25 Healthy Recipes for the New Year

Brussels sprouts chipsWe don't know about you but we may, or may not (we'll never tell!) have overindulged in a few too many holiday treats. Now it's time to seek out some, still delicious, but maybe a little bit more healthy recipes to enjoy. First let's talk snacks. We love these baked brussels sprouts chips.Apple chipsTry these baked apple chips. Delicious!Edamame snackThe flavor of these baked parmesan and wasabi edamame is out of this world.Sundried tomato hummusWe lovingly nicknamed this hummus, pizza hummus. Yep. Try this, you're gonna love it. Avocado saladHere's three ideas for a filled avocado saladBanana chipsTry these sweet and salty baked banana chips.Beet hummusFeeling adventurous? Try this beet and goat cheese hummus.Veggie burgersWhat about something more substantial? Try a spicy edamame burgerStrawberry salad dressingWe love the bright flavors of this strawberry and balsamic vinaigretteBeet saladApparently we are a little bit beet obsessed. But that's ok, right? Love love this warm beet saladVegetarian chiliIf you're needing to warm up this winter try one of these vegetarian chilisBrussels and quinoaOne of my favorite fast (and health) dinners is this brussels and quinoa saladGinger dressingWe love this fresh ginger salad dressing.Baked friesNeed a healthy side dish alternative? Try baked french friesBasil + persimmon saladTry this basil and persimmon winter salad. Thai styled green beansOne of my favorite, non traditional side dishes are these thai inspired green beansBlack bean soupHere's another awesome dinner option for the cold winter months: black bean soupCitrus saladFor a lighter option we highly recommend this citrus salad.  TilapiaWe love fish at our house and one of my very favorite options is this pecan encrusted tilapia. Yum!Sushi saladGetting bored of salads? This one is super different and delicious: sushi saladBerry smoothieA fun breakfast option is smoothies! We love this triple berry smoothie.Baked fruitHere's a few ideas for baked fruit. This could be an awesome breakfast or a lighter dessert option.Green apple smoothieHow about a green apple + spinach smoothieCoffee shop oatmealIf you're in a hurry try making this coffee shop inspired oatmeal.  Infused waterMake it a goal this year to drink more water. And when it gets boring try making your own infused water with your favorite flavors. 

Have a happy and healthy New Year!