Elsie’s 2013 Favorites

Elsie's room tours 2013You guys! This post is so daunting for me to write! 2013 was an incredible year! There are so many things that happened, so here's a list of my personal and professional (and completely random) highlights.

I enjoyed reading Emma's favorites and the reader favorites, so when it came time to make my own roundup I felt like maybe I'd just be repeating the same list of post… but nope! We blog a lot. So much that when I look back at it in a post like this, I'm with all of you who are like, "how the heck??"

First of all, I loved getting to share my first few room tours this year! (Above: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Laundry Room). But I also got to work on so many fun projects in 2013. Here are my favorite posts that I wrote or worked on in the past year. These projects were fun to create, and I've enjoyed them daily ever since! Elsie's Favorite DIY Projects in 2013The corner gallery wall. I had so much fun creating this black and white corner in our upstairs living room. I had a lot of fun collecting and creating that art as well as choosing black and white photos to print. 

DIY Instax Wall Paper. This was a crazy idea. It worked and we have enjoyed it for just about a full year now. Its days are now numbered though, because I have a new vision for that little room. Nothing lasts forever in my house! But I do love it a whole bunch, so it's bittersweet. I'll always have the pictures. 🙂Elsie's Favorite DIY Projects in 2013  The Clementine Wall. I love when people ask us where we found this wallpaper, because it's hand stamped. It was one of the more risky projects we tried because it's so large scale, and I honestly didn't know if it would turn out or we'd have to restart with a new idea. So happy with the result! It gave our kitchen that little somethin' I didn't even know it needed! 

Guest Room Cart. This project is the gift that keeps on giving because I LOVE filling it with treats every time we have guests, which has been often. I love that it makes people feel special and at home when they come for the weekend.Elsie's Favorite DIY Projects in 2013 Mudroom Organization. Not many spaces look the same season after season around here, but this little nook is going strong. It was the perfect storage solution for a few of our things and a space that would have likely been left bare otherwise. 

Skull String Art. My favorite DIY art this year was this skull string art. I stored it very carefully and can't wait to pull it out again next October.Favorite cocktail recipes of 2013I made a lot of cocktails this year. Choosing two is nearly impossible. I had a lot of fun with the Cinnamon Mai Thai. It's like a beach vacation in a glass. My favorite savory cocktail is the Wasabi Bloody Mary. Runners up are the Apple Flower and the Moscow Mule, since it was our most frequently made party drink. 

Travel in 2013We traveled all over this year. It was fun, exhausting and beautiful all in one. We felt lucky and it was fun to meet so many of you along the way!A Beautiful Mess AppA Beautiful Mess AppOur App! It's a crazy story, really. What started out as a, "Hey, I wish there was an easy way to put arrows on my Instagram photos" turned into one of the craziest and most exciting adventures our small biz has ever taken. I'm so thankful we took the leap.

Our app made #1 paid app the first week of it's release, and we just found out it made the list of the iTunes top paid apps of 2013! We'll always remember this as "the year of the app".A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea BookOh yea- we wrote a book too. ((Totally kidding, of course!)) Starting a publishing career has been a long term goal of ours. We were so thrilled to release our first book together this past August. 

Crazy as it may sound, during the same month we were promoting and celebrating this book's release we were also turning in our second manuscript.

We'll sleep when we're dead.Elsie + Emma Elsie + Emma On a random personal note: My favorite television shows this year were The Mindy Project and Scandal, and I guess it goes without saying that my biggest girl crushes were on Mindy Kaling and Kerry Washington (LOVE!!!). My favorite album this year was Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin's Fly by Wire (and my favorite song was Harrison Ford). My favorite food was brussels sprouts with bacon and my favorite cocktail (to order out) was an Old Fashioned. ♥ 

Thank you SO MUCH for reading A Beautiful Mess this year. It was so intense and went by so fast, but at the same time it feels like we lived two years in one! Love you guys… Elsie 

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