Try This: Color Block Mood Board

Try This : Color Block Mood Board Hi, it's Rachel! One of the first projects I knew I wanted to incorporate in my newly repainted studio basement was a mood board to display inspiration for the many projects I have planned in the coming months. In the past I've used a collection of clipboards screwed into the wall, the inside doors of a wardrobe, and even a generic cork board, but this time I wanted something portable that made a statement all by itself. All it took was a few inexpensive supplies and a little over an hour to create a strong focal point for my new space.

Try This : Color Block Mood Board (steps)1. Supplies: A piece of MDF that I had cut down to about 4' x 2.5'. You can use pre-cut hardwood but you will need to sand it for a smooth finish. Acrylic paint in two or more colors, washi tape, a 4" wide paintbrush or small roller for a smoother finish, paper towels or cardboard to protect your floors and walls. 2. Starting with a clean surface, paint your first coat. You may or may not need to add an additional coat depending on the kind of acrylic paint you use. I had to dilute mine with water for a smoother finish. Wait for that to dry. 3. Tape off your design. I originally wanted to add polka-dots or crosses in gold, but it wasn't showing up well so I went another direction. I taped off a triangle shape that was centered slightly above the middle of the board. 4. I then added two coats of my lighter color making sure not to paint over the tape line. Had this been my original plan I would've painted the lightest color first and then added the darker color second. Wait for it to dry and then remove your tape.

Try This : Color Block Mood BoardI love how much color it adds to this space. If you wanted something a little more neutral you could easily go with black chalkboard paint, black and white stripes, or polka-dots. It keeps the background interesting without being too distracting to see what you've added to your board. It's a renter-friendly project since it doesn't need to be hung on the wall, but I would suggest taking care to secure it if you have small children in your space. 

Try This : Color Block Mood Board  Use washi tape and push pins to adhere your photos, magazine pages, and random inspiration. Do you use a mood board in your home or office? Do you change it up according to seasons or whenever inspiration strikes? xo.Rachel