4 Easy Fall Garlands

4 Easy Fall Garland IdeasI like to think of garlands as necklaces for the home. While I’m just as excited as the next girl about chunky knit hat season, I might be even more into accessorizing my home than my head. I whipped up a few garlands that are perfect for draping across mantels, over door frames, or just taping onto a wall. They add such a festive flair for the fall season! Check out the easy instructions below.

Paper Leaf Garland— print the template to make your own!PAPER LEAF GARLAND

I love the beautiful fall leaf garlands you can find at craft stores this time of year, but I wanted a more minimal/crafty look for our house, so I cut some leaves out of card stock and strung them onto hemp twine. The most difficult part of making this garland is trimming out the leaves, but it only took me a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls to make all of these leaves and more.

Paper Leaf Garland— print the template to make your own!

Leaf template
Above is a leaf template you can use to print out the shapes onto the cardstock of your choice. (Click for the full-size image— Do not shrink/re-size image when printing, as margins have already been added.)

Paper Leaf Garland— print the template to make your own!After cutting, I could still see the black lines from the template, but I just made sure that side of the leaf was facing backwards when I strung them onto the twine. If you don’t have a hole punch, you can certainly tape the leaves to the twine or string that you use.

Paper Leaf Garland— print the template to make your own!PINE CONE GARLAND

This pine cone and wooden bead garland is delicate and earthy—perfect for just a little touch of the outdoors inside the home. This garland is a cinch to make, and just a few supplies can make a lot of garland!

Delicate fall Pine Cone garlandTo make this garland, you will need:

-some rope or twine
wooden beads (stained or natural)
pine cones
-a hot glue gun

Make a delicate fall pine cone garlandI began my garland by first evenly spacing the wooden beads. I tied a knot on either side of each bead to keep it in place. After all the beads were in place, I used small globs of hot glue to secure the pine cones in place. If you want, you could also drill through the pine cones and thread the twine through them as you are placing the beads. But hot glue was pretty easy, so I decided to go that route.

You can customize the look of this garland by painting the pine cones or using different kinds of beads. Space everything out, or crowd them closer together—It’s totally up to you!

Make this gauzy ghost garland— easy project to do with kids!GHOST GARLAND

This little ghost garland is more cute than it is ghoulish. It’s a great addition to your Halloween mantel decor and works best with a dark background. This project is also really fun to do with kids! Even my two-year-old was interested in helping.

Make this gauzy ghost garland— easy project to do with kids!To make the garland, you will need:

styrofoam balls (I used 1.5″)
black and white brads
-thin twine or string

Make this gauzy ghost garland— easy project to do with kids!Cut out a square of folded cheesecloth that will evenly surround the styrofoam ball. My cheesecloth was folded in four layers, so I left those layers as I cut. Pull the cheesecloth around the edges to stretch it out and make it look gauzy. Then push two black brads into the wrapped styrofoam ball to look like eyes and also to hold the cheesecloth in place.

Make this gauzy ghost garland— easy project to do with kids!Pull apart the two prongs of a white brad and wrap them around the string. Push the prongs back together and then pierce the top of the ghost with the brad to connect the ghost to the string.

Tip: I would wait to attach the ghosts to the string until the string is hung where you want the garland to go. This will keep the ghosts from falling off the garland as you hang it or transport it.

Paper Halloween garland— click through for more garland ideas!HAPPY HALLOWEEN GARLAND

I love the look of pennant garlands and thought a simple black version with white lettering would look great in my home. This is a simple project that would also work well for birthday parties or any other kind of celebration.

Paper Halloween garland— click through for more garland ideas!All you need for this garland is:

black cardstock
white puffy paint
-string or twine
-tape or hole punch
craft blade, cutting mat, and steel ruler
-pencil (optional)

Paper Halloween garland— click through for more garland ideas!I cut my black cardstock into 3″x 4″ rectangles. Then I cut out 1″x 3″ triangles from the bottom.

Paper Halloween garland— click through for more fall garland ideas!I used a pencil to draw out the shape of the letters. Then I traced over the pencil lines with puffy paint. I let the paint dry for a few hours before handling. Drawing with a puffy paint bottle is much easier than painstakingly brushing on white paint with a thin paint brush. And the bonus? It goes on opaque, so you only need one coat of paint.

I strung up the pennants through holes I made with a small hole punch, but you could easily use tape on the back too.

Fall garland ideasThere ya have it! Four easy garland ideas to choose from. Try one, or try them all! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection and Pearl from the Fresh Collection.

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