Leather Fringe Heart Tapestry

Leather Fringe Heart Tapestry abeautifulmess.comI know it's hard to believe, but some people are not into fringe (gasp!). I am for sure not one of those people since I'll take fringe on just about anything. Boots, bags, jacketsβ€”bring it on! I just love the way it swings around when in motion, but even when it's not swinging it still has a sense of movement to it. I thought it would be fun to mix some leather fringe into the current tapestry trend and see what I could come up with. Here's the result:Leather Fringe Heart Tapestry abeautifulmess.com     Supplies: Leather (real or faux), fabric scissors, rotary cutter, metal ruler, cutting mat, yarn, yarn needle, metallic marker, craft paper, 3/16" gold eyelets3/16" leather round punch3/16" eyelet setter and anvil, drill, wooden dowel rod, string, leather glue

1. Cut a rectangle of leather that is 20×12. 2. Fold the top 2" over the back of the leather and sew across the bottom of the fold to create a pocket that you can slide the dowel rod into at the end of the project (make sure to use a leather needle on your sewing machine). 3. Cut your heart shape out of craft paper and trace the shape with a metallic marker (or any other marker that will show on dark colors) on the back of your leather (position the heart top about 4" from the top of the tapestry). 4. Use a ruler to make several evenly spaced lines within your heart so you can see where the holes for the eyelets should be placed. Use a round punch and a hammer to make holes at each of your marked locations and add a few holes in the middle of your heart as well. 5. Place your eyelet into the hole with the wider side on the right side of the fabric. Lay the fabric right side down (with the eyelet anvil under the eyelet) and place the eyelet setter on the top opening of the eyelet. Hammer the eyelet setter until the back of the eyelet mushrooms out and your eyelet is secured. 6. When all your eyelets have been installed, thread the yarn into a yarn needle and sew through the eyelets until you have sewn the outline as well as the horzontal lines of the heart. Once those lines are sewn, sew through random holes and cross over your previous lines in order to complete the heart. Leather Fringe Heart Tapestry abeautifulmess.com      7. Make a horizontal line across the back of your leather that is 2" below the bottom of your heart. Measure every 1/2" along that line and mark each segment. Use a metal ruler and the rotary cutter to cut 1/2" long fringe that goes from the horizontal line to the bottom of the leather. Once your 1/2" pieces are cut, cut those pieces in half so you end up with 1/4" fringe. 8. Cut another piece of leather that is 12"x12". Mark another horizontal line an inch from the top of this piece and repeat the steps to create 1/4" fringe. Once your fringe is cut, use leather glue to attach your new fringe to your main piece. Glue the new fringe just above where the fringe starts on your main piece of leather and allow the glue to fully dry. 9. Cut your dowel rod to 16" and use a drill to drill 1/8" size holes into both sides of your rod. 10. Tie string into both ends of your dowel rod and you are ready to hang your tapestry!Leather Fringe Heart Tapestry abeautifulmess.com  Leather Fringe Heart Tapestry abeautifulmess.com Leather Fringe Heart Tapestry abeautifulmess.com   I really like the hard/soft combo of the tapestry with its light pink heart created by hard geometric angles and the tough leather cut into long flowing fringe. I think it fits my personality pretty well, and it looks perfect grouped with these adorable postcard prints. So, if you're now hooked on fringe, throw one fist into the air and cry "fringe for life!" xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman

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