December Daily Week 2

December Daily (week 2)Hi guys! Ready for week two of #decemberdaily? I felt torn this week. I was sick with a bad cold for most of the week and I didn't take even ONE slr camera photo. I was bummed when I realized this yesterday. But on the other hand, I'm happy with how much of our life was still documented with the good ole iPhone and almost no effort! 

Here are my pages from this week:

1My sister-in-law brought her camera to Jeremy's parent's home last week for a family portrait. This is so special for us to have and will probably end up being our favorite page in the book in future years. (Thanks Katrina!)

22Decorating gingerbread houses with our niece and nephews was my favorite moment from last weekend. It was actually REALLY hard to get the houses to stick together, but they had fun! 

44Jeremy was pleased when I showed him that Waffle House earned a full page photo this week. :D 

66Last night we had our annual holiday party. It was SO much fun. All of the photos I have were dark iPhone photos with weird lighting but that's ok! I left that last little spot to journal on. I realized that my journaling is a little more comfortable and candid when I write it as something that just Jeremy and I will see.

8Thanks for taking a look at my progress for the week. My goals for the coming week are to take some slr camera photos. Maybe try to capture our holiday decor at home and an outing or two. My bestie Rachel is coming to stay this week. I can't wait!! How was your week? xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson