Reader Survey Time! (Survey Closed)

Reader surveyHey friends, guess what? It's reader survey time. It's been over a year since we checked in with you. There's a lot we don't know, and we can't wait to find out!

The ABM reader survey is about 30 questions long and all multiple choice. So it takes about 3 minutes to complete. We swear. πŸ™‚ The survey is completely anonymous.

THANK YOU DISCOUNT: At the end of the survey we included a special 20% discount code you can use at the A Beautiful Mess Shop. Just to say thank you for taking time out of your day to tell us more about you.

After you take the survey you might think, "Hey, I have something else I'd like to say." Or you might have a post idea or blog feature you'd like to see. Some of our best blog feature ideas have come from you! Please feel free to leave us a comment with any thoughts you might have. We'd love to hear from you. 

Thank you! -The ABM Team

Whoa, thousands of you responded! Thank you so much for your input. We had to close the survey, so we can start reviewing the results. We'll share some highlights in the next couple days. If you wanted to participate and missed out, feel free to add to the comments.

  • Just did the survey! Excited to see if you’re doing any projects you’re hinting at πŸ˜‰ Question though,
    For the discount code, is there an expiry date? I’m hoping on using it to take the Blog Love course in April!

  • I think the shop link might be wonky, since it’s re-directing back to the survey. Just thought you ought to know! πŸ™‚

  • I completed the survey, but didn’t see a discount code. The screen said “ABM Reader Survey!” and “Survey Complete” only. Help?

  • Just emailed you. It actually shows up as the last “question” of the survey, once you’ve completed it, but before submitting your answers.

    The code is in your email box, or you can click back to the survey and scroll down to the last question.

    Thanks for participating!

  • I just want to say that I like the video’s (diy, travelling…) a LOT! And I love reading more scrapbooking & home decor ideas (can’t wait for the new book!!). Plus more ‘behind the scenes’ would be very cool :-)!

  • Hi ABM ladies,
    I’m a longtime reader who rarely comments, but I just took the survey and LOVE the ideas I saw there. I have a Birchbox subscription and am looking to find a different one for the next six months- a stationary subscription would be awesome! I can’t ever resist the stationary in the dollar spot at Target, so I already have more than I need, but if included things like sticky notes and grocery lists and small notebooks, as well as cards and envelopes, I would for sure be into it!
    I would also love to see more fiber crafts on the blog. Sewing and embroidery, especially! I follow Rachel and Katie and have for years, and use Rachel’s quilting tutorials and the modern patchwork e-course, but maybe you could do some posts about pattern drafting and how to get into sewing your own clothes.
    Anyway, thanks for doing what you do. I’m so glad to have been a part of this blogosphere for so long, and am really impressed with what you all have done with your business. <3

  • Hooray! Just finished the survey – thank you for the code! I personally love all the “behind the scenes” and just your daily life πŸ™‚ Y’all are fab and I’m excited to see what new adventures you go on!

  • “Favorite Justin Timberlake album” – haha. you just made my day!

  • One suggestion I have for your blog is to get someone to proofread your posts or do a more complete job at doing so. Some posts are filled with more than one typo. This is distracting to many readers and it makes this blog seem unprofessional. If you truly are a million dollar business, there is no excuse for publishing posts with typos. I understand that it sometimes happens. We are all human, but I think that is an area you could improve.

  • I would like to see more of the more heavy duty DIY such as your new table in your office or the table Emma made for her house. I also really like reading about your buying decisions on products – I just purchased a home and buying things like blinds and fixtures is pretty daunting. Also, the monthly subscription box is an AWESOME idea – I’m almost mad I took the survey because of the suspense of having to wait! Love your blog! Keep up the good work ladies! πŸ™‚

  • I love reading your blog from France (you forget to ask from what country we are).

    Thanks a lot for all your beautiful work !


  • Keep up the great work ladies! But please, to make your site and your business appear more professional, hire an editor. The typos are cringe-inducing for a blog of your size and popularity!

  • I just thought about a question that I think was missing! I believe that location could be interesting for you to know, since you have readers from all over the world. Since I’m not a US resident, that affect the other answers too (like the product questions). Just a thought! πŸ™‚

  • Well. This is something IΒ΄ve been thinking about for a long time.
    You have, through your blog a huge platform from which you can make an influence on a lot of people. In my book this means you have a big responsibility. Every now and then I react strongly to the choices you make.
    I know this blog focuses a lot on consumption; buying things, consuming materials in different ways. But I really think you all are talented enough to make eco-friendly choices more often. I donΒ΄t even want to think about how many plastic bottle cleaners were bought before christmas and how many litres of bleach were poured through drains all over the world to make your christmas trees, this last christmas. Endorsing scampi is another problem, just to name a few.
    I donΒ΄t mean to be spiteful, IΒ΄m not perfect either but this is something IΒ΄ve been missing on your blog – a “green” perspective.
    Thank you!
    (excuse my english)

  • I just completed the survey, but I thought I’d add that I love your business related posts — building a business, success stories, business ideas that you pursued and then decided to abandon because they weren’t working, struggles you’ve encountered, how you’re growing, when you knew it was the right time to hire a staff (and how you knew you could afford it) etc. I’ve always found your business & behind the scenes posts very motivating!

  • Hi Holly, thanks for the comment and taking the survey! Believe it or not, we actually have multiple people read through posts multiple times before publishing and HATE it every time a typo makes it through.

    That said, we’ve actually got an official proofreader that started a couple weeks ago. Her name is Kimber, and she is the BEST. Hopefully, you’ll notice some improvements, though I’m sure we’ll still make mistakes.

    Thanks again for reading and participating!


  • This is without a doubt my favorite blog. It helps give me a little daily burst of color and inspiration during my time at my boring day job. That being said some days/weeks/months this blog feels a little more connected to the audience than others. I think it is amazing that you guys are fearlessly delving into all kinds of new and exciting projects, but I think when you are distracted by other projects it shows in the quality of this blog. I guess I just hope that as your business grows, you won’t sacrifice quality for quantity. On the topic of quality- Mandi is doing an amazing job helping to pick up the slack with the DIYs. I can’t remember Elsie/Emma really ever acknowledging or introducing her (other than just linking back to her blog)the way they did with Laura. How about some contributor bios ladies? Thanks

  • I would love if some of the posts are international user friendly. For example for scrapbooking you guys use project life and album with specific size pockets (not sure what is it called). These things are impossible to find in India and super expensive to order online from US. I would live to see if there are more ways of scrapbooking without being dependent on these albums..
    On a side note, I totally love your blog and the best feature is the book club.. πŸ™‚

  • Hi there,

    I have been a reader for more than a year now and I really enjoy it.
    I didn’t get to do any DIY projects because the supplies you talk about are mostly American and it’s a hassle to find an equivalent in France.
    I did however complete food and cocktail recipes, even though finding the metric system conversion of ‘cups’ isn’t easy. I get kinda frusted because I am pretty sure I never had the right proportions, but it still turned out well most of the time πŸ˜‰

    I really admire your work and the way you got there, building a solid business by doing what you liked. Reading your journey was very inspiring and boosting !

    Merci beaucoup !


  • I would love a weekly “behind the scene”-post. It`s so fun when you post non-staged pictures from the ABM-team on Instagram. Its always nice to see something real and “not perfect”. That said, I love the the professional, good quality on the pictures in your posts. You are an amazing team! Laura is so creative, she really make the blog fun! And I have to say I miss Elsie… Haven’t seen her much on the blog lately? Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  • I’d love to see any travel features on the blog because I’ve found that blogging about my locality seems to be taking off well with my readers and quite frankly I’d like a personal voice on what your place is like! -Aish xx
    Babbles to the World

  • Thank you ABM Team for all the content, creativity and beauty you share with your readers! It shows your passion, and that you strive to take it one step (or huge leap) further by asking your readers for feedback. I have loved your blog for years, and only enjoy it more, and more each day. Thank you for sharing your joy with us! Keep up the greatness! πŸ™‚

  • Hi ,

    I just really love you guys . You guys are the first blog that I visited and you are the one who inspired me to have my own . And the photo shop actions are just so darn cool! Keep inspiring people guys !

  • Hi! We can see where you guys are from in Google Analytics actually! We love our international readers (almost half of our readers are from outside the US!) xoxo! Elsie

  • I’d like a tutorial (not a class though) on how to make the fun video journals you all make from your travels!

  • Hi Evelina!
    We can actually see through Google Analytics exactly where all our readers are from (almost half of you are outside the US). Being international friendly is a HUGE priority to us with our new product dreams. We would never leave you out… promise! πŸ˜€


  • Hey guys, kinda random but can you perhaps do a diy tutorial on how to make DIY temporary tattoos? My kids love them but I am sometimes a little apprehensive about them, as I don’t know what exactly I am putting on the skin of my child and also they can get a little pricey… I don’t know, just a thought πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work! (Also – just noticed you missed 24 in the questionnaire πŸ™‚

  • I don’t mind typos at all! I like feeling that there are real people (who make mistakes) behind the blog. But, I second the opinions about having more behind the scences, personal life stories and VIDEOS! I love all the past videos you’ve made πŸ™‚

  • I loved the JT question! Haha!!

    I would love to see more sewing DIYs on here as well as more beauty ideas (like hair and special makeup once in a while).

    I love A Beautiful Mess and it’s easily my favorite blog!

  • oh how i love your response!

    and how do you not love any of them!?
    i mean come on!

    i saw him twice last year and im bummin hard that i missed him this year already!!!

  • if this doesn’t get published its okay…..

    i just wanted to say WOW!!!!!
    i know she means well. but that was a bit harsh.

    i actually love when i find a typo.
    makes it fun to read!
    and its nice to know that its all human when someone is writing it!


  • I would love to see some more ‘house/studio toure’ posts. It is so inspiring to see what you ladies come up with for decorating! Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  • I think it’s a shame your blog is becoming so commercial lately, I loved when you shared personal thoughts, that’s what I enjoy the most about blogs, they are a little window to someone’s life. I’m glad you’re making money out of it, but I’m loosing interest. Also, I don’t usually like Laura’s projects, it’s nothing personal, but they are kind of silly/non creative for me. You’ve done better in the past.

  • I would love to see more of this too! Hearing about your day-to-day and the different ways you run your business is so interesting!

  • I agree with Holly, and I’m glad to hear you are being proactive about it. Another suggestion I have is to make the writer of the post more visible. It took me a long time to realize you had it listed at the top by the date… Maybe use a bigger font? Now that you have so many contributors, it’s hard to jump right in with the post when you can’t imagine the speaker. I hope that makes sense! XOXO

  • SOOOOoooo excited that you guys are up to some neat things! you ladies rock and continue to inspire me! im always excited to try an exact copy of your projects or something i made up on my own that i think would get your thumbs up XD im always all over the DIY stuff, but i have to say you make me look at other areas of hobbies too. id really like to try the scrapbook/journaling and getting a little more creative in the kitchen and my wardrobe! who would’ve thought clogs were so cute until i saw them on you?!

  • Why is there no “all of the above” for the favourite meal question? πŸ™
    The things I love most about your blog are sister style and DIYs!

  • Emma’s post on changing dreams was possibly the best you’ve ever posted. I’d love to see more like that. In any case, personal touches are always great. I mean, you can get a basic recipe anywhere so it’s about the wrapping, isn’t it!

  • I like the new team members on ABM, but I fell in love with the voices of Emma and Elsie. All the other stuff seems like filler to me. I think the blog is loosing some of its personal touch with the addition of so many posts from other people. But maybe that is not it. It might be that its just DYI after DYI with so little personality injected in-between the lists of supplies and the picture of the final product. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to feel a connection to Laura, Mandi, and Katie; and I definitely want to see more from Emma and Elsie.

    I love the book club and it makes me really want to join one locally and of course I love the decorating pieces. That is what originally attracted me to your blog. You guys are so creative and have a magical touch. Show us some more of the studio, take out some of the DYI’s form Mandi (after all I am reading ABM not making nice in the midwest) and give us some more of your lives.

    That’s my two-cents at least.

  • ahh ironic that people are posting about typos and I made one in my own comment. haha. oops.

  • Hi Ladies,
    This is one of my favorite blogs EVER! I love love love your home decor and fashion DIYs. More please!! Next week, I’m making a dining room table inspired by Elsie’s (mine will only seat six and have different legs). I often make slight modifications to your projects to suit my lifestyle. However, I love that you ladies provide DETAILED instructions and photos. I’m counting down the days until your Messy Home book comes out. I also love when you guys post super simple projects. The Washi Tape archway update was the best one yet for me. Seriously, why didn’t I think of that? Thanks for always keeping me inspired! Also, the monthly DIY box idea is too good!! Please, with sugar on top, make that happen πŸ™‚

    Random question: Are you planning to release another dress collection soon? I own a dress from your ModCloth collaboration and it’s one of my favorites (I think I wear it too much…oops). I would love to own more ABM apparel.

  • haha which Justin Timberlake album is your favorite? If someone answers NONE I will be very sad.

  • Hi! I tried to complete the survey, but there were quite a few questions that did not offer any answers that applied to me (and no option to respond “other”). I have already closed it, but the topic that I remember is why I have not completed a DIY. The answers provided all ran along a similar theme of lacking the skill/ability to complete a project. In truth, I find many of the projects to be just a little too “hipster” for me. As you grow your business, I would love to see you branch out. Just as Emma’s recipes cover a wide range of food, I would love to see the design and other projects do the same in terms of style!

  • Long-time reader, first-time commenter! I just took the survey and then popped over to your store to check out the courses that are offered (there’s one that I definitely have my eye on!). I know you offer a lot of cooking/recipe posts on the blog but I would be interested in some more advanced cooking topics in e-courses that would include videos and technique details. As an example, I would absolutely pay for a course on pizza-making (I love making homemade pizza but I still have problems with my pizza crust turning out the way it should). Another course I would enjoy would be on cocktail-making. Hope this helps – love your blog!

  • i think those editing comments were a bit harsh.
    quite frankly i love them!

    i love nothing more than finding typo’s!
    its more human like that!
    and quite frankly i find one or two rarely. not enough that id rage about it.
    theres a difference between accidents and consistently.

    -i do agree that mandi should be introduced more properly like Laura. but if im being honest, i miss elsie and emma. its not the same. but i do understand that you ladies are growing as a business! so more power to you!!!!

    -an abm subscription would be awesome!!!

    -traveling would be pretty cool. for the most part you ladies have been doing that so its all good.

    i just freakin love this blog!!

    keep it up ladies!

  • I love the idea of regular travel posts. I love seeing where you are traveling and what you are doing in new cities.

    It reminded me of the travel videos Jeremy shot a while back. They were so inspiring. It really made me want to make my own travel mini movies. I would be interested if you had class on making mini videos with a mix of how to improve your videos and also ideas/inspiration for cool shots. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Jay!
    We don’t have plans to design a dress collection at the moment, but we’re working on a shoe collaboration and a camera bag that will be coming out soon. πŸ˜€

    Thanks so much for your comment! We appreciate it!

    πŸ˜€ Elsie

  • Hi!
    I would love to see more heavy duty DIYs, too. And to introduce Mandi would be nice. First I thought: Ah nice, a guest post. But then: Why is she all over the place right now? Who is she and how long does she stay? (Kind of the same way when my roommate brings a girl along and doesn’t introduce her. Should I be nice to her or is she gone the next day anyway? ;))
    And by the way: I am looking forward to the photoshop actions. As soon as i finished my finals, I will get them as a reward for myself! ha!
    Oh and behind the scenes stuff is always fun! Love it!
    Thank you for everything so long by the way! You are doing an awsome job!

  • I would like to second this. I know that you say you’ve always had them proofread, but it seems like SO MANY typos or grammar errors get through; some of them are just too much and reading a post can turn into a surprisingly hard thing when you have to repeat things out loud to try and figure out what was being said.

    I’m crossing my fingers that this new proofreader (Hi Kimber!) will work out. If so, you will never hear a complaint about it from me again πŸ˜‰ I’d just like to see the posts look a little more professional! When typos/grammar errors get through that are really really blatant, it can read like you guys just threw something up without putting effort into it, even on posts where you clearly put a LOT of time and effort in – like DIY’s. So I’ll be excited to have that particular pet peeve of mine disappear πŸ™‚

  • Hi Candy!
    Thank you so much for your feedback! We’re so excited to share more of our studio and we’re definitely happy that many people have requested more personal posts!

    Thank so much for your time,

  • I’m a longtime reader and though I love to see this blog grow, I miss the times when it was just Elsie + Emma, and everything looked less clean & professional. But I still enjoy ABM so much!

  • I took the survey! It’s great to see that you all are always looking ahead to something new (and awesome!!). I can’t emphasize enough how much I love the personal posts that y’all have on occasion. I love hearing about your day-to-day, behind the scenes of ABM, business-like stuff. It would be great to learn more about everyone else on staff too!

    Keep it up ladies – xoxo!

  • Wowza!

    I agree with Les G. That was unnecessarily harsh. Everyone makes mistakes and your blog is amazing nonetheless!

    I would have to say more videos. I adore the videos that you post!

    Keep the amazingness coming gals(:

  • I’ve been following this blog for years and years! I’ve always loved it and I’m proud of how much you’ve grown! However, I really miss some of the little things, day-to-day peeks of life.

    And I’d love to see a monthly subscription box! I’m in graduate school so I wouldn’t be able to subscribe myself until I graduate (no money!) I’d love to see what fun things you can come up with!

  • Hi Thays,

    Thanks so much for your comment!

    What do you mean by “commercial”?

    The reason I ask is because we actually have less sidebar ads (by quite a bit) than we did last year and we’re doing the same number of collaborations. I’m curious what makes it feel more commercial to you!

    This blog is commercial by nature (we employ a staff with salaries and benefits) but we care very much about making it feel personal. That is always a priority to us! πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much! Elsie

  • Eh. I agree with Holly. It’s not harsh- it’s constructive criticism. I like reading ABM, but when you admit to being a million dollar business and post typos (ON THE REG!) it’s a bit annoying. If I’m reading a book and find one typo in 300 pages, it might make me feel detail-oriented or something… but fun? Nope.

  • here, here! I agree. I like knowing I’m not the only one making a typo sometimes. keep ’em coming!

  • Just took the survey!
    I was just thinking that you may want to add a question about location. As I live in the Netherlands, it’s crazy expensive to order anything from the US. That’s my only reason for not being interested in kit subscriptions or the ABM shop. It’s not because I don’t like your ideas!!
    And maybe it would also just be fun for you guys to see where all your readers are from πŸ™‚

  • A Beautiful Mess is one of my all time favourite blogs! I’m loving how much you’ve been posting lately as I check my bloglovin daily and it’s always nice to have a bit to read!

    I’m almost finished my Bachelors Degree in Art History so I haven’t had much money to craft lately but I’ve been pinning ideas from ABM non stop! I love seeing your office come together and I’m amazed at how good black walls look! I love that you guys are daring and try new things. It’s definitely given me inspiration for when I finally get to buy my own house! Keep it up! Can’t wait to buy your new book when it comes out πŸ™‚

  • the post’s I love the most are posts on how to do original stuff with photography, like the jump photos or these self made filters or the free lensing guide. I really loved those. When it comes to recepies I only find the non dinner kind of ones interesting like cakes and candy, party food :). I’d love to see the outcome of the survey. You are great.

  • I don’t agree with a previous poster that the DIY’s you feature are “Hipstery,” I feel like you offer these DIY’s to make us open our minds and adapt them to our style and actually make the projects our own. Example, the hanging jewelry box idea, I just took an old modern picture frame, painted it, and added in hooks and jewelry wire to hang my necklaces and bracelets.

    The Mercury Glass tutorial – I spray painted a plastic tower beaten bronze, and took the clear plastic bins and mercury painted them to an almost opaque sheen. Most of the styles are not really my cup of tea either, but I do modify them to fit my style. The spoon rest tutorial? I need one for my house, and I am designing a spoon rest that meets my Mid Century Modern Morticia Addams style.

    I do like the Studio/Home tours, but I have noticed that SOME not all of the homes and studios featured tend to look the same. The ones I gravitate towards are the colorful one, like the one where the wife took the formal dining room, built a libray for her husband’s comic collection! LOVED IT. I feel like some more houses with color and kitschy lifestyles should be previewed more, but again, that’s a minor criticism on a vastly wonderful blog!

    Also, that gold moon painted on the wall…already planning a silver mermaid for my wall!

  • I check your blog every single day (What can I say, I love it!). But I always get disappointed when I see the roundups where you repost past posts. I’d rather see posts that were always new content rather than reposting something that can be found in the recipe section for example.
    Also it would be nice to explore fashion in a way that represents a wide variety of body types & how you can work trends to work for you (if you’re really tall, short, curvy, everyone!)
    It’s always great to read the “real life” stuff you post. Specifically struggles, it makes the blog feel more like a community of women (& men!) when you speak out about things that aren’t happy all the time. Emma’s career path was amazing & comforting to read.
    Also I’d love to hear more about the lives of the rest of the ABM new team (Sarah!) in addition to their project based posts!

  • Hi to you both, (and the rest of the ABM crew!)
    Just wanted to say I’ve been reading your blog for coming on 3 years now and I can’t wait to see where 2014 takes you both here on the blog and personally!
    Keep up the great work!
    Bella xxx

  • hello ladies! well, I didn’t make any of your diys, but as soon as I get a job and have my own place I do intend to start filling my house with most of your ideas. I’ve been wanting to say something here for a few months now, I’m happy with your success and like to see how this blog has grown,it’s exciting for me too as a reader. However, I think it might have lost a bit of the “personal touch” because of all the contributors’ posts. As a reader I get hooked to a blog when there’s somebody’s life behind it and I get to see little pieces of it (yes, gossip), but if I come here and see “Hey it’s Mandi…” I just get a little dissapointed. I like most of your contributors posts and I don’t intend to be offensive but the thing is that if I wanted to follow them I would go to their blogs. I believe guests post are enriching, but sometimes I feel that there are too many of them and I just miss Elsie and Emma. That said, let me tell you that you’re great bloggers and funny people!! (English is not my first language so I hope I made my self clear in a kind way)

  • You all do such amazing home renovations. I would love to see some posts with renter-friendly modifications to the project. For example, at the end of a post about concreting your counters, maybe do a quick paragraph with a source for achieving the look through removable contact paper that could be done in a rental…or doing faux, removable “built-ins” on a post where you talk about your built-ins. Just a thought!! I spend so much time drooling over projects that I might not be able to do for 5 plus years because I don’t yet own my home and trying to figure out the renter-friendly version.

  • I would love to see behind the scenes too!
    I’ve read this blog for years and really appreciate your work. But honestly your daily lifestyle has been missing quite a lot in here. So if I can dare suggest something I would love to read more daily life, fashion/beauty …and less cooking please! I mean, I don’t want to sound harsh but there are so many awesome cooking blogs out there, so recipes are not the reason I come back daily to check your posts πŸ™‚

    Also I think it would be great if you would have some regular posts about contemporary and past art/artists/photographers.

    Thank you for this survey opportunity!

  • I started reading this blog almost three years ago, and it was actually the reason I started blogging. I still check up every week or so, and it’s still inspiring to me- but I’ve actually never made a recipe or DIY from the blog because most of the things are just not appealing enough. One that comes to mind is the studded tree stump. I mean, cool re-purposing and all, but most people aren’t going to hunt down a tree stump and then dry it out for six months!

    I already responded earlier in the comments about typos, but that’s probably the main reason I don’t read as much anymore. You’re published authors and make so many typos! I’m not trying to bash anyone, but as a company with multiple salaried employees, I find it super unprofessional.

    Besides the above, my favorite posts are definitely the more personal ones, like Emma’s recent post on dreams. That really struck a chord with me, and those are the kinds of posts that really made me fall in love with ABM years ago. I think y’all are awesome for being dedicated to your readers and for what you have accomplished as a career! It’s truly inspiring.

  • I love all the ideas you guys have. If you could manage to make the kits or boxes available internationally, it would be heaven. Honestly.

  • I think it is so awesome that you guys do these little surveys for your readers. I know that a blog is a personal thing, so it is great when people post things that they are actually interested in and enjoy, but I appreciate that you guys take your readers into account when you plan what you want to do. I am pretty sure I can speak for a whole bunch of us when I say that no matter what you guys do, we will all keep coming back and reading because you guys are authentic, inspiring, and so willing to share your thoughts and ideas with whoever stumbles upon these pages!

    I will make a request/suggestion though: I’m in the process of establishing/revamping a blog. I’ve been dabbling in blogging for quite a few years, but it is something that I want to pursue more and more over the next little while. Your blog, along with quite a few others that I often come across from reading your blog, is one of my favourites because of the design, content, and heart behind it. I know you will be offering a blog design course fairly soon (which I can’t wait to sign up for!!) but it would be awesome if you guys would be willing to dive more into some of that on here…design/establishing/branding/etc. I think a lot of people look up to you guys for your blogging style and voice, so I’m sure it would be a popular topic to consider!

    Thanks again for all you guys do and share! πŸ™‚

  • I agree with you Les.
    I’m here to read fun stuff that other humans do. I’m not a teacher picking apart every post looking for typos.
    Hopefully Kimber won’t take it personally when someone says something like that again…And some mean-spirited person will.( The mention of money was very ….telling…)
    ABM…My favorite posts are the before and afters of redecorating! Seriously enjoying watching your new house get a make over:)

  • I’d lOVE some travel posts or features of your favorite Springfield /Missouri spots. I’m from there originally and travel down often. I feel like so much has changed though through the years. It would be awesome to see some of your favorite eateries or shops featured.

  • Hi!!

    I love your blog since I found it like 5 years ago!I remember going back post to post until the very first one!!
    You really do a very good job but If I can make a request…..I would just like to find more sister style or lifestyle posts (videos of your trips, etc…) those are my favorites!! and also, keep going with the home decor, you are the best!!I can’t wait to receive your new book!!

    Best Regards from Paris!


  • Every time I’ve seen a typo, which has been maybe 3 times in the four years I’ve been reading ABM; I always thought, “this is a real person writing this.” And I loved you all the more. Thanks for keeping it real ladies! I love all the personal stories, and your sweet honesty. Takes a lot to put yourself out there like you do. Sending you all my love!!

  • I also loved and miss the personal posts. I really enjoyed the one that Emma posted awhile ago about finding her path. I miss the ones about what you did on weekends or your friendships with each other. ❀️

  • Just took the survey! I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see all your fresh ideas taking form. I love all your DIYs but also the “behind the scenes” posts or your everyday life.
    The “Favorite Justin Timberlake album” question was a trap, right? I LOVED IT! It surely made me smile.
    Keep up the good work and thank you so much for the discount code. I hope I’ll put it in use real soon. πŸ™‚

  • Exciting times!!! Looking forward to what you come up with next. Behind the scenes & more personal posts would be awesome! You guys are so interesting. I also LOVE the “At Home” feature. πŸ™‚

  • Hi! I love some of the ideas in the survey, particularly travel and business posts. I love the focus on home decor on the blog, but sometimes I wish there were some posts directed to people in more urban settings (I’m writing from NYC), just to switch up the vibe / aesthetic / and limitations imposed by attempting home decor projects in small apartments.

    I really enjoy watching this blog and business evolve over the years. It’s so exciting! That’s also why I love the business and inspirational posts, I always get something new and refreshing out of those.

    — Caroline

  • Lack of typos does not mean one is not “human” – yes humans make mistakes, but so does a monkey at a keyboard. One whose profession relies on the written word (like this blog) should take the time to ensure each of those words is correct. The amount of typos in the posts on this blog is alarming.

  • Love you guys! You guys love Austin! I live in Austin! Come do a workshop in Austin and we can be besties! But for real – I love the idea of a monthly box subscription (along with a previous commenter, I’m looking to replace my current birchbox subscription). And this is totally selfish because I photo edit with Lightroom, but I would love love LOVE it if you made the equivalent “Lightroom presets” to your current “photoshop actions” – they are beautiful! That’s a lot of exclamation points…I’ll just stop there…

  • I know some people like videos, but I find that I very rarely watch a blog video online- I find most of them to be really tedious, plus I tend to sneak my blog reading int my work day- videos don’t really work with that! πŸ˜‰ But I do like gifs, if there is a technique that really would benefit from more than a few photos. You guys have a wonderful, inspiring blog- thank you so much for all that you do!

    And p.s.- I love your cocktails. πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks for doing what you do, and for the chance to provide input! I would suggest less cooking/drinks posts. I’m sure there are lots of people who love them, just not those of us who are missing the cooking gene.
    Especially love the DIYs!

  • This probably won’t be approved but I just wanted to add that I do love diy but the reason I have never attempted one that I viewed here is because the instructions seem poorly written. Not for someone who’s a beginner, they are always vauge and in one blob of a paragraph. Many other diy blogs have great step by step instructions with pictures of each step in simple terms so when I’m attempting the DIY I can refer to it like a manual. The way its written here is more how I would briefly summarize what I did to a curious friend. Same with the food, a lot of the time the food looks great but the recipe is smushed in one paragraph or there is 20 pictures of the completed styled product. It would be great and so easy to cook along you guys if the recipe was written out so I could glance over and read it in a list form whole cooking instead of a story. Pictures with each step really help me when cooking to make sure I’m doing it right. I find them a lot more important when following a recipe than just a bunch of pictures of how it looks at the end.

  • I’m a huge fan of the “At home with” features and really love seeing you decorate your homes and studios! More of that please πŸ™‚

  • Oh and one other thing, I know you guys are a million dollar business but your readers aren’t. So a lot of the time its hard to relate when every outfit you post or new item you share is crazy expensive. Like 3 smeg fridges or whatever the brand. They are cute fridges but having two in one house seems so in your face I’m so rich kind of thing. It would be nice if some of the things stayed relatable. I know you have more money now and it’s always good to invest in better quality items but its losing my interest because none of these are attainable to the average person.

  • Hi Emma & Elsy! I just want to add a little note to the survey: I really really (really!) love the recipes of ABM but it’s a bit harder to find them in your so long blog now that you don’t tag them in the sweet/savory/drinks/party sections anymore! Could you do it again please? πŸ™‚ With love from France!

  • The grammatical errors come across as unprofessional and make your posts appear as though they were rushed. If Emma wants to be labeled as a food blogger, I would have more respect for her if she could start creating her own recipes, and not use recipes that are “adapted from” with different measurements. Someone mentioned about the blog becoming too commercial, and I have to agree with that. I started reading here years ago because I loved seeing the personal side of y’all. It seems like every other post is sponsored by or c/o. I get this is a business but I would appreciate more “for fun” projects instead of “lets make something useless so we can get our sponsor post out of the way!” I enjoy the business related posts and appreciate you taking the time to make a reader survey and asking for reader input. Keep up the good work.

  • I wish you guys had posts slowly showing you finish rooms rather than just here’s the final pinterest worthy photo. It would be nice to watch it come together slowly with you guys rather than just bam its done. Maybe we could learn things or just see how the process happens, what decisions you make or change or issues you come across.

  • Hi ABM πŸ™‚

    Great survey! I really like the travel ideas as, living in England and reading your blog I sometimes feel a little left out of some parts of the blog, like products that are linked in but don’t ship to the UK or it’s really expensive to ship to here.

    Really like all of the lifestyle, fashion and beauty aspects too so would love to see more of them. Really like the monthly subscription ideas as well as more videos – as a newbie at crafting I definitely learn better from videos!

    Love the blog, long may it continue!

    Jordan x

  • I read your blog a few times a day. I love that you have so many posts!

    Here are a few things I always notice when reading:
    -If there are typos (I mostly see them in recipe posts). I’m glad you hired a copy editor!
    -If the post is written in haste or has a “I’ve written a million diy posts and I can’t think of anything original to say” tone to it…like for example “I made this and you can too! Try it today!” Again, glad for the copy editor! I know you all are cranking out content and writing a ton! Just leave it out if it sounds canned.
    -If there’s another house tour with white walls and thrift store knick knacks…I like them, but I’d love to see some other kinds of rooms. I really liked seeing a wallpapered wall in one of them recently.
    -If Mandi does a post. I love it! She comes up with great stuff!
    -If Katie does a DIY. I love that most of them are for kids and can be gifts.

    I like all of your contributors. I followed most of their blogs before they started to work for you. I miss Elsie posts! I know you’re busy! I also like Laura’s new healthy recipes.

    I’d love to see some baby stuff posts. I know, soon enough we all hope, right?! I’d also love to see some cookie or cake decorating kind of stuff, like for holidays.

    Thanks for your hard work. Reading your blog has become a habit!

  • Hello,

    Excited about the new projects mentioned in your survey. I read your blog every day, and dream if being able to complete all of the DIY’s one day. My favourite posts are the crafts but enjoy your personal lifestyle ones, I live in Newcastle UK so it’s nice to read about others living life over the pond.

    I haven’t received the 20% code it was just blank when I completed the questionnaire. This may be because I am using my I-phone.

    Keep doing what your doing πŸ™‚

  • i can’t even explain how excited i got when i read the questions about a possiblity of a monthly box. i get glossy box and birch box but mostly because i like getting fun mail each month, not because i need more beauty samples (trust me, i have more than my fair share). something like this would be so fun and unique. i hope you do it. i will probably sign up for all of them! i really enjoy the variety of this blog. i read probably 12 blogs daily and this one is my favorite for various reasons. it is fresh and humble, creative and diverse. i like the variety of diy’s, food, drinks and clothing posts. i like the honesty in the posts and that they are relatable. wordy but not too wordy and of course great photos. i also like how you post multiple times a day and on weekends. keep up the great work! all around, apps, books, etc. i love it all. oh! speaking of the app, i have said it before but i would loooove to see a pet pack. paw prints, dog bones, “woof” etc. and i am sure there are some for the cat people too. πŸ˜‰ sorry this is so long!

  • The Justin Timberlake question made me giggle! I just wanted to let y’all know that I am so excited for Rachel’s art journal class! I caught the scrapbooking bug last year after taking a break for a few years. I actually still have a few epoxy stickers left from the Love, Elsie line. It was my favorite section to straighten up when I worked at Hobby Lobby! πŸ™‚

    Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • i love the house tours and everyday life kind of posts. and i know that we all like to put our best foot forward, but i appreciate a little more real life. it’s ok to show that the kitchen has dishes in the sink, or when makeup isn’t perfect or when the to-do list doesn’t get done. i would just love to see a little more imperfection, if that makes sense. just to keep it real. πŸ˜‰

  • Someone already said this, but I’d like to second the suggestion for more sewing tutorials. I love all the past blog posts that explain basic sewing concepts and simple sewing projects!

    One more suggestion: I would love to see more tutorials on artwork. Elsie mentions painting a lot, but I would love if she could share some painting techniques.

  • hello! i’m a longtime reader and have been amazed at your blog’s transformation and success over the past years!

    anyway, I follow a lot of blogs and don’t have much time to read them, but always find myself clicking through to this one at least once a week.

    it’s usually a food or drink recipe that catches my eye, but i especially love your posts about building and owning a small business.

    i love finding diy gift ideas here too – more for men please!!

  • Love this blog. One of the things I’ve wondered about is a little hard to phrase. I’m curious about sustainability. For example, if you make a new dining room table, what do you do with the old one? I know this is something I’ve run into with crafting/DIY–if I make *another* crocheted blanket, I can’t keep it and I can’t gift it (because I have a gabillion and everyone already has one!). Of course there is the option to donate. Just curious what you all do when you’re done with an item.

    And, most importantly, do you get to eat all the awesome food you make?!?

    Keep up the fab work, ABM is a daily ritual for me!

  • I love your blog and I am I big fan of your daily behind the scenes posts, how you run your business and your general musings on goals and planning! I love reading those types of posts, they motivate me :b.

  • I can’t wait to use the discount code to get some new actions, I am in love with this blog! I think a monthly diy subscription box would be amazing, you can definitely count me in on that. Stationary would be amazing, too. I’m currently taking Candice’s DSLR class and I’m loving it so far. Doing what you guys do would basically be my dream job.

    Xoxo, Tori

  • The mixed cocktails always sound delicious, except I don’t drink alcohol, so I would love a little comment in there on what could be swapped out for the alcohol part of the beverage to make it non-alcoholic if possible (I know some of the posts already have this in them)! I also REALLY love the “at home with” series, I think it’s so fun to see how other people decorate their spaces! Thanks!! LOVE your blogs posts!

  • Just did the survey ! I especially love the idea of a party subscription box, that would be awesome !

    I’ve been a avid reader of your blog for 2 years now I just felt like this was the right post to tell you that I really enjoy it ! I am feeling inspired everytime I come here. It is great to see that it is truly possible to do your dream job !

    Thank you for keeping people inspired !


  • Hi there~

    I’ve been reading y’all for a very long time and find you inspiring and always I’m in awe. Thank you for sharing your creative muses and spirits with all of us.

    I am taking the DSLR course with Candice Stringham and am thrilled beyond measure. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to learn. Last night I was on a true high after the class.

    My only ask…scratch that….my plea is to have the new ABM Actions available to those of us who use PS Elements. Recognizing that it means a new build but so many of us who love taking photographs and branching out and slowly building our own small business, don’t have the means just yet to purchase CS 4 or newer. CS3 is not supported by Windows 7 so I’m out of luck there too. Le Sigh. If you could have seen my face drop in disappointment all the way from Atlanta when I read it was not supported by Elements…..ACK! πŸ™

    Side note: I’ve purchased your photo APP for the iPhone and absolutely love it.

    Again, thank you for all that you create and share from there to inspire all of us out here.


  • one thing i would like to see is an easier way to print your recipes (like todays biscuit recipe)! some websites have a link to a print page at the bottom of the post and it just makes life so much easier!! (yes, i print my recipes…i find it easier than opening it on my iPad…)

  • Also agree with the above comment. That was extremely rude of her to say that. I’m sure she has a few typo’s escape through once and awhile.
    I would also like to say I would love to see more behind the scenes and posts about how you find your inspiration for your projects, how you go about brainstorming and starting a new endeavour.

  • I’d definitely love to see more scrapbooking posts! I have just started Project Life because of you guys and I’m addicted. Also, I was thinking maybe you guys could do some puppy related posts? I see how much you guys love you puppies on instagram and I’d love to see them have more of a presence on the blog.

  • Is it just me or is the store maybe getting bogged down? I completed the survey (yay!) and got the coupon code. I used it to purchase The Complete Collection of photoshop actions, and when I try to click the link from the confirmation email to go download it, it says I have to login. When I try to login, I get the error “Error establishing a database connection”. Am I doing something wrong?

  • I am from Israel and I really love the blog
    did the survey and really hope that if you’ll get to do a kit it could be send worldwide

  • I agree, there seems to be quite a few typos in almost every post which I find distracting. I know some people don’t care, I personally find it distracting. Hopefully the proofreader will help!
    PS In your survey it’s called out as ‘stationary’, it’s actually stationery. I work in the biz so this typo especially stands out to me, hah!



  • Hey guys, it’s me! πŸ™‚ I hope you guys are enjoying all of these comments- people love you- and not getting too bogged down, though I’m sure it’s quite a busy day for you! I just wanted to toss in my one suggestion. I would never has presumed to just tell you my opinion without you asking…. but since you asked… πŸ™‚ I think it would be nice if there were really nicely organized directories where readers can visually see thumbnails of every project, every recipe, every sister style post, etc. I think it would help engage new and old readers and be just a great addition to the website!

  • I love so many of your projects! I just wanted to add a comment on the video question. I said no but I DO like video tutorials, but I like written instructions as well. I think when doing certain projects you just want a step by step written out, but having a video is also very helpful! I’m just trying to make extra work for you guys πŸ˜‰

  • Hi ABM team, I’ve just finished your survey and the question about Justin Timberlake made me laugh, is always good to know the music taste of your readers right? You guys are amazing and your posts always make my day, so thank you. The only thing I would like to see more on the blog is posts related to scrapbooking because I think it’s such a funny topic. πŸ™‚

  • I love looking around people’s homes so I get quite excited when you feature readers homes. Also it would be great to see a pic of the outside. I just love being able to put it all together in my head. Also as I follow you and it’s your fault I now own both a kitchen aid mixer and blender oh and also an old sewing machine a maintenance post would be really useful and how to get the most out of these bits of kit. Thanks for adding colour to my day. Love from Brighton in England x

  • I like to sneak visits to ABM while I work. While said on the survey that I like learning through videos (I do!), I have a limited amount of home time during which I can actually sit and watch them. My favorite tutorials I have seen online are hybrids, with a printable for the steps (or recipe) but a video that also provides a visual (that I can watch on mute, if need be).

    I’d love to see some great summer time recipe/craft/party mash up posts this summer, like, “How to plan, pack, and prepare a Picnic” with tips on plates, flatware, baskets, food to pack (how to make the food) and tips on styling/crafting little details (paper sacks stamped with names? A DIY kite to fly?). Campfire food! Camping food! Beach food! Lake food! Day hike food! Trip to the zoo food!

  • Thanks Emma, that a great point of view that is totally missing today on ABM. Of course you guys are dealing with a business but being open-minded about today’s reality should also be a priority for the young generations (us!). I am thrilled when you are recomending or dealing with local business owners but most of the time you are offering sponsered post with Canon, Apple or Amazon (to name a few) when we all know (or should know) how these companies are sourcing their products, manufacturing their goods in unexpensive labour countries or selling (you should read about Amazon’s warehouse workers).

    Your blog is all about creativity and craftmanship, please keep this in mind by enhancing “real” things, focusing on recycling, refurbishing…

    I am curious to read what you think of those topics. You are always “so thrilled”, “very excited”, doing “the best proyect ever”. So do you have any concern about those issues ?

  • This is everything I wanted to say. The past couple of weeks I’ve been scrolling more than reading, though I love ABM. I understand you’re busy, but I miss the personal and studio / house updates!

  • Hello!
    Yours was the first blog I started following and I still enjoy seeing what’s new everyday! My only request would be to please update your craft section. It only shows a fraction of what you’ve all done and it would make it so much easier when looking through for that tutorial I know is in there somewhere (instead of trying to sift through the archives). Same goes for the rest of the tabs at the top, especially recipes!
    Thanks so much and good luck with any future ideas and projects! Keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  • Hi! I LOVE the photoshop actions you have in your shop. I was wondering if you would be making any presets for Lightroom in the future? Please πŸ™‚

  • I love that you guys are doing more videos, but one suggestion for diy videos; I think it would be helpful for you to address the viewer in the video and explain how the thing is being made instead of just showing shots of the stages. I think it would be easier to follow tricky steps this way.

    Just a thought πŸ™‚

  • I just completed the survey. I have a number of questions:
    1. Where is your store link???? Im now interested in looking at your kit subscriptions.
    2. I said I dont have a printer because the one I have i have no preference for. Id love to know which printer/s you gals recommend for crafting.


  • Fun survey and Justin Rocks! πŸ˜‰
    I personally would love to see more videos like the ones you did in Nashville and Palm Spring, they were very fun and really well done!

  • Hi there,
    I really like seeing the DIY projects that you guys come up with, and have been impressed by many of the finished projects. I do sometimes wish that a bit more research was done before doing a project or publishing the post on it. For example, with Emma’s pallet table (which I like), sealing the surface was added as a bit of an afterthought. It seems like a DIY for a food surface should be thoroughly researched for safety before publishing. Additionally, it seems like more research could have been done for sealing the concrete counter-tops (they’re not food safe nor are they actually waterproof if a glass causes a dark circle). If the research had been done a bit more before, you could have shown and described how to apply the appropriate sealer and perhaps noted any nuances or difficulties in dealing with it. This doesn’t matter so much for your own spaces (you can do what you will with that) but many readers are going to attempt these projects, and their health and safety is important. Again, I really like the projects, but it would be so helpful for readers for all the projects to be thoroughly researched, and for major problems like food safety to be taken into consideration before publishing.
    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  • I just completed the survey and just wanted to mention that the annual salary question doesn’t specify a currency… I selected the appropriate response for me but I’m paid in Aussie dollars… So that question’s responses might be a bit scrambled!

  • I just wanted to say that I love your blog because it is very cozy!. When I’m tired I just go here and relax a bit. Thank you for that a lot!. Love you, Emma and Elsie!. Oh, Tray, you too.

  • I never comment here, but just wanted to say I love you guys and your blog. <3

  • Hi guys,
    I also just completed your survey. ABM is the fist DIY blog I started to read (some 2 years ago or so), and I still do! I have seen a little shift in your blog content, and although it’s always fun to read, I haven’t seen a lot of posts about photography and blogging (my favorite!).
    And just a note about the typos- the great thing about a blog is that it can be fixed in a matter of a few seconds (it’s not like a printed book), so I wouldn’t sweat it too much. πŸ™‚
    Keep up the good work! I am excited for your upcoming projects.

  • I have been reading your blog for 3 years and have never commented!! I guess it is time πŸ™‚

    I don’t know how this would flesh itself out, but I think it would be really fun and super interactive to have a forum or a show off place for others to post their DIY projects that were done/inspired by A Beautiful Mess. I hardly ever replicate crafts or DIYs but I gain so much inspiration from your blog, but a lot of home decor projects I do are because this blog gave me a light bulb moment. I think it would be so fun to see what others do as a result of being inspired from this blog.

    I also wanted to add that I love how positive your blog is. I appreciate that your content is straightforward & that personal details are strategic and not intrusive. I do LOVE getting peaks of your lives & I think ya’ll do a great job of walking that line of sharing too much verses not enough. You’ve done a great job of being relatable without laying your whole life out for the world wide web to see, and I really respect that. I guess I just appreciate that you keep the blog about a DIY/Handmade life, and nothing else.

    Ok I’m done rambling. Keep on Keeping on!

  • I love your blog – it’s inspiring, entertaining and a joy to read : )

    On a side note, as I live in London I find your idea of ‘small spaces’ hilarious! you could fit about 2 or 3 of my flats into 1 room from the house you bought for your business. oh well I can dream πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Heather! Thanks so much for your input, and know you’re not alone in asking for actions for PS Elements! I can’t say anything specific, but keep an eye out for something very soon. πŸ™‚ -Sarah

  • I agree that more behind the scenes/daily life at the office posts would be fun. I would also be interested to hear more about how Elsie got into the scrapbooking business. More small business-owning advice and insight in general would be really interesting and helpful.

    Also, less DIYs that involve paint and other big commitments. I think that smaller projects that involve sewing, yarn, or paper crafts would be more fun and easier for readers to actually do πŸ™‚

  • Will the travel pieces be for travel within the U.S. or will international travel destinations be included as well?

  • More vegan recipes, please! Vegan recipes can be used by everyone, not just those that choose to be vegan. Even when you post vegetarian recipes, they are usually not vegan and since Emma often eats veg, I think adding some vegan recipes wouldn’t be too much to ask for. Also, maybe more drink recipes that don’t feature alcohol, like tea ideas?

  • I’m a big fan of your site, especially the food posts! To be honest, I often find the spelling/grammatical errors in your posts to be really distracting. A designated proofreader would really help eliminate those problems and make for a smoother read.

  • I just want to say that I love (love love) your blog! I would like to see more posts on scrap-booking since it’s something I’m interested in starting!

  • I commented earlier and made suggestions, but I want to take a moment and say that I love what is going on at ABM. I think it’s wonderful, admirable, and just plain smart to constantly be assessing how you can grow and how you can meet your readers’ needs, but the bottom line is: we’re all here. We’re all here reading right now. And I know I’ll be reading tomorrow and the next day. You’re doing a lot of things right. All these comments? All our ideas and suggestions? Details. They’re nothing but the nit-picky details. If the big picture of ABM was completely off/tanking, we wouldn’t be here to point out the nit-picky details. But we are. Keep doing what you’re doing. And keep doing what makes you happy. The spirit of ABM: you guys do things that make you happy and we are happy to see you happy. And happy that we can try it, too!

  • Hi gals, Having a survey and opening things up to more personal comments shows you still want to learn and grow, but you’re confident and brave–kudos! (…and yes, I’m checking for typos as I write this now! Ha!) I’m in the older age category, but my granddaughters tell me I’m still hip and cool–ahhh! Anyway, I tend them every Tuesday, we call them “Cinderella Days”, and although I am pretty good at coming up with fun, new crafts and activities to do with them:
    (check a couple of them here
    I wouldn’t mind having a few crafts geared specifically to children.

    My husband and I love to travel and recently had the best time in Oklahoma to see my son who is there doing his dental residency–who would have thought Oklahoma could be so charming–but I would love travel ideas–since you are doing a lot of that lately.
    Thanks again for your “realness”, that’s what we really love, and for letting us “pick your brains” a bit! Sincerely Mary Wilding

  • There were not that many questions about food! I am mostly here for the recipes–I enjoy reading about DIY projects, but usually won’t attempt them myself. However, I have been LOVING the dry shampoo I made after reading Katie’s post. Does that count as completing a DIY project?? πŸ™‚

  • I would love to see more posts about how you both got started and also camera recommendations for those of us who are beginning photographers! Thanks for all the great posts…keep them coming!

  • i love the diy projects for homes/apartments! i’d also love to see more sewing projects for clothing, home goods, etc.

    keep up the great work! i’ve loved this blog for many years and i look forward to your future posts!

  • Yay! I’m so excited to hear you’ve hired a copy editor. ABM just keeps growing and growing–and in such a good direction! You guys make my days so much brighter. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • I wish there was a place for comments on yor survey…i would have requested more knitting/crochet posts! Love your blog!
    Thank you!
    Jen K.

  • I love surveys!
    I’d like to see more: behind the scenes, what’s going on in the studio (I LOVE it when people do a photo an hour for a day… I’m nosy!), travel stuff, fashion/sewing (maybe profile/interview some great independent designers?), business/blogging advice. Also I know this sounds weird but between yours and Katie’s blog I am so damn curious about this Springfield place and I’d love to see some photos from around the town – not just cafe and shopping recommendations that will be no use to me! It’s probably me being homesick (for Australia) but I love it when bloggers just take a walk around their town and photograph/film what they see.
    I usually skip past any recipes or little homeware diys… mainly because I can tell straight away from the first picture whether I’d be interested or not, and being in the Philippines I know I won’t be able to get the supplies/ingredients.

    OH! and I LOVE seeing your beautiful puppies’ faces on instagram and I think they need to show themselves on the blog more. It’s a scientific fact that I will pay more attention if there are dogs involved.

  • I think the shift I’ve noticed is that most of the posts seem to be geared towards ‘will people pin this on pinterest?’ or ‘will people google this?’, whereas in the past you had a better balance of posts designed to attract new readers vs posts that regular readers love – I think that’s why Emma’s post on changing her dreams was so popular, it was a look into the background of ABM. Actually I’d love to see a post from each of your staff about what they do and how they got involved at ABM.

  • Hey Beautiful Girls,
    Thanks so much for caring about readers!
    I loved your post about “Things I Wish I Knew” or something to that effect, about passions and careers. Ive even shared that post with my Creative Community at church for inspiration and encouragement.
    Cant get enough of this blog and how sweet you all are! God bless, and keep it comin! <>< diane p.s. i only responded "NONE" to the JT question because i dont OWN any albums...i love songs, but dont know what album they are from, and there was no "cant pick just one" or "not sure" option!!! :) My favorite song is "Mirrors". And WHAT a video for it!!!

  • I agree with Julia – I really enjoy knowing the “voice” of the blog poster (blogster? lol) when i jump in to the article – i like to picture who is telling me these wonderful things πŸ™‚

  • Hey lovely ladies! I would just like to say that more posts about your personal lives, travel, and career would be very helpful. Especially for us college gals that have big dreams (like you!) but don’t know how to make it a reality! You ladies are so so so successful, now how do I get there?! Thanks xx

  • You guys are truly amazing… and so inspiring. You are one of the blogs that inspired me to create my own. I really love the blog, and check it everyday. It would be so amazing if you featured more reader posts-like at home/work with… I really love those and would love to be featured in something like that.

    Once again, you gals are seriously amazing.

  • Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my favorite posts are the interior decorating & home renovation ones. I look forward to every post about the new studio (before & afters!). I didn’t feel this was an option on the survey so i wanted to leave a comment. I also really love the business posts, those are the most inspiring to me, I kinda skip the food and dyi posts, but I’m constantly inspired by your work ethic, ability to grow, adapt, and be successful. Carry On!

  • I love the blog! I have read blogs here and there, but this is the only one I’ve ever stuck with. The projects are varied in difficulty, creative, and original. I am more of a 9-5 person though, and sometimes I find it hard to relate to content, and I wish there were more posts related to those of us who work in offices and not in the creative sector. Also, I do fear that the blog might become more…child focused. I’ve stopped reading a lot of blogs because they turn into “mommy diaries”. As a career woman with no kids, I get bummed when everything is about children. I don’t see that happening, but I just want to say I really enjoy reading a blog with a focus on goals and drive, not how proud of potty training you are.

  • Just finished the survey. I loved all the ideas listed! I also thought it’d be cool if you guys did a music feature on the blog πŸ™‚ I don’t know if anyone else would like it but I love music and the music you guys have mentioned in the past. You guys all do a great job. I love your blog.

  • Hi Natalia!
    πŸ™‚ *if* we do any products they will absolutely be international friendly- this is one of our biggest priorities!

    Thanks for reading!

  • Geraldine, Hi! We are working in a site update now and will have our archive pages updated pretty soon. It *has* been way too long!

    Thanks so much for reading!

  • Really love reading your blogs. When I first saw your blog, cant stop reading all the articles,even backdated posts years ago. Really inspirational!
    Would love to participate in discount programmes, but being residence of one of the South-east Asia countries, it is not that easy to purchase online courses or items. Too bad!

  • Hi Lauren!

    Great question. Years ago we would make a lot of small crafts that we ended up tossing eventually. Eventually, we decided to only make projects that we can use or gift to friends and family. I have personally loved this transition because it’s helped us to focus on bigger projects and things we want to keep in our homes for a long time. If you came over to our homes today you’d see a bunch of projects! πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a great day & thanks for reading!

  • Hi Amanda!
    1. We don’t sell any subscription kits yet, just thinking about it for the future! So glad to hear you are interested! πŸ˜€

    2. My favorite printer is the Canon Pro 100 (yes, they advertise here but it’s ALSO the best printer I’ve ever used!)

    Thanks so much for reading!

  • Awesome you guys are doing this! You welcome change and growth so much, and I find it incredibly refreshing. Also, thanks for the coupon code! I’ve probably been wanting your Photoshop Actions since before they were a twinkle in your eye. πŸ˜‰ Excited to rekindle my photography love!

  • I started blogging just over a year ago. However I have been following you lovely ladies blog for a few years now! There are a few room tours of my bedroom (I am 16 and still live with my family so my room is my only room in the house that’s just my canvas to create and design!) and if you looked into it you’d see so many DIY crafts and copycat elsie, emma and even laura and Mandi creations!! For instance… ya know your “She love green tea he loves strong coffee mugs? Well I painted those words on two canvases and posted them next to eacother on my wall. Inspiration credit to youu!!! Or like in yalls photography book where you have the yarn covered ABM letters, I kinda copied that and altered it a bit so they are flatter and my initials hanging on my wall!
    Anyway……. I love your blog dearly, I’m a loyal reader and I am so happy to be! You are quite the inspiration, (also especially sister styles and your instagrams with your outfits, I have a life and style, mainly fashion based blog so yeah)
    and OH MY THIS IS LONG! I am sorry for who ever has to read all these, that’s a lot of work! But hey, you all sure do get lots of nice comments so I’m sure reading comments is just a self esteem builder! YAY! yet on that note I should probably finish up with this long comment now hahaha. But it would mean the world to me if you were to check out my blog someday, it’s not much and I don’t quite have an ATLT Team, like you guys (ATLT is my blog hehehe) but I am getting there!
    lottsa love! πŸ™‚

  • I also thought about this when I completed the survey. I wasn’t too sure what to do so did a rough conversion from NZ dollars to US so could be quite inaccurate as things definitely cost different amounts here compared to the USA.

  • I was thinking it would be really helpful to post a ballpark price of the project/recipe/whatever it is you’re posting. I see so many awesome DIY posts on here, but as a struggling college student it would be great to have an idea of how much I would be spending.

  • I’m currently enrolled in the DSLR course (first time buyer of ABM besides the app) and am super stoked to learn about my camera. I’d love to see a course on how to use Photoshop and Lightroom (and then play with the actions I will purchase soon!) AS WELL AS maybe a course on how to make videos? I looooved Emma and Trey’s honeymoon vid. I’d love to further document my life in Hawaii and to have video of our adventures as just the two of us (before we have littles!) would be awesome!
    Just an idea πŸ™‚ Keep it up, ladies! I love checking the blog every morning πŸ™‚ Coffee and ABM!

  • I’d love to see more scrapbooking posts + especially more featuring your Project Life Sunshine Edition. Also would love more ‘behind the scenes’ πŸ™‚ Love your blog!

  • I’ve just been studying market research as part of my marketing paper so this was interesting. You’re probably the first blog I read and the one I have been reading the longest. I feel like the blog has changed a lot over the last year. It doesn’t feel as ‘personal’ any-more, now that there are so many other contributors. Like everyone else I would like to see more ‘behind the scenes’. Despite the change in the blog I still visit regularly. You guys have great style be it with what you wear, your home decor, food or DIYs. I would love to see more:

    – sewing tutorials/ DIYs! Especially for novices, e.g., how to sew a basic skirt. I loved making your mod pillow and fox pillow.

    – small DIYs that could be done in an afternoon (I’m renting and have a small budget so these big wood based/ painting ect crafts are not that interesting to me).

    – I agree with another commenter about drinks. Some non-alcoholic would be great.

    – Blogging/ business/ life advice

    – And videos and a subscribe box are awesome ideas.

    Thanks for being awesome!!

  • The JT question was definitely my favorite. πŸ™‚ Did you all catch him in St. Louis? Or have plans to see him here in KC? The show is his best yet (I only saw *N Sync 5 times, but who’s counting?)

  • Would love more posts with makeup and hair tips!! I enjoy reading this blog, so professional and fun at the same time πŸ™‚

  • hej guys, i think you forgot a question: i am from germany, wouldn’t it be fun to know, where all your readers are from. so if you already know (because you have some kind of app for yourselves), wouldn’t it be fun for your readers to know?! πŸ˜‰

  • I really hope the “subscription kits” never happen – some might not agree, and I understand this a business for you (its obvious from one of your recent posts how much more business this is starting to feel than actually lifestyle/love/creative outlet based this is)…but I just feel like you need to be more qualified to have subscription kits or be partnered with a credible backer (IE Oh Joy! partnership with Target). I just feel like only 8/10 DIY projects recipes, or fashion based posts *actually* apply to me, so I would never subscribe to a kit when the source material doesnt always fit my lifestyle as a renter, someone with lower income, single, childless, etc. and when its not backed by a company or organization that always DOES fit my lifestyle.

    I’d like to see more “at home with…” posts – I like seeing how others choose to decorate or gain ideas. I’d appreciate more travel posts outside the US. and while some want to see ~behind the scenes~ things…the push as this as a ‘business’ has left a bad taste in my mouth sadly and I’d like more focus on the lifestyle and creativity than the money machine. I’d like more renter friendly DIY options (things you can do for walls as opposed to painting and wallpaper). I liked the food posts from before; twists on classics or basic bread recipes (I liked the cheddar biscuit one from today!). I’m never gonna make miso salmon for myself (I live alone).

  • Good question on the survey. I can really appreciate ABM from a business point of view and you guys are killing it – It gives me such motivation and hope for my own blog. I think you’re doing great – 1.4 million readers a month is HUGE. And all the collaborations and expansions?! Hello power women! Keep it up and a little bit more savoury food please teehee πŸ™‚

  • Dear Elsie, dear Emma,
    I took the survey, because I love and honor your work so much! Your Blog has made me happy many times and I am really inspired by you A LOT. I read Elsies blog back in the scrapbooking days but stopped during her artist period (I think I just wasnt there yet:D) and started reading again two years ago. Your honesty is really cool, I learned a lot from you about doing business, letting things go etc. That is so great – thanks!
    ABM is my Nr. 1 page to go to, even in Pinterest I pin stuff from your page without knowing, its a new ABM project, because your pictures, your ideas – everything is just really really great.
    Fun to read you are thinking about kits:D I made scrapbook kits for 7 years and plan to stopp this summer. But… maybe I am finished just in time for your kits then:D (pleeease make them for international readers as well).
    I had to write you – you are great! Keep up the good work, i am so exited to see all your new office projects!

  • Done!
    Thanks girls + Trey πŸ™‚ for your interest in our opinions.
    Personally I’d like to see here posts about furnishing/decorating a home. Like: this is the room “x” you can decorate in “y” different ways… a sort of “3 ways to style it”. I’m buying home and your posts about home decor are sooo inspiring!

    Have a nice day!
    Claudia – (Milan) Italy

  • Thanks for giving us a chance to say what we think…

    A suggestion : when you do a food post, it would be great to be able to print the recipe just by clicking on a button somewhere.

    I really like your photo style. Sometimes, I read an article that I know will not interrest me only to look at your beautiful pictures.

    Thanks for giving me inspiration daily! My only regret is living in a place where the necessary material to make a simple DIY is not easely available.

  • Just took the survey (haha autocorrect changed that into: “just took the surgery’) πŸ™‚ As a starting entrepreneur who is looking for ways to make her dreams come true, I always love the business insights you share on ABM. It helps and encourages me to know that it takes time and struggling to succeed. When I look at your business I feel hopeful that with had work big dreams are possible. You opening up about this has helped me a lot. I also would love to hear more practical advice in this area. I feel like I still have so much to learn, and I would love to learn from your experience!

  • i would have to say i prefer JT’s nsync days! slightly sad that wasn’t an option, haha!

    thanks for doing this for your readers!

  • All done! does the code expire? I want to purchase some actions when I’m back from holiday in a few weeks πŸ™‚


  • I really hope now an in-depth post about Justin Timberlake albums. With photos. I mean, you must have them all in vinyl. So you know, next time less people would be like me and check “none of them”. πŸ˜›

  • One post I’d love to read from Emma is how she and Trey have maintained a good balance between work and marriage/romance since they have been working together full time. Oh and btw, I am LOVING Laura’s DIY posts … Such beautiful and creative work. So happy she’s part of your team!

  • Haha I’m sorry I haven’t listenned enough to Justin Timberlake to even know the name of his albums πŸ˜‰
    I said that I wasn’t interested in scrapbooking porjects and supplies, but that’s because I’m completely new to this. I bought the art Journaling e-course but I didn’t have time to give it a try… Sooo maybe I should have said I was interested in scrapbooking supplies, that would allow me to have some stuff to start. Well, dunno.
    Anyways, I’ve been reading you for one or two years, I can’t remember, and I love what you do! I whish I’d be as talented as you are (especially for photography, aw I really am bad…). The only sad thing is that my phone is not compatible with your app :'(

  • Love ABM! One thing I would love to see is more ‘before’ pictures of your actions. I’m still deliberating which set to buy, and I think it would help to see both before and after pics of each action. This could totally just be me though! More videos would be cool too, maybe Q&As? Basically everything you do is awesome though πŸ™‚

  • Just did the survey! One thing that I wanted to add is that I feel like we have not heard a lot of your voices lately- there have been a lot of guest bloggers. While I appreciate their input and ideas, it is *your* blog after all and I come to hear your voice. πŸ™‚

  • One quick area that would improve your blog for me: use a “read more” button at the bottom of each introduction for each post. That way, if I’m not interested in a particular post (ie I’m not particularly interested in the zippered lips pouch), I don’t have to scroll all the way through it to see what else was posted. Hope you don’t get too much nasty criticism today, and it’s all constructive! Thanks, ladies!

  • You guys do a great job and I can feel your influence growing. I would love to see less processed foods and more gardening and whole food type stuff- I love seeing you guys do healthy things. Get a CSA box and feature the food every week! talk about the CSA. That would be super dope. I GUARUNTEE you will love it, and love the farmers you do business with and their cute kids, baby chickens, etc. etc.

    I love your DIY aesthetic and the go-getter attitude. Consistent source of creative inspiration for me and I thank you guys for that. I also LOVE learning about the business piece of what you guys do. You really don’t see yourselves as limited or living inside the box of ‘what people expect’ a career looks like or success looks like. I think that, ultimately, is why I read your blog…not for hair braids or how to spray paint shit gold (that stuff is fun too) DIY career. badass. That’s what our generation is, man.

  • Hey Melinda!

    Thank you so much for this! It’s always our hope that people will take our ideas and recreate them in their own style!

    On a side note- we have plenty of funny conversations to the tune of, “How do we know if we’re hipsters?” Honestly- I think the word hipster means different things to different people. πŸ˜€

    Anyway! Thanks for your comment!


  • Yes, exactly this. Or talking about how “tiny” or “small” or “ugly” a space in your house or studio is when it’s 10 times bigger and nicer than so many people have. I always think, “That’s tiny/ugly? What do people think about my house, downstairs bathroom, no laundry room whatsoever.” You do a great job renovating them or DIYing them, but for most of us – DIY is not a full-time job with a full-time salary attached to it. :/

  • Hey Jenn,

    We work really hard to create projects/recipes/ideas that work for many budgets! Most of the DIYs we post her are SUPER budget friendly. This is definitely a priority to us!

    With that said, yes- we have two fridges in our studio (one for food blogging and one mini for our employees lunches). When we share the second fridge (I don’t even think we’ve blogged about it yet) I’ll be sure to note what’s what in our post. πŸ˜€

    Emma and I can count on one hand the number of designer clothing pieces we own. We shop at Target and Forever 21 a LOT more than any fancy stores.

    Anyway! Budget living is 90% of our real-life and what we blog here. We’ve never claimed to be a budget blog, but it’s naturally what happens most of the time because we were raised by thrifty parents.

    Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚ Elsie

  • I’ve been reading you blog for several years now, and I just love that you do so much to connect and engage with your readers! It’s such a wonderful example for other bloggers and creative entrepreneurs! πŸ™‚

  • This survey was way more fun than the hotel or service survey’s I’ve had to do for work! I was one of the “none of them” JT responses… but only because I don’t know which songs came from which album.

    I would love to see a feature of each of the new ABM team members. I know there’s an About page, but it would be more fun to hear what background each person brings to the team, what the ABM vision for each person was when (s)he was hired, etc. I still think, “Huh, that blonde hair doesn’t look like Emma’s…” then realize it’s a post by Laura. I want to love her – I just don’t know her very well yet!

    Finally, I do like the home tours you’ve done with other bloggers. My favorites have been homes with lots of color. The mostly white aesthetic is neat, too, but I think it would be great to see a few more uses of color in home tours. I would like to incorporate more myself and would love some ideas!

  • After reading through some other comments I can agree with several, that I seem to scroll through the blogg more often instead of reading, since youΒ΄ve added Laura and your other contributors too. You Elsie and Emma are the original attractions, with your point of view and personal touch. To me, you have grown too much. Sorry, but I miss YOU. This is still the best blog ever though!

    Some feedback on the comments above would be great!
    Thank you! πŸ™‚

    Oh, and there was no coupon code in the survey when I took it? I checked like four times :O

  • I really love your website but I am always a bit disapointed when things are only available in the USA. I’m from the Netherlands and I’d also love to buy certain stuff for DIY’s or participate in an online competition, but it always says: only available for people living in the USA. I understand that some competitions are only available in the USA, and it’s okay. But is it maybe possible for the DIY’s to also recommend websites to order stuff in Europe or shops in Europe, so we don’t have to pay the large customsfee they charge us with if we order something from the USA.

    thanks for reading this, and I’m sorry for my bad English, but at least I tried πŸ˜›

  • Yo, ABM, I’m really happy for you… I’mma let you finish… but Laura Gummerman has some of the greatest creative ideas of all-time.

    Seriously, though, y’all are ALL doing a great job! Love the addition of Laura & Sarah (and apparently an editor, so these commenters can stop having a stroke over typos. Bless it). I’d love to see a series of little DIYs (like, less than 30 minutes to complete.) It’d be fun to have some creative projects that can easily be tackled after coming home from work in the evenings instead of having to wait until the weekend to dive into the amazingness of ABM (or having to wait until I’m retired to dive into the amazingness of Mandi… girlfriend’s step-by-step instructions are longgg). πŸ™‚ I also really miss the Everyday Elsie & Everyday Emma blogs, so I’d love any “real life” posts you’d like to share!

    Your creativity is inspiring, as is the way you are constantly reevaluating and branching out to try new things. Thanks for always keeping it exciting around here; stoked to see where this adventure takes you next. Xo.

  • Hi ladies (& Trey!)– I love your blog and appreciate all of your hard work and creativity! It can’t be easy coming up with new ideas and inspiration day in and day out! My request: Is there any way that you could offer your Photoshop actions as a trial period first? Like the option to try before buying (I think Totally Rad does this and they delete after a week or so)… I just am not sure which collection would be best for me and it would be a big purchase for me if (let’s be honest…WHEN) I buy them.

    I would also love to see wider shots of all of your new home projects, for example, the fishbowl planters were SO cute, but I really want to see how they look with the rest of the room! I think those posts may be coming, so I just need to be a bit more patient πŸ™‚ I was so excited to hear about your new studio house…your home decor and behind the scenes posts are my fave!

    Thanks again for everything you do, I look forward to reading your blog every day and you are all truly an inspiration! Like many others, I’m pretty curious about Springfield now. There must be something in the water there…!

  • I agree 100% with Holly. I’d also like to add that most of your posts are about alcohol or DIY crafts that involve spending (literally) hundreds of dollars. I wish there were more sewing tutorials. I’m not even sure if any of you own a sewing machine because of the lack of sewing tutorials. Sorry for being rude, but it’s the truth.

  • I think it’s also all of the sponsored posts. We all (hopefully) understand that you guys enjoy making money (who doesn’t?) but it just seems like a lot of your posts are like, “hey, look at my Canon printer and buy our photo editing software.”
    Sorry to be critical, but it’s kind of what you guys asked for. You guys still have a great blog and I do enjoy looking at it.

  • Most of you have never posted an inexpensive DIY. I am so glad Mandi is a contributor now because she makes incredibly easy/low cost DIYs.

  • a. I love the travel posts especially, and would really enjoy seeing more!

    b. I still LOVE your blog, but I miss the more personal touch of having a peek into your (Elsie and Emma’s) lives. With craft project after craft project, it sometimes feels like the heart of the blog is missing. I find myself looking forward to your slightly more personal posts and always want them to be peppered in for a balance of DIY and insight into two great women’s everyday life. Your great personalities are what brought me here and I just miss seeing more of that. I do understand though that it isn’t necessarily a personal blog, and you are trying to shape your business to what you want, so, you know… do what feels right, girls. πŸ™‚ I’ll be here either way. I’m just a sucker for a window into the lives of strong women. To me, that provides a greater source of inspiration for living the good life than the crafting posts.

    In a world that is so publicized and “connected” we’re shown a lot of negative images of women that, even if we create our own bubble of positivity, can make us question who we are. I think one of the best things is finding fellow ladies who work hard to create their own happiness, that help reinforce confidence in yourself, your life choices, and your dreams by proxy. Your personal side of the blog does that.

    c. I want to say that I think you do a great job balancing third party promotions, self promotion, and your own content. It’s a bad hole that blogs can fall into, and once it seems like the bar on the narcissism/genuine love for the craft scale tips too far toward giveaways and self promotion, I check out. I read about five blogs for that reason. Too many create static and are generally useless at the end of the day. Yours has never, ever tread into that boundary. I applaud you. I know this must be a hard balance to maintain, and you guys are great.

    d. I think that the monthly subscription service idea is fantastic.

    e. You guys are rocking it. Thanks for keeping your blog up. I know it’s a lot of work. I really appreciate you doing it.

  • Just finished the survey. Thanks for the discount code! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at A Beautiful Mess. You do such a wonderful job at creating new blog material consistently that is *always* photographed beautifully. I am inspired daily. Thank you for all your hard work. It is so appreciated!

  • I have completed two e-courses (Blog Love and Dream Job) and along attending The Blogcademy last year I think I gathered valuable sources, inspiration and enough gas to kickstart my own dream.

    I think I would enjoy more DIY either sewing or home decor projects, my all favorites from ABM are DIY’s, I don’t apply Home DΓ©cor on my blog (… it’s about graphic design and sewing) but I’ve made a few for my place – and will make lot more because my guy and I are moving together next month! so I’m excited about giving some pizzaz to our place ^_~

    Thank you both so much!
    Love, A.

  • Loved the survey! Loved the glimpse into what might be ahead for you guys! And, as ALWAYS, love your blog! Sure wish I could use that discount code on the actions I purchased last week though.

  • -More personal-ish posts.
    -A staff about page of some sorts with a list & little intro of people working on the site.
    -More post from Elsie in general.
    -Better editing. (I saw you say you just got one but it bugs me enough I had to say something. Emma, I like you but I’m looking at you.)
    -Less processed foods recipes (Maybe start to do some basic recipes to link back to for sauces & such.)
    -Post holiday recipes not so close to the holiday.
    -A few more quality/advanced DIY’s to every cheap & easy one.
    -Maybe be a little less ostentatious about money. (The Smeg for your office when you have a full kitchen on the same floor comes to mind. I’m honestly pleased with your success. I know you’ve worked hard for it. It’s a little jealousy on my part but I also find it a really unrelatable.)

    I tried to keep it short, sweet and to the point. I really do enjoy the blog. I try to not worry about the stuff that bugs me but you asked so I tried to be honest.

  • I just wanted to say that I love your home projects, and would love video instructions for some of the ‘harder’ ones since I’m a beginner at tools etc. And i. A future survey it could be interesting to see where your readers are living- I’m from Denmark πŸ™‚

  • I think you guys should move on and call yourselves a website and not a blog. Its moved beyond the blog and you are a multifaceted website.

    I enjoy reading and keep up the good work

  • You have no idea how you just made the rest of my year with this reply! No, for serious! Woo Hoo. I mean, without being too specific…..THANK YOU! :+)

  • Oh my goodness, thank you! I’m delighted! (insert awkward chair dance here):+)

    I can’t wait…High Fives and Hip Bumps!


  • I get where everyone is coming from when they say things are getting a little less personal. Obviously after reading this blog for the last 4-5 years I’ve become familiar with Elsie and Emma and want to still be hearing from them on a regular basis. I could not have been more happy when Mandy was added as a contributor, but this may have been because I have also been reading her blog for several years and love being able to hear more from her. I think it may just take time for readers to get more familiar with new contributors like Laura. Also, would it be possible to get some style posts from Mandi? That girl kills it!!!

  • hmmm… as an example: based on price point I include Swedish Hasbeens in the designer section and Elsie has about 100 of these. Most people cant justify buying one pair.

  • Loved this question too!! JT forever! I chose all of them although I think I prefer his stuff stuff more. Does this mean we can expect Justin themed blog posts? Hahaha.

  • Oh!!! I wanted to take the survey too, because for one, I love the idea of surveying your readers (brilliant and personal); secondly, yes, I really needed the 20% discount for an upcoming e-class! I was at work from 7am-9pm last night, and just got home from working since 6am this morning. I’ve been looking forward to it since I saw the post in my bloglovin feed yesterday. πŸ™ Well…I absolutely love your site. We are neighbors also! I live in NE Arkansas, but my parents, brother, and in-laws all live in Rogers, AR. Also, the doctor I work for lives in Springfield with his family. He drives to Jonesboro every week and stays for 2-3 days to do surgery on our patients. I am starting a new blog, have everything up and running, but haven’t designed it with a special theme yet, but I’ve been planning posts (in my head and some written down) for months. I’m hoping to get a new DSLR camera from my hubby and kids (teens) for my birthday soon. I can’t wait to get started. I’ve been reading and following blogs for so long, and wanting to do something of my own for ages! I LOVED your blog post today, btw! πŸ™‚

  • Hello.
    I’d like to add that I mostly read ABM on my tablet or smartphone. I’m in the UK so the times of your posts don’t usually match the times I’m at a pc. So, I catch up during the evening using one of these devices instead. I find the site aC little uncompatible with both of these at times. The links are sometimes difficult to select or I frequently end up selecting the wrong link. Examples are the arrows at the bottom of the page to access previous content. The “show more comments” link often finds me selecting the typepad, Facebook etc links and then having to close them and find my way back.
    Have you thought of a free app just to publish your existing posts in a more compatible format? Alternatively spacing the links apart and/or making directional arrows larger would really improve my reader experience. Thank you, love your work! πŸ™‚

  • I don’t know if you’re still looking at comments, but I would like to suggest fewer posts per day. It’s hard to keep up when you have a full-time job or a social life and come home to discover ABM has updated four times while you were gone! I end up skipping more posts than I read some days just because I barely have the time. Maybe two per day? One short and one longer?

    I’d also like to see fewer C/O items in Sister Style posts. Some outfits I really like, because it’ll be just one C/O item, maybe two, and mostly items you’ve bought yourselves. But outfits where it’s all C/O makes me feel like it’s not really YOUR style, it’s just someone giving you clothing to wear. Like a magazine ad. And I read your blog to know YOU, not what some random online brand thinks I should be wearing. Just a thought. Really, the first paragraph is the thing that’s important about this comment, haha.

  • I just wanted elaborate my earlier comment about being a little showy about money. I was think about it last night. Trying to figure out why it bugs me when some people do it and not others. Another blog I read bought something recently that was 100% unnecessary and extremely expensive. I think the reason it didn’t bug me is because she keeps a more personal tone to her blog. She had written about wanting it. She admitted that it wasn’t really the best way to spend money.

    Now of course, I don’t know what happens in your office or home and so I know I shouldn’t have an opinion on how you spend your money. The Smeg could very well have been a gift or a sponsored sort of deal. I’d never know because you kinda sneaked (for total lack of a better word,I don’t think you were trying to be sneaky) in a post about your new coffee cart and how you all like different kinds of coffee. That post would have been a great way to get a little more personal without over doing it by letting us know who likes what. It touched on personal a bit but I didn’t feel like closer to anyone one after I read it.

    I’m getting off track. Sorry to make this so long. I don’t mean to be “that guy” I just thought a better explanation was in order. In short, the better I *think* I know you guys the more I can feel happy for your success. Maybe something to keep in mind.

  • Hi, I wrote a little bit yesterday, but I’ve been reading through the comments and wanted to add a little based on one thing I saw mentioned multiple times–being ostentatious about money or doing DIY projects that cost too much.

    Don’t change a thing. You work hard. You live in a place with a low cost of living and you make good money. You are building an empire. And that empire is based on aesthetics, in large part. Buy two fridges if you feel you need them for your business. It’s sort of odd to me that there were multiple mentions about the damn refrigerators! Who cares?! Keeping your personal food separate from a designated work area is very common. I don’t think anyone working in a professional kitchen brings their lunch and puts it in the same cooler where the head chef grabs his salmon.

    And it’s somewhat ridiculous to think that what you’d buy for your business or your home wouldn’t be pleasing to the eye–your home and your office are the foundation of your business. I mean. You have a photo editing app. And a photo book. And a set of photo-editing actions. And classes over how to create better photos. Any criticism over this would, I think, be a lack of understanding about your industry and what is demanded of you on a daily basis in order to create the beautiful work that you do. If nothing else, working in a serene environment with items that you find inspiring give you the energy and creativity you need to go on with your work.

    The projects you work on here have never struck me as overly-expensive. I also don’t think you necessarily assume that every person reading will go out and complete every single DIY project. You have multiple contributors to offer different kinds of crafts to different kinds of readers. Something for everyone. And I believe that to get something of good quality, sometimes you have to spend a little extra.

    Jo Farmer

  • Hi girls! (and Trey)

    I’ve been a blog reader of Elsie’s…since FORVER. 2006? Back in your scrapbook days; I’ve followed you from Love, Elise to RVA to here now. Love the blog, love Laura’s DIY’s/Food posts especially. But I am definitely missing the Everyday side to Elsie & Emma…please bring back that micro blog feature!

  • I don’t currently have any box subscriptions.. As a kind of broke college kid, I’ve really only managed to have money to buy the ABM book :3 but I would love love love the idea of a ABM monthly subscription box (only if it didn’t break my bank, of course..)!

  • sorry but that is a lie, i just went through your last 4 sister style posts and yes there’s target and forever 21 but there’s madewell, free people, mod cloth and dont forget your 6 pairs of hunter boots. sure a lot of this was given to you for free but your still advertising these expensive pieces to the average person who cannot afford 150$ overalls. im not saying you own insane amounts of chanel or something but the pieces you do own/bought/were given are insanely over priced pieces that every day people do not buy. especially given that most of your readers are probably in their early 20s

  • Well I missed the survey, but as a lifelong MASSIVE Justin Timberlake fan, the above comments are making me really wish I’d been able to take the survey πŸ˜‰

  • I forgot to make a note of the discount code when I took the survey and want to but the mini collection! – any way you could email the code to me?

  • Was just thinking that I LOVE learning about the business side of your blog. You all are basically my blogging idols!;) I pretty much gobble up every single post you all writebut especially those. Would love to read more about that side of things. xo, Anna