A Beautiful Giveaway: April Edition (CLOSED)

Group Giveaway-01Super excited to bring you another great giveaway from some of our favorite sponsors this month! One reader is going to win all of this:

1. Ruche—$50 gift card to their shop
2. Casetagram—3-month subscription to their service
3. Jo Totes—a camera bag of the winner’s choosing from their shop
4. Truche—this teepee necklace
5. RusticGem—a pair of teardrop earrings and a pair of gold dangle earrings
6. PäshBox—3-month subscription to their service

Group Giveaway-027. ever.mi.crush—$50 gift card to their shop and use the code 20ABM for a 20% discount!
8. LA Furniture Store—$50 gift card to their shop
9. Maggie Fine Jewelry—$100 gift card to her shop

One lucky reader will win all of that!!

TO ENTER: Simply visit the sites linked throughout and post your favorite items in the comments. Giveaway is open until May 5th, and the winner will be contacted shortly after that. Good luck! xoxo. Elsie + Emma

A Beautiful Mess Giveaway Rules

  • I LOVE the wide hammered ring in silver from Maggie Fine Jewelry. So pretty!

  • i’m really feeling abby and siena as far as the camera bags go 🙂

  • I like the rose gold star studs from Maggie; the glam crocodile chest from LA furniture; the interlace top & hello bright eyes dress at ever.mi.crush; the gold leaf earrings from rustic gem; the elephant necklace from truche; the Abby mint on Jo Totes; I would definitely use a picture of my kitty for a case from Casetagram; and the Jukebox dress from Ruche (as well as lots of their tops). This is a great contest…fingers crossed for myself 🙂

  • I was JUST thinking how I need a duel purpose camera-diaper bag. Betsy Teal would be perfect!

  • My favorite out of all of the links would be the Betsy Chocolate Camera Bag by Jo Totes. Such a versatile bag!

  • Definitely love it all but my favorites would be the Teepee necklace and Casetagram! This would be an awesome birthday surprise since today is my birthday! 🙂

  • I love the dainty hammered copper ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry!

  • love the “on a journey” ikat dress from ruche — perfect for summer! thanks for another lovely giveaway.

  • Ok, I am in love with pashbox! I did not know it existed, how incredibly awesome!

  • What an incredible giveaway. The ones that especially caught my interest were Jo totes and the LA furniture store. Being a new home owner strapped for cash it’d be so wonderful to win these fun things!

  • I like everything especially the teepee necklace and jewlery

  • The teardrop earrings scream spring to me…I’ve also been eying the teardrop + infinity combo necklaces from RusticGem for a while now!

  • The Siena bag from JoTotes is gorgeous! Also loving the variety at Pash Society and the “I Heart Michigan necklace” at truche! Perfect for all my Michigan travel adventures. 🙂

  • Oh my cuteness! The Georgia nautical bag is too adorable! I would love to use it as a diaper bag/camera bag!

  • The wood grain heart necklace from Truche, the star ring w/ brass from Maggie Fine Jewelry, and the Betsy bag in black from Jo Totes are all faves. I’ve actually been looking at of them for a while!

  • Awesome giveaway!!! I reaaaaally hope I win! Well…
    from Jo Totes I love this bag (http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/gracie-teal)
    And it’s the first time I ‘ve browsed ruche, but I have already spotted many clothes that I like (http://shopruche.com/just-a-dream-trapeze-dress.html and http://shopruche.com/secret-garden-floral-dress.html)
    Also I loved http://evermicrush.com/lunch-date-sweater-with-polka-dot-detail.html it’s soooo cute!!!
    Well, fingers crossed…

  • Love the Interlace top from ever.mi.crush. Perfect for summer!

  • I’m still so in love with the Siena camera bag at JoTotes! Such a beautiful bag, also, completely digging the teepee necklace! I can’t go without saying how lovely the Classic Romance Dress over at Ever + Me Crush is!

  • Oh, that teepee necklace! That one takes the cake for me.

  • I have been wanting to make my own cell phone case. Loving the teepee necklace. Thanks for sharing this ladies!

  • I love the Siena camera bag! I have a Micro 4/3 camera and most bags are overkill but that one looks like it would work. The Pashbox subscription is also amazing, I’m terrible at picking my own scarves but that would take the work out of it!

  • A few of my favorite things…the elfin hibiscus necklace from Maggie fine jewelry is so beautiful…along with everything else from that site. I love the Siena camera bag from Jo Totes, and the Copenhagen street dress from Ruche is so cute!

  • I’ve actually been looking for a similar ring to the Hibiscus Ring from Maggie as it’s similar to the twin tulip engagement ring my grandmother wears — but the hibiscus is an interesting twist! And, on a similar “floral” note (mm, sounds like I’m talking about wine), I love the Bloom Festival Pleated Dress from ever.mi.crush!

  • My favorite is the Betsy bag in teal or mustard from Jo Totes 🙂

  • Love the Abby Black camera bag from Jo Totes!
    I’m always embarrassed to bring my camera out in a ratty backpack — this is the perfect solution.

  • Loving the pashbox… Scarfs are kinda my thing, I wear them year-round. Great giveaway!

  • I love the Freedom to Flourish maxi dress from Ever.mi.crush and the bib statement necklace with blue jade from Rustic Gem. Also the Betsy bag in blue or yellow from Jo Totes is so cute!

  • I’ve been wanting a Siena camera bag for a while now! I’d love to get one just in time for my trip to Hawaii!

  • Love the PashBox subscription (so genius and perfect for SF weather!), Nista Sandals from Ruche, and the Paisley Leaf Studs from Maggie Fine Jewelry.

  • I love the Copenhagen Street Dress by Ruche, the Sienna bag by Jo Totes, the Bayside Glam Dress by ever.mi.crush, and the Star Bangle by Maggie Fine Jewelry.

  • I’m an Aztec Print addict, so I love the the Scenic View Aztec Top from Ever.Mi.Crush. Perfect for a summer roadtrip! As the weather is warming up here in Denver, I’m finding I don’t have enough short sleeve and sleeveless tops and this site is great for cute selections that won’t break the bank. Thanks for showing the site!

  • Absolutely love all of it, but the camera bag is definitely my favorite! In love with the emerald green color!

  • What an amazing giveaway! The Ginny Dress from evermicrush is adorable, but I also like the radar fine necklace from Truche aaand the Gracie bag from Jo Totes. It was a hard decision though 🙂

  • I’m in love with the Hidden Heart necklace from Maggie Fine Jewelry. So simple and can be worn with multiple things!

  • Love EVERYTHING from Ruche! The State necklaces from Truche are ADORBS! Love RusticGems teal teardrop earrings. LOVE Ever.Mi.Crush’s clothes! SO cute! Love the grey cotton tail rug from LA furniture. Love the hidden heart necklaces from Maggie Fine Jewelry!

  • How have I not visited ever.mi.crush’s site before?! Their dresses are adorable. Oh, and I’ve been yearning for the Abby Mint from Jo Totes!

  • Oh my, I loooooooove the teepee necklace and basically need everything from ever.mi.crush

  • I have long-loved the JoTotes Betsy bag. I also love Maggie Fine Jewelry’s Elfin Hibiscus Necklace. Thanks for the chance!

  • The phone case and the scarves are absolutely my favorites 🙂

  • I love scarves and this is the first I’m learning of pashbox! Hooray!

  • I’m diggin the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes. Just classic.

  • I am IN LOVE with the Barcelona Embroidered Top from Ruche – so perfect for summer! 🙂

  • Not sure how to pick but that Abby bag from Jo Totes, bangles from Maggie’s, everything from Ruche and I love the pendants from LA Furniture Store!!!

  • the pashbox looks so fun! I want to be brave enough to try headscarves – with my long heavy hair a messy bun is about all I can bear to do with my hair in the warmest months, but a scarf sure would fancy it up!

  • Ah it is so hard to decide! I really like all of the triangle earings from Truche! I also love Gold Rectangle and Jet Black Jewel Dangle Earrings. Statement Earrings from RusticGem. I also really liked the Leisurely Afternoon Necklace in Gold from ever.mi.crush! Finally I loved Monteverde Floral Midi Skirt In Orange from Ruche!

  • Ruche is my FAVORITE online boutique!! And I just got a box subscription (like PashBox) for my mom for her birthday and I wiiiish I could’ve gotten one for myself!

  • What a great giveaway! I really love those chevron necklaces from Tru.che. Thanks for this!

  • i love the “me and my arrow” necklace from tru.che!

  • I love the casetagram subscription. Very cool idea!

  • So many great things! I’m loving Betsy Chocolate Camera Bag by Jo Totes and the pashbox (great idea).

  • I’ve been coveting those camera bags for a while now! And the Humble Abode dress from ever.mi.crush is too cute.

  • Ohhh my goodness, Ruche! All of the dresses. ALL OF THEM. I’m working on upping my dress game. Love!

  • Love the scarves…and those gold earrings from Rustic Gem!!

  • I really like the Bicycle For Two Top from ever.mi.crush and I like the idea behind PäshBox a lot. I’ll be traveling to Turkey in August so it would be fun to have a few new scarves to take with me to cover my head when I visit different mosques.

  • I could really use some now spring dresses, so naturally I love the Blowing In the Wind Floral Dress from Ruche and the Bloom Festival Pleated Dress from ever.mi.crush!

  • Love the Star Bangle from Maggie. Anything from Ruche… fingers crossed 🙂

  • Love the dainty hammered ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry, and literally EVERY bag from Jo Totes…not sure how I would choose if I won. Thanks for the chance!

  • I love the ‘I Heart Arizona-Clear’ at Truche. Such a good idea for the homesick who moved away from the state they love!

  • Wow!Great giveaway! Ruche has so many good things…the Maricopa maxi and walking the shoreline maxi are my favorite. Love the necklace and the camera bag in Betsey Teal ! This would be lovely to win!

  • I love the “show me the ring” lace dress from Ruche! Can a dress get more perfect than this?

  • My favourite item is the Georgia Nautical bag by Jo Totes.

  • Love so much of it but the Betsy bag from Jo Totes is glorious. Been eyeing buying one as it is. That aside, the RusticGem teardrop earrings are gorgeous. Not enough teardrops in my collection!

  • I’ve been in love with the Barcelona Shorts from Ruche since they came out last week. The Georgia Nautical from Jo Totes has been on my radar for awhile too!

  • I really love the dainty hammered ring from Maggie’s fine jewelry!

  • pashbox is such a great idea — i’m such a scarf addict! and i’ve had my eye on that siena jototes bag for quite some time 🙂

  • I just got a new iPhone so Casetagram would be perfect! I like the “My Favorite Stripe” case and would love to make my own. I’m loving the teepee necklace and teardrop earrings too.

  • I’m dreaming of the Siena bag from Jo Totes and the mr. sun necklace from Truche.

  • Jo Totes’ Betsy Teal bag is pretty cool with all the extra pockets and such. Defintely useful for a stay at home mom like me. I wish I could afford one of these guys, maybe when me husband gets out of graduate school.

  • Lighthouse point dress from Ruche; Allison Mint Jo Tote, please; anything from Rustic Gem cause that’s just my style; new scarves? bring them on; two tiered triangle statement necklace, come to momma!

  • I love the Abby bag from Jo Totes, the white and coral dress from Ruche, and every single pair of earrings from Rustic Gem.

  • I love all things from Tru.che but my favorite would either have to be the triple chevron necklace, or the i heart ohio necklace! OH-IO!

  • Love The Rustic Gem! Their jewel pendants are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance!

  • I LOVE the teepee necklace! it is super cute. Also I LIVE in scarves everyday- the midwest’s weather changes so often it’s best just to be prepared! So PäshBox would probably be amazing also! 😀

  • I really love those earrings from rustic gem

  • The wood grain necklace from Truche, the star ring, and Bestsy bag are all my faovrites!

  • I absolutely LOVE the Rosy Skies Lace Clutch from ever+mi crush and the Country Cottage Lace Dress from Ruche!

  • I would love to sign up for PäshBox, such a cool concept and perfect accessories for summer and wedding season!

  • I love the peach teardrop earrings from Rustic gem — but I also love gold filigree earrings, so I’m torn!

    My sister thinks I have too many scarves as is, but I don’t believe there is such a thing. I would be so excited for the scarf boxes for 3 months!

  • I would looveeee the Siena Leather Camera bag from Jo Totes! Currently I am schlepping my camera in an old purse with scarves to keep it cushioned!

  • I love the Sienna bag from Jo Totes. So pretty <3.

  • Im in desperate need of a new camera bag for my Nikon! Ive been using the same bag for over 10 years. I am also dying to try out Castegram.

  • I adore the Chateau Fontainebleu Embroidered Dress from Ruche!

  • My favorite is the Pashbox subscription. I love the scarves- they are all so pretty and having a new one every month would be awesome 😉

  • Ruche has such great jewelry and shoes. I love their vintage styles. The ‘teepee’ necklace is great, too. It’s all killer!

  • I love the Francesca top from ever.mi.crush and OMG maggie’s jewelry!!! I love her delicate bracelets.

  • I’ve been searching for a camera bag for a while now. My fav. is the Betsy Mustard from Jo Totes. Its so cute !!!

  • Thanks!!! I would have to choose a Jo Totes bag. They’re on my wish list 🙂

    Great giveaway!

  • I love the Rustic Gem earrings! The color combination is amazing. The camera bag is also pretty great. The emerald green color is so springy and lovely.

  • I want everything! I especially love the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes and the simple arrow stud earrings from Truche!

  • I love the Siena bag from JoTotes, the star ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry and I practically want everything from Ruche!

  • RusticGem – Silver Rectangle and Jet Black Jewel Dangle Earrings

  • Love the Zena woven flats from Ruche and the Siena camera bag from Jo Totes 🙂 Crossing my fingers!

  • I am in love with the designed case by casetagram so unique to design your own case and of course the Truche teepee necklace solo urban so my style.

  • Ahhhhh! What’s not to love? The necklace, scarves, earrings, THAT BAG. Love it all!!!

  • I am in LOVE with that yellow camera bag!!! <3 I just really love it all!!

  • The Gracie Butterscotch bag from Jo Totes is a dream — and not just because its name is “Gracie Butterscotch” — !!!

  • love the scarves. really though i love subscription boxes since I work night shift and doesn’t really have time to go shopping.

  • I’m in LOVE with the clothes from ever.mi.crush … especially the dresses!

  • Picking just one favorite from there would be hard. They are all wonderful! But if I have to . . . how awesome is it to receive a cool new scarf every month?

  • I would love to gift the flower stud earrings to my mom for Mother’s Day! I’m so excited for the subscription box as it is one of the few that ship to Canada!

  • My faves so far…

    Ruche- Colleen tiered necklace
    Casetagram- Mingle by Lisa Argyropoulos
    Jo Totes- Grace in Butterscotch
    Truche- Teepee necklace
    RusticGem- Both!
    PäshBox- This is an awesome idea
    ever.mi.crush- Summer Art Fest Crop Top
    LA Furniture Store- Modloft Jane Modern Walnut Nightstand
    Maggie Fine Jewelry- Wide Hammered Ring in Silver (so perfect)

  • Love the teardrop earrings from RusticGem. Plus I coud do some damage with a certificate to Ruche!

  • I love the new flower studs at Maggie’s Jewelery!

  • I absoutley loooove jo totes, I’ve been wanting one for years!

  • I love the bag pictured also the earings! So adorable!

  • I love Ruche’s dresses, and the yellow Betsy from Jo Totes!

  • I am in desperate need of a new Phone case, and Casetagram has a really clever design where I can display my photos on my case! I also love the Frolicking through Flowers dress from Ruche

  • I love the flower studs at Maggie, the soft peach and mint earrings at RusticGem, and the gracie and missy bags at jo totes. I’m also curious about the päshbox subscription.

  • I have always adored the Siena bag from Jo Totes ever since they released it, and I am currently in LOVE with the concept of Pash Box! I adore me a good scarf 🙂 I also adore the Pretty Pleat Midi Skirt by Sugarhill from Ruche.


  • My FAVORITE bag will always and forever be the Siena bag from JoTotes. Hashtag obsessed much? Also I adore Maggie’s simple gold rings. I’m really into gold right now. Lu-huuuuve.

  • The Mod Chambray dress from Ruche is gorgeous, it’s so simple and perfect for summer. I also absolutely love the Siena bag from Jototes, I’ve been wanting to get a nicer camera bag for so long! Thanks for hosting such amazing giveaways this month!

  • Hidden Heart necklace and the Hibiscus Ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry are gorgeous, and so unique! The Vera Glass Maple King Bed is amazing from LA Furniture…

  • original hammered bangle from Missy; A Night of Dancing Dress with Turk Cut Out Heels from Ruche; Jo Totes Georgia Nautical bag; Fluttering Wings dress from ever mi crush! I could go on for ages! LOVE this giveaway!

  • I’m in love with the Abby bag from JoTotes and the Gold Sage Green Drop Earrings from RusticGem!

  • Well, my absolute favorite is JoTotes’ Abby Camera Bag in black… I need one! Or maybe the lavender! I am never 100% sure! Outside of that, I like the Midnight Dreaming maxi from Ruche, the Athena Dress from Ever+Mi Crush — I would give the LA Furniture gift to my mom so she could get something new for her room for Mother’s Day (she’s redecorating!)

  • Super awesome giveaway! I am loving the North Pier Ruffled Top at Ruche!! So pretty for the summer!

  • Ahhh, Truche, I heart thee. The Jo Totes sienna bag is oh so fabulous. And prior to seeing this post, I never had the pleasure of knowing PäshBox existed! Now that I have thoroughly scoped them out- I don’t know how I’ve been living without them!

  • I love the teepee necklace from Truche! SO adorable. Also, Casetagram. How awesome is that?! I’d never heard of their service before, but I might have to check it out, even if I don’t win!

  • Loving the Pash Box, rene dress from Ruche and the take time necklace!

  • I like the Peach Orchard Crochet Detail Dress at Ruche; I would definaly use a picture of my family from Casetagram; I love the Rose Coral bag from jototes, I love the I heart North Carolina necklaces from tru.che; the gold leaf and lavender teardrop earrings from rustic gem; love the scarfs from pashbox and so glad I know it exists now; love the classic romantic dress from evermicruch; I like the modern large square table dish from LA Furniture; and I love the small snail studs from Maggie. This is a great contest and I had a great time looking through everything!

  • 1/ i’m a huge monthly surpise box 2/ you can never have enough scraves —> Pashbox must have been invented for me <3 thanks for the chance!

  • It is vital that I make a custom case on Casetagram, featuring my cat’s face. Really. This must happen!

  • Oh wow! I don’t know where to begin! Statement Earrings with Long Aqua Glass Stone and CZ Jewels from rustic gem would be wonderful! From ever.mi.crush, I could be totally thrilled with the Maddison Skirt. Hope I win! Thanks for introducing me to these new shops and services 🙂

  • I’m in love with those teardrop earrings, all of the beautiful rings at Maggie, the Hello Bright Eyes dress from ever mi, and all of the camera bags! I would be so ecstatic to win!

  • So many pretty things! Love Ruche maxi dresses, they would be perfect for the summer. Some of my favorites are the mint-colored camera bag from Jo Totes and the mint-peach dangles from Rustic Gems. Beautiful giveaway, fingers crossed, lol.

  • I always want to buy pretty much everything at Ruche! And the Pashbox looks awesome. I’m a scarf addict and I have never heard of that before, but I think I need to give it a try.

  • I love the Siena Camera Bag from Jo Totes. So beautiful!

  • Ruche – I love both those looks on the “Weekday to Weekend” photo link! If I had to choose, I would pick the white dress look (Gemima Drop Waist Dress w/ Bethany Striped Blazer).

    Jo Totes – My favorite is the Georgia Nautical!

    Truche – I love the teepee necklace that we’d win! I also love the state necklaces.

    RusticGem – I love the Soft Peach & Mint Earrings.

    PashBox – OMG, I love scarves! I’d be super excited to try out this subscription!

    Evermicrush – I want the Charcoal & Paper Maxi Skirt.

    Maggie Fine Jewelry – I like the Short Stack Layer Necklace.

  • Ooooh my 35mm Minolta X-700 would be so happy nuzzled in the Siena, with enough room for extra rolls of film! Not to mention I love the idea of PäshBox!

  • I love the Yvonne swimsuit from Ruche. It’s so beautiful and perfect for summer!

  • Pashbox sounds like a lot of fun, I’ve been enjoying the way Julep nudges me out of my comfort zone each month so this would be a great way to explore another facet of that. I also love all the stars on Maggie’s, the earrings especially would be everyday favorites!

  • Oh it was fun “window” shopping and discovering new places. Here are my faves:

    1. Cedar Hill Purse
    2. Love Laugh Live Typography Case
    3. the Gracie Mint bag
    4. Pebble Heart
    5. Turquoise Teardrop & Silver Infinity
    6. The fun of getting surprise new scarves would be awesome!
    7. All You Need is Studs
    8. Modern Black Pendant Light
    9 Hammered Hoops

    Fun contest! Thanks

  • Wow so many amazing stores… here’s my favourite items from each shop. I’ve crossed each finger with the one next to it haha!
    Ruche – At the Florist Tiered Tank
    Casetagram -Cafe Latte Lisa Argyropoulous
    Jo Totes- Siena
    Truche – linen love studs
    Rustic Gem -Aqua Bib statement necklace
    ever.mi.crush – Deep Canyon’s Geometric skirt
    LA Furniture Store – Nova Lighting Cycles Console Mirror
    Maggie – Hibiscus ring

  • My favourite is definately the pair of teardrop earrings by RusticGem! I also liked the gold earrings, but I prefer silver to gold. Nice other stuff you have on here too!

  • Fingers crossed so hard! Here are my faves:

    Ruche: Betty Bow Heels By B.A.I.T. Footwear
    Jo Totes: Missy Black Camera Case
    Pashbox: I’m a scarf monster so this is perfect!
    ever.mi.crush: the Fresh Scent Dress with Cutout Back looks vintage… so adorable! (Mean Girls reference? teehee)
    LA Furniture: Armani Xavira Blue Fabric Desk Chair
    Maggie Fine Jewelry: the Wide Hammered Silver Ring is GORGEOUS

    The Truche Teepee necklace is beyond adorable, I love ANYTHING from Rustic Gems and the Casegrams look like they would be awesome and make darling gifts!

  • I love the RusticGem—a pair of teardrop earrings and a pair of gold dangle earrings !!!!!

  • Ruche: I love the 60’s feel of this dress


    Castegram: This case is AMAZING!


    Jo Toes: I love the look of this bag! It would go with anything.


    Truche: I love the simplistic style of this necklace


    Rustic Gem: I love the contrast of these earrings.


    Pash Box: (Now that I’ve joined their site) I am so excited to see the scarves I will get!

    Evermicrush: This A-Line skirt is amazing!


    LA Furniture: I love everything about this table, especially the functionality.


    Maggie: This bracelet is beautiful. I love how simple it is.


  • I just always love browsing the Ruche Bridal collection. They have the most adorable things and as a bride-to-be, it’s kind of a guilty pleasure 🙂 But, as simple as they may be, I also really love the wood heart stud earrings from Truche!

  • Oh man, I’m in love with the Hello Bright Eyes Color Block Dress from Ever Mi Crush and the Park River Dressfrom Rushe. Plus, everything else feature looks right up my alley.

  • I adore the Siena and the Missy Chocolate bags from Jo Totes!

  • I’ve fallen in love with the necklace of Truche.. The other things are nearly as pretty though (:

  • I love the Tatiana Lace Blouse from Ruche, the Rose bag from Jo Totes (in Marigold!), the bamboo I Love MI & TN necklaces from Truche (and the teepee one is great, too – looks like the Triforce from Legend of Zelda!), the mint teardrop/gold infinity necklace from Rustic Gem, the Pisa end tables from LA Furniture, and the Hammered Enamel Rings from Maggie Fine Jewelry.

  • The Blooms from Head to Toe Maxi Dress at ever.mi.crush is adorable! I want to live in maxi dresses this summer.

  • No question it would be the camera bag. I have my eyes on yours of course but it’s just not in the budget. Dangggg it. But this one would be lovely!

  • Oh my gosh there are so many cute things!

    From Crush; the Bohemian Wonder Crochet Tunic (For my bohemian blood) <3
    From Jo Totes; the Gracie Black DSLR camera bag <3
    From Truche; The mountain love necklace <3
    Pash Box; I LOVE this idea!

    [email protected]

  • Such a great giveaway! I am loving the Modern White Eco-Leather Office Chair and Georgia Neon camera tote (sad it is sold out!).

  • I love the Pretty Pleat Midi Skirt By Sugarhill on Ruche, Rustic Gem’s statement necklaces are all wonderful, Jo Totes Gracie is GORGEOUS!

  • I am obsessed with that teepee teepee necklace!

  • I love Maggie’s work! I especially love the gold star studs.

  • You ladies always introduce to me to these great new stores I have never heard of! Thanks for that! I love casetagram. All of their cases are so super cute.

  • Loving the stars from Maggie Fine Jewelry, and as always Jo Totes!

  • I love wearing jewelry but I’ve never been a big purchaser of it. Lately, I’ve been wanting to really grow my jewelry arsenal so I’m loving the pieces here! I’d love to get one of those slim rings from Maggie’s Fine Jewelry! Now that I’ve finally stopped biting my nails :):)

  • BEST GIVEAWAY EVER! Here are the items I am in love with!
    1) What a dream cutout booties
    2) Casetegram is just awesome, I think that could be a new addiction!
    3)The Sienna is beautiful! Love the vintage style – my husbands grandpa gave us an old camera in a bag just like that (it’s too fragile to use, so this would be awesome!)
    4) Love the tepee necklace, so my style!
    5)Both pairs of earrings are girly and cute. I love the dangles.
    6) OH BOY! I have never heard of Pashbox, this might be the best thing I have come across. I am obsessed with scarves. The hubs, might not love this as much as me;)
    7) Blooms From Head to Toe Maxi Dress, so perfect for summer!
    8) Pier Table and Bar Stool Set
    9) I NEED the hibiscus ring in silver, so pretty!
    Love seeing all of these fun items! My online shopping for the day is starting now:)

  • So many great things to choose from! Currently I’m liking:

    -Round Patio Day bed at LA Furniture
    -Day Dreamer Dress at Ever.Mi.Crush
    -Rose Gold Flower Studs at Maggie Fine Jewelry

  • I’m loving the One For The Books knit cardigan from Ruche, a “state” necklace from Truche, spring fling dress from ever.mi.crush, and a whole slew of other things. fab giveaway!

  • Everything is so awesome I don’t think I can pick a favorite!

  • the ashling dress from ever nucleus hand the hibiscus ring from maggie fine jewelry are a couple of faves to start ?

  • These are a few of my favorite things….
    Evermicrush:Freedom To Flourish Maxi Dress
    Maggiefinejewelry: Hibiscus ring
    Lafurniturestore.com:Polaris Mini Contemporary Orange Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa
    Ruche:Go The Distance Dress In Red
    So fun to go pretend shopping, thanks ladies!!

  • Loving the Rose Pewter from Jo Totes and the Akoi Modern patio set from LA Furniture.

  • All of the items featured are wonderful but I would really loves to win a Jo Totes bag. I’m about to start my first real “grown up” job after college and a camera bag that also looks professional enough for work would be a great blessing! The rose bag in pewter would be my top pick!

  • The Siena bag by Jo Totes would hold my newly purchased camera perfectly! I haven’t had the opportunity (or money) to buy a camera bag just yet. All the bags are very beautiful, but I have my eyes on that one!

  • OMG!!!! So much choose from! From Ruche: London Skies Infinity Scarf, Only You Infinity Scarf, and Pajarito Necklace. And from Jo Totes, I must have the Missy Mint bag!!! Wow, I really hope I win this one!!!!

  • Oh goodness! I love the Catch a Breeze Dress with Cut Out Back from ever.mi.crush. It’s a gorgeous color!

  • I l o v e all the earrings from Rustic Gem. They are totaly my kind of earrings ^^ I also like the Pointed Statement Two Tiered Triangle Necklace and the Fresh Scent Dress with Cutout Back from ever.mi.crush! From Truche I would love to have the kite tail strings necklace. Last but not least; Betsy Mustard (from Jo Totes)!

  • Pash Box sounds amazing! I wear scarves almost every day, living in northern California! This would be perfect since I can never have enough scarves!!!

  • Being a nerd, the Tru.che teepee necklack suits my fancy! Triforce, anyone? And the mustard Betsy bag from Joe Toes… beautiful bag!

  • Too many favorites to count…
    Love the Bloom Festival dress from ever.mi.crush, so pretty and perfect for spring!
    The simple arrow studs from truche–I would wear these every day! And basically all the earrings on Maggie fine jewelry (though I’m particularly coveting those hibiscus studs! Gorgeous!). I really just like shiny things.
    Siena camera bag from Jo Totes is structured perfection.

    Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway 🙂

  • Oh man, that teepee necklace is gorgeous- My sister would love it!!
    And I lovelove everything from Jototes…
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  • I love the Betsy camera bag from Jo Totes. In yellow! Because my name is Betsy and my favorite color is yellow. And also, I have a camera in need of a bag. All of these shops have gorgeous things though, I’d be happy to win ANY of it.

  • My favourite item are the teardrup earrings from RusticGem. They are soooooo lovely like everythings else…

  • Allison (in Black) from Jo Totes! I need a new camera bag!! Or Yvonne Polka Dot One-Piece Swimsuit In Red from Ruche? A new dress? Jewelry!!!
    Well, I guess I want to win everything but if I have to name a favourite it would be the camera bag.

  • I’m waiting for my chance to buy the Siena bag. But maybe I’ll get lucky in the meantime! Also, I’m glad to know about PashBox. What a great idea for a subscription service!

  • Oh my goodness! I cannot get enough of the Missy Mint bag from Jo totes!!!! I desperately need a camera/overnight bag. That would be perfect!! I also LOVE Ruche. Their style is so awesome!! And I also really, really need a cute, modest outfit for a special convention coming up. So I would LOVE that!!! Plus I would never be able to afford things like that.

  • YEAH! Once again a wonderful giveaway! The choice gets easier every month since i discovered a lot of shops thanks to you girls!
    My favorites are:
    The Playa Canteras Shift Dress from Ruche: http://shopruche.com/playa-canteras-shift-dress.html
    The AMAZING Siena Leather Bag from Jo Totes: http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/siena
    The Dainty Hammered Ring rose Gold from Maggie Fine Jewelry: http://maggiefinejewelry.com/rings/dainty-hammered-ring-14k-rose-gold
    These gorgeous earings from RusticGem: https://www.etsy.com/listing/162139420/jewel-dangle-earrings-with-fuchsia?ref=shop_home_active_20

    Thanks again for this wonderful giveaway you guys!!
    Much love and have a lovely week!

  • I love the Georgia Herringbone bag from JoTotes!!

  • I like the Chateau Fontainebleu Embroidered Dress at Ruche

  • Oh my, so much to choose from.

    I’m immediately in love with the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes and the aqua bib necklace from RusticGem.

    I already love Ruche so doing a little window shopping wasn’t hard, now I really need the Copenhagen Street Dress!

  • Ruche- I love their jewelry!
    Casetagram- Awesome! Would love some cool cases.
    Jo Totes- Still love the Siena bag
    Truche- love the arrow studs
    Rustic Gem- like everything mint
    PashBox- who doesn’t need scarves?
    ever.mi.crush- this place is great. why have i not heard of it! love everything
    LA Furniture- could use some modern tables
    Maggie Fine Jewelry- the rings are pretty

    Would love to win!!!:)

  • I’ve been looking at Betsy Chocolate from Jo Totes for the longest time. I so need a better way to take my cameras around with me, and their bags are too cute!

    feathers and ash

  • The Rustic Jem jewelry is beautiful, especially those teardrop earings.

  • I’m a brand new mom so I’m still trying to balance my mom/baby necessities with practical, cute style. The Betsy camera bag in mustard would be so fun not only for my camera,but for all the other stuff I need just to run to the store somedays!

  • Siena bag from JoTotes is spectacular. #swooning

  • Siena bag from JoTotes is spectacular #swooning

  • Maggie fine jewelry has the cutest pieces. I love the star bangle and short stack layer necklace:)

  • “show me the ring” lace dress from Ruche. I love it. It’s so delicate and beautiful! I’m desperately in love with the glamorous camera bags form Jo Totes, I think the Missy Black would like just perfect on my arm.

  • I love the pyramid earrings! Also the wooden cutlery at Ruche is so cute!

  • The camera bags from JoTotes are fantastic, I’m constantly leaving my camera behind rather than trying to awkwardly shove it in my purse or wear it around my neck. I also have a slight addiction to scarf buying so a subscription to PashBox would be put to great use! It’s also time for a new bookshelf (LA furniture store)! Fingers crossed!

  • love the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes and the gorgeoussss Balance Booties by Matisse from Ruche!

  • Oh my goodness! This is amazing, I would love the camera bag or $50 giftcard to Ruche!! Thank you for the giveaway!! xo

  • I loved loved loved the Betsy Chocolate Camera Bag by Jo Totes!

  • I love JoTotes and have always wanted one and the LA Furniture Store is looking pretty amazing!

  • The Everybody Dance Heels In Sea Green By Seychelles on Ruche’s site caught my eye this morning! Thank you for always featuring such wonderful companies, I have found so many of my new favorites through your blog (Ruche and ModCloth included!)

  • I love all the Jo totes bags, but the Betsy Chocolate Camera Bag is the best,I’d love to have that one

  • I adore the hardy hibiscus pendant from Maggie Fine Jewelry! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win these fab prizes!

  • Day Tripper Backpack from ever.mi.crush is a must! Also love the Chateau Fontainebleu embroidered dress from Ruche.

  • I love the teardrop earrings from rustic gems!

  • I love the snail studs from Maggie Fine Jewelry, the pretty in pink bow dress from Ruche, the Siena bag from Jo Totes, the teepee necklace from Truche is darling, the jewel dangle earrings from Rustic Gem Jewelry, the boardwalk polka dot dress from ever.mi.crush, and the element touch lamp from LA furniture store.

  • I adore the silver feather necklace from Rustic Gem

    And the Atlantic bag from Jo Totes is to die for!!

  • Love the Maggie’s Fine Jewelry and anything from Shop Ruche

  • Those rose gold hibiscus studs and the silver snail studs from Maggie Fine Jewelry are exactly the small, detailed earring I’ve been searching for. Definitely need them ASAP! 🙂

  • I LOVE everything from Maggie Fine Jewelry – she happens to have an awesome name, too 🙂

  • Even though membership isn’t open yet and I can’t see all their products-I’m obsessed with the green and salmon colored fringe scarf on the Pash Box main page. Love.

  • Awesome giveaway! I love the gold paisley leaf studs from Maggie and Gracie Butterscotch bag from Jo Totes!

  • The Georgia nautical bag for JoTotes is exactly what I’ve been looking for since I bought a new camera last month! Ruche is also one of my favorite online shops. Everything from there is too cute. : )

  • I love the Carefree Afternoon Dress from evermicrush.com!

  • The rose gold hidden heart necklace from Maggie Fine Jewlry is absolutely gorgeous! And the Chateau Fontainebleu Embroidered Dress on Ruche (along with almost every single dress on there). Also the Prepare For Landing Wedges In Sea Green By BC Footwear on ever.mi.crush!

  • Ugh. Teepee necklace from Truche, gold leaf and turquoise earrings from RusticGem, and ALL of the hammered rings from Maggie fine jewelry!! This is such a wonderful giveaway!

  • Mu favourites from each shop…
    1. http://shopruche.com/penelope-striped-curvy-plus-dress.html
    2. I’d probably give this to my uncle, actually.
    3. http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/betsy-chocolate
    4. I love the necklace, and also these chevron earrings https://www.etsy.com/listing/180776874/simple-chevron?ref=shop_home_active_5
    5. The teardrop earrings are my fave
    6. I’d probably give one to my mum, she’s more fashionable than me.
    7. http://evermicrush.com/fleeting-thoughts-hi-lo-dress.html
    8. I’d give this to my friends in America, due to shipping, but this mirror is awesome: http://www.lafurniturestore.com/accents/mirrors/modrest-forth-wind-wall-hanging-mirror.html
    9. THESE EARRINGS OMG http://maggiefinejewelry.com/ngs/hibiscus-studs-silver

    My total favourite is the hi-lo dress from evermicrush, though.

  • I love the Elite Number dress by Tulle from ever.mi.crush and the hibiscus earrings from maggie. Plus the cute camera bag would be a great b-day gift for my cousin!

  • So in love with so many of these giveaway providers! Thank you Beautiful Mess for this amazing giveaway! My picks~ Love these Coral Pink and Lapis Blue Gem Earrings from RusticGem, seriously NEED the Gracie bag in mint from Jo Totes, and I want to wear this Bohemian Wonder Crochet Tunic Top from ever.mi.crush all summer long!

  • i love the Fresh Scent Dress from ever mi crush, the Lovely Day Polka Dot Curvy Plus Top from ruche, the Violin Transitional Fabric Bed from la furniture (even though i could never afford it lol), and the hidden heart necklace from maggie. thank you!

  • AAaahhh!! I can’t choose between the Siena camera bag from JoTotes (so pretty!) and the Wide hammered ring, silver from Maggie Fine Jewelry (so badass)! Amazing giveaway ladies!!

  • Thank you for the great giveaway Elsie and Emma!
    I love the Georgia Nautical Bag from Jo Totes and PashBox is such a great subscription idea. Scarves are one of my favorite accessories!

  • i really like the Betsy Teal bag from Jo totes.
    Also, as a scarf addict, i like the idea of pashbox.
    (as well of a different phone case from IG with casetagram)
    thanks for your blog!

  • I loove the Nicoise Cuff Bracelet from Ruche picture it with the Gold Spike Drop Earrings with Chapagne Jewels in Gold from RusticGem it would be so gorgeous! Jototes caught my attention for the camera bags, because it isn’t very easy to find bags made specially for cameras in Brazil and also love the concept of PäshBox and their beautiful scarves!

  • I love the Turquoise Stone and Bar Post Earrings in Gold from RusticGem – those will never go out of style!

  • Ruche’s Belle Joli Lace Bandeau In Nude looks really cute!

  • PashBox – How did I not know this was a thing? I have a scarf addiction & would love to win a subscription!

  • I love the Siena camera bag from JoTotes! Would fit perfectly to that beautiful Hibiscus ring from Maggie!

  • my favourite is the spring breeze floral romper from ruche!

  • I love the state necklaces from truche:] and of course love everything from Ruche!

  • “Your Sweet Collar Sweater” from Ever + Mi Crush is my absolute favorite item to stalk at the moment. I also love Jo Totes and hope to get a camera bag soon so I don’t look too much like a tourist.

  • Wasn’t familiar with Maggie Fine Jewelry, but I adore the delicate rings and the paisley leaf earrings from this shop!

  • I love Ruche’s Bethel Floral Blouse – looks so comfy!

  • Wow, so many cute things! I love the Siena bag from Jo Totes and also the Ashling dress from ever+mi crush. There’s so much stuff to look at!

  • Ruche’s jewelry… Its unbelievable beautiful. The Bouquet of Sunshine Necklace, the small classy Diana Ring, and basically all earrings… <3 small pretty little things

  • So in love with the Abby Lilac camera bag on jo totes!
    Truche has a super cute Michigan necklace.

  • Loving JoTotes Missy Chocolate bag! Also Ruche’s Lydia polka dot bikini – so hard to find a nice swimsuit!

  • LA Furniture’s White Leather Sectional looks dreamy to read on.

  • Omg, so I’m totally going to need to post these site by site!

    Ruche – I could basically buy this whole site, but my fave is the city dreaming clutch – so chic!

  • Hi, ABM, thank you for that lovely give away. It was difficult to name the favourites, but in the end I think it has to be:
    A night of dancing crochet dress, Adventure is out there 2.0 case, Betsy in Chocolate, I heart Germany necklace, Gold Sage Green earrings, elite number one dress, hidden heart necklace and the C4963 desk lamp.

  • I love the Picnic Date Dress from Ruche and the Siena Bag from Jo Totes

  • There’s so much pretty things from the selection! I love the Enola Heels by Blowfish and the Under the Sun Panama Hat from Ruche. And I can’t choose between the Siena and the Georgia Herringbone from Jo Totes. They’re just so lovely!♥ The Penguin Party and the Horse Crest necklaces by Truche are cool, too! And I love the thought of “Scarves-A-Month” by PäshBox. Ingenious!♥

  • Wow, it’s one of my favorite giveaway ! I love :
    – The beautiful Siena bag from Jo Totes
    – The Gold Leaf earrings from RusticGem
    – The vintage style C4963 desk lamp from LA furniture store
    – The stylish Hibiscus ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry
    – The lovely Hydrangea Dreaming Floral Dress from Ruche
    – The amazing Boardwalk Polka Dot Dress with Bow Detail from ever.my.crush
    And I love de teepee necklace and the graphic cases on Casetagram (especially designed by Mareike Böhmer).
    Thank you so much !

  • So many heart eyes for Ruche’s “weekday to weekend” collection! The Gemima Drop Waist Dress is an amazing basic that can be dressed up or down!

  • Love the pashbox! Enough to give my style a little lift- every month. cute!

  • I would definitely be all over a camera bag. I super love the Gracie one in black, maybe.

  • I love the Setting Sail Tunic Tank from ever.mi.crush!! I also LOVE Pashbox, what a great idea!!

  • I’m moving into a house this week, so the first thing that caught my eye was the couch at LA Furniture– love the modern one! I also like the 2 subscription services: Pash Box & Casestagram. What great ideas! Love learning about new shops & businesses– thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Rusticgem’s Large Turquoise Teardrop and Mint Diamond Dangle earrings are absolutely adorable!!! 😀 <3

  • I love the RusticGem teardrop earrings. Perfect for Spring!

  • The extra slim simple ring in gold from Maggie would be a lovely prize!

  • I went the full tour and visited all the sites. With that I like the following;
    Ruche – Wren the 2 toned flats. Great for summer and an easy neutral to work them into my wardrobe.
    Castegran – I don’t own a fancy smart phone but if I won, I would have to get to go with my new case – The TIGER by Alexander Schedkoff
    Jtotes- Screw the Camera! I love the Siene just as a good ole’ bag!
    La confidential furniture – The Modern pendant lamp would fit nicely into my kitchen.
    Truche – Being CANADIAN I love the “MAPLE” necklace. To wear while I gorge on maple syrup! YUM
    Ever.mi.cush- I don’t know what it is but I have this thing for squirrels. So the Squirell Nutkin sweatshirt would keep my on my penchant for small furry critters.
    Rustic Gems – The super big and Long Filigree Earrings are beautiful
    Last but not least-
    Maggie Fine Jewelry – Simple but ohhh so sweet – Star Ring.

  • The layered tangle necklace from Maggie’s fine jewelry is especially stunning!

  • I love those teardrop earrings… and I always love pretty much anything from Jo Totes!!

  • love love love the siena camera bag in nude from jo totes!

    and the dc “state” necklace from tru.che. so cute!

  • Love love love the Farro Dress by Dear Creatures from ever.mi.crush!!

  • Ruche-I adore the Lighthouse Point Lace Accent Dress, it would be perfect for my 5 year wedding anniversary dress coming up at the end of May! ♥

    And Casetagram!! I’m obsessed! I had no idea this existed but its a dream come true for me who likes to change my case by the second! 🙂

    This is a fantastic giveaway as always! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love those teardrop earrings! They would be perfect for summer. Also, thank you for making all of your giveaways international. Being from Canada, I appreciate it!

  • RUCHE! I love their new dresses inspired by Bourbon Street. I’ve been craving a visit to New Orleans lately! 🙂 Those dresses would be perfect!

    Have a good week guys! Thanks!

  • I want a JoTotes bag to fit all my stuff, especially the Atlantic!

  • I want the I heard Maryland necklace from Truche!!

  • I love the Taking It All In Floral Dress by Ruche, I would wear with white plimpsoles!

    I spent a long time looking at iphone cases and picking a favourite is tricky but I do love Sara Eshak’s Hakuna Matata Case.

    Jo Totes beautiful Sienna bag – gorgeousness

    I love this pendant – it reminds me of my favourite Terry Prachett “Start small like an Oak Tree” https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/94213969/baby-acorns?ref=shop_home_active_6

    I have a slight weakness for turquiose – Love these –https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/187

    I love LA Furnitures crazy Black and white graphic pillows!

    Pash Box is a genius idea!

    I love Ever.mi.crush’s Marigolds in May dress – so pretty!

    I love the hammer silver and enamel rings at Maggie – so simple!


  • Another great giveaway, yay! I love the Pash Box subscription and the Sunset Beach Pendant Bracelet from Ruche.

  • Alright, so May 5th is my birthday so cross your fingers! I love the modern colorful chain statement necklace from RusticGem! All of the pieces they make are amazing!

  • What an amazing giveaway, as always 😀
    It’s so hard to choose favorite items ! Everything is so cute on Ruche but I think that my favorite is the beachfront resort eyelet short in blue (http://shopruche.com/beachfront-resort-eyelet-shorts.html) I love it !
    On Jo-Totes shop, my favorite camera bag is the Gracie Butterscotch (http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/gracie-butterscotch), it’s beautiful, I fall in love with it !
    The idea of pash box is so cool, I don’t have beautiful scarves like these !
    I really enjoy the jewelry on ever+mi crush especially this necklace (http://evermicrush.com/golden-path-chevron-necklace-by-mata-traders.html) and this bracelet (http://evermicrush.com/wind-water-bracelet-by-mata-traders.html)
    And finally, I love the original hammered bangle in silver and in cover (http://maggiefinejewelry.com/bracelets/thick-hammered-bangle-copper) !
    Now finger crossed !! I really hope I will win one day ! Thanks for this amazing giveaway !

  • The Radar fine silver necklace by Truche is my absolute favourite! this giveaway is awesome! 😀

  • I love the idea of Pash Society!
    At Ruche my favorite is the Through the Meadow top.
    From Jo Totes the Teal Betsy bag would be perfect!
    The star ring at Maggie Jewelry is gorgeous.
    From Ever.Mi.Crush I love the Bohemian Wonder top. It would be great this summer for music festivals!
    I love the Truche Teepee necklace!
    The earrings from Rustic Gem are all amazing.
    From LA Furniture I love their couches, they all look so comfy!
    And at casetagram, I love all the glitter cases.

    This is a fabulous giveaway!

  • So, Casetagram, I love the GATSBY TWIN AQUA & MINT, this case makes me feel all calm and happy inside!

    For Jo Totes it would have to be the Abby – in mint or lilac, both are beautiful, can’t believe I’ve not heard of these before as I do need a nice camera bag!

    For Truche it’s the simple stars earrings all the way, I love the states necklaces but being British I’d feel a fraud!

    Rustic Gem has so many pretty things, but I think I’d plump for the Gold Triangle and Periwinkle Jewel Dangle Earrings.

    Pashbox looks amazing, I know someone who this would be perfect for (apart from me I mean!)

    And how cute are the Dainty Details Bow bracelets at Ever.mi. crush?

    At LA furniture store I would totally fuel my ruff obsession with the Rain Modern Italian Designer Area Rug – why is it you guys in the states seem to have such a good selection of rugs?!

    And finally Maggie Fine Jewellery – it had to be the flower studs in Rose gold, so beautiful and fulfilling my love of all things Rose gold.

    Such a great giveaway, keeping my fingers crossed xxx

  • I love Ruche’s Chelsea D’Orsay flats! Perfect if the weather ever warms up…

  • Now, JoTotes’ Betsy in mustard has been a long-time fave of mine, but I think the PashBox may be my favorite thing here! LOVE scarves in every shape, size, and pattern!

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway 😀

  • Ruche: at beach now and need the sunset beach Penant bracelet
    Maggie : love the star bangle
    La furniture store: el-10012 would be perfect in my room
    Ever.me.crush: all you need studs are adorable
    Tru.che: love this shop and love the triple bamboo chevron necklace
    Casetagram: the sweet stripe pink
    Jo totes: the classic Abby black
    Rustic gem: soft peach and mint teardrop earrings

  • My favorite is the Ellen Dress by Darling UK at ever mi crush!

  • Great giveaway! I love the Siena Jo Totes! And ruche is one of my favorites, and there are several things i am eying from their shop!

  • I love scarves so getting a new scarf every month from Pashbox would be great. I love the chocolate Missy tote from Jo Totes, the gold leaf earrings from RusticGem and pretty much everything from Ruche.

  • I’ve always wanted a Jo totes bag… But I still can’t decide which one…

  • 1. Juniper Braided Sandals
    2. Adventure is out there! 2.0 iPhone 5c case
    3. Betsy Mustard (do you feel like we’re playing Clue?)
    4. I heart South America necklace
    5. turquoise and mint teardrop earrings
    6. PashBox membership
    7. Adventure Awaits Ikat Romper
    8. Ovum modern brown patio set
    9. Original Hammered Bangle, copper

  • 1. Elorie one piece swimsuit 2. Girly pink white formal aztec phone case 3. be sty chocolate (I need this bad I am 36 weeks pregnant!) 4. Triple chevron necklace 5.mint spike dangle earrings 6. sweet! 7. buds in bolo dress, 8. love all there couch styles! 9. hibiscus ring
    Thanks so Much!

  • I’ve been looking for a cute and affordable camera bag for a while! These jo totes are amazing! I equally love the Georgia nautical and the Abby mint. Two totally different styles that I could see myself rocking!

  • I really like the Paisley Leaf Stud Earrings in Rose Gold from Maggie’s. I also really really like the Mint Spike Dangle Earrings from Rustic Gem.

  • What a great contest! I love the concept of PäshBox, it’s an amazingly creative idea!!!! And a pair of teardrop earrings from Rustic Gem with a hidden heart necklace from Maggie Fine Jewellery would be perfect 🙂

  • i am in love with the georgia nautical bag from Jo totes. would look great with my camera too b/c i dont have a bag right now

  • I’m moving to Germany in a few months and the Gracie bag from Jo Totes would be perfect to carry my camera around on day trips! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • What a great giveaway! I’ve never heard of Pashbox but their scarves are so lovely <3 and I could always use some new cute scarves.

  • Without a doubt the Betsy Mustard is my favorite! It’s super cute and absolutely perfect for the blogger on the go. It even has a lap sleeve…what’s not to love?!

  • I love the teardrop necklaces from RusticGem and the hammered ring in silver from Maggie Fine Jewelry. So many dresses from Ruche too!

  • I would totally go for a sofa from LA furniture! I am moving into my own apartment and looking to start furnishing it with cute accessories and making it reflect my style 🙂

  • My favorite would have to be the wide hammered ring in silver from Maggie Fine Jewelry. Great everyday ring and I’m obsessed with rings!

  • Love anything from Ruche!! Currently digging their aqua and brown satchel!

  • Oh, what an amazing giveaway!
    My favorites:
    -Waldorf Knit Cardigan from Ruche
    -Gracie Butterscotch bag from Jo Totes
    -Carefree Afternoon Dress from Evermicrush
    -Layered Tangle Necklace from Maggie

  • I’ve already pinned the North Pier Ruffled Top from Shop Ruche!! Which also makes me want the Bohemian Wonder Crochet Tunic Top from Ever Mi Crush and the Betsy Mustard bag from Jo Totes. I’m especially loving the Lime Green Metal Dining chairs and bar stools from LA Furniture Store.

  • I love the Besty Chocolate bag from Jo Totes! Such an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Oh wow I love the Maggie star bangle and pash box looks great! I wear a lot of scarves.

  • I’m obsessed with the Anita Chevron Tunic Dress at Ruche. The Siena bag at JoTotes would be perfect for my new camera. The Bluebird Blouse at ever.mi.crush is super adorable. And I really like the Hidden Heart Necklace from Maggie Jewelry. Thanks for finding such great stuff again ladies!

  • Its so hard to choose! But im seriously in love with the camera bags from Jo Totes!

  • Siena from Jo’s Totes, and the Lunch Break Pencil Skirt from Ruche!

  • I love the shoes from Ruche and the Weekend Away Backpack from ever.mi.crush

  • I would love a 50$ gift card to ruche to buy a dress for my bridal shower :-)!

  • Oo, PashBox is really interesting. And I’m totally digging Georgia Nautical from Jo Totes too.

  • The Sienna bag from JoTotes! It’s just perfect, thanks!

  • I love anything that comes as a subscription because it’s a new surprise coming in the mail every month! super fun. xo

  • 1. Subscription scarves! Too exciting. And Casetagram woulds make a great Mom’s day gift.
    2. Love the Lydia Polka Dot BIkini (Ruche), the I Heart California Necklace (Tru.Che), the Black Onyx Statement Necklace (Rustic Gem), the Ashling Dress (ever.mi.crush) and, as always, the Georgia Nautical (Jo Totes).

  • I have been looking for the perfect white dress for a while now, and I must say that the French Romance Crochet Detail Dress from Ruche is all I can think about!

  • Such an AMAZING giveaway! I love the rose gold heart necklace from Maggie; the white floating glass vanity from LA furniture; the adventure awaits romper and the open mic night dress from ever.mi.crush; the turquoise chain necklace from rustic gem; the i heart Canada necklace from truche; the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes; I would use a picture of me and my sister for a case from Casetagram <3

  • It’s all so beautiful! I’m in love with the ever.mi.crush dresses and Ruche jewelry! And I love the PashBox scarves!

  • I’m in love with the Champagne Bar Drop Earrings in Gold from RusticGem.

  • My favorites have got to be the Georgia Nautical Bag by Jo Totes, the clear acrylic state necklaces from Truche and the Everybody Dance Heels from Ruche! And Pashbox? Such an awesome idea!

  • I’m in love with any kind of Scarf so I’d have to go with Pashbox!

  • Dancing shoes (Emmie Oxfords By B.A.I.T. Footwear @ Ruche)
    with a cute
    dancing skirt (Cream in My Coffee skirt @ Ruche…gotta love the name too ! )
    a scarf in my hair from Päshbox?


  • The Palmer Peep Toe Flats at Ruche and the Teepee necklace are awesome! Some new scarves would be exciting too!

  • I’m in love with the Siena Bag from Jo Totes and the teepe necklace! Kisses

  • I love the dainty hammered rose gold ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry!

  • I love it all, especially the Siena bag (JoTotes) and silver snail studs (maggiefinejewellery)

    Thanks for such a lovely giveaway x

  • The whole giveaway just looks great! But the Siena camera bag of Jo Totes looks so cute and I just love its vintage inspired design.

  • I love the Spring Tea Dress from ruche and the gracie butterscotch bag from Jo’s totes… soo cute!

  • I’ve been eyeing the JoToes Betsy camera bar for awhile

  • Loving the statement necklaces from rusticgem, and the pashbox looks like an excellent/exciting subscription service!!

  • I love the South Channel Military Jacket from Ruche!

  • I am in LOVE with the Jo Totes Gracie bag in Mint!

    It is perfect for spring/summer2014 and would complete my seaside bike rides perfectly, so I can look stylish and have my Cannon Rebel with me at all times!

  • Wow, everything looks fabulous! My favorite for sure is Jo totes. A stylish camera bag is essential!

  • I have been lusting over the jo totes Missy bag for so long! I also love the Maggie wide hammered ring and soft mint and peach earrings from rustic gem jewellery!

  • I looooove the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes and the Dainty Hammered 14k Gold Ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry! <3

  • So many favorites, and such a great giveaway!
    Ruche: Barcelona Embroidered Top
    Casetagram: Leah Flores’ Pink Get Lost
    Jo Totes: Gracie in Butterscotch
    Truche: I heart California silver
    Rustic Gem: Aqua Bib statement necklace
    Pash Box: looks amazing! Perfect for my scarf obesssion!
    ever.mi.crush: Bohemian Wonder Crochet Tunic Top
    LA Furniture: Forli L Shape Gray Fabric Sectional Sofa
    Maggie Fine Jewelry: Hidden Heart Necklace

  • So many great items to pick from! I guess I would go with the hammered ring and sienna bag.

  • i am so getting Soft Peach and Mint Bridemaid Earrings in Gold from rusticgem, they are adorable

    and along with the Francesca Crisscross Detail Dress from ruche, im all set for summer

  • The Siena bag from JoTotes is perfection! Oh and the Charcoal & Paper Maxi from ever.mi.crush is a wardrobe necessity.

  • my eye is set upon that teepee necklace, but really i just want to be a winner! we are all winners.

  • Wide hammered silver ring by Maggie and that teepee necklace, oh my!

  • The tear drop dangle earrings from RusticGem speak to my soul in a beautiful way!

  • I am LOVING the teardrop earrings pictured from RusticGem. So pretty!

  • The rustic gem teardrop ratings speak to my soul in a beautiful way!

  • Jo totes has too many cute bags to pick a favorite!

  • Ugh SO HARD to make a decision on a favorite, but I love every bag from Jo Totes… Need to get a new camera to go with!

  • JoTotes
    Georgia Nautical!
    The black and white checkered couch from LA furniture is awesome!

  • Yay, an awesome giveaway! [: I’ve been admiring Ruche dresses, like the Charlotte Midi Dress. Also lovee the gold dangle earrings from RusticGem. And I would be ecstatic to win a camera bag from JoTotes (the Abby in mint is adorable)!

  • Wow this is a great giveaway! I love the siena bag from jototes, and the pashbox!

  • The Double Strand Statement necklace from RusticGem would be perfect for work – it goes with pretty much everything I own! I also really like the dainty rings from Maggie Fine Jewelry…no one in particular…just all of them. 🙂

  • Oh, I’d love to get a new outfit for job interviews from Ruche! I just got laid off last week and could use a little cheer. 🙂

  • I love scarves so all the scarves on pasbox are my favourites!

  • OMG love all of them. absolutely in love with Maggie jewels and the betsy black camera bag is a must!

  • Love it all but especially the Evermicrush dresses. I could use some casual summer dresses as spring starts to stick around!

  • Ruche has so many lovely dresses! Loving the Abby bag from JoTotes. PashBox is so fun! I could def use more scarves in my wardrobe. Everything up there would go to good use! I would love to win 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted a JoTotes camera bag. Not in my budget right now…I would be ecstatic to win! Happy college graduation to me 😉

  • All the necklaces from Truche are so cute! My favorite is definitely the teepee necklace.

  • I like all the dresses at Ruche and the romper at ever mi crush is awesome.

  • I really need to try products from Ruche or Jo Totes! Every time they’re up here there are too many things I love…

    From Jo Totes my current favorite is the Abby Black bag! Love this so much!

    From Ruche the Brenda Midi Dress!

  • Jo Tote’s bag “Siena” is SO beautiful! Would love to have it

  • thanks for the giveaway! I love the rosy skies lace clutch from ever mi and I’ve been eyeing the corrina color blocked heels from ruche for ages! (:

  • I really like the Gracie Butterscotch bag by Jo Totes, the Long Chevron Necklace in Gold from RusticGem, Flora And Lace Banded Skirt from ever.mi.crush.

  • I love the Kennebunk dress on Ruche! It would be my brunch dress and we would eat so many pancakes together.

  • The Sweet Kisses Ruffle Detail Romper from Ruche is so cute! With some creepers and a boxy jacket it would be amazing.

  • Love the Georgia nautical bag, the dining in Tuscany shift dress, and the I heart California necklace!!

  • Thank you so much for the giveaway! Loving all of this, but particularly truche’s chevron-printed jewelry. Particularly the “see ya..bye” earrings – cute accessory AND name!! 🙂

  • LOVE the Bright Sun, Blue Water Dress from ever.mi.crush!

  • Love this couch! Divani Casa K8482 Modern Orange Leather Sectional Sofa. We’ve been living furniture-less for a little over a year now, so I’m scouring all this furniture shops 🙂

  • I love the Jo Totes bags! I have seen them so many times and it happened that I just ordered a new camera. Is there a better excuse to get a new bag too? 😉

  • I love the LAYERED TANGLE NECKLACE from Maggie. Lovely!

  • 1. Counting the Days High-Waisted Shorts
    2. Call Me Maybe by Leah Flores case
    3. The Georgia Nautical bag
    4. The teepee necklace is cute
    5. Gold dangle earrings
    6. Any subscription
    7. Elite Number Dress by Tulle
    8. L 1004 Modern Floor Lamp
    9. Star Bangle, Silver with Brass

  • I’m loving the Abby Black bag…Jo Totes… but also entering the world of scarves so a Pashbox treasure for a couple months would be wonderful!!

  • I LOVE scarves! I could definitely use a little more Päsh in my box… my mailbox, that is. Definitely, mailbox.
    The hammered bangles from Maggie Fine Jewelry are absolutely fabulous.
    Honestly, I am just so happy with this post because I love learning about great stores and sellers that I have never heard of!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • I love all of it especially the hammered rings from Maggie Fine Jewelry!

  • Really love Gracie Teal and Rose Marigold from Jo Totes! And the Queen for a Day ring at ever.mi.crush. Too cute!

  • I love everything from Ruche and the Abby bag from Jo Totes is my favorite, the tepee necklace and the gold leaf earrings.

  • I really like the Allison Black bag from Jo Totes and the Nature Trails Belted Dress from Ruche. Oh, and what would it be like to have a scarf subscription?

  • I really like the Allison Black Bag from Jo Toes and the Belted Dress from Ruche. Oh, and what would it be like to have a scarf subscription?

  • I really like the Allison Black Bag from Jo Toes and the Belted Dress from Ruche. Oh, and what would it be like to have a scarf subscription?

  • I love the Atlantic camera bag from JoTotes and the Aileen Lace Accent dress from Ruche.

  • Oh, how I love them all! But most of all I feel in love with the jewellery. What an amazing giveaway.

  • I’m loving the JoTotes Siena Bag and casetagram is a really interesting concept and my old iphone cover is looking a little rough.

  • Love the Abby Mint and Betsy Mustard bags from Jo Totes, hard to decide which one I would use more.

  • Casetagram cases are the only cases that I’ve ever had that have lasted more than three months. I drop my phone ALL the time and my castegram cases always survive (and protect my phone). Would love to be able to have more options to be able to change my case more often.

  • The Jo Totes bag is my favorite, but Ruche takes a close second!

  • PäshBox … You can never have too many scarves 🙂

  • I love the Chateau Fontainebleu embroidered dress from Ruche! I’m also a big fan of:
    The Abby Black from Jo Totes
    Freedom to Flourish maxi dress from ever+mi crush
    Hidden Heart necklace from Maggie fine jewelry

  • Hard to pick!
    Shop Ruche: Cabo Getaway Embroidered Tank
    True.Che: Copper California Necklace
    Ever Mi Crush: Road Tour Top With Aztec Embroidery

  • I adore the “Abby” in black by JoToes — drooling all over the place!

  • I love the hammered bangles from Maggie, which would go perfectly with the “see ya… bye” earings from tru.che and the “midcentury moment’ dress from Ruche. I’d be one stylish lady!

  • Ruche Valerie Lace Dress, tru.che I Heart Ohio necklace, Rustic Gem aqua teardrop earrings, Ever Mi Crush Athena dress, Maggie star ring — oh, so many great things!

  • i love fun colored bags. i’d love to pick a bright colored tote from jo-totes. the scarves from pashbox would look good with a crazy colored purse too!

  • The Mont Blanc Textured Dress from Ruche is adorable, and I also LOVE the Hibiscus Ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry, so cool!

  • I am in desperate need to a fashionable and practical camera bag! loving the Siena bag from JoTotes!

  • OBSESSED with the JoTotes camera bag. I’m starting a food blog so I need something pretty to tote my DSLR around in 🙂

  • I adore the gorgeous teardrop earrings from RusticGem, the Jo Totes Missy Mint bag, the Hillside Avenue dress from Ruche, the Ricci dress from ever.mi.crush, the snail studs from Maggie Fine Jewellery… I could go on for days! What a lovely selection.

  • Oh! this whole giveaway is amazing! love the skirts over at ever mi crush 🙂

  • I loooooove the Siena bag from JoTotes and I’m so excited to discover Casetagram, I may just sign up right now anyway! I also love the What A Girl Wants Dress from ever.mi.crush 🙂

  • Ruche is my favourite ever store! The Chateau Fontainebleu Embroidered Dress makes me wanna smile. The Siena bag from JoTotes is perfection! Thanks for this beautiful giveaway!

  • The rings from Maggie Fine Jewelry are beautiful, I love the simplicity of the hammered rings.

  • I’d love a JO totes bag, I would use it as a camera+ diaper bag! thanks girls 🙂

  • The Siena bag from Jo Totes! It’s been in my wish list for too long now. 🙂

  • I love the teepee necklace from truche!! Super cute and totally my style. I love your blog!!

  • I love the truche jewlery! State necklace is so cute.
    The pachebox is such a cool idea! Who doesn’t love a good scarf!

  • I really love the Bright Sun Blue Water Dress the model is wearing in the ever.mi.crush photo, and their Carefree Afternoon dress is adorable too! It looks like they have lots of adorable vintage style summer dresses!

  • Such a wonderful giveaway! I love the Bayside Glam Striped Dress from ever.mi.crush and the cresent moon necklace from Truche.

  • I want the Mod Chambray Dress By Tulle and would love a custom case from Casetagram!

  • I love the Abbi and the Sienna bags from Jo Totes! And I’m down for some new boots from Ruche! Awesome giveaway!

  • The Heart on a String Dress from ever.mi.crush is lovely! Love the color and pattern!

  • I think I’m in love with all the dresses from Ruche!

  • Love the scarfs! I’ve been trying to get more color and patterns into my outfits lately and am loving adding scarfs.

  • The Siena Leather Camera Bag from Jo Totes <3 <3 <3

  • I love the mint Allison bag from Jo Totes and the two-tiered triangle necklace from evermicrush! I also think that pashbox is the best idea – I am always looking for new scarves!

  • I have been wanting a Jo Tote forever!!! I also have a wishlist on Ruche. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Ruche – Red dots wooden ice cream spoons
    Jo Totes – Georgia Nautical bag
    ever.mi.crush – Pointed Statement Two Tiered Triangle Necklace
    Maggie Fine Jewelry – Dainty Hammered Ring, 14k Rose Gold

  • I love the casegram cases. they are so fun, I love personalizing things. they make the best gifts too!

    xo, Samantha

  • i love the pashbox idea…i wasn’t familiar with them, and it sounds so fun to get pretty scarves in the mail!

  • I also love the Siena bag from JoTotes, I love taking my camera with me places but I’m always scared that I’m gonna hurt it in some way. I’ve been looking for a cute in style bag to tote around.

    xo, Samantha

  • Alllways love jo totes and will forever lust after their bags! I’ve had a horrible month so I’m crossing my fingers!

  • I love the Bayside Glam Striped Dress, Winter Time Fleeced lined Leggings, the Golden Path Chevron Necklace, and Queen For A Day Ring from evermicrush!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the gracie totes from Jo totes <3 <3 A gracie tote in black would easily become my new fave bag.

  • Love the Adventure Awaits Ikat Romper from ever.mi.crush and the Chelsea D’Orsay Flats from Ruche!
    Thanks 🙂

  • Jo Totes is always on the top of my ‘I covet this’ List! Ruche is rocking the fresh spring dress game with their Picnic Date dress and others. I love all of your sponsors, great giveaway!

  • Ruche has such a great variety of items, it’s hard to pick just one. Never heard of castlegram before, but one could always use new phone cases. Love the Gracie bag at JoTotes. The teepee necklace is adorable, as is the teardrop earrings. Pashbox looks great, I love scarfs. Ever.mi.crush has so many lovely dresses, I really like theFreedom to Flourish Maxi Dress. LA Fruniture store, great variety hard to pick one item. Last but not least, I love the simple little star ring from Maggie.

  • As always, Jo Totes… Gracie in Mustard! I have a sweet, new daughter at home so my camera is never far from hand, but needs a safe, beautiful home while we’re on the go. Thank you for all of these awesome give-aways, and for introducing us to wonderful vendors!

  • The Georgia Nautical bag from JoTotes please and thank you! goodness me it’s so lovely 🙂

  • Jotote’s Siena bag is calling my name . . . . .Jamie, Jamie, Jamie 🙂

  • I always need more scarves, so the Pash Box subscription would be great!

  • I love the feminine and colorful dresses from Ruche! I’ve never heard of them before and am loving this new discovery.

  • Love Georgia Nautical camera bag and the rings in Maggie while simple are very much my style.

  • PäshBox sounds so amazing–I’m all about the scarves. And that Georgia Nautical bag from JoTotes? Perfect 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of pashbox but now I want it! I wear scarves literally everyday and love finding new ones.

  • Turquise Bib Statement Necklace from Rustic Gem paired with Sweet Grace Lace Dress from Evermicrush are my favs.

  • I am SO in love with the Missy Mint by Jo Totes! Thank you to the Beautiful Mess team for the give away!

  • Great sites!!! My faves are:

    Ruche – Valerie Lace Dress
    Casetgram – That you can make your own cases!
    JoTotes – Gracie Black Bag
    Truch – I heart Oklahoma Necklace
    Rustic Gem – Black Jewel Drop Earrings in Silver.
    Pashbox – That you can “fall in love once monthly”
    Evermicrush – Vanilla Sundae Sweater by Tulle
    LaFurnitureStore – Divani Casa K8478 Modern Black and White Checkered Leather Sectional Sofa
    Maggie Fine Jewelry – Wide Hammered Ring – Silver

  • I love everything, but especially the Sienna camera bag, the Maggie rings, and the tru.che radar arrow necklace.

  • Embroidered items are my obsession right now, so the Chateau Fontainebleu Embroidered Dress and the Candace Embroidered Dress from Ruche nearly made me cry happy tears. I also adore the Siena bag from Jo Totes, the Wide Hammered Ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry and this phone case from Casetagram: http://www.casetagram.com/product/case-art-2/iphone5s!

  • I love Gracie Butterscotch from Jo Totes because it can go with anything.
    And i love The PäshBox cause i can wear it as my daily hijab 🙂

  • Wow, I would get so many tops from ruche! Also, the scarves from pashbox look great and everything from Maggie fine jewelry is delicate, organic and beautifully timeless. Especially the short stack layer necklace and wide hammered ring. Amazing.

  • Love the “Hello Bright Eyes Color Block” dress from evermicrush! So cute 🙂

  • I would take anything from Maggie Fine Jewelry! Thier stuff is so pretty!

  • I’m loving ALL of the rings at Maggie. So delicate and shiny and pretty!

  • My Favourites are the Mont Blanc Textured dress from Ruche, the What a Girl Wants dress from ever.mi.crush, the betsy teal bag from JoTotes and the gold leaf earrings from Rustic Gem, they are so gorgeous! Also i love the idea of pashbox, you can never have enough scarves! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  • I love the Triple Chevron Necklace from Truche.

  • I love the Nature Trails dress from Ruche, the teepee necklace from Truche, the dainty hammered copper ring from Maggie fine jewelry, and the Siena bag from Jo Totes. So much great stuff on this giveaway!

  • Love the silver hibiscus ring from Maggie…and just about everything at JoTotes!

  • the ‘freedom to flourish’ dress ever.mi.crush is beautiful!

  • I think the Garden Terrace Wall Hook from Ruche would look lovely in my home.

  • Love the Betsy Chocolate bag from JoTotes and the new Briana chiffon dress from Ruche! :]

  • But, what if I love all the things? Newfound Love Polka Dot Dress from ever + mi crush is my jam.

  • The Mont Blanc Textured Dress frm Ruche is to die for!

  • I love the London Calling light blue skirt on Ruche!

  • JoTotes is definitely a favourite though the others are tempting too…

  • Still looking for that perfect camera bag so my favorite would be the Allison Black bag from Jo Totes and it’s on sale this month too 🙂

  • I love “The Art of Instruction” book from Ruche, and the Limba Modern Patio Sectional from LA Furniture. I can see myself curled up, on a summer’s night with a glass of wine and that adorable book!

  • Those earrings are stunning but I’m gonna have to go with the JoTotes bag as I would use it the most!

  • The Georgia Nautical camera bag from Jo Totes has to be my favorite, it looks like the perfect bag to carry EVERYTHING in!

  • Love all of these! I’d definitely go for ruche’s Copenhagen street dress first though.

  • Awesome giveaway! Love the earrings and the necklace! And Jo Totes!

  • Love it all but I’m particularly in love with the star bangle!

  • I have been looking for simple rings, and the simple gold and silver rings from Maggie fine jewelry look perfect!

  • I love the single snail silver necklace from Maggie Fine Necklace.

    I also adore the Leisurely Afternoon Necklace in Gold.

  • The silver snail studs are beautiful along with everything else from maggie

  • Well hulo, Siena. Come my way please, beautiful. Wait til you see the adventures I have in store for you!

  • I love the Most Certainly Colorblocked Tank In Mint

  • love LOVE everything from ever.mi.crush! so fresh and fun. fingers crossed for a perfect birthday wish!

  • I really fall in love with the simple things… so i think i will choose a Dainty Hammered Ring from Maggie Fine Jewelry for myself. Simple and beautiful!

  • PäshBox seems like sucha cool website! I’d love a subscription! How fun to get beautiful scarves in the mail!

  • Maggie jewelery-Hibiscus stud earrings-silver; LA furniture-Diamante bedroom set 🙂

  • The NAture Trails Belted dress is gorgeous! The Copenhagen Street dress also looks good for my mom since I want to give her something for mother’s day! <3

  • Well, I love all the sites but I am definitely a sucker for a fun monthly box. So the PashBox seems really awesome!

  • LOVE the Take It Easy Dolman Top in White from Ruche, the Siena bag from JoTotes, and that Teepee Necklace from Truche! Also, Pashbox looks so wonderful (:

  • I love the flower studs from Maggie Fine Jewelry and nearly everything in the Bourbon Street collection from Ruche!

  • Awesome giveaway! I love the Jo Toes Abby Lilac bag, the Calm and Collected Peplum top from Ever + Mi Crush, and the wide hammered ring in silver from Maggie! So many wonderful things!!

  • the Nature Trails belted dress from Ruche! And probably a Jo Totes bag for my mom since it’s almost mom’s day <3

  • I love Ruche’s Parisian Elegance Dress. I’d love a Siena bag from Jototes! Castegram has the most adorable phone cases- I especially like the Adventure is Out There 2.0 one! Super cute little I Love Michigan pendant over at tru.che! The long Chevron Necklace is cute at Rustic Gem. I love the Aztec Print Scarves at PashBox. Evermicrush had a darling I spy Jacket that would match anything! The Belize Steel Rattan sunbed at LA Furniture looks lovely. And the Hammered Bangles at Maggie are cool. Oh I squeeze my eyes shut and wish so hard to win! 🙂

  • I am in love with PashBox, scarfs are my absolute favorite!

  • Thank you so much for showing me Truche! I love everything, but mostly the silver animal necklaces…it’s a tie between the dinosaurs, the hen and chicks, and the elephant!

  • I’m digging the hammered ring from Maggie and that Teepee necklace from Tru.che is super cute!

  • Jo Totes in Betsy Teal or Black <3

    Been dying for a bag from them for such a long time and I just bought a new camera, so this would be perfect 🙂

  • I love the scarves from the PashBox and the Beau Vallon Pleated Maxi Skirt from Ruche! Oh, and seriously ALL of the earrings from Maggie’s! (I’m totally an earring girl).

  • I LOVE the rustic gem earrings and could use a cute camera bag from JoTotes! Great giveaway

  • AH…the JoTotes camera bags all of them – every time! I will give into my temptation eventually and purchase one 🙂

  • What a neat selection! I love the brookside printed scarf from Ruche and the Gracie bag from Jo Totes (this has been on my wish list for awhile). Also the wood heart studs are so sweet from Truche.

  • The Barcelona Embroidered Top from Ruche, I heart California – oxidized from Truche, Long Chevron Necklace in Gold from RusticGem, and Pointed Statement Two Tiered Triangle Necklace from ever.mi.crush 🙂

  • The Georgia Nautical bag from JoTotes has been on my radar for YEARS!

  • I love the Donahue Chiffon Dress from Ruche, the Moroccan Meltdown in pink, purple & aqua case from Casetagram, the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes, the buffalo skull necklace from Truche, the Turquoise Marquise Statement Necklace in Silver from RusticGem, the Bright Sun, Blue Water Dress from evermicrush, the Thea Modern Grey Italian Designer Area Rug from LA Furniture, and the SNAIL SINGLE NECKLACE, SILVER from Maggie Fine Jewelry.

  • I love the dainty fine ring from Maggoe Fine jewelry! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  • I love the sweaters from Ruche! I’m ready for some sunshine! I also love the original hammered bangle!

  • I can’t decide if I like the cream shirt from Ruche or Maggie’s silver and gold star ring. Both look like instant favorites to my wardrobe! Enjoying these new sites 🙂

  • I would love to give the PäshBox to my mom for Mother’s Day!!


  • On Maggie, I love the original hammered bracelets and copper rings. On Rustic Gem I really like the gold triangle and periwinkle earrings. My favorite Jo Totes bag is Betsy. And finally, I love the Mod Chambray dress at Ruche!

  • From Ruche I am completely in love with the Show Me the Ring Lace Dress and from try.che i loved the radar silver necklace. so hard to choose! so many great items 🙂

  • Rustic Gem’s Turquoise Jewel Pendant, so gorgeous!

  • In absolute <3 with the Missy Mint bag from Jo Totes!!

  • J-totes…so perfect! Georgia Nautical is the best! Yay!

  • La ruche is always my favorite… so much to offer… but wait a minute… just got distracted by the strawberry shortcake donuts!!!! Ahhhhhh!

  • AH! Every month y’all tempt me with the Ruche gift card and here it is again! All of their clothes are so cute, practical, and they aren’t like what most other stores have started selling(crop tops, booty shorts, see through) and I would love to get my hands on some of their clothes 🙂
    How brilliant is it to put your own photos/memories on a phone case and get to look at them everyday.
    Jo Totes has so many cute bags, but I gotta say the Georgia Herringbone is my favorite and would be perfect for a day out taking photos with friends and family.
    I love how simple and cute the teepee necklace from Truche is. It would be so cute at a festival, or pretty much with anything!
    As for the earrings from RusticGem, feathers are my favorite because of how free and beautiful they are, and the drop earrings would be cute with a dressy outfit.
    How cute of an idea PashBox!! Oh how clever you are. Who doesn’t love a good scarf?
    Songbird Shorts with Fringe from ever.mi.crush
    LA Furniture Store: Verona Lacquer Nightstand
    The rose gold flower stud earrings are so adorable from Maggie Fine Jewelry.

    And this month is my Birthday, so to win this would be the most perfect gift! 🙂

  • I have been wanted the sienna bag from jo totes for so long! beautiful!!

  • I would be out of my mind excited to win one of those gorgeous camera bags!!!

  • i love the taking it in floral dress and garden dwelling floral dress from ruche! also love the fresh scent and what a girl wants dresses from ever.mi.crush!

  • I’m obsessed with the turquoise spike bib necklace from rustic gem!

  • I really like the Las Ventanas Dress from Ruche. The ombre bottom is so cool!!

  • My friend’s wedding is coming up soon so I’ve been looking for dresses and this dress called Empress Avenue Strapless Dress from Ruche is absolutely beautiful and perfect for her wedding theme!

  • I love the snail studs from Maggie and the radar necklace and tepee necklace from truche!

  • I’m a “blooming photographer” and I think the Georgia Nautical from Jo Totes is suuuuper cute!!! Also being an earring junkie; I completely adore the Turquoise and Lapis Blue Jewel Gold Post Earrings, Silver Starfish Dangle Earrings with Turquoise Beads, Clear Jewel Teardrop and Gold Cherry Blossom Flower Post Earrings, and the Sapphire Blue Teardrop and Gold Cherry Blossom Flower Post Earrings; all from Rustic Gem Jewelry! Wow, I didn’t even know that website existed! Going to shop there from now on!

  • Love the teardrop earrings from RusticGem and the couch! And of course I’ve had my eye on the Siena camera bag for a while now… 🙂

  • The Original Hammered Bangle in Silver from Maggie Fine Jewelry is exactly what Ive been looking for.

  • For the ever.mi.crush store, I love their leggings! They have 3 different wintery leggings on sale and they are so lovely! Definitely worth stocking up and saving until it’s cooler weather.
    From the Ruche shop, they have an ADORABLE doggie collar with a bow tie in pastel colors! Perfect for spring and I’ve been looking for a bow tie for my very classy doggie <3
    From Maggie Fine Jewelry, I love the Hibiscus stud ear rings in rose gold. Rose gold jewelry is slowly becoming one of my new favorite things. They also have beautiful necklaces and I love that all their necklaces have longer chains.
    Thanks for this excellent giveaway opportunity!

  • I love the turquoise earrings and the silver and gold star bangle. So cute.

  • Love the kimono at Ruche and the star bangle from Maggie’s fine jewellry!

  • I love Maggie’s fine jewelry and the teepee necklace! Everything is beautiful but I love jewelry

  • I heart it all. The Ida Crossbody bag at Ruche caught my eye, as well as the Siena bag from Jo Totes. And the teardrop earrings. And the teepee necklace.

  • The model in the Ruche picture is wearing the perfect white tee!! I’ve been on the hunt 🙂

  • wow. the gracie butterscotch is gorgeous. the coral gables dress from ruche would also be perfect.

  • I Need a new camera bag. ‘Betsy Chocolate screams out not a camera bag from Jo Totes

  • OKay so I actually just discovered your blog last night after seeing a pic from a DIY project over on weheartit.com and I signed up to have your blog feed added to my bloglovin’ email right away! And now a give-a-way!!! Yay!!!
    I want everything but my absolute favorites after visiting the sites listed are: Yellow Rose Asymmetrical White Swarovski Pearl Wedding Necklace by Rustic Gem and I am head-over-heels like can’t wait to get the Marigolds In May Belted Dress off of ever.mi.crush !!!!!

  • I love the Hibiscus Studs from Maggie Fine Jewelry. They’re so cute and great for spring and summer!

  • Definitely crushin’ on the Siena camera bag from Jo Totes and basically every single dress from Ruche! Any of them would make a dream outfit for a weekend getaway!

  • I love scarfs so I can’t wait to see what pashbox is like. I also love all the tiny studs on Maggie’s website.

  • Loving the Sienna Camera Bag from Jo Totes. So classic and lovely. I have a weakness for brown leather.

  • My phone literally broke today, a bought a case but the Casetagram looks so cool. 🙂 The Gracie bag from Jo Totes is goooorgeous!! 🙂 I also love the i heart California necklace from tru.che. Obssessed with scarves so glad to hear from PashBox.

    So many amazing shops, thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  • Here’s hoping to finally score a Jo Totes bag!

  • I love that sofa bed! Oh….and maybe a larger apartment to put it in :p

  • I’m on a bit of a jewelry kick at the moment, so I love the Cape Royal Necklace from Ruche, the rank necklace from truche, and also pashbox is such perfect idea for a scarf addict like me!

  • My birthday is May 1 – what a birthday gift it would be to win this! The teepee necklace is SO gorgeous, plus their state necklaces are so cute. All of the rings on Maggie Fine Jewelry is lovely, it is hard to find good quality jewelry for an affordable price. And, if I could just own everything on Ever Mi Crush, that would be great, wouldn’t it??

  • If I could it’d be amazing if I could get some of these things: 1. Golden Fields Eyelit Sweater, 3. The Siena Leather bag, 7. Catch a Breeze Dress, 8. Modrest Roma Modern Floor Mirror, and 9. the snail stud earrings. 😀 Everything is so pretty.

  • I love them all but the teepee pendant is my favorite! By Truche

  • Still loving the Gracie Butterscotch from JoTotes, loving the Tiny Love Studs from Tru.che, and the Original Hammered Ring in 14k yellow gold from MAGGIE. Super cute!

  • I have a suspicion that the “Hello Bright Eyes Color Block Dress” from ever.mi.crush was specifically designed for my closet.

  • I would so love your camera bag, as I am using an insert in a messenger and it’s not the best set-up. Great giveaway!

  • -Living in Phoenix, you can never have enough summer dresses in your closet… This needs to be added ASAP: http://evermicrush.com/what-a-girl-wants-dress.html

    -I need these in my life as of yesterday! 🙂 http://maggiefinejewelry.com/ngs/paisley-leaf-studs-silver

    -What an amazing membership, I am obsessed with PäshBox!

    – I use my JoTote everyday and its on it’s last leg so this http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/missy-chocolate would make me oh so happy!

    Thanks for your awesome giveaways! XO.

  • I love the Abby bag from Jo Totes! The foldover feature is great.
    Ruche has the prettiest and most feminine dresses. My favorite is the Show Me The Ring Lace Dress.
    This is the first I’ve heard of Pash Box! I LOVE scarves! This is definitely m y kind of subscription 🙂
    I’ve been looking for a new ring and the Silver with Navy Blue Enamel Stripe from Maggie Fine Jewelry is so perfect.
    The jewelry you selected from Truche and RusticGem are gorgeous!
    I love the pretty Classic Romance dress from ever.mi.crush.
    And from LA Furniture Store, I really could use a new desk lamp!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • My favorite item is Welcome To The 60’s Coat at Ruche!

  • Definitely Jo Totes, I’ve been wanting the Rose coral bag since before Christmas!

  • 1.Sugar fix polka dot sweater
    2.They were all great 🙂
    3.Gracie Butterscotch Bag
    4.Flutters Necklace
    5.Silver Orchid and Jade teardrop earrings
    6.All the scarfs displayed were sooo pretty
    7.Newfound love polka dot dress
    8.Butterfly Chaos Painting
    9. Star studs silver

  • LOVE the bag and fine maggie jewelry… Basically everything is my favorite 😉

  • Love the Parasol Maxi dress from Ruche, the Gatsby Twin Aqua & Mint case from Castagram and the All You Need studs from ever.mi.crush!

  • Love that Tee Pee Necklace @Truche , Now for camping and a bonfire party!

  • I am going gaga over the Abby Black camera bag from Joe Totes! I am also in love with the beautiful Mother’s Day section on Ruche (I’m sure my mom would be happy to hear that)! And, I would love a pair of flower studs from Maggie’s gorgeous jewelry line with a few beautiful scarves from Päshbox! Wow my spring/summer wish list just got a whole lot bigger. 😉

  • I’m loving the Fresh Scent Dress and the Bastille Day skirt from Evermicrush.
    Also the hammered bangle in copper from Maggie Fine Jewelry is lovely.

  • the georgia nautical bag from jototes and the abbey road skirt from ever.mi.crush are incredible cute!

  • I love the beautiful bracelet of maggiefine jewelry and the adorable teardrop earrings of RusticGem, I have been coveting these for some time! all wonderful like you guys are at A Beautiful Mess, I love your blog!! hugs all the way from NZ x

  • I hope I have not posted a million times Im sorry of i have, please delete one I have read your give-away rules Im just a bit slow it seems 🙂

  • I like Mint Dangle Earrings in Gold from Rustic Gem.

  • still crushing on the siena leather camera bag from jototes! and pashbox is such a great idea!

  • Oh my god, what a great bag, the Betsy Teal perfect bag for photo shoots and day trips

    Paisley Leaf Studs,in Rose Gold and the Original Hammered Bangle in Copper, from Maggie

    and the Dolce Halter Dress By Queen Of Heartz from Ruche…. totally love!

    i can’t decide me – i want everything

  • I’m loving the lovely spring/summer dresses from Ruche! They’re so pretty!

  • I can definitely use the Abbey Black bag from JoTotes! And so many things I want from the other shops 🙂

  • I love the simple rings from Maggie, you could get a couple and stack them! I’ve also been coveting the Betsy bag in black from Jo Totes, such a good bag to take to photo shoots!!

  • I really like the “Abbey Mint” from Jo Totes…and also fell for the Independence Day Sandals By BC Footwear from Ruche

  • It’s hard to choose one favourite! These are all amazing pages/shops.
    But if I realy have to pick one, maybe the Jo Totes—a cam. The bags are beautiful!

  • Oh gosh, I’d love any of those! I’ve had my eye on the drop ear rings for my wedding rehearsal dinner and I’m love with Jo Totes!

  • The Betsy Mustard bag from Jo Totes has been a crush of mine for quite some time 🙂 I’ve also loved discovering Casetagram: I really need a case for my Nexus 4 and the Goodnight Nobody is a winner

  • Since i take photos all the time, I would love the Siena camera bag from jototes. Until now i carry my camera usually in my wool hat :/

  • I love the Georgia Nautical bag from JoTotes, I love all the clothes from Ruche and ever.mi.crush – I love pretty much everything in this giveaway =) Thank you for the opportunity!

  • the camera bags are all amazing but I also love Maggie’s jewelry, all looks delicate, unique and timeless.
    thank you for the giveaway!

  • I’ve been dreaming of the Sienna bag from Jo Totes for a long time now! I also really love the Baroque Print Shift dress from ever.mi.crush.

  • I love Mont Blanc Textured Dress from Ruche and Charcoal Teardrop and Aqua Jewels Geometric Drop Earrings in Silver from Rustic Gem

  • The designs from Truche are quirky and funky – I love them, particularly the I heart Spain pendant, and the Radar necklace. Very much my kinda style! And. I DO love Spain 🙂

  • Hi! here’s my fav items:

    Eaton Lane Bow Back dress from Ruche
    guess i’d use one of my drawings for Casetagram
    Betsy bag in mustard or black from Jo Totes
    pretty like the teepee necklace from Truche
    double strand statement necklace in lapis blue gold and mint from RusticGem
    scarves? yes please
    golden flair tweed skirt from ever mi crush
    the bloom red fabric sectional sofa from la furniture store
    hibiscus ring from maggie fine jewelry

    thanks, ciao

  • The Turquoise Teardrop and Mint Diamond Dangle Earrings! Perfect for the Summer

  • Toooo much gorgeousness to pick a favourite, but I am rather in love with the Abby bag in lilac from Jo Totes. Taking my camera out already makes me happy, but I’d probably be inclined to skip like a little girl if I took it out in that bag!

  • BEST GIVEAWAY YET! so exciting 🙂 Here are my picks:

    1. Ruche – cheers coaster set
    2. Casetagram – gems case for iphone
    3. Jo Totes – Georgia nautical
    4. Truche – mountain peak silver necklace
    5. RusticGem – mint and White Jade Statement Necklace
    6. PäshBox – I liked the scarf shown on the subscription page
    7. ever.mi.crush – Bayside Glam Striped Dress
    8. LA Furniture Store – Tenor Transitional Mirrored 2-Drawer Console Table
    9. Maggie Fine Jewelry – original hammered ring in silver

    Love, Amanda.

  • Rustic Gem and their mint lariat teardrop necklace-or almost everything in the shop!

  • I’m dreaming one bag from JoTotes for my new camera <3 ... especially the Betsy Mustard, perfect also for the telephoto lens!

  • Earrings, bags & bracelets oh my…love them all but my very favorite would be the phone case…this proud mama would love that!

  • I love the Betsy Mustard bag from Jo Totes, such a statement.

  • The Elfin Hibiscus Necklace at Maggie Fine Jewellery is beautiful!

  • I love the Georgia Nautical Camera Bag from Jo Totes. And the Avril Tartan Trapeze Dress from Ruche is very cool!

  • Wow, this giveaway is unbelievable! I cannot get enough of Rustic Gem’s turquoise teardrop earrings. So amazing!! My fingers are all crossed on this one! 🙂

  • My favorite are Ruche and Jo Totes!! I love all of them though!!!!

  • Those earrings! Wow, both the RusticGem silver gems or gold leaves would be everyday-never-take-them-off pairs to me.

  • I love the “on a journey'” dress from Ruche. Perfect for summer!

  • I love the Gracie Butterscotch and the Siena bag from Jo Totes!

  • Extra Slim simple Ring from Maggie Jewelry is perfect!

  • As always Jo Totes camera bags are my favourite. Today my fav is Missy Mint…but that’s a hard choice. Love them all!

  • Casetagram is the most brilliant idea ever! Oh, I can’t choose any clothes – I love love love all these clothesssssss…. and I wish Australia was colder so I could wear Pashbox scarves ALL the time 🙂

  • Maggi – dainty hammered ring in bronze – flippen beautiful!
    LA furniture – Modern Wenge dresser – love the wood colour and simplicity
    ever.mi.crush – Open Mic Night Dress – how freaking cute!
    Rustic Gem – jewel dangle earrings – how fancy and bright!
    tru.che – see ya bye… earrings – so sweet and charming
    Jo Totes – atlantic – beautiful, i love brown more than anything else in this world…
    Casetagram – Gatsby Twin Aqua & Mint Tiffany
    Ruche – Show me the ring lace dress – could you get more ladylike and beautiful???

  • The snail earrings by Maggie fine jewellery are gorgeous! As always, I love every single bag by Jo Totes, too!

  • Thanks to this site I am officially obsessed with the Betsy Mustard camera bag….I can’t even handle it! LOL and the Love the bug studs from EverMiCrush are to die for!!! thanks for introducing me to amazing sites!

  • I visited Maggie’s shop and the star ring and star bracelet are absolutely gorgeous. Love the star bracelet the best! Simple but elegant design.

  • Hi girls…thanks for the giveaway!! I love everything, but if I must pick one thing it’s definitely the teal Betsy camera bag fro JoTotes. Magnificent!!

  • I love beautiful camera bags! I would choose the Betsy Chocolate from Jo Tote!

  • Everything on the list is amazing, but I’m Just finishing up the Mastering Your DSLR class with Candice and Crew and would LOVE the JoTotes camera bag!!!!

  • Head over heels with the Barcelona embroidery top from Ruche.
    That Bayside Glam striped dress from Evermicrush is to die for!
    And that gorge Sienna camera bag by JoTotes…. Totes amazing

  • Oh my god I love that last shop! It’s so amazing!

  • I am so excited about casetagram and pashbox – I did not know that these services existed! My phone case happens to be a bit cracked at the moment so I may look into casetagram 🙂

  • My fav…hmmm.. I love the purse…and the scarf. Beautiful!

  • I love the Yeah Yeah Coat In Burgundy By Knitted Dove in the ever.mi.crush shop. Thank for the opportunity xoxo

  • I love the Candace Embroidered Dress and the Cabo Getaway Embroidered Tank from Ruche.

  • the Missy bag from Jo Totes is beautiful, love it in mint and chocolate! the Gold Orchid and Turquoise Teardrop Drop Earrings from Rustic Gem are fabulous too. i love the range at Maggie’s Fine Jewelry (the Wide Hammered Ring in Silver especially). the mirrors are so fun at LA Furniture too, especially the Nova Lighting ones. i think the best has to be the ‘i heart africa’ necklace from tru.che, so perfect for all my babies out there xo

  • The Abby Lilac camera bag from Jo Totes would be great for my trip to Greece this summer! Thanks!

  • Thanks for a great giveaway!
    I might need the catch a breeze cutout dress from ever.mi.crush. And those teardrop earrings are awesome!

  • oh I really love the Missy Mint bag from jo totes, it’s the perfect size! and the Newfound Love Polka Dot Dress from ever.mi.crush!

  • I’ve been looking to refresh my jewelry collection lately and there are so many pretty options here! Really love the Benzina Pendant Cuff from Ruche.

  • I’m loving the lavender Abby bag from JoTotes & also the sweet little star ring from Maggie!

  • I would love a Siena bag from Jo Totes as well (seems to be a popular choice!)…I really need a new camera bag as mine is falling apart and I don’t want to lose my camera!

  • I like the RusticGem the pair of teardrop earrings and the color is perfect in any season and it is so easy to pair in any clothes.

  • The teepee necklace is absolutely gorgeous. But it would be an honor to receive any of the products!

  • That Betsy and MIssy bag though! Would be “totes adorbs” for starting school next month.

  • I have been dreaming about o bag from Jo Totes for a while now! I love the Betsy Teal bag! The horsey Love necklace from Truche would be a great surprise for my horse loving daughter! Then there is the beautiful Athena Dress and Katherine Coat from ever mi crush I would love! Wow, the wish list could go on and on….

  • I love the rose gold star earring from Maggie Fine Jewelry and the dresses at Ruche and ever.mi.crush are gorgeous! The Missy mint or the Gracie Butterscotch would be an awesome camera bag/diaper bag. This is a great giveaway.

  • I just adore that teepee necklace! Her shop also has a I heart Michigan necklace which I will most definitely buy when i move out of state at the end of the year!! And I love love love the Atlantic bag from JoTotes.