Elsie’s Project Life Updates

1Hi guys! Just wanted to share a few updates of scrapbook pages I've been making. This first page is from when Emma and Trey got engaged!

22Here are some memories from Emma's bridal shower. I had fun using the numbered card to jot down 10 little moments and memories from that day. 

Here are the links to the Project Life things that Emma and I designed- Sunshine Edition Core Kit, Sunshine Edition DividersSunshine Edition 12×12 Papers. 

54I'm working on getting my photos organized to do a massive six year catch-up scrapbook weekend. My goal is to get all of our memories since Jeremy and I first met (including the wedding!) into albums this winter. 

6I'm really excited about the 12×12 papers that we designed. They have major DIY potential. I'm thinking about using them as mats to frame a series of photos. What would you use them for? 

More soon! I'm so happy that I caught the scrapbook bug again! xo. elsie 

ps. Look at this adorable Project Life Party that my pal, Candice, created with some of our cards!