25 Vegetarian Friendly Dishes

Baked macaroniIf you’re a vegetarian (or just enjoy eating meat-free from time to time), it can sometimes feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick when it comes to delicious meal options—but not today! We’ve gathered 25 of our favorite vegetarian friendly recipes (like Emma’s favorite baked macaroni).Breakfast baked potatoesStart your day off right with a twice baked potato.Baked friesCraving a late night snack? Try these brown sugar baked fries.Edamame burgerIf you’re craving a burger, give this spicy edamame burger a whirl.Baked risottoDoesn’t this baked risotto look delicious?Pea soupHow about some pea soup on a chilly fall day?Farro saladTry a farro + kale salad to rock your salad world!Accordion potatoesTry some accordion potatoes with rosemary and garlic as a side dish with dinner tonight.Brussels sprout chipsCraving chips? These brussel sprout chips will hit the spot.Mushroom burgerYum! Portobello mushroom burger!Curried pumpkin soupLet this curried pumpkin soup feed your fall pumpkin craving.Cheese fondueCheese please! Have some Newcastle fondue.Falafel!If you ask me, this falafel is fa-wonderful.Homemade pastaMake your own colorful pasta from scratch!Fried picklesMake your mouth water with these fried pickles + spicy dill pickle mayo.Mini quicheHow cute are these mini-quiches?Mushroom gravyWake up to buttermilk biscuits with mushroom gravy.Mushroom soupKeep the soup train rolling with this mushroom + farro soup.Spicy baked edamameSpicy baked edamame make a great afternoon snack.Pumpkin risottoStill need more pumpkin? This pumpkin risotto is just what you’re looking for.Thai styled green beansThese Thai style green beans have the perfect amount of spice.Vegetarian dumpling soupWarm up your fall months with this Asian style dumpling soup!Sweet potato soupShow sweet potatoes a little love with the Spicy Chipotle Potato Soup.Veggie chiliExplore a few options with the vegetarian chili: 3 ways.Strawberry saladOr keep it light, sweet and fresh with this strawberry balsamic vinaigrette.

Do you have any go-to vegetarian recipes? xoxo. Emma + Elsie

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