Casual Friday Vol. 8

Casual Friday on A Beautiful MessCasual Friday on A Beautiful Mess Emma + elsieIt's been another fantastic week, guys. But, I must say, TGIF! We've had a number of events and mishaps this week. For example, Elsie and I shot a Q&A style video. And we did NOT nail it. It was so boring! We're gonna try again maybe next week. We are hoping to begin sharing a few Q&A style videos on the weekends now and again. I think my face in this above photo says it all. πŸ™‚

ABM workshopJosh and Trey use their musclesThe new workshop/garage space is basically complete! We can't wait to see all the projects we'll get to make here. We'll show you around the space soon, I promise.

So many dirty dishesCasual Friday on A Beautiful Mess  Beautiful refrigerator artSo many dirty dishes. They never stop. Also, here's Laura straightening out the room for a photo shoot, and look at this super cute artwork a reader sent us recently! So sweet.

Office deskJackiI make everyone in the office taste test for me. It's an office hazard.

Trey's messy work areaTrey GeorgeTrey sometimes uses his banana phone for meetings.

Ink fingers!I'm really careful when I load the ink into our printer. Always. I never spill it and stain my hands for days. Oh no. Never.

Hope you have an awesome weekend planned! Trey and I get to spend Saturday camping with my brother and some friends. He graduated college this week and we could NOT be more proud of him. Go, Doren! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Willis of the Folk Collection

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