At Home With Heidi Kenney

At Home With Heidi Kenney via A Beautiful MessWe are excited to welcome our pal, Heidi Kenney, on the blog today to share her fun dining area with us!

Love the vintage detailsAt Home With Heidi Kenney"Hello I am Heidi Kenney, I'm a toy & plush designer living in Pennsylvania with my husband and two boys. We live in a 100 year old home, which we love to decorate with all of our collections. I thought I've give you a peek at our dining room which is the most used space in our home."

Adorable cupcake canistersLove all the colors in these rooms"The thing that gets the most comments is our Pez case. Our friend Brett who is a way bigger Pez collector then us made the case for his own collection, once he outgrew the cabinet he sold it to us."This pez collection is so fun!"My favorite find in this space is our aqua hutch. I had been looking for a cabinet to house my Santa collection which stays out year round. I found this piece at a thrift shop for $35. I painted it the aqua because some of the wood wasn't in the best shape, and a few pieces had been replaced with laminate. But I'm really happy with how it turned out."

Year-round santasSweet dining area"This is where we eat all of ours meals, play board games, and where the kids work on their homework. I have a "crafternoon" get together once a month and then this space is slightly transformed with added tables and chairs to accommodate everyone."

At Home With Heidi Kenney via ABMHeidi Kenney's extensive toy collection"We have lived in our home for about six years now. This is the first home we have owned, so we really love it. Since my husband and I are both collectors who love antique shops the space has changed as we find new items. and let go of items. A lot of our most favorite things stay the same, but I joke that we play Tetris with moving furniture around a lot whenever we find a beautiful old cabinet we can't leave behind."

So many fun details!Heidi Kenney's lovely dining areaThanks so much for sharing your space with us, Heidi! You can stop by and say hello to Heidi over at her blog My Paper Crane! xo.