Winter Sports

Emma and trey. Emma and trey.  Emma and trey   Trey and emmaEmma and treyAs I look through these pictures I keep thinking that it's almost exactly one year ago that we were taking our engagement photos in the snow. I guess snow pictures are kind of a thing for us. I think we're going to try to do it every year. Trey is a cold weather kind of guy. I'm… getting in to it. πŸ™‚ (I'm kind of a summer/beach girl though!) Trey is actually taking me skiing next month for Valentine's Day. I'm pretty excited/nervous. I've never been skiing before. I've also never been ice skating. I'm a pretty clumsy person and until recently (the last two years) I really wasn't into anything fitness-y. I'm happy that has been changing. And I'm also excited to learn to ski (I plan to take lessons) and try out something new with my man. I'm also very excited to try and take photos up on a mountain. That was one of my favorite things from our Switzerland honeymoon

Emma's Wearing: hat/UO, hoodie/H&M, coat/thrifted (originally from NY&Co), shirt/F21, jeans/James Jeans, boots/Hunter, gloves/Wal-mart.

Trey's Wearing: coat/Topman, hoodie/H&M, jeans/UNIQLO, boots/Frye, gloves/Drop
Emma and trey Trey and emma  Emma and trey  Some time in the next week or two, Trey's gonna have to take me ski clothes shopping. I love layers, but I don't have any of the right kind of clothes to stay warm up on a mountain. That'll be a fun date night. I imagine it will be like, "Hey honey, which of these giant puffy pants look better on me?"

Romance.Trey and emma   So, so lucky to get to have our portraits taken by our good friend Katie Day. She is an absolute blast to work with. I admire any photographer who doesn't complain at all during a snow shoot. I think it was like -8Β°F that day (glad we don't live more north!). Good sport. You da best Katie!

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman and Trey George, Photography: Katie Day