Emma’s October Wishlist

CollageHere's my winter dilemma: cold weather makes me want to LIVE in sweatpants. It's cold, and I just want to be comfy. And, even though it's not quite winter yet I'm already starting to grow my pj collection. Which is probably not good. So to combat this sweat pant addiction this year I'm trying to find a balance with comfy pieces that still look kind of dressed up. Like leggings and big sweaters or t-shirts with skirts and tights. I'm trying. This month I am also spending some extra time in my kitchen. Warm ovens make great companions during the chilly evenings, so why not bake something? And, in just a few short weeks it will be time for my very first half marathon run! I've been training for a few months now (I'm NOT a very good runner). Here, at the end of training the runs start to get pretty long, we're talking a couple of hours sometimes. I often listen to audio books while running and I recently downloaded the new Jim Henson biography to (hopefully) distract me during the miles. What about you? What changes has October brought your way? xo. Emma

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  • I know exactly what you mean- I’m always on the hunt for cute tunics or oversized shirts to wear with leggings during the fall and winter. Jeans are only for special occasions or outings 😉

    And I’m totally obsessed with audiobooks. They are the only thing that got me through training for my half marathons too. They are also great for entertaining yourself while cleaning or driving. I can’t live without audiobooks now.

  • I am excited for you to run your first 1/2! There is something about having a few hours to yourself, even though you may be in pain and pushing yourself, it’s still pretty great to have the for sure uninterrupted time to do your very own thing! I ran my first 1/2 last year and fell in love with the distance. I have not tried books while running…I may give that a go!

  • I’m just getting back into working out and have been doing run/walks on the treadmill. I am using an app called “zombies, run” that I love. It mixes a storyline with your playlist of music for “Missions”. Definitely distracting and a great change for my workouts.

    Fall is my favorite season! I want some new boots and a cute fall bag. Oh and some cute sweaters to layer over jeans. I need new jeans too….

    Happy October!

  • If you can run 2 hours and not die, you ARE a good runner… I tried and could just get to 20 minutes… with pauses… 🙂 go get that half!

  • i feel ya! i still get dressed up to go out, for class and other appointments, but as soon as i get home, the leggings and sweatpants come out!

    good luck with the marathon! i’ve started to run more regularly as well, and although i’m not the best runner, i really enjoy it, even during the colder weather! i’m also giving yoga a try today, to further my exercise plan this month 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • I’ve found that tights and a long sleeved tricot dress is a perfect substitution for sweatpants, at least for me. Soft, comfy and stretchy.

  • You said. You said you would keep us updated.
    I’m not mad that it’s delayed. I’m mad that you won’t speak to me about this.
    It’s not me, it’s you.
    You committed to this. You said you would. You said.

  • Don’t you feel great after running? It feels sooooo great for me. And also listening to something like audio books while running is great way to distract urself! When I was on a diet i listened to very fast music and It made me excited so I could make one hour running by myself even everyday! And I found out I lost 30 pounds in three months 🙂 running should be fun!! Enjoy!

  • Good luck with all of that running! You go, lady! As always, I love every single thing here and I’m sad that I don’t have it already.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • Are you talking about the Android app? If so, it’s still coming soon and in final stages of testing. I’m sorry if you haven’t heard any updates from us- feels like all I’ve been talking about (and answering questions about) on Instagram and Twitter lately!
    Thanks for understanding. We hate delays more than anyone, I promise. When we have an exact release day we will be shouting it from the rooftops!!! Thanks.

  • Love this list, but just a suggestion on listing out the links at the bottom. Can you please put an extra space in between the links, they were difficult to tap on my iPad. Thanks!

  • Love the t-shirt and backpack! Gorgeous picks 🙂

    Eve & Faye x
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  • Bahhhh hahahaha I am wearing sweatpants AS I TYPE!!!! I know the cold weather sweatpant addiction all too well … and I work from home so it makes it even worse! Although last winter I attempted to combat the sweatpant dilemma with the same strategy; leggings and comfy oversized tops. It really does help! 😉



  • i am a huge muppet fan and am so looking forward to when class readings settle down a bit and i can read the jim henson book! i work at a bookstore and it’s just been staring at me!

  • I saw those boots the other day and want them SO badly! I was meant to run a half marathon last weekend but had to stop training months ago due to injury… best of luck!!

    Jodie Marie, à la Jode

  • I always love your favorite things list! As a nurse I hope that better Breast Cancer Awareness is also on people’s favorite things list! I’m a novice at social media and wasn’t sure how I might share with you how I used your neat photo app to make an acronym reminder for my patients on basic breast care health, so I hope you don’t mind if I share it with you here. Thanks for what you do to help us all fell happy and healthy! Here’s to “Thinking Pink”!


    Sincerely, Mary Wilding

  • I try to make myself go for a run as soon as I get home from work otherwise I get too settled into my house and I don’t want to go out again!

    Instead of just wearing tunics or long sweaters with tights, you can also wear your favourite dresses and skirt/shirt combos too. If you don’t like the feel of footed tights, you can wear footless tights with your preferred socks and hide the intersection with a pair of boots, leg-warmers or wear long socks like knee-highs and slouch them down, (or not as the case may be).

    For some interesting ideas of how to wear tights with socks or leg-warmers on top (that don’t scream 80s), check out http://www.tabio.com The Japanese site has more ideas than the English or French portal – if you just randomly click you’ll find stuff.

  • Well, we’re moving next weekend, so that’ll be a big October change. I can’t freakin’ wait. P.s. LOVE those boots you picked!

    xo Ashley