Casual Friday Vol. 2

Casual friday vol 2  Emma ChapmanCasual friday vol 2Color wheelCasual friday vol 2     Trey GeorgeCasual friday vol 2    Casual friday vol 2   Sarah RhodesTGIF everybody! It's been a fantastic week here at ABM, and we're all excited for the weekend. Around our offices this week we've been working on a few things you'll see next week as well as some projects you probably won't see for at least a few months from now (secrets!).ABM workhsopABM workhsop ABM workhsop  Currently we are having the back shed behind our studio house updated. The roof was leaky, the dirt floor is always soggy and wet, and the building generally looks like it's going to fall down. We have high hopes of turning this into a work space for larger projects (like building furniture). We currently have to store all our power tools and supplies around the house, mostly in the dining room and under the staircase.Lots of funny socksABM goes bowling      ABM goes bowling ABM goes bowling          Todd GummermanABM goes bowling    ABM goes bowlingABM goes bowling  Bowling is fun Bowling ballsBowling is fun    Funny socksBowling is fun  ABM goes bowling   Bowling is funLaura GummermanStrikeABM teamThis week marked the one-month birthday of Shop A Beautiful Mess! We are thrilled with how many of you are checking out the classes and trying the actions. To celebrate, our team went out for a bowling night. It was all a ploy to get to spend time with Imogen (Sarah + Josh's angel baby). Elsie and I spent about as much time passing her back and forth as we did bowling. Ha!

We are super excited to share some of the projects we completed this week with you next week. But in the meantime, we hope you have a relaxing or adventure-filled weekend! xo. Emma  + the ABM team.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography by: Sarah Rhodes, Emma Chapman, Laura Gummerman, Josh Rhodes and Elsie Larson. Photos edited with Magnolia of the Signature Collection (Magnolia is a b&w action, but you can choose to turn that layer off for color photos).

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