It’s time for an e-course sale: everything 25% off!

E-Couse Sale over at abeautifulmess.comHi friends! The time has come for a big e-course sale! We're offering 25% off all our e-courses

Here's the discount code: HAPPYAUTUMN (This is case sensitive, be sure you don't add a space before or after the discount code) 

You can get more info and shop all our e-courses here

A few announcements about our e-course program:

*Did you know you can download each course as a PDF? We added this feature to all our e-courses this year, because it was requested so often by students. Even though the courses never expire, you do need internet in order to access them. Unless you print them! A little warning though: The courses are pretty long. We tried to create files that presented the courses unabridged, but as condensed as possible. But if you do plan to print make sure you have enough paper and ink. 🙂

*We will be revamping our e-course program in 2014. We are super excited about this! We will be creating new editions (with new information) of many of our most popular courses. So if you'd like to take the current version now is a great time to buy, because they won't be available too much longer. Plus they are on sale! 🙂 We have a lot of new plans for our digital publishing program. We're excited to share more details with you in the future! xo. Emma and Elsie

(Even though we may not be selling the current editions of our e-courses in the future they will still be available to past students. As long as you have your log in details you will always be able to access your course. If you ever have trouble accessing a course please email us: support AT redvelvetart DOT com)