Big Party Party App Update!

Party Party Update!We launched our Party Party app just a little over a month ago with big plans for updates already in the making. We’re excited to announce that some big, new features are now available in the new Party Party update!!

Party Party UpdateIMPORT

This is a big one! You now can use any photos from your Camera Roll or Photo Library in Party Party! Make a slideshow out of old photos or start stacking photo apps (the below was made with DSLR photos, A Beautiful Mess App, and Party Party!). And then in whatever order you select your photos is the order they’ll appear in the app. So that means you can start playing around with reverse order, like Sarah’s awesome .gif above!

Party + A Beautiful MessREVIEW

We added a step to the app’s flow, so you now have the option to review the photos you’ve taken or imported. In this screen, you can delete, reorder, crop, and add photos. So maybe three of the photos you took were perfect, but that last one was a little off. Now you can fix it!


The Party Party app has the 1, 4, 9, and 16 photo options, because they can all be laid out in a square if you wanted to do the collage option. However, with so many of you using the stop-motion option, we wanted to give you the flexibility to take as many or as few photos as you needed! So we added the ∞ option!

Party Party Update  We can’t thank you enough for supporting this app and really everything we do. We’re so excited to see what new creations you come up with, so be sure to tag it #partypartyapp, and we’ll feature our favorites on @abeautifulmessofficial! xo. Elsie (+ Trey)

P.S. For any questions on app functionality or Android, be sure to check out our FAQ post, or email support at partyparty AT abeautifulmess DOT com.