A Bachelorette Party Piñata!

Bachelorette Party Pinata!We've been prepping decorations for Emma's bachelorette party later this week. Emma thought it would be fun to have a piñata filled with tiny little liquor bottles. "Um Yea!" we all said. 🙂 So we made it happen and it was super easy… and it's hot pink! Seriously, there's nothing like "wedding week" to make us appreciate that rare project that was way quicker than we thought it would be. haha! 

So, we bought a regular (colorful) donkey piñata at Target, spray painted it (inspired by Studio DIY & her amazing gold piñata!) hot pink, then filled it with teeny tiny (all plastic) liquor bottles, candy and confetti! I'm excited to tie it up in the tree and bust it open later this week. It's gonna be so much fun. 

Hope you are having a great day! Elsie 

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