Scrapbook Sunday: Playing with the Minc

Playing with the Minc!Hi, friends! This past week I have been testing out a new tool from our shop called the Minc. It's a gold foil machine you can use at home. I wasn't sure what to expect, but after testing it out, I am pretty hooked! Laura and I are kind of geeking out about all the things we can make with this thing. 

So, I'll just quickly run you through what it does and how it works. 

Playing with the Minc at home! First, I just want to note that this tool is a significant investment, and the reason we decided to carry it is because it's something that we (as people who DIY a lot) would totally buy. It's one of those things where it's way more worth it if you know you'll use it a lot! 

Playing with the Minc!   The gold (and other metallic colored) foils come in sheets. It is like very very thin plastic. You just cut out however much you need for each project. The foil will only adhere to laser printer ink (I think it is the carbon in the ink?). That means you'll have to run to a place with a laser printer (which is basically any standard copy machine, most home printers are inkjet). We went ahead and bought a cheap laser printer just so we could save trips, and it works just fine. 

I am also going to test using a carbon pen with my own handwriting. I'm pretty sure it will work because I had a machine similar to this in the past. I'll let you know if it does! 

The instructions it comes with (and sample tags to try) make it super easy to figure out. So I won't type out every single step, but basically—it's easy and it works. After your foil adheres, it looks something like this— 

Playing with the Minc!    Playing with the Minc!      Pretty cool, huh?! I used the sticky note set to print on. 

You can pre-order a Minc here. I'll definitely use it in future scrapbooking and DIY projects! 🙂 xx. Elsie 

PS— We just released some awesome Messy Book stuff in the shop! Click here to see our brand new cool tabs, plastic alphas and page dividers. I'll share more ways to use them in my post next week!  

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