one within a year or so, though, so I’ll purchase the app then!
    My favourite moments to photograph are the candid ones. The ones that are not staged, and just spontanious.

  • Congrats on your app! My favorite moments to photograph are my baking successes and photos of my husband and me at concerts. Love it!

  • I have so many iPhone snaps of flowers in my garden, and my favourites are the ones JUST before they bloom, wrinkly petals peeking through so full of promise! They’re not always the most technically brilliant pictures, but working on the principle that the best camera you can use is the one you’ve got to hand, I just love the accessibility of the iPhone that’s always in my back pocket! X

  • My favorite moments to photograph are evenings with my friends and family. Anything from a night out at the ballpark with my boyfriend, candid shots of a girl’s night out or just a quite night in – these moments are the ones I treasure and feel lucky to have been able to capture so many.

  • Inspiring things I see out & about & good times with my friends are my fav!

  • I love taking photographs of the ocean/beach/landscape.
    There is so much beauty that surrounds us!

  • I love snapping candid shots of my two girls (9 and 10) being nice to each other when they think I’m not watching πŸ˜‰

    Congrats on the app launch, btw!!

  • Right now I’ll photograph anything and everything. I’m learning how to use my camera, so I never miss an opportunity to photograph any kind of moment.

  • I really need to photograph more moments as I realized when I went to find pictures of my fiance and I for wedding stuff and found only about 5 pictures! I would like to photograph more times with family and friends as I know the great memories will slowly fade.

  • I live in NYC – there’s no shortage of fantabulous architecture and street scenes to capture! Street photography might be my favourite. And, then, of course, there’s always my kitty – she loves to pose πŸ˜‰

  • I love photographing time with friends. I know they say that you have the best memories in your head – and that might be true – but pictures can trigger memories and therefore I just LOVE having picture evidence of quality time with friends and family.

  • I love when little moments are captured, like when someone thinks no one is watching them and they do something really sweet towards their family or someone close to them. Also I love photographing children because they grow so quickly and they’re so beautiful and sweet. πŸ™‚

  • I love getting those moments when no one is looking, truly candid photos that capture the spirit of the moment. And anything outdoors on a beautiful day, of course!

  • My favorite things to photograph are the quiet moments of pure love: a couple falling asleep on a couch while watching a movie, a mom throwing her daughter up in the air just to make her smile, a puppy being, well, a puppy. When people don’t realize someone is looking, and they are just relaxed and being themselves, the best photographs shine through. It’s often moments people forget to photograph, which is why they feel so authentic.

  • I love to take everyday pictures around my home as well as pictures of my travels (when I get to go)!

  • I love photographing the simple pleasures we often overlook, like a native flower on my morning walk or a breakfast treat. These simple things remind me of how lucky I am.

    Thank you for all your hard work on the app! I love it. πŸ™‚

  • My favorite moments to photograph are selfies with friends! So cliche and I should be over it since I’m 25 and not 15, BUT I always love how they turn out! πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the success of your app!

    Oh Happy Roar

  • I have 2: people I love when they aren’t aware they are being photographed and a random snapshot of my daily life.

  • I have been loving this app!! Congrats on it’s launch as it has truly been a lot of fun to share with friends. And my favorite moments to photograph are when I’m at my annual family reunion up in Maine. Portraits are the best – especially when they’re of the ones you love.

  • I love to photograph my cats (I only have 2-not certifiably a crazy cat lady yet) usually while they nap <3

  • My favourite moments to photograph are reunions πŸ™‚ Nobody really pays attention to cameras in those moments – which means pictures full of beautiful, raw emotions!

  • I love to use your app to photograph my beautiful 3 year old girlie πŸ™‚

  • Capturing the moments you Never want to forget….

    Your Life.

  • I love capturing random moments that happen in life; People walking down the street, my friends eating dinner, a couple holding hands in a park. Things we see everyday and take for granted but is so important.

  • My favorite thing to photograph is my dog laying in her favorite place, the sun.

  • I love photograph my nieces – twin 4 years old and almost one year old. I think I have more photos for them than anyone else in my family. They do funny things that always make me laugh looking back at the photos. I love your app!

  • My favorite moments are photographing my 2 year old son playing with his new baby sister πŸ™‚ It just flies by and i love to capture every moment!

  • I like to photograph my life, every moment, for small or insignificantly that is.

    Only with the distance we realize of it important that are the small details, the moments that happen without scarcely realizing, and that mark us, of someone or another way.

    A beam of the sun that enters the window while we take the breakfast, or the fold of a sheet to the awakening in the morning. Shade we leave behind on having walked along the street, or the dawns of every day.

    They are lives, in the end. Mine, your, those of the whole world. It is because of it for what we like it so much your blog, because they are your histories, your things … your life.

    Sorry about my english. I write you from Spain. I read you from Spain.

  • My faves are pics of my dog. Silly, I know! I have a MILLION of em, but I just can’t help myself.

  • My favorite moments to capture are candid moments, I love when pictures are not posed or planned out. The beautiful mess app is my favorite photo app ever and I have used it for every instagram posting since it came out! Thanks again!

  • LOVE the app. My favorite thing to photograph are photos of my husband and dog. πŸ™‚ She is enamoured by him, she does all she can for attention and it can be so adorable!

  • My favorite moments to capture are those stolen moments when the subject doesn’t know you’re taking pictures, like a mom watching her kids open up gifts, or a grandmother reading a sweet card. The expressions are so genuine and truly reflect the joys of life.

  • I don’t think there are any moments that I don’t like to photograph! But my favorites are candids where you can tell someone is truly and utterly happy.

  • My twin girls! They are my favorite subjects. I also love to photograph my projects, like my new dye garden and my spinning and knitting projects. πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the success of your app!!!



  • I don’t photograph as much as I should, but I love taking photos when Im around family. You just cant get some of those memories back.

  • I think the best moments are the ones you didn’t realize you captured. A silly face or action in the background, a fabulous dress on someone, an amazing antique you over looked right next to what you were photographing or just something magical in nature. I hope y’all are having the best day!

  • I love to photograph scenes of nature. while i’m hiking, also of people doing things ( as my boyfriend calls it πŸ™‚ )

    I think the most interesting photos are ones with people in it or some type of focus. Thats why I love instagram! Its so entertaining, and now even more cute because of #ABM app

  • i love capturing moments of my kids. i hear this time will fly by in a flash, so i want to hold on to these memories. thank you for the chance!

  • LOVE your app!!! I love to photograph new places that I visit πŸ™‚

  • I have been trying to commit to an Instagram-a-day to keep myself accountable to pay attention to picture-worthy moments. Often simple subtleties, small things that are worthy capturing and being present to.

  • I love photographing candid moments, when people don’t notice you’re taking a picture. Most of the time they come out so much better!

  • I love capturing all the beauty of changing seasons especially spring time here in Copenhagen. X

  • Congratulations on the success of your app! I love capturing candid photos of every day, usual life. Oh, and I love photographing my pup (obviously!).

  • I love to take pictures when I see something small yet beautiful. An unexpected shadow, a withered flower, a little detail on the trainride home…Taking pictures reminds me to enjoy the little things just as much as the big things.

  • My favourite moments to photograph are probably the impromptu sleepovers at my friends’! I love spending time with them and I know I’ll be thankful for my iPhone and photography apps in 10 years to reminisce. β™₯

  • My husband and I married this past October, so my favorite moments are all the little things during our first year. We also just planted a vegetable garden so photographing that has been a joy!

  • My favorite this do photograph are the little things most people over look. I think that this app help really bring out the beauty in everyday life

  • My favorite moments to capture are interactions of my friends and family. Most of my close friends are now new parents, so being able to freeze priceless candid moments for them to hold on to means everything to me.

  • I L O V E taking pictures of my Husky Malakai. He’s such a majestic creature!

  • I love to photograph my children. But really, who doesn’t. πŸ™‚

  • I like taking pictures during family gatherings, when you can capture the inncent smile and heartfelt admiration and careless laughter !

  • I love to take pictures of the little moments in life. things you look back on that just make you smile.

  • I like to snap photos when no one’s looking, during everyday events like family dinners or doing homework. I know someone else will take pics at prom or graduation or birthdays, but I’m the only one with precious photos of us as we are day-to-day.

  • My favorie moments to photograph are unplanned/spontaneous/happy moments between people. And anything in the golden light just before sundown.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are breakfasts made in skillets. There’s nothing better to me than watching eggs and bacon sizzle in my trusty cast-iron pan, as the smells fill my kitchen.

  • my three-year-old twin daughters are my favorite photo subject–they just got new balance bikes, and the cuteness is killing me!

  • I love to take photos of mi family and pets. You’re amazing and so is your app! XX

  • I’ve loved being able to photograph and narrate my life at the moment – in the past when I’ve had photographs, sometimes i forget why I took a certain photo, but being able to comment on them connects me to the moments better. Especially now, my life seems more story like than times in the past and it’s nice to have something to help tell that story when I look back on it.

  • I adore taking pictures of couples. People who are in loveeeeeee.

    <3 <3 <3

  • My favorite moment to photograph is my baby boy! I’m obsessed with getting everything he does on my camera! He has so many facial expressions that I try to capture (he’s only 3 months!).

  • Congratulations! So excited for you guys ‘from across the pond’ . My favourite moment to grab the camera are simple times: good food, a laugh with friends, a funny sign on the street and other moments where you just smile at the world.

  • I love to photograph vacation memories! That way I can later look back and go ‘i was one cool cat’~

  • My favorite moments to capture is the moment when I’m feeling happiest, whether around friends, family, or by myself, if I’m happy in the moment and the camera is at hand, taking a picture!

  • i do event photography, so for me my favorite moment to photograph is when an artist in concert really feel his/her music and connect with the crowd.

    congratulations for the app, by the way πŸ™‚

  • The most beautiful moment to capture is that instant in between shots and your subjects are completely and utterly themselves. It’s the moments that aren’t planned that are the most precious.

  • I love to take a picture when everyone is happy and in a good mood. When I look back on the picture I remember what a good time I had and it makes for a good memory.

  • My favorite things to photograph are my kids and nature, when we go out hiking we always take awesome photos of everything we see out there πŸ™‚

  • My favorite moments to photograph are regular moments, like a cup of coffee or my shoes, something that captures this moment in my life, so I can look back and remember a specific point in time

  • I enjoy photographing gatherings and parties with friends and ATTEMPTING to capture those candid moments

  • My favorite moments to capture are the everyday – a sunset on our LA neighborhood, my boyfriend laughing back at me, the flowers on our front porch – the moments we’ll look back on and smile about in 10, 20, 50 years. Thanks for an app that makes these memories even more fun to capture!

  • My first grandson doing just about anything. Children in general are great to capture but when its your own it makes it heart warming. i look at your site two times a day I,m thankful for you both and your staff Paula

  • congrats ladies! My favorite moments are the quiet ones in the early morning when I’m traveling. You get the see the world when its calm.

  • I love to capture those little parts of every day that make me smile, and also memories with friends & family. From big group photos to an iced chai that perked up my day, all are things I want to capture & treasure. πŸ™‚

  • I loved taking photos of my french bulldog puppy Lincoln [specially when he sunbathes] and the Spring flowers with this app. Been posting like crazy! Even wrote a blog post about the app!

    sunny blonde studio

  • I especially love to photograph and document the times when I am traveling. Each picture I take reminds me later on of the emotions, environment and stories that happened in a certain place.

  • Moments with my new husband and any moments with my little toy poodle!

  • Candid moments with family and friends. Perfect way to catch happy times that you’ll always remember, howevery small or large.

  • my favorite moments to capture are happy, smiling, candid moments with friends.

    ps i love your app so much!

  • Photographs of my growing belly! My husband and I are excepting our first baby in Septemeber and it’s been so fun to see all the changes!

  • my favorite moment to photograph are the great times with friends!! …. and my girls (dogs) hehehe love it!!! Love the app … just the perfect app for fun pics!! =)

  • My favourite moments to photograph are when I’m just hanging out with friends and family. And when I’m outside with nature. πŸ˜€

  • Any candid moments, kids, couples, you name it! It’s so fun to capture little life moments when no one expects it!

  • wow! congrats on the app, it’s definitely my new favorite. i love using it to photograph my kitten and boyfriend. also, food… of course πŸ™‚

  • My favourite moments to photograph are the most unexpected and natural ones that somehow capture the subjects personality in one moment that would’ve passed unnoticed….particularly if that subject is my photo shy fiancΓ© (who cannot pose for a picture, he is fact Chandler off friends!), my german shepherd puppy or my kitten!

  • I just love the spontaneous moments, the ones when you dont except someone will take picture. Those pictures turn up to be great most of the time and you can see ut that the picture isn’t faked or anything. That are the best shots, natural, spontaneous and fun photos.

  • Candids. It is pretty amazing how you can freeze a moment, and how honest emotion shines through in a candid shot.

  • i love to photograph the tiny details in every day. from my morning coffee to what’s on my dinner plate. it’s the little things that i can look back on and smile about.

  • I love to install my camera in some place in the house and let it take lots of photos all day long. (I built a selftimer that takes photos in a random interval using an arduino.)

  • I love to photograph everyday things that make me smile. When I’m feeling down, I know that I can always look to my photo stash to cheer me up and remind me of how lucky I truly am.

  • I love this app. It makes everyday moments more fun to capture.

    My favorite recently was my doggie who just passed away yesterday. Thank god for cute pictures to remember him by.

  • Those moments on my allotment when the sun is on my face and the plants are growing new lush green leaves πŸ™‚

  • I live so close to the beach, but hardly get to enjoy it. So I love photographing those rare moments on the sand =).

  • My favorite things to photograph is my trips, especially Fiesole, Italy. The view from there over Florence is magnificent.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are moments that matter to the people I care about, be it a birthday or a kiss or an ice cream or a first hair cut. <3

  • My girlfriend and I have a small family of just the two of us and we like to go on frequent, small adventures either near or far. Those love-filled moments, while out on the road, during every season, every crowded or uncrowded holiday, every average day turned above average; those are the moments that I like to capture. Your blog has been an inspiration and your app has been super fun to play with. Thank you for the opportunity to catch these moments in a fun and carefree way.

  • my favorite moments to photograph are those when i feel entirely happy. the photo may not be the best, but when i look at it, i remember the way i felt when i took it, and that’s what makes it perfect. basically i love the most to capture feelings as memories in my photos..

  • My favorite moments to capture are of my little boy, Declan. He is my WORLD!

  • Photographing the little happenings that go on every day are my favorite — a good book or meal or conversation. Hurrah for your beautiful app!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are just trying to find beauty in the things I do on a regular day to day basis.

  • Any candid moment with my two kids is great to capture and I can’t resist a little wild life in our backyard!

  • I love to photograph my little when he is playing in the dirt…I have never seen him so happy! boys will be boys.

  • I enjoy taking pics of my sister… She acts funny all the time, and allows me to capture the moment. She goes along with my crazy ideas for a photo too, so that is always fun. She bakes and is into puzzles so it is really interesting to capture pure happiness whenever she is doing that.

    (Congrats, thanks for the app!)

  • I love photographing great meals shared with even better friends! Congratulations on your app, it is so much fun to use and a huge accomplishment for you both!

  • i love capturing people’s face expressions and the everyday gifts mother nature has to offer! (:

  • I love to capture details, those little things that make my everyday worthwhile. It’s SO good to have my phone with me 24/7 to be able to save these special moments πŸ™‚
    By the way, congrats on your app!!

  • I love taking pictures of my kids creative moments πŸ™‚ drawing, painting, finger knitting and anything else that shows off their creativity!!

  • I <3 to post pics of my family especially outdoor photos. Your app is so great and so much fun. I love the little extra charm it adds to our photos!!! Our life and photos are a beautiful mess now!!!

  • I love to photograph my family, food and nature. The three things I couldn’t live without.

  • My favorite things to capture in a photograph are those simply wonderful happy moments I spend with the people I love. That and food, especially of people eating it. Some of the funniest moments are from eating pictures(:

  • I love capturing smiles, but I most often go for food instead since I know my friends and family are self conscious when there’s a camera in their face! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • I love to take pictures of San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge from the Bay Bridge. I ride over every morning and it is SUCH a beautiful view. A great way to start the day being thankful for living in such an amazing city! <3

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the unexpected ones-when nobody is paying attention. I like capturing real smiles or excitement, not fake ones. Or a sunset that is so gorgeous it doesn’t need any photo editing!

  • I love to photograph my first and only nephew who was just born on May 19th 2013 (which happens to be my birthday too!) Now I’m an aunt and a birthday buddy!

  • I love to photograph truth. Happy, sad, angry, bewildered, hopeful, exhausted, etc. All emotions are valid and all help make me a better person. Art can make everything beautiful, even the things that are the most heartbreaking.

  • Moments with my fiance! I love catching all the moments we have together, especially as we renovate our new home (which is his grandmother’s old home) and make plans for the big day. It makes me so happy to be the third generation in this gorgeous historical home and to have the chance to make it our own. My instagram is PACKED with all the DIY projects (a good deal from here) that we’ve been doing together and late night coffee runs to our favorite local spot to talk details for the wedding.

  • I love photos of anything outside. Sunny days in San Francisco here are my favorite!

  • my favorite moments to capture are sporadic. some of my favorite photos comes from friday night game nights with my sorority sisters and friends…

    though i have to say my fiance having his mom take my cell phone right before he popped the question was my favorite captured memory of all.

  • Okay, I’ll admit it: the kitten is my favorite thing to photograph. And she looks so cute all dolled up with your app!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the ones with my kids that are organic. Not posed, but just capturing the moment.

  • I love capturing my weekend activities, the app makes it so much fun to document and share!

  • My favorite moments are just the ordinary everyday moments that tend to be taken for granted and so frequently slip away.

  • One of my favorite moments to capture is vacations πŸ™‚ This year’s photos are going to be amazing with the new app πŸ˜‰

  • I photographed a picture of my best friend an I yesterday. She’s awesome and always there for me. Little moments like that are great to keep forever πŸ™‚


  • I love to capture what we in Sweden call pre-summer (not quite spring, not quite summer). During this time the nature is filled with wonderful light, colours, smell and sounds and I love to catch it and look back when winter hasn’t loosened it’s grip on us quite yet. Both the light and colours is somethin unique for this time and us up in the north, I’ve never come across it anywhere else.

  • Congratulations!! I am so happy for you!
    I love spontaneous photographs of happy or concentrated people. My dad is a pro at photographing people in this specific natural way and I love it!
    Greetings from Germany

  • I love taking photographs of everyday things and everyday life. I feel like they are the most representative of the here and now.

  • Congratulations! I can’t wait until it’s available on Android. πŸ˜‰

    My favorite moments to capture in photographs are those sweet, candid ones between loved ones and friends when they have no concern about/over a camera. I generally detest (such a strong word, ha!) forced and posed smiles, so natural settings/ actions/movements/whatever make my heart go pitter-patter.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the quiet ones with my new family (my husband and dog-ter). We love the outdoors and I love capturing those quiet moments together.

  • My favorite moments to capture are those glimpses of wonder in my son’s eyes. At four and two they are still amazed and completely in love with the world. I love it!

  • I love capturing the life around me but I really enjoy getaway from the city to the countryside where my bf’s grandparents live. They have a bunch of cute little rabbits, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 Billy goats.. + all kinds of birds, insects and nature (flowers etc) overall. So I love capturing everything there. Nature and animals overall are probably my favorite things to photograph πŸ™‚

  • Congrats ladies! The app has definitely made Instagram that much more fun. Definitely my favorite moments to capture are impromptu trips with my love, and just the cool things I spot in NYC on a daily basis!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are when people are laughing and talking. THere is a sense of genuineness that can not be captured through anything else. People are just being themselves, with others. It’s quite a beautiful thing.

  • I have two favorites, moments that move me. One is children. Especially those I love. And two is nature. It takes my breath away. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on the app!!

  • Adventures with friends are my favorite things to photograph! The thought of being able to look back on those moments in time are priceless!

  • ItΒ΄s an international giveaway? you didnt told, but I hope! πŸ˜‰
    Your app its amazing. A lot of blogger I follow in Instagrma use it and its very pretty.

    I tell you my fav thing to photograph, though it is not an international game: my 10 months baby. ItΒ΄s incredible. And I love take photos of the cities we visit. There is always something individual on it.

    Kisses from Madrid, Spain.

  • My city early in the morning, my runs and my family and friends πŸ™‚

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the candids of my husband and babies(dogs).

  • I love to photograph my new cat, she likes to sleep in the strangest places, like our bathroom sink!

  • I love to photograph my three babes… Smiling, playing, loving. They light up my world And to have memories of them, magical moments come to life all over again.

  • Congrats! I hope the app comes out for android soon! I love taking pictures of my little girl, my cat, and flowers!

  • At the moment i love taking photos of the part of Scotland i’ve just moved too, so many interesting lochs and castles to capture! πŸ™‚

  • i love to photograph my own shop & all our artists goods! and i love just to capture the little moments in life!

  • My favorite photographs are portraits! Friends and Family!

    Great giveaway and congratulations on the success of your app!

  • The ones that people didn’t expect that I would take a picture, the spontaneous ones!

  • My favorite moment to photograph are moments of pure joy and contentment. They are SO precious and always a good reminder.

  • I like to photograph my good looking husband mostly because I live him but also because he likes to make goofy poses.

  • I attend births as a labour doula and I love snapping pics as mom and dad gaze at their babe for the very first time! <3

  • I like taking the sort of photos that I know will make me smile years afterwards, just because they have people and places I love in them.

  • My favorite times to photograph are when I’m having good times with friends and family, when something weird is occuring, and completed art projects. (oh, and successful recipes!)

    Your app is soooooo much fun and give pics a new fun twist to them! Great job!!

  • My fav thing to photograph is my son growing up i like being able to capture every milestone he hits

  • I like to capture little moments that might otherwise be forgotten. The cup of coffee we grabbed while on vacation or what the street looks like in the morning light while waiting for the bus, little fleeting things. Thanks so much! I’m excited to try out the app; I haven’t gotten a chance to yet! πŸ™‚

  • I love taking pictures of our newest family addition, our baby pug named Penny (after Penny Lane of course!) Though we’re not quite ready for a human baby quite yet, our Penny has already brought us so much joy!

    xoxo Sarah

  • I love taking pictures of old barns, warehouses, and boat slips. I think that there’s beauty in worn down buildings that noone finds useful anymore.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are with my loved ones. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve got a son and he is my favorite subject by far! I like to capture moments of when he is completely into whatever he is doing, he could be happy, sad, intense…kids don’t worry about how people see them so those times are so pure!

  • I love taking pictures of my husband and our dog at the dog park.

  • Well, I love to capture happy moments w/ family and friends as well as simple everday life. Your app is just great for doing so! πŸ˜€

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the candid, unexpected ones. Little hands and toes, laughing, holding hands, messy faces, peaceful naps, hugs, crazy moments…

  • My favorite thing to photograph are random funny moments with my friends, whether it’s on a night out or just a simple lunch with them. Seeing the pictures and the way we used to look, and remembering fun moments make me smile every time πŸ™‚

  • I have so much fun photographing my 2 year old learning and laughing! He loves to color and go to the beach! Your app is what I dream of making one day!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are when everything comes together, like my cat in soft sunlight, my husband in his element or nature in all it’s glory.

  • getting glammed up with my best friend, looking back on those photos remind me of what a great occasion we were celebrating(birthday, new job….)

  • I love to catch candid pictures of laugher — wrinkly eyes and noses and all! πŸ™‚

  • Wow, how great! My favorite things to photograph are candid shots of people. Those are always the most real and personal photos to me.

  • I love capturing the little things that make me smiled, like a cute dress in a shop window, a really blue-purple coloured flower or my dog lounging around. It’s the little things!

  • I love to photograph my two little cousins (girls of 2 and 7 years old) because I love them SO MUCH πŸ™‚ PS. your app is awesome!

  • YAY thanks !
    One of my favorite moments to capture is getting ready in the morning. And meals (food and/or people).

  • The tender moments between my sister and my newborn niece. It’s so magical to see the bond they have instantly from the very moment she was born. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • My favorite thing to photograph is my kitten, Artemis. She has a beautiful tortoise-shell coat and is super spunky! She’s my baby! Anyways, I love your blog and your app so much! Keep up the amazing work. The sky is the limit for you guys!

  • My favorite things to photograph are my girls. They change so much so fast!

  • Right now, it’s all about the weekly baby belly pictures. So fun to see how high/low I was carrying because I don’t notice it on a daily basis.

  • My favorite moment to photograph is christmas! The one time a year where family gets together to have a wonderful time πŸ™‚

  • I’m one of those crazy animal lovers who only photograph cats.

  • My favorite things to photograph are usually fun times with friends & family, or inspiring architecture in my gorgeous city, San Francisco.

  • I love taking pictures of my meals, haha πŸ™‚ Especially now that it’s warmer and they contain lots of fresh fruits and vegetables!! The colours are wonderful.

  • My three year old son is my absolute favourite person to photograph. I can not have enough pictures of him.

    I also love taking photos of food, especially treats πŸ™‚

    Glad your App is doing so well, it’s a lot of fun to use.

  • The fiance who is finally home after 2 years of long distance, and we get married in 2 months!! The fact that I can actually take pictures with him after being so patient is now my favorite thing to do! My first picture with your app was of our new wedding bands, we used the Poppy filter and lettering πŸ™‚ Congrats on such a huge response!!!!

  • Last weekend, while walking to a graduation ceremony, my best friend and I came across a chain link fence covered in bright pink and red flowers that just so happened to perfectly match her lipstick. She hesitated and blushed at the thought of stopping for a photo. “In front of all these people? We’ll just be in the way…” But I snapped one anyway. The result was gorgeous. It perfectly captured both her coy demeanor and her breathtaking beauty. A happy accident. That’s my favorite – a photo that sees more than you saw in the moment.

  • Love it! The app is so cute. My favorite moments to photograph are the simple things, especially in nature. I love making a point to notice the little things in life!

  • Candid moments of my loved ones for sure. Those are the pics that mean the most later!

  • My niece (1.5 years) and my nephew (3.5) are my favorite to capture. They have such sweet moments I never want to forget!

  • My favorite moments to capture are my children, fully engrossed in something creative, shot from their eye level. I love to explore the world from their point of view.

  • I love photographing a scene of where I am. The castle in the Magic Kingdom, the ice at a Rangers Hockey game, the trail I’m running on, etc. Love your app so much for adding cuteness to these scenes!

  • I’m always taking photos. I own four different cameras, 3 of them carrying film, and always carry my iPhone with me (a great camera as well!). Love the feeling of capturing moments of my life, and the surprise after I get the photos… They’re always different from what I saw. The change in focus, colors… It’s like I’m seeing the whole scene again from another person’s eyes. It’s beautiful. I don’t have any particular category of moments or scenes that I love to capture, something just clicks inside whenever it feels right to click the button :p

  • I love photographing all sorts of things, but the things I love photographing the most are cats. They know exactly why cameras exist. To take pictures of them.

  • My favorite moments to capture are the simple parts of my life. Whether it’s leaf on the ground, the view from my room, or the old book I checked out from the library. Those are the greatest moments for me.

  • I probably take too many pictures of my dog, but the world will just have to live with that.

  • I love to photograph sunsets – everyday is a new, completely different work of art. πŸ™‚

  • My babygirl exploring outside and random peeks of our new little house.

  • I love to capture every moment with my family and friends, specially my 2 year old niece.
    I hope you’ll make your app available for android, i’m dying to try it out…

  • I love taking pictures at any events when there is lots of activity going on, but I love being the person snapping nothing but candid photos from off to the side that no one notices…get some great shots that way!

  • I love to photograph flowers super close (macro!) but lately I’ve been capturing whatever I’ve been drinking. I love the way the ice is never the same. I love the app! I bought it straight-away!

  • I love the app!! My favorite moments to photograph are the simple little things that make me smile. From my little pup to a bowl full of pasta.

  • En route to a new place/vacation spot. ‘It’s not the destination, but the journey’

  • I love photographing my Dog and cat! Also, my families is always asking for new photos of my house, which I have been working on decorating πŸ™‚

  • I love capturing moments that are easy to forget (the little things). Most of the time you wont forget the big things, not that you shouldn’t capture the big moments to because They are important, however its easy to forget the little things and often times they are what makes your day special. :)<3 thanks for the giveaway!

  • Your app is awesome!
    I love to photograph moments where the beauty of being outdoors (sights, smells, temperature) catches me off guard and makes me stop to take notice.

  • I love capturing simple moments–coffee and a book, some pretty flowers by the road, the clouds as they reflect on the water. Love the app!!

  • My favorite moments to capture are the small things that I’m thankful for, like breakfast with my husband or iced coffee on a hot day. πŸ™‚

  • Awesome app! I love to capture moments in my two-year old daughter’s life when she has no idea I’m photographing her.

  • I love to capture moments that will inspire me later, and moments that inspire me now. Kiddos, instruments, laughter, nature, family, joy…all my favorite things!

  • Love capturing images of meals I share with family and friends. Looking at old photos of what I ate reminds me of the conversation and laughs.

  • I love capturing those candid moments between loved ones; you can see the love shining through.

  • I love to photograph random stuff from my everyday life, like if I see something funny on a sign or we’re having an impromptu barbecue in the park πŸ™‚

  • candid moments of friends and families..totally the most fun and hilarious!

  • I love capturing the little things in life. My son’s hands working hard on a play-doh sculpture, the dust particles floating in a ray of sunshine like glitter, anything that makes me stop and appreciate that exact moment in time.

  • I love to take pictures in the parks. When i take pictures in the park, i tag my bike, my camera and a friend with me. It’s so beautiful in The park, People is walking around with kids that are playing. Dog are running around to all The People. All The clours in The park is so beautiful. So a park is my favorite place to take pictures.

  • I like photographing my bearded husband and my family’s rescue Jack Russell!

  • My favorite moments always include my beagle basset mix Maisy. I just can’t seem to stop taking pictures of her !

  • My favorite thing to photograph is art work in progress. It is so interesting to see where a painting starts and all the changes it goes through to get to the final piece. If it is your own work it can be exciting to see how far you have progressed.

  • Anything outdoors! From beautiful flowers to little kids playing in the yard. God’s creation is amazing!!!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are those with my dogs (they could just sit there and look adorable!) or when I go on little getaways and explore new places.

  • I’m a crazy cat lady…who is crazy about taking pictures of her cat! And I love plating and photographing my pretty kitchen creations. And also candid moments of my friends, and cool buildings I see…I guess I don’t have a favorite. πŸ™‚ Love photographing EVERYTHING!

  • My favorite moments are catching my kiddos doing something cute. I love getting moments that they don’t know they’re being photographed!

  • I love to photograph my twins. It’s like I’m cataloging memories for both me and their Dad and for them when they are older (they are 4 now). They are best friends and and never fail to make me smile πŸ™‚

  • I love the app! Thanks for the giveaway!

    I love photographing lunches with friends and days out with the family!

  • Congrats!! I have the app and love it! My fav moments to photograph are ones that are unposed – it captures the true moment and feeling at the time the photo is taken. πŸ™‚


  • My favorite moments to photograph include my family and things in nature.

  • I LOVE taking pictures, from behind, of people holding hands. <3

  • Congratulations on the app success! I am loving it so far πŸ™‚ My favourite moments to capture are fun memories with friends, or just little moments that make me smile.

  • Oh Lord knows how much I would benefit from an ipad mini.

    My favorite moment to photograph I would say is that moment of anticipation … right before a kiss, right as golden hour reaches it’s peak, right in the midst of candid action … I know that’s kind of vague, but I photograph a lot of different things and that anticipation is my favorite thing that is inclusive of all different types of shoots.

    Also, I am ready for this to come out for android! Wink wink hint hint, haha. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s pictures on instagram. Can’t wait to get it for myself!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are the people I love being themselves.

  • You are awesome!
    I take pics of weekly bicycle dates with my hubby!
    Congrats with the app!

  • I love your app, and went a bit crazy with all the additional packs πŸ˜‰ my favorite moment to photograph is when I’m doing normal everyday cosy things that I usually don’t think about taking pictures of, such as laying in the park on a warm day with my puppies, drinking a cup of tea while reading a magazine in the evening, going for walks in the beach with the love of my life. In other words, I love capturing the little things in life πŸ™‚ <3

  • My favorite moments to capture are those involving my son. I love going back and watching how much fun he has with his friends, cousins or just experiencing something new.

  • I love to take pictures of adventures I go on – mostly hiking and exploring new cities!

  • Now my grandparents are growing really old, I love photographing our family meetings. I love photographing them amongst all their children and grandchildren. Most of all I love photographing the wrinkels they have on their face. Some from crying, some from being worried, but a lot of them from smiling and living life to the fullest. I hope my face will look as beautiful as theirs when I grow old.

  • I love to take pics capturing flowers that just bloomed in my backyard and pics of my dog swimming in the pool and creations that I am about to devour in the kitchen!:)

  • My favorite moments to capture are the little ones that don’t necessarily seem important, but when looking back, seem to have the most impact.

  • Congratulations! I love to take photos when i’m happy so i can remember why.x

  • My favourite moments to photograph are times spent with my family, whether on a day trip or in the backyard when the weather is nice and warm, or when they are least expecting it πŸ˜‰ Having had a recent loss in the family, I have a new appreciation for the moments I have captured on my iPhone.

    Great job on the app! It’s been fun to use…and only gets in the way of doing actual work a little bit πŸ˜‰

  • I love to capture all things that make me happy & things I never want to forget. It is so fun to look back through all the photos and remember what it was like at that time. But I must confess I tend to get a little photo crazy over our kitty Mei Ling.
    Congratulations on the app! I’m looking forward to the android version.

  • I love to photograph movie stubs of the movies my husband I go to with my phone so I have a cute record of all of our date nights. πŸ™‚

  • I have 2 girls that love to squabble, but I love capturing the moments when they are getting along and enjoying each others company. Granted I have to be stealthy about doing this so they don’t catch me doing it. If not I get a smirky “O mom” face which is not at all photogenic. I would love to get the ipad mini so I can get your app, it looks great.


  • I live far away from my family, so when we get together I love taking pictures of them and with them.

  • My dog, Telula, doing just about ANYTHING. She always looks fab.

  • I think summer evenings make the most amazing photographs… the sun is starting to go down but is still a beautiful golden color, it gives the most amazing lighting!

  • My favorite moments to photograph are definitely when couples are being extra lovey (and they don’t see you coming) and when kids are giggling! A child laughing gets me everytime!

  • I just love capturing pics of me and my daughter together. πŸ™‚

  • My favorite moments to capture are new experiences. Congratulations on all of your success, and thanks so much for the opportunity!


  • Congrats on the success of your new app!!! That’s so exciting!!

    As a photographer, I love to capture candid moments & overlooked, ordinary details:)

  • My favourite moment to photograph is someone’s face when they open the perfect present. That moment of joy, surprise and wonder that someone knows them so well to get them something they absolutely love.

  • I loved to photograph backstage moments of the musical I was just in, Legally Blonde. πŸ™‚

  • The little unexpected moments are my favorite, things I’m not likely to remember except I caught it on film.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are candids of my boys (nearly 4 and 18mo). Especially when they are playing together and think I’m not watching.

  • I love to photograph the highlights in my every day life. They are always mostly little moments that only I will probably appreciate, whether it be a colorful sunset, my hilarious bulldog, or my appetizing lunch. But I know that when I look back at them, I will smile and be thankful that I remembered my camera to capture all of those small moments that tend to matter the most.

  • Time spent with my niece and nephew are my favorite moments to photograph. They are growing up too quickly.

  • Weeknight parties with friends. Whether winter shut-ins or outdoor summer BBQin’.

  • I love sneaking up on my four kids on the few moments when they are all playing happily – it’s rare so I try to get a photo to remember πŸ™‚

  • My favourite moments to photograph are when I’m walking around town and see beautiful architecture in unexpected places πŸ™‚

  • I love taking pics of food/and my cute hubby πŸ™‚

  • I love photography that represents real life. A busy woman drinking coffee in the morning, an old man reading a newspaper, a little girl playing with her doll–capturing moments like this allow me to reflect on how even the simple things in life can be beautiful.

  • I like to capture people doing things they love like kids playing, my roommate cooking, my boyfriend shooting photos, my mom dancing. These are moments when people are in their element and the pictures appear the most honest and candid.

  • Sunny days are the best. Also, art supplies( I never get tired of those). xxx

  • I love capturing my babysitting dates with my god-daughter; just she and I, adventuring or snuggling or snacking. I cherish this 1:1 time and always snag some great shots to send back to her parents so they can enjoy date night worry-free.

  • I capture love, there is nothing like seeing two people in love and capturing that look in their eye and happiness with one another!

  • My favourite to photograph is my friends eating. There attention is less on me taking a photograph, which makes a more natural photo.

  • I love to take pictures with friends and family! It’s great to look back through them and see all the good times we had. x

  • This February I became a first-time Auntie to my adorable niece Lottie! She is the perfect subject to photograph! Since the launch of your app, I have had fun editing pictures of Miss Lottie!

  • Every day life with my friends and family… trying to be inspired by you lovely ladies. πŸ™‚

  • I love to capture those tiny little moments that make our day so good, the ones that make us smile or laugh so laud that our stomach hurts. The moments we would like to frozen forever, like a party with friends or that afternoon on the beach. Those that we know that years from now, when we look at the pictures, can still make us smile and remember the best moments of life. Those are my favourite ones πŸ™‚

  • I love to photograph trees in autumn or winter during sunsets or sunrises when I’m up lol. The shape of the tree branches against the sun and the shadows they cast. In fact I am an avivid tree photographer. If you light a tree from the bottom or side at night I just find it so beautiful. But it has to be a strong light. If you just have a tourch take a walk at night and find beautiful flowers or shrubs they look fantastic this way. Actually most of my photos are at night of wildlife. Luckily my neighbours know who I am otherwise I would look very suspicious!!!

    Thanks for the app I love it.

  • I love to photograph people! Sick and tired people, but also happy and cheerful people. I also love to take fashion-photos! πŸ™‚

  • My favorite? Photographing the undersides of flowers on hiking trails, with the bright blue sky behind.

  • I love to photograph strangers sharing a fond moment in public. A second of their love becomes an eternity of positive emotions in my photos.

  • My husband leading worship is my favorite thing to photograph. ABM app is so fun and worth my money, you girls are the best!

    XO, Selansia

  • Congratulations on the success of your app! I’m absolutely hooked, and I’ve got my friends using it, too!
    My favorite moments to photograph are the unexpected ones – like when my boyfriend brings me flowers, or my mom and I decide to go get ice cream!

    Danielle @ A Writer in Love

  • My favorite moments to photograph are always changing. Generally it’s something that strikes me as pretty or funny – could be friends, could be a little pup I meet on a walk, the great outdoors or a funny piece of street art.

  • My favorite photographs to take are when I’m cooking or baking. The whole process from start to finish is simply beautiful.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are those with family & friends, especially the candid shots captured while traveling or enjoying a night out on the town. I’ve had so much fun creating and experimenting with your new app. I love it! I look forward to reading about the updates πŸ™‚

  • I love taking pictures of my dog, she’s so silly and has the best expressions ever!! I also love pictures of my wonderful family, I lost my mom 2 years ago so having pictures of her is so important to me.

  • I love taking pictures of my dog! She’s a big German Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute mix, so normally people are a little afraid of her. I love to take pictures (& instagram them) that show how I see her, as my little, silly pup!

  • The moments I love are the ones I least expect.
    When you capture something so perfect and are so tickled with the results that you can’t wait to share it with your friends and family.

    The moments when you expected nothing and got something more lovely than you could imagine.

  • My fave moments to photograph are those that capture some kind of “secret magic” such as a genuine smile, a moment where people connect with something/someone or a special scene of newness in nature.

  • my favorite moments to photograph are always the in betweens – the waiting… for your friends, food, drinks, the line to shrink up at the store, the breeze to start again. i guess its your anytime moments.

  • My favorite moments are the beautiful beach days and the precious puppy i dog sit.

  • My favorite moments to photograph are when I’m out adventuring with friends. The best kinds of trips to take photos are when it’s a spontaneous road trip on any given day.

    Congrats on the wonderful app! I can’t believe how fast it spread over my Instagram feed! Thank you for the hard work on such a fun and pretty app. πŸ˜€

  • I love capturing the simple moments with my family. Those are the things I like to remember.

  • My favorite moment to photograph is when families and loved ones reunite in the airport arrivals level. I’ve seen really great ones, and I’d love to take a few myself someday!

  • I love photographing my baby boy – I have taken a photo of him every day since her was born in January and I am so surprised at how much he’s changed. Growing up so fast xx

  • I love to take pictures on my bike rides!
    Love the app πŸ™‚


  • My favourite moments to capture are the unexpected ones. The ones that arent aware they are being captured. The bursts of laughter, tears, excitement, pure joy.
    I love having those moments on record forever.

    xx Bec

  • Love taking photos of fun events, with my boyfriend, of our pets, of my family— any thing!

  • my favorite photos are those that “just happen”, those beautiful, unplanned, unstaged and raw moments that you are lucky enough to have a camera for. The kind that truly capture the beauty in the people you love most. it doesnt take the best camera, the most talented photographer or the best backdrop for some of best photos out there, sometimes all it takes is a lot of love and a lucky shot.

  • I love taking photos of my cute little dog, and also the cat when he’ll cooperate. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win. And I love your app, by the way!

  • I love photographing candid moments and also trying to capture the feel of places that I visit with colors, tastes, and textures.

  • My favorite things to photograph are the candid moments in my day to day life. Especially with my boy and I… I want to be able to little old people one day and look back at the photos of our life where we’re being ourselves in the best and easiest way. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a cutie, either!

  • I love to photograph delicious food and drinks, and moments spent with friends. Also, my puppy, I have more pictures of him then I’d like to admit πŸ™‚

  • My favorite photographs are the ones taken on long bike rides and the ones of my amazing bf in the apartment we have made our home

  • I can never go wrong photographing my son when he’s being cheeky! (He’s 19 months old) Or if I can catch my husband willing to be photographed…those are some of my faves.

  • man, its the little things that you can’t describe. a look on the face, a milestone, the kids latest fav food.

  • I love photographing the pure beauty of the beaches and nature in Hawaii, where I’m currently living. Seeing those photos remind me of how truly blessed we are to live in such an incredibly beautiful world. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your success with your awesome app!

  • My first baby was born 6 weeks ago. He is my absolute favorite thing to photograph!

  • I like to photograph my day a day experiences,places, family, friends…to one day look back and remember everything!

  • loving your app so much! my favorite moments are in the details. capturing the way our possessions are combined on the table during lunch, or the tippy top of my pups nose as she looks in the sky while playing at the park. when i reflect back on these photos, i am filled with the feelings of that moment.

  • The “unscripted” moment right when a loved one is mid-laugh, and totally unconcerned with being photographed. Congrats on the app, gals!

  • Moments with my man and my dog… I know, I know… But they really are the best moments. πŸ™‚

  • I love to capture small, everyday moments. Especially with my family. It’s easy to create amazing pictures when you’re with the people that make you the happiest!

  • This is awesome!! I love candid photos and capturing pictures where everyone is more involved in the moment instead of the camera.

  • I photograph food way too much, but inevitably my favourite moments are the ones that take you by surprise and you are juuust lucky enough to catch (ie. the little girl hopping around in the fountain last week as the sun was setting behind her…)

  • My fur babies are my favorite thing to photograph. I swear they pose now, because they want the attention.

    Oh, and I love, love, love your app!!

  • My favorite moments are when I catch the kids not looking at me – totally engrossed in what they are doing πŸ™‚

    Love the App!

  • My twin girls are probably my favorite thing to photograph at the moment. They are 19 months and so funny and weird. I almost need pictures to prove to people that I don’t make up the strange things that they do.

    You ladies are a serious inspiration! Love your blog!

  • I LOVE the new app! I’ve been using it with a hashtag of #dailyhappy, which is my favorite thing to photograph. Little moments and things throughout my day that make me smile: sometimes it’s my daughter just waking up, sometimes it’s a hot cup of tea.