Scrapbook Sunday: Messy Box

Playing with the April Messy BoxHi, friends! Happy Sunday! This week I've been messing around with the Messy Box (heh), and I wanted to share a little spread that I whipped up with random iPhone photos. 

Since I have so much catching up to do on things like vacations and special photo shoots, I haven't devoted much time to scrapbooking the everyday life stuff. So I'm going to try to start throwing these in occasionally! I'm definitely not someone who feels like you have to scrapbook everything. However, I love the idea of including random life once in while so that it's not just holidays and vacations. Variety, right? 

Playing with the April Messy Box Here's my two page spread. I used items from this month's Messy Box (subscribe here) as well as the dark coral plastic alphas and the Monroe photo sleeve (3×3 squares). 

Playing with the April Messy Box  I love those sleepy eye cards. They were one of my favorite things I designed for this month's Messy Box. They make me smile. 

Playing with the April Messy Box   I'm very excited about the plastic alphas (in dark coral and light coral). Can I please get these in every color? I used my mini stapler to fasten them directly on top of two empty page pockets. 

Playing with the April Messy Box    Hi! Those little stickers over the lip print are so fun, right? Kinda like teeth…. kinda. 

ETA: Many of you noticed my "working on our TV show" scribble. Just wanted to clarify that we have no formal announcement to make, but we are working on a potential tv show (mostly just fun and dreaming at this phase!). Sorry- haha! 

Playing with the April Messy Box     I love how these transparent plastic hearts (they come with the Messy Box this month) look layered over another pattern. I cut part of it off for a fun look. 

Playing with the April Messy Box       On both pages I numbered the photos and then used one card to describe what was happening in every photo. My descriptions are short and random, but I like how it sums up this season of life. 

Playing with the April Messy Box        I used one of the 4×6 cards to create a little tab for one 3×3 card, and then layered some letter stickers on top. I like to have little things sticking out of my pages once in a while. Fun texture. 

Playing with the April Messy Box          Supplies used: April Messy Box, Plastic Alphas in Dark Coral, 9×12 Messy Book Album, Monroe Page Protector, Messy Pen Set

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great Sunday. xx! Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with Lux from The Signature Collection.

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