A Beautiful Giveaway with Ali Edwards (CLOSED)

AE timeline peekWe're so excited to bring this scrapbooking giveaway from a longtime friend and supporter, Ali Edwards  She's been by our side since what seems like forever! She's teaching a 12-week online workshop called "Hello Story" (runs July 8 – September) that introduces students to 12 new storytelling methods for scrapbooking and journaling! Students get a front row seat watching Ali transform her story ideas into beautiful, rich scrapbook pages.

One lucky reader is going to get free admission to Ali's "Hello Story" online workshop! To enter, simply leave us a comment about your favorite stories to share. Giveaway is open until July 6, and the winner will be contacted shortly after. Good luck! xoxo Elsie + Emma

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Congrats, Lindsey! To claim your prize, please e-mail trey AT redvelvetart DOT com.

A Beautiful Mess Giveaway Rules

  • My favorite stories to share are those about my everyday life with my family. It seems like just yesterday that my 7 year old son was just a baby. So grateful to scrapbook so I can go back and relive those times over and over again. thanks for the chance to win!

  • I’d like to write down more of my own stories; sometimes I get so focused on my family and our life now that I forget to document the important things from my past.

  • hey guys!
    as this is an online workshop, can we people outside the USA participate?


    ps: i just can’t recall since when i’m reading your blog everyday, back when “food Coma” still existed and Elsie was still single. but this is my first comment xD
    regards from Chile!

  • I love sharing stories of all kinds. I especially love telling stories of the misadventures and crazy fun times I’ve had with my family–we’re an odd bunch but we love each other deeply. We have so many tales that ought to be recorded.

  • Hey!

    What a great giveaway! My favorite story is the one about meeting my best friend’s boyfriend’s other girlfriend on the other side of the world (I’m from Sweden, I was living in Japan and there she was, in the cash register of my local supermarket, she heard I spoke Swedish and turned out we were from the same town… And knew the same guy. Her boyfriend. Also my best friend’s boyfriend. The two girls did not know of each other though!)

    Pretty crazy huh?

    Have a lovely day,

  • How fun! I’ve just started scrapbooking and love to tell the stories of my four boys.

  • my favorite stories are stories of how people fell in love. so gushy.

  • Thank you for the beautiful giveaway πŸ™‚ Scrapbooking is so fun πŸ™‚

  • My favorite stories are all the silly ones I’ve shared with family and friends. The ones that may seem insignificant bare these we can look back on fondly and still laugh about.

  • My favorite stories are about animals (pets, wild ones, and even made up ones). I also like telling stories about kids, as I teach middle school and they have given me enough material for a lifetime.

  • My favorite stories to share are trips and parties. Even the smallest ones, like day trips hiking or small get togetherness with friends in the backyard!

  • My favorite stories to tell are the ones that involve every day little events in our family. The spontaneous outings, the great phone call, the evening walk with our puppy. The big events are awesome, but sometimes it’s the little things I want to remember the most.

  • My favorite stories to share are about life. About my children and the fun times we have had together. Love it when my daughters join in to tell the story with me! πŸ™‚

  • I heart Ali Edwards! My favorite stories are definitely the ones about my four year old daughter. Always entertaining, sometimes nonsensical! πŸ™‚

  • I love stories that show the connections between people. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in Ali’s class!

  • Our field trainer at work recently asked me to teach a class to our co-workers for training requirements. She said everyone loves how I can tell of a personal experience related to our class topic. The class format I changed instead of just me coming up with scenarios I had the co-workers makeup scenarios from pictures relating to class topic. It was a huge success and everyone came away with a greater knowledge about our topic.

  • Oooo! I would love to be in this class. Really trying to reach deeper into my story telling, both in the scrapbook and blog sense. I love Ali’s easy to use tips and techniques. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Just like anyone, I have had so many wonderful experiences in my life that I would love to document and share with my future generations. I want to share my wedding story, stories of all my nanny experiences, my time working in England, my scary moments, happy moments, and even sad moments. I would love to take the time to learn how to do this!

  • I would love to tell the story of my paternal Grandparents. They came here from Europe around 1900, settled first in Illinois and then in Wisconsin where they farmed. 6 kids. I have early pictures, and a pic taken at a family reunion 3 years ago with close to 200 of their descendents. I’ve tried to write the story so many times and get bogged down. Thanks!

  • What an awesome giveaway! I would love to take Ali’s workshop.

    My favorite story to share would have to be the story of my life in 2013. Not only was this my first year married, but it was my first year living abroad in South Korea. There are so many great tales that can be told about this wild year!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    β™‘ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  • Ah, how awesome! I am taking Ali’s One Little Word class, and I love it! My favorite stories to share are the everyday ones–I love finding the beauty in them.

  • I love telling the story of how my husband and I persevered through 2 years of long distance dating and how it strengthened and grew our friendship.

  • I love sharing stories of unexpected unplanned adventures that turn out to be the best trips you could have hoped for! I just love how things turn out so much better than you could have planned

  • Oo, I love storytelling, scrapbooking AND journaling! What a nice opportunity. Some of my favorite stories to tell are stories from my travels when living in Japan for about 5 years.

  • I would love to share more of my memories of my loved ones especially my 2 yr old grandson.

  • My kids always love stories about when they were little. <3

  • awesome awesome giveaway, i soo want to take that class <3 My favorite stories to tell are those about the little things and details that make my everyday unique!

  • My favorite stories are ones that my husband and I retell on those lazy saturday mornings and literally make us laugh out loud. We are young, broke and in love and so many incredible moments have been shared and there are usually some great quotes or pictures that come out of the moment.

  • My favorite stories to share are those that take place with my friends. I have a ecliptic mix of people in my life, and what could be deemed as an ordinary day can easily turn into adventures or even surreal moments. They are always great stories to share later on.

  • My favorite stories to tell are of my childhood with my grandparents who adopted me and afforded me the chance to grow up in a 2 parent household surrounded by sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts and cousins where there was never a dull moment.

  • I’ve got lots of different stories I’d like to share- about my friends, family, and pets mostly πŸ˜€
    And everyday adventures!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My favorite stories to tell are about my kids. Cliche, totally, but they make me happy.

  • I love telling the stories of my children because I never want to forget what it feels like to have been given two wonderful gifts.

  • I love stories of my childhood…..its true what Sucre says…when we were young i never had to worry πŸ˜‰

  • I love telling stories that involve something funny my 3 year old daughter says!


  • I love Ali Edwards. I constantly use her affirmation, “it is okay,” when I craft. My favorite stories to share are about my new nephew. He’s at the crux of learning a lot of new things…walking, talking, etc. I love to document the little stories my sister shares with me.

  • I want to tell the story of my best friend getting married. Planning the wedding has been such a special journey so far and I would love for her to have something to remember it by.

  • Undoubtedly love stories:
    – the story of my childhood with my grandmother. I want her to be remembered by all and one day, for my children (their grandchildren too)!
    – my story with my boyfriend is also very beautiful <3

    Thank you girls & Love to YOU too!

  • My favorite stories are of everyday life. I’m particularly fond of scrapping my nephew. I also love, love, love Ali Edwards. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • I love sharing random and funny stories that I know I will love to remember in the future.

  • I love to tell stories about my job. There are so many funny things that happen either with my coworkers or customers!

  • Stories about traveling, everyday adventure and local beauty!

  • My favourite stories are those small little things that transpire either in actions or words — silly little day-to-day conversations — between my boyfriend and I. It’s these little things that day by day strengthen our bonds as we do things together, and down the road I wouldn’t want to forget these precious little things. So I usually write them down in my Moleskine, accompanied with a sketchy comic maybe, or take screenshots and bits of our online chats. =) If I’m without my journal and a pen, I’d usually just type down a small memo in my phone. It’s really fun to go through them some time later, because by then I’d usually forget the little details and words said already, and then it feels great when I can remember them later on and have a laugh, and feel my love for him swell as I remember.

  • if there is one thing i would share in this course, it woulbd this year 2013!

    every dec 31st everyone always talks about how this year was amazing and so on and so on….and it sucks but i never felt like that.

    this year however, i feel like i’ve lived!

    for once i did things and everything changed and its only the half year mark and im beyond greatful for this year already!

    i would LOVE to document this!

    im looking for a way and this would be perfect.

    not only have i done for me, but ive been able to give back.

    slowly but surely!

    this would be amazing!

    im just happy that i discovered this blog this year because i honestly feel that its helped as well!


  • Stories of funny things my kids said or did. Yeah, I’m that mama.

  • If a bad soap opera and a paranormal thriller had a baby that baby would be my life. My favorite stories to tell are the ones where I’ve run away with the circus, lived in haunted houses and had a well known eccentric musician as landlord/neighbor. The stories about strange lights over Phoenix, road trips involving 7 pound tubs of vanilla pudding and being invited for drinks by my favorite bearded comedian. The stories about drama, fate and karma all rolled together and topped off with a healthy dose of laughter and disbelief.

    Those are my favorite stories to tell.

  • Love stories are the best. My own is a long and happy road with lots of surprises still to come. πŸ˜€


  • lots and lots of stories about my children and family…but the story I love to tell the most is the one which tells how it all began…How my husband and I met while I was on vacation in Arizona Hot Air Ballooning and four days later after a few dates we were engaged and married a year later. We have now been married for 23 years…I know hard to believe. But that is my fairy Tail.

    Thanks for the Chance!!!
    Kim Bolyard

  • I LOVE Ali! I pick a new word each year to live by–this year it’s “dig.” My favorites stories come from the heart, when people dare to be vulnerable.

  • My favorite stories to tell are of any trips I’ve taken and of time spent at college . So many of my favorite memories were spent on trips with my family , and laughing and being just plain crazy with my friends at college.

  • favorite stories must be the ones from adventures, holidays and traveling!

  • Travel stories – oh, yes! Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  • I’d like to tell the story of my Grandparents. They came here from Europe in 1900. Ended up farming in Wisconsin. It’s a wonderful love story.

    P.S. I excluded my website if that was a problem in my last entry for this free giveaway. Thanks!


  • I’m 25 expecting my first little girl in just a couple of weeks. I am at the point in my life where stories about memories of how life was when I was little and past family members are what I live by. I just got a beautiful full box of old black and white photographs of my family that would make some super memorable scrapbook pages! I would absolutely love to win this giveaway!

  • I believe all stories are worth sharing. Expression of the life we live is essential to our well-being and happiness. I try to share stories as much as possible especially through journaling or other creative methods because sometimes vocalizing personal expressions can be difficult for me.

  • my favorite story is about holidays πŸ™‚

  • Life is full of stories, hard to choose. I think the story about how I won a spot in the “hello story” workshop that starts right on my birthday – will be a nice one πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance

  • I would love to tell the story of my wonderful family. πŸ™‚

  • My favorite stories are of my grandmother. Always in the kitchen, the smell of garlic on her hands and the happiest laugh you could imagine.

  • Oh my… I can think of so many stories to tell.. About my travels, my loves, my likes, falling in love, Paris, friends, stories about my work… But somehow they always get lost in my hart as sweet memories, because I find it hard to let the words find the paper… I tell my stories mostly through my camera. My writing can use a little mark up. So I would love to win a seat in Ali’s Class!

  • I want to remember every minute with my grandson so story telling would be awesome!

  • I am fascinated by love stories. I think they are the purest and most sincere essences of being human.

  • I will be travelling to China later in Septmber, and would be absolutely amazing to be able to turn this adventure into something beautiful…don’t you think?

  • my favorite stories to share are everyday stories πŸ™‚ Simple things that happened daily πŸ™‚

  • i am a letter writer and always have ben. my favourite people live all over the world so my favourite place to story share is the story of everyday in Toronto, where we sometimes spend days together–> mundane and extraordinary

  • I’d love to share stories about my loved ones. Most of the beautiful days that I’ve had are spent with them. πŸ™‚

  • trips! my favorite stories to share are trips!
    i have a notebook/scrapbook where i write down ideas and happenings, and things my friends say and i find funny, mixed with some travel journal. it’s all there, telling a story

  • Favorite stories right now is when my old high school friends get together. We have been doing this for 35 years and I’m a huge fan of Ali’s.

  • Ugh, I love this! It’s so much fun to read through the comments and see everyone’s stories πŸ™‚
    My favorite stories always seem to include cultural differences and language barriers, like the time I was in Japan with my family and my dad had to flap his arms and cluck in order to ask the clerk where the eggs were. The best part, however, was when a Japanese woman came in and we heard a rush if Japanese and then “cluck cluck cluck” from the clerk.

  • Traveling always creates such great stories, especially traveling with family (:

  • Got to be family memories I don’t want to forget. Would sooooo love to take this class, it sounds amazing! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I love the stories I live out with my family…how my husband and I met, our trip to Europe, getting engaged on a bridge overlooking the Arno in Firenze…and now, 6 kids later, all the fun things we get to do as a family πŸ™‚ would loooove to win this- thanks so much for another great giveaway!

  • I love sharing stories of new adventures and old memories πŸ™‚

  • I love to share stories about funny and random things that happen with my family and friends

  • I love scrapbooking because its a different kind of storytelling–a way to share my favorite stories and experiences (like my trips to India each year and my upcoming wedding) with not just words, but pictures, textures, mementos, anything I can stick down to a page!

  • My favorite stories to tell are always ones from my past that I don’t realize the significance of until after the fact; tiny snippets, that at the time, may have appeared as unimportant details, but once experienced and look backed on, are the moments that are shaping me into the young woman I am becoming.

    And stories about my boyfriend’s 3-year-old niece, the precocious princess.

  • Wonderful give-a-way!! My favorite stories are the stories my parents/grandparents told me about their lives as youngsters!!!

  • Currently, my favorite stories involve my three year old’s shenanigans. He is hysterical.

  • Great giveaway. I love sharing stories specially the ones about my family! πŸ™‚

  • I would love to do a scrapbook memory from my time in the philippines. I spend 4 month there in a home for abused girls and had a great time with land and people.

    I love scrapbooking and would love to participate the workshop!

  • My favorite stories to sare are our family-stories. My husband is from Turkey and I am from Denmark, so I think it is really important to tell our kids both of our family-stories.

    I’ve been looking at Ali’s workshop – it looks soooo exciting, so I’m keeping ny fingers crossed:)!

  • My favorite stories to share are ones that are not extraordinary, per se, but rather sweet moments in the mundane things in life. It is easy to forget those little details, but it is in those little details that I find such beauty.

  • I love to tell stories about everyday life. My son is now 13 and gets to relive memories of special moments we have shared.

  • i love sharing stories about the places we’ve been on trips and vacations taken over the years.

  • I have been in love with Ali Edwards’ look for over ten years! Her style is timeless and genius and I would love a chance to win her “Hello Story” workshop!

    I would share the stories from generations past as those are the ones that are whispering in my ear to get out.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • My favorite stories to scrapbook are usually travel adventures. But I’m wanting now to document the everyday bits of newlywed life–3 weeks today!

  • My favorite stories are the ones about my son. He;s only four months old, but caries so much personality, I just want to capture it all!

  • My fave story is the one where I win admission in to her class from the super cool Elsie + Emma!

  • I just want to get any story written down! Life is so busy I am not sure when you are supposed to find the time to write it all down but I think if I got even a few words every day it would be great.
    I used to keep a dairy and now I don’t and miss little things that you think are very trivial but looking back are all part of your life and interesting to you πŸ™‚

  • I love sharing stories from the past… it can feel like I’ve been with my now-husband forever, but its always fun to tell a story he’s never heard and learn something new about each other!

    Love Ali Edwards… have been following her about as long as I’ve been following you since 2003!!

  • I love the ones my grandparents tell I hope to capture as many more as I can before they pass

  • It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I love telling crazy-ex-boyfriend stories. Everyone always has a good laugh over them. And I always change the names to protect the guilty parties.

  • I love telling every day little moments in my Project Life spreads.

    Love seeing that you guys are friends with Ali! She’s my PL crush.

    xo, Nicolle

  • Oh the best stories are ones that were SO embarrassing at the time and then later you realize are just hilarious. This also goes for stories at other people’s expense.

  • I would like to start writing my stories in more detail. My favorite stories are about my day to day. Sometimes a week goes by, and without me documenting it, I would already have forgotten. Thanks for the chance to win this class. I love Ali. She is so inspiring.

  • I like little stories of big feelings! Of happiness, gratitude, and little bits of bliss. I like stories of sadness too though. That end up being about recovering, growing, becoming stronger. Shoot! I just love all of life’s stories, to be honest. πŸ™‚

  • I have been scrap booking for over 12 years now. It is always fun to learn new techniques to perserve my precious memories!

  • My favorite stories are always the ordinary, daily things about my family and life. They are precious, and I hope I never forget how magical the ordinary is. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I have so many new stories to share after the birth of my daughter 3 weeks ago!

  • my favourite stories to share are about my everyday life, with my kids, hubby and extended family. the parts of my life that make me happiest.

  • My favorite story to tell is one of a long voyage. During college I spent a summer traveling around the Mediterranean from Spain to Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. I learned more about myself and my world in that summer than I ever thought I could and made friendships that last to this day.

  • Awwwww! I’m in a long distance relationship and our stories with traveling to see each other from Philadelphia to Texas would be great to share and inspire others!

    Anything is possible xoxo

  • I love sharing stories about something really ridiculous that happened, like a trip mishap. Those are the things that can really make situations unique.

  • my favorite stories to share are those that are seemingly insignificant. : )

  • My favorite stories are the ones of adventure, big or small.

  • Favorite stories always include my love…
    my husband.
    Thanks for the chance!
    Ali is my fave!

  • I live really far away from family and friends, so I love to create books, scrapbooking pages and memories for them as gifts for the holidays so they can be a part of my world adventure!

  • My favorite stories to share are about trips I take!

  • My favorite stories are about my adventures camping with my family and about my dreams. Thank you for this giveaway.

  • I love telling stories of my past for those to remember in the future. I think old photos have such a charm we strive to accomplish today.

    P.s. LOVE BEAUTIFUL MESS APP. love it!!

  • Love sharing my new baby boys life and adventures.

  • Ah that top photo is so enticing!! I want more =) My favourite story that I’ve been meaning to document for the longest time is the six weeks I spent volunteering in South Africa. That was three summer’s ago now and I need to get on it!

  • I love sharing the stories about my pets. They are my children, and no matter what kind of day I have, they brighten my mood so effortlessly. They live such an easygoing life, and the funny things they do each day always have me assured that I am laughing enough and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

  • Love Ali! I like all stories….all about my grandchildren…and heritage stories too! Trying to include a bit of my story too as Ali suggests but could use some help there! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Switzerland – what’s not to love eh? Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!

  • Ali Edwards is awesome =) My favorite story to tell the kids at my daycare is the time when I was 4 and stuck a piece of maize up my nose and got it stuck.

  • My favorite stores to share are about travel adventures, and then the small inside stories with my sister.

  • My favorite stories to tell are the long complex ones that most people don’t care to hear me tell over and over, but they define my life!

  • My favorite stories are memories from my days in college.

  • My favourite stories are definitely the funny ones. Since my dad passed away, I’ve been remembering the good times by sharing some of the hilarious stories he’d tell me and my sister while we were growing up.

  • I’m currently talking a ‘This Is Me’ album. WHile I have lots of photos throughout my almost 32 years, I’m not a very good storyteller… Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My favorite stories to tell are just our everyday life.

  • Ooh, this class looks incredible! I love sharing stories about answered prayers and how I have seen God work things together in my life.

  • I just finished scrapbooking my freshman year of college and I would live to learn some new and unique ways to write about this past year.

  • I love telling stories about my wedding

  • Love her! I have her awesome books! I think I definitely need to tell a bit more of hubby and my story, these days I only document DIY on my blog

  • My favorite stories to share are the ones that make people laugh which are usually about funny things I observe in my daily life.

  • Love Ali Edwards! Great giveaway! My favorites stories are about our everyday life with our 3 kids and our dog. Life with them is so amazing that I really want to remember forever!!!

  • I love sharing and documenting stories about my environmental and social activism! As a professional activist and advocate, I put in so many long, grueling campaign hours– picking out all of the amazing, inspirational parts makes everything worth it!

  • Ffavorite stories include then and now… flashbacks and reflections. lovethisgiveaway.

  • My favorite stories are any that had strong emotion. Remembering something so funny that it brought “throw your head back laughter” is always great to revisit!

  • I love to share stories about funny things that happen at work. I am a teacher and kids really do say the funniest things sometimes. (:

  • I don’t have anything profound to say, I just want to capture the every day for my children so that they can remember our every day moments together. Times goes SO quickly, they are growing and will be moving onto their own lives before I know it, so to capture our stories will be something for me too. Thanks for this great opportunity xx

  • My favorite stories to share are about daily life with my special man and being creative!

  • I have been scrapbooking for years (over 12 yikes) and I always wondered who would read all of them one day and on May 6th I had my first child, a precious little girl. I now have someone to share these memories with and someone to create new ones as well. I have been drooling over Ali’s class but being out of work right now on maternity leave, money is tight and convincing my hubby to let me duo into our account for it didn’t seem right. I would love love love to win!!!


  • my favorite stories to tell are about all the fun travel adventures my husband & i had before & after we were married. we spent 11 years together before we had our child & we traveled a lot. i am so grateful for all the fun places we have been to & even though not all were the best we can now look back & laugh about it πŸ™‚

  • My little boy discovered a passion for writing books and wrote and illustrated almost 1 a week during the school year, on the first day of school his teacher wrote a note to the kids telling them they would become writers this year, I guess he got it right

  • Oh, how exciting! My favorite stories to tell are ones from my childhood. They make me feel like an adventurer! Really happy to have heard about this opportunity.

  • I most treasure my traveling stories – visiting Italy, Croatia, England or Sweden. I have hundreds of photos and I do say that “When I was in London there was this…” construction a lot! Traveling is sooo good for one’s soul! (Btw. right know I’m working on “My Blueberry Adventure” scrapbook – these are my Stockholm experiences! I’m so excited!) I also love to speak about living with my boyfriend. Since he is my first boyfriend to live with there is so many amazing memories and first-time experiences! Mostly from our cooking together – all those yummy things or not so successful ones that make good stories afterwards!

  • I simply heart our family story : with great happiness and small sadness. Thank you for the beautiful giveaway

  • i love to share the small stories that we often forget… what someone said, or that little funny event. it’s those things that are amazing in life, yet we forget them so quickly as opposed to the big events of life…

  • Probably the story of my current college life. I’m in second year at uni and things may be pretty crazy, but they’re fun as well! πŸ™‚

  • my favourite stories are the everyday ones that make up the big picture, like the building of a friendship over months. I have kept a diary of some sort since I was 11, but have recently fallen out of pattern with, this kind of workshop would be amazing to get me back on track. -Amanda

  • I just want to tell a story in my art journal/ scrapbook. I want it to be about my life, but all the time I try to do a page about my life it turns out ugly or it isn’t about my life.
    So I’ve tried keeping a normal journal, but that doesn’t work for me. So, I hope Ali Edwards can teach me how to tell stories in my journal and other work!
    I love your blog and thanks for the giveaway! <3

  • I love to share stories that make us braver.

    I don’t mean the high-profile, dare-devil kind of fare you find in papers and on the TV. I like to share the stories of friends, neighbours, people I meet on my travels who in different small ways are making courageous, creative, counter-cultural choices about how to live. They are stories of kindness and generosity, stories about trying to stay in difficult neighbourhoods and make them better, stories about inviting people into their families and making them at home.

    And this year is a new chapter for us, with our first baby due in a few months, and so our stories will be changing and growing, and I’m excited to think how our little one will be able to look back through the stories we journal and share, and see how their life was woven into something good and hopeful and bigger than them.

  • Favorite stories would be everyday life. What goes on with my family and what we all do. Thanks for the oppurtunity

  • I like the everyday moments. I think they build more character then major events. Thanks for this!! πŸ™‚

  • My favorite stories are about living in a small jungle village in Guatemala. (I hope I’m eligible for the giveaway!)

  • My favourite stories to share are the ones of all all of my friends and I at University and the adventures that we get up to. Not the typical drunken antic stories (though they are special and play a part!), the ones about how these people have not just only become my friends but what feels like family. So I would like to share stories about how this happened and how I know they will be there for life. I want to remember every detail, big and small πŸ™‚

  • my favorite stories are the ones shared over tea with my best friend, my husband. Whether we are reminiscing about the day or reliving an old tale there is something peaceful and magical about these everyday experiences.

  • Wow, what a wonderful give-away! Hmm… I love to tell stories and scrapbook, especially about my older relatives. I want my son to remember them and to know things about them that he might not think to ask at his tender age of 12. I try to include memories of my own grandparents so that he can learn something about them and to make him feel more connected to the past.

  • My favorite stories are those about my family.

  • I enjoy sharing travel stories and those about the natural world around me through writing and song. What a cool give away!

  • Embarrassing and awkward stories are always the best to share with others because it gets them laughing!

  • Would love to join together all the neat stories from our many blended families. Learning how to interpret them visually too would be fabulous.

  • I like to chronicle my life year by year with a title for each year.

  • My favorite stories lately are ones of my country life….and life on our farm. I didn’t see this coming in my life plan so it’s still a thrill to think about!

  • My favorite stories are funny ones– usually me doing something kind of dumb. =)

  • The little ones πŸ™‚ because at the time, we don’t realize that sometimes the little things are actually the big things.

  • Focusing more on the everyday – Project Life. Would love a chance to take Ali’s class!

  • I love sharing stories about our everyday life in Istanbul! I would love to be able to learn new ways to do it with Ali! thanks for the opportunity!

  • My favourite stories are the ones about my family, especially now that I don’t get to see them regularly.

  • Some of my favorite stories to tell are the ones that are changing with me everyday as my life goes on. Traveling around is one of my favorite things to do and as a US citizen currently residing in South Korea, I have had quite interesting stories, and I love taking pictures to go along with them.

  • My favorites are the “oops” in life that seem disasterous at first, but leave us with memories for life, such as the dog opening a bag of flour on the new area rug or the trek to find contact solution in a third world country.

  • My favorite stories to share are those of my children who are growing up so quickly. I love to capture the moments and seconds of their lives so that we can relive them and be enamored on how we are so blessed!

  • This is a great idea! I have so many stories to tell about my travels.
    Thank you for your blog!

  • I am so excited for this class! I love sharing everyday stories and stories of our travels. Thanks!

  • My favorite stories to share are the ones about the little things in everyday life that make me realize what a wonderful life I have.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love Ali!!!!

  • My favorite stories are hearing about when my parents were just starting their lives together! They are cute, endearing, and easily relatable because my husband and I are newlyweds in the same boat!!

  • Those everyday moments that remind me that we are all here to experience joy!

  • I work with abused and neglected children so a lot of my days are filled with very dark stories. But, amidst it all, the kids still have faces full of wonder and child-like grace. When I scrapbook, I love to reflect all of that light, innocence and beauty that I still see in the world.

  • How exciting..My favorite story to tell is about how my children have grown and there favorite things to say ..I love remembering the little things about our life..
    Thank you

  • Maybe it’s because I’m in university but my favourite stories to share are almost always fun stuff that happens in classes and with my friends. πŸ˜€ Though I’m going to Thailand for vacation in a week or so so hopefully that trip will generate some new favourite stories to tell! πŸ˜€

  • My favorite stories end up being about the every day, more than the big events. The every day has so much packed inside it, but often, it is the most hidden and elusive. It is a fun, personal challenge to search for all that goodness under the rocks of the daily-ness of life.

  • The favorite stories I like to share are of my husband and I and are first years of marriage. I started doing a 365 project so I could try to document are everyday lives of our little family!

  • My favorite stories are the ones that start with, “remember that time . . .” and end in laughingly filling the outsiders in on the crazy time two or three friends had that they hadn’t thought about in ages.

  • My favorite stories are ones about the relationships we build and how we experience each other through life’s adventures…and misadventures!

  • my favorite story is definitely the one of my year as an exchange student in europe and the traveling i did there. theres no better way to show these stories than a scrapbook!

  • Everyday details end up being the most exciting stories to remember.

  • I love telling stories about my childhood to new friends. Sharing your past is a great way to connect with people πŸ™‚

  • I love telling family stories – my baby boy hanging out with his grandpa, my husband taking his mom to see the Rolling Stones, my mom and I making traditional family recipes. These are the best parts of my life!

  • My favorite stories are about traveling: stepping out of my comfort zone and taking in all the sights and food/drink that a new location offer.

  • Oh, yay! My favorite stories right now are the conversations my 3 year old daughter has with us and her interactions with little brother.

  • I love telling the stories about my family and our life, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to “tell” them in written format. I really need some help!

  • Stories are amazingly delicate and intricate and shape our lives from the moment we are born until the last breath!!!

  • I write short stories for fun in my spare time and am even considering publishing a book of them myself that I am currently working on. Learning from a professional would be a great opportunity and help me along this journey. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love sharing stories of our two cats. It cracks me up sometimes, because my husband and I are just as giddy about sharing out cats’ cute moments as our friends are sharing about their kids. Hehe.

  • Love Ali Edwards, and would really, really, love to win this! I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 months, and I’ve gotten to know his 3 adorable little kiddos in the past 3. Right now, all I want to do is tell stories about our weekend adventures!

  • I gotta say my favorite stories are stories about my children!

  • My favorite stories to tell are stories of adventure and travel, the exciting things in life that make me remember I am alive.! ^^

  • My favorite stories to share are about traveling and ones that involve family. Great giveaway !

  • My favorite stories to tell are tbe “little” every day moments and the people I love most.

  • My favorite stories are those about my family as my kids are changing so much with college graduations, marriages, new careers . . . and it seems only yesterday that we were all under one roof!

  • I love to share the stories of me and my fiancΓ© meeting and dating. It sounds sappy, but it’s true. I can’t wait to start journaling about my future wedding and my first years of marriage living in Twentynine Palms, CA with my Marine husband!

  • My favourite stories to share are about the things I make and also about my two daughters. I’ve been wanting to go from the mere factual to the entertaining and think I can learn a lot from Ali. Thanks for the opportunity of entering this giveaway.

  • Love this!!! I’ve been really wanting to find creative ways to record stories from my childhood and adolescence to share with my 2 year old daughter as she grows up.

  • my favorite stories are the everyday moments. not big celebrations or holidays, but what espresso my husband is currently drinking, what color i painted my nails yesterday, what is currently stressing me out and what was the last song i shazamed. those are the details that i’m apt to forget and want to record so i can remember them forever.

  • I have so many stories I love to share, but most recently, my favourites are travel related stories, from any of our trips away, really! I’m in the process of making photos books for them πŸ™‚

  • I love stories that involve different generations of the family (times with grandparents, nephews, etc)

  • This sounds like fun! I love telling stories that make people laugh–even if it’s at my expense πŸ™‚

  • I love a good story. Currently I am a college student about to graduate with my English degree. My passion for stories and their impact, has led me to decide to become a Middle School English teacher!! Perspective is key when storytelling. Whether the story may be something that may seem mundane, routine, or even a brand new experience (traveling!); my favorite stories to tell are those that are particularly important to me. Whatever they may be πŸ™‚

  • I love stories to tell are about traveling! Thanks for the chance.

  • I like to share stories about my family, past and present. Scrapbooking digitally has allowed me to share these layouts with my family members. πŸ™‚

  • I would love to scrapbook just the story of this summer and the simple changes that I am going through right now…

  • I’m slowly getting back into memory keeping, and have realised that l’m not so much scrapbooker…but a storyteller. Ali’s class would be just perfect to jump start my creativity.
    I don’t think l have a favourite story to share, but l like stories that provide some context to our lives, either of the here and now….or a historical, inter-generational type. I want me daughter to have a real sense of who she is and where she’s come from.

  • I love sharing stories that my grandparents have told me. My grandma told me about a time she and her siblings snuck a truck out and had to push it past the house without starting it so that it wouldn’t wake her parents. She was a rebel πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the giveaway.
    the favorite story that i so love to tell is about my darlings precious children’s growing up process.

    as the day goes by, there’s always the wish that my time do not past so fast when i am with them. the moments of things that they have said and captured our smiles and hears.

  • Stories about random, fun finds are my favorite. Everywhere from new funky coffee shops to adorable small towns to the people I meet along a trip when I get lost (which happens quite frequently.)

  • My husband and I just celebrated our sixth anniversary and I love to tell our love stories. I would so enjoy this class! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Everyday stories of the kiddo, especially the goofy things he says!

  • My favorite stories are any about my family. Love documenting all the photos I have for future generations.

  • I’ve been sick my entire life. I’ve had over 25 surgeries, 5 being major Open Heart Surgeries. I love blogging,and sharing my story with others. Within the next 10 years, if not sooner, I’ll be needing a heart.lung transplant. My life is my story. A story that not many people can tell. I believe I view the world differently. Even though my body doesn’t let me do a lot, I have a lot to say.

  • I always have a plan in my mind to share my battle with depression as a young adult. The experience has taught me so much about life and I would let it stay with me if I had another life!

  • I would love to tell stories about the loved ones in my life- what makes them so special and what they mean to me. Also, capturing more moments that I get to spend with them. I try to remain present and grateful in my life, but unfortunately, I am horrible at capturing/documenting my blessings. I need help to learn how to do this! πŸ™‚

  • I love hearing stories from my grandparents — their stories of their childhood, their early family years… it’s always so fascinating to me. I can only hope that when I have my own grandchildren, they will find my own stories fascinating as well.

  • My favourite stories are about adventures: adventures taken on my own and with others, in New Zealand and overseas, spanning months or even a couple of hours.

  • My favourite story, that i remember most clearly, is from my trip to Alibaug — a small beach town in India. I can still remember sitting in the middle of the sea, the water coming up to my chin and the waves washing over me. It was pure bliss.


  • My favorite stories are travel stories. From India to Malaysia, New-York to Vancouver there’s so much to say!

  • My favorite stories to share are my life right now, these days my life is undergoing many changes (with many ups and downs), and I want to preserve them all. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Regards from spain!

  • My favorite stories are the trips I’ve taken with my friends, family, and fiancΓ©!

  • My favorite stories are of my shared life with my partner. He and I have been together more than 10 years, most of college, transitioning into the real world, buying a house and now starting the journey of growing our family. So many stories and so many to come!

  • amazing! i made scrapbooks for my trips abroad and camp. a great way to preserve memories

  • The story I would like to share would be stories of my niece growing up. She spends a lot of time at my place as her parents work long hours and I would like to make something that they all can treasure together. I just have not found the best way to do so.

  • Love this! I study Journalism in college and am a life time student. Would love to be a part of something that could help me grow.

  • Right now my favorite stories to tell are ones in response to my six year old twins’ questions about “when we were babies…” Of course, most of the time is a blur, so pictures help fill in the blanks! I can’t wait to put those stories together so they can look through them for years and years.

  • My favorite stories are the ones about adventures, new experiences and finding inspiration. I have traveled to Africa twice on humanitarian trips, that opportunity/story is the one I love to share most πŸ™‚

  • My favorite stories to share are the ones that make you sit back and say “oh yeah that did happen, it wasn’t just a perfect (or sometimes not so perfect!) dream! And I love when a story I’m sharing sparks the memory of someone else and they say “oh! and remember this also happened!”

  • i’ve learned with ali that our everyday stories are amazing and totally worth telling. recently i’ve lost a dog and a cat, both to cancer, and it all happened really fast. i’m grateful for the past “week in the life” albuns that i have to keep the memories of our daily lives together.
    thanks for the chance to win a spot in this amazing class!

  • I want to write down the stories that I still can remember from my childhood. Even now my sisters and I will be talking about growing up and one of us will mention something that the others had forgotten. I want to capture them before they are gone.

  • My favorite stories to tell are about my Mom who lost her battle to melanoma 2 years ago, she was such a inspiration in my life, so I love nothing more than telling stories about her especially to people who weren’t lucky enough to meet her.
    I also love telling stories about my dog Scout, who is just to sweetest little thing there ever was!

  • I would love to tell the stories of all the places I’ve traveled and lived. Now all of my pictures are just sitting on my computer and no one sees them. It would be really fun to get them organized into something I’d want to look at and show others.

  • Thanks for the opportunity for some more journaling exploration! I like telling stories about my nieces. The older gal is three and the other will be born in two months. Eek! They are my joy.

  • I just want to capture the fun my boyfriend and I are having just dating now and watching his 3-year-old daughter grow. I know this time is going to go fast and soon enough we’ll be on to bigger things. I want to appreciate the time I’m in now. We’ve also got our best friend’s wedding in a few weeks too… That’ll be one to remember as well!

  • How amazing. I love to tell stories about my sweet little 2 year old. She is the main part of my life these days so naturally …

    thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love sharing travel stories and camp stories! I’m trying to start my own scrapbooking business so this would be such a fun jumping off point for me! xoxo, Emma

  • My husband and I have a ticket stub scrapbook from all the concerts we’ve been to together since we started dating. I would love to pair that with our photos and make a scrapbook about us and all the concerts we’ve been to! It would document our relationship in a music inspired way:-)

  • What story is not good to tell? I have 4 kids…and they are all so different with different tales to tell…. this would be an awesome workshop to win! Thanks

  • My favorite stories are the ones that I’ve written in my journal when I was only 10 or 11 years old. Memories come flooding back, even though the stories are roughly recorded.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My favorite stories are the ones that are generational. By that I mean when me and my grandmother (who is such a beautiful soul) can sit down and talk about memories together… she can share ones I can’t remember because of being so young at the time or I can share moments she thought I had forgotten. Or when first cousins can get together and share hilarious stories wether it’s from over the years or maybe it’s ones that happened in our own lives, either way everyone always has something to share since the ages of that group range from 10-27

  • This is great! Ali and Elsie were the two ladies who first caught my eye when I flipped through the CK mags at my house years ago. I’d love to learn more about storytelling from Ali!

  • Every story is my favorite! Some are not always the easiest to share, but in the end every single one matters. We are who we are because of them.

  • I feel like I write down the stories of the moments where I’ve felt something change, whether a sad thing or a joyful thing!


  • Ahhhh I LOVE Ali Edwards!! I have stories coming out of my ears, but I would love to tell the story about my husband and me. I started a scrapbook for our road trip we took to where we got married, but I haven’t finished it. I would love to, though!

  • My favorite stories to tell are the ones about saying yes to adventure in my life today! I just finished my freshman year of college and want to remember what a joy college is/has been!

  • My favorite stories are the unexpected ones that happen when you step outside of your normal and discover the intricate faberge eggs that are hiding inside of other people, places, and things.


  • My favorite stories to share are from my medical school adventures, which have taken me all around the world and back! It has been a long, crazy journey, but very fulfilling πŸ™‚

  • I have just got engaged to my childhood sweetheart, I’d love to continue to tell the next chapter of our story together! πŸ˜€

  • Yay! I’d love to win πŸ™‚ My favorite stories to tell are about my husband + I’s travels. I’m also loving telling the story of being pregnant + waiting for our baby boy! β™₯

  • My favorite stories to tell are those about my random adventures with my best friends + the story of how my fiance proposed (it’s not every day he flies me to NYC for the day…and he STILL managed to surprise me completely!). πŸ™‚

  • I enjoy the stories of the past to share with family.

  • My favorite stories are the family ones, which often end up being only as funny when re-telling them to your family members.

  • I would love to share stories about all the fantastic adventures I have with my four best friends. Such memorys deserve more than a few jpegs in my “friends” folder! πŸ™‚

  • My favorite stories to share are the ones with a surprise ending.

  • I love the way Ali tells stories in her scrapbooks! My favorite stories are about my college traditions and traditions that my friends and I have created together. πŸ™‚

  • I am a huge fan of Ali Edwards. My favorite stories to share are now about my dad. Losing him October has been so difficult, talking about the wonderful times I had with him make it just a tiny bit easier.

  • I would love a spot in Ali’s class! I love sharing stories of my time with family & my cute pug & 2 cats!

  • My favorite stories to document are about daily life. Thanks for a chance to win!

  • i love telling stories of my kiddies and so love Ali Edwards

  • My favorite stories are always centered around family (especially my two grandsons) and friends–that is what life is all about!! I love Ali’s wonderful way of putting her heart into her words and pictures!

  • I have so many stories. Right now it’s about preparing to be an empty-nester… maybe. Mostly it’s trying to convey my view on things; just slightly askew from most ways of thinking. Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to be able to take Ali’s class.

  • Ali Edwards is amazing! I would so love to win a spot in her class. I love to tell the stories about when my children (who are now adults) were very young. Now I have a granddaughter & I want to remember ‘her’ stories.

  • My favorite stories to share are those of my brother and I when we were kids.

  • Every story is (or becomes) a favorite. They all matter, maybe not all at right away, but they are part of the journey. *Thanks for the chance to win, I am needing some refreshing storytelling strategies.*

  • My 18 month old gives me plenty of stories to tell. Just this morning, he learned he could push a chair up to the counter and climb up to get into the unlatched upper cabinets. Ugh! My little dare devil!

  • I’d love to share more stories about my childhood so they’re not gone forever when I am. I also love sharing the stories from my dad’s childhood. He was such an adventurer. I wish I’d written those stories down over the years. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Ali is so inspiring… Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My favorite story is the one I don’t want to forget. Big or small. Every moment counts.

  • My favourite stories are the ones from which I have learnt something. But I also love sharing stories about the silly things my kids do.

    …and I adore Ali and would simply love to take this class!

  • Favourite stories to share is the day-to-day. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Oh this is an awesome opporutnity…so many choices for favourite stories, i am so far behind I would like to get the stories of neice and nephews in books before they get married! thanks for the opportunity.

  • The stories I love to shares are the ones about my boys. Thanks!!!!!!

  • It seems that I am mostly doing travel journals lately. I love looking back at my memories of vacations I’ve had. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • My favorite stories are about my grandkids and the fun things they do! They bring such joy in my life!

  • My favorite stories to share are definitely about my family – capturing the everyday moments, things that are happening in our lives right now, that we could so easily forget otherwise. I am dying to take Ali’s class, but it just isn’t in the budget right now, so thank you for the chance to win a spot!

  • Hands-down…my family. Life is full of stories to share.

  • Love the everyday life stories..celebrating what your success is for that day, big or small.
    thanks for giveaway…I’m signed up but would love a free pass πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • My favorite stories to share at about my 5 yr old nephew. He says the most hilarious things!

  • Love this so much! You guys are awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love telling stories of everyday life…real life – childhood memories, holiday traditions – just everything. My story, my way because no one else can tell my story! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • my favorite stories to share are about my 15 month old daughter πŸ™‚

  • My stories are always about my two daughters; the memories I want to share with them, the things they did, what their lives were really like growing up. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My favorites are the everyday things that happen in life that seem so mundane, yet when I go back to read about them and life is different, the memories are so wonderful to have. Seeing the changes and time gone by, especially with my kids!

  • I would love to scrap book my mother’s wedding and give it to her as a gift!

  • First, let me say how much I love and admire Ali’s work. I’ve been following her for years now. I would love to win this class. With that being said, I think my favorite stories are to tell are the day to day stories of things said, noticed, or fun things my two little kiddos did. The stories of their lives are the most fascinating to me. I’ll never understand the mind of a child and how it works in all its wonderful creative power, but I am captured and enthralled by it. So that’s it…telling the stories of my precious boy and girl.

  • I love to tell stories of things that my kids do. Kim

  • I love to share stories about our little family’s life and adventures and the people we love. Every day things and special events and vacations, too.

  • I have many favorite childhood stories I am trying to get into my scrapbooks! Would love to take Ali’s class!

  • Oh wow…I really admire her work. She is actually the sister of a friend of mine, but we’ve never met nor does she know who I am πŸ˜‰ I have had her baby album bookmarked since I was pregnant, and as the one year mark for my twins approaches, I would love to learn how to best tell that story. It’s been quite a year!

  • I love Ali, her blog and her classes. I would love to win. My favorite story is about my Dad. We had an argument and weren’t really speaking for a few months. During one visit (we lived 8 hours apart), my Dad was playing Cribbage with my husband. He had played Cribbage most of his life. That day, he got what he called his “hand of a lifetime”. It was the highest point hand you can get in Cribbage. He sent one of my daughter’s to get me to photograph his hand and score. At that point, we both forgot about the argument. I made him a 12×12 scrapbook page and framed it so he could tell everyone.

  • I love family stories and stories from my past and stories about my kids and stories about my students. What a wonderful opportunity!

  • I love scrapbooking! I love to tell the stories of my 3 sisters and I. Hope I win!

  • My favorite stories are ALL OF THEM!! Right now, it’s the everyday details of Project Life, but I would love to go back to digging a little deeper. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My favorite everyday stories are the ones that include my family, my daughter and my horses. Love looking back on all the fond memories that I’ve created and love looking forward to new ones each day. πŸ™‚

  • My favourite stories are the silly ones of my kids.

  • My favorite stories are the everyday things…what I am thinking, the weather what I am growing in the garden how much gas, groceries and electricity cost. I do not have these stories from my family – what was Christmas like? How did you celebrate special times? What is your favorite thing to eat?
    I want those who come after me to know I thought about them!

  • My favorite stories are about the funny or thoughtful things that my son says. I don’t want to forget them.c

  • My favorite stories are the ones of my sweet boy and how empathetic and kind he is. I am blessed…

  • I like to capture the everyday stuff which makes up so many of my preschoolers memories and favourite things right now and try to record the background thoughts and feelings I associate with these moments for my girls to reflect on later in life.

  • i love telling any and all stories that show my family members how much i love them!

  • My favourite stories to share are about everyday life, funny things the kids say or do, the little things that will be forgotten otherwise.

  • The best stories are those that go past realization and take a peak into our dreams! whimsical and magical and somehow very relatable.

  • My favorite stories use to be the holidays and birthdays, but now I am getting more excited just to journal and tell the “everyday” days. The normal living.

  • I love to share stories about my funny and full-of-personality three-year-old! πŸ™‚

  • Memories about when we laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe or that time I saw a part of you that took my breath away or when we were quiet but it was so comfortable and wonderful.

  • I take “31things” from her and it was very inspirational. So I would love to win the “hello story” classes to make new experiences.

  • So happy to have a chance to win, I have been following both your blog and Ali’s for a long time! I love to tell stories about my family especially my niece & nephew who I am so close to. My favorite stories to document are the ones that surprise me and remind me of how amazing these two children are πŸ™‚ I don’t have children and won’t likely at this point so my husband and I are lucky to have them in our lives. These moments with them enjoying life are the stories that I love to tell. πŸ™‚

  • It would be lovely to start scrapbooking again. I love Ali Edwards’ style.

  • I’d document my recent sabbatical break from work which allowed me to relax and reignite my love for my hobbies. It was true therapy!

    So much love your your blog, Elsie and Emma.

  • Stories about my family, husband, son, dogs, cats and extended family. Just the little things that are going on around here. Awesome.

  • I like to tell stories that share the humour in life and also the day to day stuff that might get lost in the craziness.

  • I love sharing stories about my travels in the south of France and also stories about my dreams.

  • My favourite stories…well, all of them of course. I do write a letter to my kids at the end of each school year. I tell them how they have changed emotionally, physically and what their struggles and triumphs are. I tell how proud I am and that I am the luckiest Mom on the planet. I journal everything….but would love to have Ali’s flare.

  • I have favorite stories about each of my ten brothers and sisters. You see I’m the oldest so I was there:). Also I record the family tree so I have stories about our ancestors too. I also have very old photos, some of my great grandparents when they were young. I’m also just a beginner in the scrapping, card making, journaling world. I love to write!

  • My favorite stories to share are the stories my children make by what they’re doing or saying πŸ™‚

  • I would love to share the stories of my travels through Europe and my amazing visit to New Zealand to see my sister who lives there. I’ve been looking for a way to make a scrapbook as beautiful as the countries I have visited πŸ™‚

  • I love to reminisce about all the fun times growing up and am eager to get them written down.

  • My favorite stories to share are always about my crazy weekend ADVENTURES!!!

  • My favorite stories are about my children and the life adventures we have shared.

  • My favorite stories to share are the ones that make up all those little details that would be forgotten otherwise. Thankyou for the opportunity

  • I love sharing the funny stories and the mishaps that happen on trips! They make life so memoriable πŸ™‚

  • I’m such a sucker for scrapbooks.

    I love showing people stories of the laughter in my life. It’s wonderful to see the hilarity that shines in photographs, particularly from when my Dad experimented with a pizza oven, when my mom got caught in the rain in Manhattan, and when my boyfriend drank a little too much at a craft beer festival.

    They are the prime moments to accentuate in scrapbooks because candid smiles are what make the world go round.

  • I love all kinds of stories but I cherish stories told in a beautiful way. Storytelling is an art, no matter if done orally, through scrapbooking, or in any other forms.

  • I love sharing stories of the crazy things my children say. They melt my heart and I want to share their antics with everyone!

  • “If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go.”-Anthony Bourdain

    My favorite stories would have to be travel 100%! Travel allows a person to grow and explore new things, that maybe not everyone will get the chance to do. I love scrapbooking and think it is such a wonderful way to express yourself and keep your memories alive!

    Thanks for the giveaway chance! I would love to be able to incorporate Ali Edwards’ workshop methods for my next scrapbook!

  • I love telling or hearing traveling stories. I love to learn more about cultures and traditions.

  • That’s great! I love this one! I’m a writer and I love to write stories on my journeys! πŸ˜€ xxx

  • I’d love to have a beautiful documentation of my experience getting into and through my master’s program

  • The stories I love to share are the ones with family and friends that you never want to forget. That’s why scrapbooks and albums are so amazing, you can look through them and always be remembered of the amazing times and memories and that each picture evokes.
    Plus they are great to pass on to friends as gifts and other family members πŸ™‚

  • I am currently writing/scrapbooking the stories of my kids’ childhood (they are now 39 and 41), I’m loving the memories.

  • I love writing stories about the smallest everyday moments!

  • i love stories about family and passing them down through the generations.

  • My favorite story is about how my mom and dad met and married, rather against-all-odds. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • I like to share the everyday stories about daily life that I would surely forget if I didn’t record them somewhere.

  • My favorite stories are one’s that involve me and my mum – since this is the last year of us living together, i’m trying to grasp every little moment, every little tear of joy and even the little fights that don’t really matter. would love this opportunity!

  • I would love this class. Thanks for your generosity. My fave stories include those quirky family things with the kids and hubby that can’t be replicated. Like my husband challenging me to a huge river rock throwing contest and then clunking himself in the back of the head!! πŸ™‚ That story’s gotta be told!

  • love this!

    some of my favourite stories have to do with boys and dating and relationships… they range from funny, awesome, hilarious and tragic!

  • Oh my, I would love this. I’ve always wanted to take an online scrapbooking class!

    I would love to tell stories about my every day life, as well as about traveling in Europe and China this summer.

  • My favorite stories are those about trips and travel. A good picture always transports me!

  • My son is now 2 and starts to talk, and he just says the funniest things everyday. But I notice I tend to forget within a day or two what he said, which makes me said… I want to remember the 2-year-old cuteness forever!

  • I love telling about something dreamy and cozy. Something, that leaves me with a little smile on the inside.

  • My favorite stories are about how determined my son is to do certain things and how hard he works to achieve his goals. I would SO love this class! Thanks for the chance!

  • I love telling stories about my adventures near and far. They help me appreciate each opportunity and connect them with my boy friend who is serving in Africa with the Peace Corps. I would be so grateful to receive this giveaway!

  • The stories I love telling are those of all my trips to Belize to visit my family.

  • My fave stories are about my family and friends (and about my pets – of course!) πŸ™‚ Life is so colorful! πŸ™‚

  • What a nice giveaway. I love when you feature journaling stuff πŸ™‚

  • I LOVE Ali Edwards and love telling everyday stories

  • My favorite stories are the one I’ve shared with family and friends :)))

  • My favorite stories to share are about travelling and fun times with my familly and friends !

    Thanks for the great giveaway πŸ™‚

  • You know, working in retail, some of my favourite stories to share are the ‘adventures’ we go through with people on a daily basis. No, a bottom sale does not mean the items on the bottom rack are on sale… That really happened.

  • I’m an expat, in a multicultural marriage, living in a major city, expecting my third child in as many years. So much to tell! Would love some teaching, focus, and direction to record it all.

  • I love stories from the past–particularly if it is a memory from a family member or a friend. I love how they bring the past to life and I can hear and see and smell the story.

    When my now-teenage daughter was little, she would listen mouth and eyes wide open as her grandmother recounted something from her childhood. We called it “mouth breathing” and became entranced!

  • My favorite stories to share are about my brothers and sisters when we were growing up. I really need to start writing them down!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Tammy Davis

  • I love scrapbooking, and the favorite stories I love to tell are the simple ones that make life worth living:)

  • I always love hearing and telling stories from everyday life There is something to be said about enjoying the little moments we experience every day and all to often we don’t appreciate the wonderful things we have until they are gone

  • I love telling about my trips, this online course would be perfect to help me making my travel notebooks! I went in London with my bf a few months ago and I Want to make a journal for it So bad!

  • My boyfriend and I don’t get to take trips very often, so the few times a year when we actually get some vacation time together are so special. I try to get as many photos as I can and try to remember random little things that happened to us so we can put it in a photo album and relive it. I want to learn some more creative ways to present those trips so I am able to include more little details; my recent photo albums are starting to lose those stories.

  • The best stories are the ones that can be recalled in an instant by a single memory. The one where one picture or memento can bring the entire day, and all the thoughts and feelings associated, right back into focus. Those are the stories worth cherishing and telling.

  • Travels-gone-wrong-with-good-friends stories are always my favorites to share!

  • Love to journal about little everyday moments that I don’t want to forget.

  • My favorite stories are the little everyday moments. Lately, that has included a lot of notable things my daughter has said. She’s 2 now, and the things that come out of her mouth are so hysterical that I want to write them all down to remember them for later.

  • Wow such a great giveaway! Thank you! I think it is so important to record all the stories you can so that you can leave a legacy for your children and grand children! Even though I don’t have kids yet I am already starting to capture memories of my husband and I for our future kids!!

  • Thank you for the giveaway. I’m sure the workshop is useful and fun.

  • My favorite memories to share are the little moments in my life where I grow so much. My students after my first year teaching who changed my life forever, my wonderful husband and all of his quirks, my ever changing style and philosophies, etc. thank you for this amazing opportunity!


  • I have had a lot of friends at school.Really great friends with whom i have made sone unforgettable memories.During our farewell we all were nostalgic and saying stuff like “we’ll lways keep in touch and all that.”But afterwards everyone moved different ways and lost touch somehow.Time moved on and som of us are in universities right now.If i get the chance to win this giveaway.I’ll be making a scrapbook of those days to tell my friends “how much i miss them”……

  • Shoot! Too bad I missed this, it looks like a great experience. Still, my favorite stories are about traveling. I love being on the road and wish I could do it more.

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