The Messy Book is here!

Introducing The Messy Book by A Beautiful Mess!Hey, friends! I just wanted to post a quick announcement that the Messy Book is now available in our shop! It comes in three colors/designsโ€”

The Messy Book by A Beautiful Mess  Mineral 

The Messy Book by A Beautiful Mess Gray

The Messy Book by A Beautiful MessBlack/White Stripe 

The Messy Book has a fun "to be continued" phrase in the back of each album… 

Introducing The Messy Book by A Beautiful Mess!   …and it comes with eight page designs (two of each of the four designs so you can test them all out), but if you already know which designs you'll use the most, be sure to stock up on extra page refills too! 

Introducing The Messy Book by A Beautiful Mess! I surprised myself and have been using all the designs so far (I thought I would be an all-square & full-page girl). 

These albums are compatible with all the stuff that comes in the new Messy Box.

We have also stocked some extra packs of soft colored ledger papers in the shop (9×12, 4×6, 3×4, 3×3). Ledger is my favorite and the soft colors make it really easy to journal on, like thisโ€”

Scrapbooking with The Messy Box     Thanks so much for sharing my joy in this big release!! After keeping it all a secret and working behind-the-scenes for the past year, it feels AMAZING to be sharing it here and using the products.

I can't wait to see what you make. Please please please share your creations with me on Instagram using #mybeautifulmess xo. Elsie 

  • I love this collection of scrapbooking supplies. Your designs are beautiful. Can’t wait to get started on my messy book!

  • I am more of a sticking my photographs in a paper album kinda girl. But the stripy one is sooo tempting!
    Watched your live chat from last night this afternoon and you girls made my day. Looking forward to more of them and meeting others from the team! Btw, I was sewing while watching. You havent replaced Netflix, yet ?
    Oh and can I just say how sad I am that Josh is leaving. Was kinda hoping he would bring out a diy/how to make your own furniture book. So inspiring!! Hope he will still do the ocasional post in the future!!
    A xx

  • I love all your new releases, they’re making me excited to get back into scrap booking! The albums are so pretty, I love the green <3

  • I love it! Can’t wait to get mine ๐Ÿ™‚ Elsie, do you print your pictures at home? What is your favorite photo printer?

  • These are beautiful! The only thing I wish could happen is having this included in the messy box. Considering both for a monthly complete set, you’d be spending over $50 to have a complete scrapbook. I’m sure you guys have thought of this already for us subscribers. But I don’t have a scrapbook store around me so it’d be wonderful if I could get both of these in a box. Plus it would go really well with a messy box video if we had a complete kit. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love you all so much, you keep me inspired every day!

  • Ahh, loving this book! The look of it is just amazing, I always love some extra inspiration for creativity! That OMG page though, I’m in love! You’re the best when it comes to this. THOUGHTS IN TIFFANY BLUE

  • I think you should design a teacher’s planner all the options out there are really boring, a lot of teachers personalise shop bought ones. Please consider it, I’m sure it would be a big seller!

  • Love this! Will there be more page designs? Specially with standing 4x6in pockets. It would make it so much easier to print and use! I’d love to try the album size though, I’ll wait and see if you come up with more page designs.=)

  • Oh my, I am in love with your stuff! It is all so pretty and makes me wish that I had a day to myself and scrap to my hearts content! I’m going to browse your shop right now!

  • Love, love, love, everything you guys do. So inspiring! I have a dilemma and was hoping you could help/inspire. Scrapbooking is wonderful, and I am such a fan of preserving memories and moments, my HUGE project right now is archiving all of my family history OUT of those crazy sticky albums, circa 1980, and into beautiful, safe, albums. That being said, on top of all of my personal albums + family history albums, I was hoping you guys could do a post on storage. Not for supplies, per se, but the actual albums. Sometimes as lovers of preserving memories we end up with A LOT of stuff… just wondering how you guys make it look pretty, or if you have any fun or practical tips. Thanks!

  • Hey Tara,
    It’s not possible (cost wise) to include an album in our monthly subscription boxes. With that said, these albums can fit a LOT of pages in them and they will last you much longer than a month (Emma is using one for the whole year).
    I know it’s an investment to get started, but I hope it helps to know these albums will fit a lot of pages in them and you won’t need to buy a new one every month. ๐Ÿ™‚
    xx. Elsie

  • Hi Kelly!
    So, just to clarify- are you hoping for a post on how we store our album collections?

    Good luck with your family history album. It’s really great that you are removing photos from those sticky albums because they really damage and fade photos!

    xx- Elsie

  • They’re so cute! Love the “To be continued…”
    Do you think you’ll come out with more colours down the road?

  • Thanks for replying, yes I am hoping for a post about album storage. I find I have so many albums (family history, love letters, our early years, wedding, etc.) and I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions besides rows and rows of them sitting on my bookshelf ๐Ÿ™‚
    Here’s to spreading the word on eliminating sticky albums! Keep on inspiring!

  • I REALLY want to start Scrapbooking soon…it’s just finding the time and money I guess…but once I finally find a place for Scrapbooking in my life, I’ll be coming to you! Love the Mineral colour! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • These are so cute! I think I would probably use these as a blogger notebook to keep all my blogging calendars and brainstorming ideas.

  • Love it! The designs are very pretty. Don’t they sell little cards as well? Or am I mistaking it for another business?

  • I love that the pieces you make, everyone else also get a change to make x.

  • I used to be afraid of scrapbooking, but all these products you are offering are starting to make it seem so easy! I may have to start doing this… I just got married in October so it would be a perfect time to start scrapbooking my first year of marriage!

  • Hey Elsie,

    Are there websites where we can print photos in these exact sizes or would we need to print at home?


  • I’m so excited about the Messy Box and album! I just watched the livestream and decided to purchase both! Thank you ladies for always be inspiring! Can’t wait to print more pictures!!

  • I’ve always love what you’re doing and I can’t be happier enough for you, I’m in love with all the colours and designs of messy book, I can’t wait to purchase it! Good luck on your life xx

  • Will you be making any pages that are compatible with INstax Mini cameras? I would love to subscribe to the Messy Box if you do!

  • Just found my empty messy book, unfortunately I didnโ€™t buy more page refills before you guys stopped making them. Does anyone know of another company that makes the same size pages with the 4 holes?? Thanks!

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