Grown-Up Back-To-School Shopping

Back to school shopping (or maybe just pre-fall... whatever!)Last weekend I went to the mall with Jeremy, and we were a little confused by how busy it was. It was one of those tax-free, back-to-school shopping weekends. We were reminiscing about back-to-school-shopping, which reminded me I LOVE back-to-school shopping.

Of course, I'm not in school, but I still love the idea of gathering pieces that work for both warm and cool weather. Things that can be layered. Things that can work for both work days and date nights (because who has time to change in between every time?). 

If you love shopping online as much as I do, you've probably already noticed that it's autumn in retail land. A couple weeks ago all the pumpkin orange and navy started to roll in. I'm not complaining, though. As much as I just love summer (this summer has been amazing!), I don't mind planning ahead either. 
So with all that said (chatty much, Elsie?), here's my grown-up back-to-school shopping list I made working with our longtime friends at ModCloth and their Mix and Match collection
xx- Elsie 
Elsie's wishlist: