Our 2016 Planner Is Here!!!!!! (And It’s Spiral Bound!)

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 PlannerYou guys have been asking and we couldn't be more excited to announce that our 2016 Planners are now available for preorder

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner   This planner comes with three fun cover options: Rainbow Marble, #PLAN and a floral pattern designed by Lulie Wallace. They all feature gold foil, an elastic band to hold them closed in your purse, fun stickers and my favorite new addition…spiral binding! 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner    A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner  This means that they lay flat, which I LOVE. 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner      I specially requested gold spirals because I know how much you guys love gold! 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner If you had our 2015 planner, the size of these is fairly similar. They're still small enough to fit comfortably in most purses (a must for me!) but the spine is just a little bit thicker. 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner INSIDEOn the inside I did an illustration for each month, and the month tabs are color coded. 

Let's talk about the three cover designs for a minute… 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner MARBLED  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner LULIE WALLACE  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner LULIE WALLACEEach year we try to do a variety of covers for the different personalities in our lives. Last year I seriously gave like 15 of these planners as holiday giftsβ€”haha! Anyway, it's probably way too early to be talking about the holidays, I feel like I just said a curse word. (Forgive me?) 

Most of my friends have a very strong favorite of the three designs. But some people, like me, could go in more than one direction. Argh! These are important life choices, you guys! 

Which is your favorite?? 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner    Preorder your 2016 planner now because they are limited edition and we cannot guarantee how long they will last! 

Domestic shipping is free and International has a low $5.00 flat rate! 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! xx- Elsie 

ps. Our academic planners are still available through this weekend if you want one to start using immediately. Stripe, #BUSY, Lulie Wallace Design. They are shipping now. 

  • I just had a brain meltdown! I had such a hard time choosing!! I’ve gone with #PLAN as I think that will suit the ‘me’ I’ll be in 2016 lol

    YAHOOOO!!! xx

  • These are perfect, except I have to have my planners use Monday to Sunday weeks. Maybe for 2017?

  • Are there photos where we can see the “to do” for daily and weekly stuff? I have used a Moleskin where the days are on one side, and then a notes section is on the opposite side where I make lists weekly. But these are just sooo colorful, I may have to switch it up.

  • I love them all! just pre-ordered the flower print!
    I’m using your 2015 coral planner and I customized it by drawing flowers around the gold dots, so this is perfect for 2016!

  • Do we not have monthly quotes any more? If yes are they in the fun hand written style as before? That was my favourite bit, very motivating!

    You said they’re a little bigger than their 2015 counter parts, any chance we could see them side by side?

    Do they not say ‘notes’ and ‘to do’ any more on in the little spaces?

    Sorry for all the questions but I’m sure you understand πŸ™‚ #ThatCreativeLife Trying to know this so i can decided between them and the academic planner…

  • Hey ABM!
    I LOVED using your planner this past year – I meant to give you a review sooner…ah well

    I had the rainbow stripes. I LOVED the stickers (would you consider selling more in your online store for those of us who’d probably use all of them in one month?), the extra pages (I often used mine to journal about the month), the goal pages, the quotes, and the color schemes.

    The only hiccup was that there was inconsistent date formatting (for example, Sunday, February 1st wasn’t in the last week of January, and it wasn’t in the first week of February either…but this wasn’t a problem in most of the other months). I also wish the arrow stickers fit in the back folder. Meh. I got over these quickly.

    Personally, I’d love to see check boxes incorporated somehow (in the notes section, goals, or event the days). I also generally prefer a larger size – I’m used to notebook sized planners, so this one felt comparatively cramped. Also meh. Personal preference.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work! These journals are super cool, and I hope this review was more helpful than not.
    – Cathryn

    (ps, sorry to do this via comment…I wasn’t sure how else to give feedback – don’t feel like you need to actually post it)

  • what a nice planner! I love the flower and marble πŸ™‚ Wish that I could join the PO. Maybe next time.

  • Do the weekly spreads start Sun. to Sat??? Thats how I do my PL & can’t ever find something to help me out (these would be perfect! I Just need to see a picture of the daily spreads to fully commit to these.I clicked on the link above but did not see a daily spread. Please HELP:) They are all so pretty.

  • So pretty! Just wanted to know if there is a picture of the daily view for this planner? I love that the weekly spread is Sunday to Saturday ( super helpful for my PL)

  • Phew! Just had a major crisis over which one to order… Couldn’t choose between the marbled and the #plan one so I flipped a coin! And just ordered the #plan planner. It’s officially going to be the christmas present (never to early!) from myself to myself.
    I’ve been using the same type of planner for the past 5 years or so but as it happens I don’t like this year’s designs – your planners couldn’t have come at a better time πŸ™‚
    Thank you!
    Lots of love from Germany

  • Too bad I already have a planner for next year.. I do like the #Plan and the rainbow marble one!!

    I just wanted to say “thank you” for not forgetting your international fans and offering a 5$ flatrate shipping!! I have seen quite a few great planners from companies in the US but with shipping I’d always end up paying around 70-80$, which would be completely ridiculous for a planner.
    So, thank you! For giving us the opportunity to get one of your pretty planners for a reasonable price, too πŸ™‚


  • I love the “rainbow swirl” and the “#Plan” — these are adorable! What is it about a new planner?! It makes me smile… that and office supplies!

  • The planners are gorgeous! I want to touch one! What is the paper like – cardstock weight or regular paper weight? What tools do you write with so there’s no bleed-through or see-through to the back side of the page? Thanks!

  • Ordered the floral one!! Love it πŸ™‚ When will these ship?? Already cant wait to use it. The spiral is a great update!!

  • I ordered the planner and after I paid the wrong planner was ordered. I want the narble not the floral. Please help!

  • Love them but don’t need one… I just got the floral academic agenda which I adore ! I’d love it with the spirales also, maybe an idea for next year ? Thank you for inspiring me so much.

  • already preordered mine and I can’t wait! I really like the addition of the spiral so that it lays flat! Last year’s is also amazing but it is sometimes hard to write in it with one hand while the other is holding my phone to my ear figuring out dates/times for appointments!

  • Ahhh. I love it. Wish I would have known this was coming out before I bought the academic agenda. This one would have been much easier for me to use. Eeek. Lovely design!

  • So excited about this new planner! I liked the Monday through Sunday format like the 2015 agenda … Makes the weekend one continuous chunk… But I will trade that for the spiral binding so I am still happy with it. Is there still a pocket in the back cover?

  • I love your 2015 planner – I use it every day! 2016 looks like a fabulous upgrade!

  • Such a gorgeous planner! I love me some low-tech gear ever since I could remember, especially anything Hello Kitty from when I was a child! This is the adult savvy version! Though, for my personal docs I go back to the mobile space – Docady.

  • Random question: where did you produce your planners? I’m a graphic designer and super OCD and I can never find a planner that has all the stuff I need, and I want to produce my own (for myself … not interested in selling bc it’s a PITA). Thought about creating one and spiral binding it, but I like having the hard binder. PS Yours are quite lovely (but not quite what I need). Thanks!

  • I preordered the marble planner! I’m an artsy nerd so I LOVE the swirly looking paint. Can’t wait to get it and to keep my 2016 in order-and stylish!

  • Thanks so much! Our planners are made in China! If you wanted to create something 1-off and totally customer there is probably an Etsy seller who could hook you up!
    xx- Elsie

  • Dammit! I bought the other one, the non spiral #Busy one because I didn’t realize you were making spiraled ones and now I want this one!!! Sigh. T


    COFFEESLAG 06/26/15

  • All of these are so pretty! I’ve pre-ordered the Rainbow Marble planner. Bring on 2016!

  • omg looks great! i deff want it how can i get one? im from mexico :S

  • I keep getting an error message when trying to sign up to preorder these, could you direct me on who to contact please?

  • I’ve just went sooo outside my comfortzone and ordered the marbled one. So not my normal style – which would have been the #PLAN – I thought it was time to push the limits a bit, so here we go.

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