Sister Style: Ginger and Cayenne

Sister Style   Some weeks are made for jarring us out of our comfort zones, right? At least that's how this past week felt for me (Sarah). For one thing, I'm sitting here writing a Sister Style post. I've never done this before. Uncomfortable zone! Elsie and Emma asked me to write this post to share a little different perspective on something you are all pretty familiar with seeing: Sister Style. So here we are.

Sister Style I really love getting to be a part of Sister Style every week. Sometimes we have a plan, and admittedly, sometimes we just drive around and pull over by pink dumpsters. Hah! We really try to wait for ideal light (we love the natural look), but ideal light doesn't always happen. So… it was a bright and sunny afternoon. Another uncomfortable zone for anyone who is a photographer! Bright light and harsh shadows? Run and hide! Hide your kids, hide your wife. We set out anyway to grab some juice and shoot at one of our local favorites, Mama Jean's. Even though the light was nuts, we made it work.

Sister Style  When we ordered our juices we somehow got talked into getting fresh shots of ginger with cayenne. I'm not the type of person who would be excited to try something new, but I have to say… I think we might be addicted to these now! They were incredibly strong but refreshing. I'm really glad we were encouraged to step out and order something seemingly insane. Usually the idea of drinking JUST ginger and cayenne would have probably made me totally shudder.

Sister StyleSister Style    Sister Style     Sister Style      Sister Style       Sister Style        Sister Style         Sister Style          Sister Style           Sister Style            Sister Style             Elsie's wearing: Top/Forever 21, Jeans/Urban Outfitters, Shoes/Shoe Mint, Bag/3.1 Phillip Lim. 

Sister Style               Emma's wearing: dress/H&M, belt/Target, shoes c/o Coclico (borrowed from Elsie) and sunnies/UO. 

Sister Style                  Sister Style                    Sister Style                     Well, guys, I made it through writing my first Sister Style post. Time to celebrate with a shot of ginger and cayenne? Maybe! xo. Sarah

Credits // Author + Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Eleanor and Petal from the Fresh Collection and Magnolia (B&W) from the Signature Collection

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