Our (Switzerland!!) Honeymoon Video

Trey and I are both able to take videos using our cameras (Canon 60D and Rebel t2i), so we decided to try and capture a few little clips while on our honeymoon. But please keep in mind being "able" is not the same as being "good at". I'd like to say we were just way into the Jason Bourne movies, but nope. We've just got really shaky hands, I guess. πŸ™‚ I'm really glad we decided to go for it anyway, because (1) we had so much fun shooting it, and (2) now we have this short little movie memento from the trip.Trey in Switzerland!!!Emma in Switzerland!I love the thought that maybe we'll show this video to our kids some day (and in case you're curious, no, I am not pregnant). Anyway, I feel like this shows a different side of the trip than the photos capture. You can see our iPhone photos of Switzerland here, and we'll definitely be posting the rest of our SLR photos soon. xo. Emma (and Trey)

Song in the video is "Up in the Business" by our friends Dragon Inn 3.

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