Sister Style: Midwest Is Best

1111Emma + Elsie's Top 10 Reasons Why Midwest is Best: 

1. We have all four seasons… and only one of them sucks. 
2. Houses are dirt cheap. God knows we like houses. πŸ˜€
3. You almost never have to parallel park. 
4. People have accents, kind of… well not to us, but we've been told. 
5. There's never a line at the airport. 
6. Country cookin', hashbrowns, BBQ and the list goes on…
7. Life changing flea markets. 
9. People wave when they drive by. 
10. Everyone is REALLY into decorating their yards for the holidays. 

We love traveling all over, but the midwest is most definitely the best! 

Emma's Wearing: dress/ASOS, tights/Target, shoes c/o BC Footwear, cardigan/American Apparel, hat/UO and necklace/gift from my husband. 

5555Elsie's Wearing: Jacket/Shop Sosie, Jeans/Jessica Simpson, Necklace/Her Silver Lining, Purse/The Limited, Moccasins c/o Minnetonka

xoxo! Emma + Elsie 

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