Mastering Your External Flash

Candice Stringham's On Camera Flash workshopWe are excited to open sign-ups for Candice Stringham's new workshop, Mastering Your External Flash. Here's what Candice has to say about her new workshop: 

Do you want to be able to shoot at night and not have to lose quality by shooting at a high ISO or lose depth of field by shooting with a wide-open aperture? Do you need to shoot in situations where the light is so low you can’t get a good exposure and freeze movement? Do you ever shoot photographs in the middle of the day and wish you had a way to fill in the harsh shadows the overhead light creates (like the photo above)? Do you wish you could add extra light into your image, but still have it look natural and soft?


If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then this is the class for you! Learn how to use your external flash on-camera.
How to use an on camera flash
•Lighting patterns for portraits
•Creating directional light using bouncing techniques
•Using the flash as a main light and as a fill light
•Using flash indoors and outside
•Using flash to mimic soft, natural light
•Mixing flash with available light
•Using the flash in both TTL and manual
•Deciding which flash accessories are helpful and worth the cost
What you get:
•Five weeks of class with four video lessons and PDF downloads
•Emails five days a week
•A video created specifically to answer the questions you and your classmates submit
•A class forum where questions are answered daily by Candice and her two co-teachers Nancy and Kimber
•Access to the course materials as long as the site is up!
The workshop begins May 26, so grab your spot before then!
On Camera Flash workshop by Candice Stringham
•A DSLR camera (any brand)
•An external flash with TTL capability (check out our Flash Equipment Guide if you're unsure)
•A working knowledge of your camera in manual (Simply put, if you haven’t taken our course Mastering Your DSLR, or understand manual mode well, don’t take this course yet!)
Cost: $99 USD
*Remember that all Shop ABM workshops are a little different from e-courses and crash courses. Workshops run for set amounts of time (this one is five weeks, beginning May 26), and we only offer a set number of seats within each workshop so instructors can be available and offer feedback to each student. If you've been itching to learn more about using your external flash, don't hesitate to sign up today! xo. Candice + The ABM Team
Credits // Author and Photography: Candice Stringham
  • This sounds like exactly what I need but I may have to wait until the next time something like this comes around 🙂

  • Looks like a great workshop – I might be able to do it this summer but 1) its a little over my budget and I don’t even have an external flash – maybe if you did an e-course that is cheaper??

  • I hope there’s another workshop or ecourse on external flashes in the future. I would love to participate, but don’t have the time right now!

  • I would totally do this, but I don’t have an external flash so that’s first on the list! Maybe I’ll scramble to get one by then…or hopefully you’ll do this class again. Sounds great though!

  • Very cool 🙂 I like to do a lot of night shoots as well. I use the lights from the bowling alley and outside of offices, because they have a neon, sort of alien spaceship sorta feel and it looks amazing in pictures. A lot of fun 🙂

    Love and Luck,

    Laurali Star

  • Ergh, this sounds like a wonderful e-course, but I miss the days when ABM gave tutorials like this just for fun! I understand that you have a whole staff now and all that jazz, but jeez Louise! Every time I visit this blog, it seems like you’re selling a new e-course. I guess you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, but this is no longer my favorite blog :/ $99 is just way too far out of my budget. And after the results of your survey, I’d assume that I’m not alone.

    I hope this didn’t come off as mean or ungrateful, but it just seems like ABM has new priorities and a new direction since I started following along (over four years ago).

  • Will you be writing any e-courses on photography in the future? I’d love to participate in a workshop but the price doesn’t fit my budget and I’d rather have a work-at-my-own-pace course. Just curious. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Do you still offer the Mastering you DSLR? I didn’t see it in the ABM shop

  • This class seems so great! My external flash is off at Canon for repairs though and won’t be back for weeks.

    Will you guys offer this one again in the future?

  • Will you be running this class again? Sadly, having recently become self employed, I can’t relay the cost of the course and an external flash at this short notice but I would definitely be interested in this later in the year/early next!!


    Sophie 🙂

  • I bought my external flash years ago, I know the basics but being able to learn how to use it manually and to actually understand the TTL would be wonderful. I hate not being able to master a piece of equipment. Looking forward to this class.

  • Totally wish this was in my budget right now because I need this course! I bought a flash a while ago and I’m still having some trouble using it. 🙁


  • Just a littly FYI – a wide aperture creates depth of field; it doesn’t lose it. Hope that helps.

  • How does this work exactly? do i have to be available to sign in at a certain time on May 26? Im definitely interested, just want to make sure im available when I need to be!

  • Yes, Candice is developing one right now. We love the idea of offering a photography e-course with a lower price point. What’s fun about workshops is the interaction and attention that students can receive from the instructors. E-courses don’t have that feature, but we love being able to offer both.



  • Yes! We are offering that workshop again in late July. You can always check the Upcoming Calendar on the site if want to see what we have in the works. We update as often as we have new info. 🙂


  • We will likely offer this workshop again but it may be some time. The workshop doesn’t actually begin until May 26th. Do you think you’re flash will be back by then?



  • Yes, we will likely be running it again later this year or early 2015. We haven’t set dates that far in advance, but we likely will offer it again. 🙂


  • No, you don’t have to be available at any set time of the day. We have lots of students spread across many different time zones, and in fact some of the instructors are in different time zones as well. The workshop runs for 5 weeks, beginning May 26th. So you wouldn’t want to sign up if you planned to have an interrupted internet connection during those five weeks, like a vacation planned or something like that.

    Email us if you have any additional questions: support AT redvelvetart DOT com


  • Woo this looks incredible! Your photography tips are some of the best out there – and definitely one of my favorite things about your site. Even if I’m not into the projects or the recipes myself, I always enjoy looking at pictures of people who are happy and colorful!

    This workshop looks awesome though. I had no idea it was possible to have good flash photos! Thanks guys!

  • Oh! I would love this! It’s just not in the cards for me price wise, and I don’t have an external flash yet :(. But it’s definitely something to consider! Thanks for offering it!

  • Bring ’em on! 😉

    We’re thrilled that you’re joining us again, Nina!


  • I just got a flash and really need this. I can’t find the info anywhere online. Please make this a more affordable e-course! I would love to do a workshop, but working full time and having a two year old leaves me with little time to devote to a scheduled workshop. You guys rock, BTW.

  • I was wondering if this is a class you have to attend online or if it is videos and material emailed out?

  • Hi Amber! The workshop is accessed online through your ABM shop account. The instructors will also send emails to the students 🙂 -Jacki

  • Yayyyyyyy!!! Not in my cards the first round and would loveeeeee a second chance!
    My bday is July 29, so this will be a bday prez for me! 🙂

  • I did the mastering your DSLR and absolutely loved it, totally worth worth every penny! It’s been a very full month and a new flash is not in my budget so I’ll have to take this corse the next time around. I’d like to take both the kids and night photography courses … Will not having an external flash or not taking this workshop effect those?


  • Good question, Nicki. Neither Night Photography nor the kids’ course require an external flash, although having an understanding of your flash will help you do a few extras that we briefly mention in Night Photography. 🙂 -Kimber

  • Am really excited for this one but still haven’t been able to get an external flash. Hope to catch this when you run it again. x